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June 1
Kit Menkin on MCA disclosures
  Will disclosing rates kill MCA?
    News Stories make
Robert L. Hornby update New York Disclosure Law
  Chair, Equipment Leasing and Finance
    Chesa Shahinian & Giantomas PC
Bank Executive Pleads Guilty to Scheme
  That Implicates Giants Baseball Team Minority Owner
   By Coleman Reports
Leasing Industry Ads
    ---Help Wanted Top Sales Positions
Newton's First Law
    Does it matter? Of course it matters!
Top Ten Leasing News
    May 24 to May 28
Salary Needed to Buy a House
    in the Largest Metros
Academy for Certified Lease & Finance Professionals
    Two Academies in June—One in August
The Right of Set-Off, a Major Pitfall in the Suit Process
    By President Nancy Seiverg at CMI Credit Mediators Inc.
Mixed Breed
    Baltimore, Maryland  Adopt-a-Dog
California Department of Financial Protection
    and Innovation Main Page for License Main Page
News Briefs---
How the trucker shortage
    is fueling the meat crisis
Whole Foods to open 43 stores
    with 11 in California
Reports: Fintech startup Klarna could receive $40B+
    valuation in new funding round
Dreamforce is coming back to S.F. -
    with a 5,000-person capacity and mandatory vaccinations
You May have Missed---
Employers Can Require Covid-19 Vaccine
    Under Federal Law, New Guidance States
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
      Daily Puzzle
        Weather, USA or specific area
         Traffic Live----

June 3
Please Stay on the Line
What is your Number?
    By Scott Wheeler, CLFP
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
    and Related Industries
Leasing Industry Help Wanted Ads
    Senior Sales Manager/Senior Sales Team/Top Income
Sales Makes it Happen by Steve Chriest
    Anger and the 80% Rule
Ransomware Attack Hits Nantucket,
    Martha's Vineyard Ferry Service
The Biggest U.S. Importers and Exporters
    Shipping Volume from and to U.S. in 2020
Visualizing 50 Years of Global Steel Production
    Where the United States Stands
Google June 2021 Core Update rolling out
    Part 2 Update Coming July 2021
California Department of Tax Revenues & Fees
    Reports Cannabis Tax Revenues for 1st Quarter 20210
Monte Hellman Films (1929 - 2021) Ride in the Whirlwind
  Two-Lane Blacktop/Cockfighter/Roach to Nowhere
    The Shooting---Leasing News' Fernando Croce
Coonhound/Treeing Walker Mix
    Columbia, South Carolina  Adopt-a-Dog
Baltimore Craft Feast
  June 3, 2021  5-8pm ET Still Time to Register
     NEFA Members and Non-Members Invited
News Briefs---
First Midwest in $6.5 billion deal with Indiana bank
     an all-stock “merger of equals.”
Layoffs, losses and lawsuits: California health care
    giant Sutter Health faces day of reckoning
CLFP Foundation’s Reid Raykovich is primed to take
    the equipment finance certification worldwide
Texas Lawmakers Passed Changes to Prevent
    More Blackouts. Experts Say It's Not Enough
COVID-19 restrictions protected California’s economy
    Now it’s poised for a ‘euphoric’ rebound
Anheuser-Busch to give away free beer
    when US hits vaccination goal
Federal Reserve survey sees economy growing at faster pace
    Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District
You May have Missed---
Who is Eligible for PPP Loan Forgiveness?
    The Rules and Regulations from Los Angeles Times
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
      Daily Puzzle
        Weather, USA or specific area
         Traffic Live----

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