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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

No Confirmation on Sheldon Player
 But It Is Even More Curious than Before
  by Kit Menkin
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 Rep-and-warranty reserves at banks decline in Q3
  By Maria Tor and Salman Aleem Khan
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 Doberman Pinscher
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No Confirmation on Sheldon Player
But It Is Even More Curious than Before
by Kit Menkin

The only verified photo of Sheldon Player. All others were fake or actors, he set up. When I wrote the “Curious Case of…” a takeoff of F. Scott Fitzgerald “Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” made into a movie, it was the odd ball things, including a report that broker overdosed on sleeping pills afraid of being caught up in the scandal (1).

For new readers, this may not be as interesting. May 2, 2007 Leasing News issued its first alert on Sheldon Player, thanks to Don Blody (2), now with Madison Capital:

Sheldon Player who created Equipment Acquisition Resources in Palatine, Illinois, where the company leased used equipment as new, equipment that did not exist, sale/leasebacks, and leases to non-existent companies to the tune of $135 million. He did this once before with Greyhound for $40 million and was sent to jail. This time his estranged wife and E.A.R. company filed bankruptcy, but he did not. It is alleged that he had millions of dollars in cash (the FBI caught him coming off a plane from Las Vegas with $900,000 cash in a duffle bag). He was last seen playing the Casino's in Illinois, as reported by his ex-driver/bodyguard in an exclusive interview with Leasing News.

He also was about to start a bottle water franchise operation water from a neighbor’s well!

The strange case also found over $400,000 in E.A.R. legal fees to the bankruptcy court, a claim by the trustee to the IRS that Player overpaid his taxes by $4.7 million as the transactions were based on fraud. There were over 50 leasing companies, including ICON getting caught with a $23 million deal secured by real estate in Wyoming!

Leasing News Chief Investigtor John Kenny spent most of the day running down leads:

"Medical Examiner's office in Cook County IL has no record of Sheldon Player," he writes"....that's pretty telling. Pretty much everything I'm looking at indicates that's where he'd been living most recently and my source told me that's, supposedly, where he was when he died.

"The attached report is an hour old. He is not being reported as deceased. However, if he is dead, it hasn't quite been 30 days yet and records may not have been updated. The lists of cars and properties he owns/owned is astonishing. There is a phone number on here for Donna. It's a PA area code. There was no answer. There's another number listed as Sheldon's: 'The party you have reached is not taking calls'. I'm about to try another one now.

"Just got off of the phone with a very reliable source who spoke to Donna Malone recently. This source is very familiar with Ms. Malone. Ms. Malone told the source that Sheldon had succumbed to cancer in the third week of November this year. He was in Palatine, IL at the time of his death, I was told.

"Apparently he was not prosecuted because he was able to show the judge proof that he was dying."

Along with John, my role was to search all available local newspapers from addresses we had, and even several funeral homes. I also spoke with several attorneys involved. One who has been there from the beginning said he had heard he died, but didn't believe it. He thinks Player started that rumor and if it goes around enough, people will believe it, so he can go to Bermuda or somewhere he can play his favorite game roulette (don't laugh, he wins!)

In the meantime, John Kenny is working on getting legitimate confirmation, such as a death certificate, if it exists.



  2. Second Alert: Sheldon Player, Greyhound Leasing, Deja vu?

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Leasing Court Cases
December 2013 Up-Date

Balboa Capital Gets Tagged
For Alleged Dummy Docs

No response why Balboa Capital was tagged for delaying a payment to a vendor for four months and having to pay damages for $R221,760 to the lessee for loss of business, or why documents were lost and then allegedly found but not allowed in the trial.

Tom McCurnin story:


DLL Leaves Lessor to Hang re: Evergreen Clause

De Lage Landen, Wayne, Pennsylvania-- $34,560 in lease payments were collected illegally, although the lease contract had an Evergreen clause that if the lessee did not notify in 90 days before expiration, the payments would continue. It appears this went on for almost three years. The purchase option was 10%.

What makes it even more shameless is a collection agency was involved after payments stopped, but wait, it gets worse: the lessee has settled with the funder and the funder's collection agency, but the lessor, who sold the lease to the funder, De Lage Landen (DLL,) remains in the suit as being party, or “in collusion,” with the Evergreen clause collection matter. The fact is the lessor was not directly involved in the collection of payments or received any remuneration, as well as the suit continues, now solely against the lessor.

A date of "May 12, 2014, with all deadlines expressly tied to this date adjusted accordingly" was set for a trial in the matter.

De Lage Landen Europe was named European Lessor of the Year at this year’s Leasing Life Conference and Awards in Berlin. De Lage Landen American joined this list:

Full Story:


De Lage Landen and Element Financial/Co/Active Partners

The matter regarding De Lage Landen Financial Service v. Thomas Thomasian Appeal from: United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and the Montgomery County case have been withdrawn in the local case and in amended complaint now under seal with memorandum of law (1). No doubt this means De Lage Landen

The story centered on De Lage Landen suing Element Financial Corp. for activities of former employee who after accepting employment with competitor and while still employed by DLL, turned over his laptop to the competitor; appearing May 28, 2013 (2).

November records are sealed and the case has been dismissed as evidently a confidential settlement has been reached; most likely to the favor of De Lage Landen.

(1) Court Filings:
(A) Third Circuit Case sealed

(B) Montgomery County Under Seal

(2) Another Equipment Lessor Gets Sued for Stealing Trade Secrets

De Lage Landen Court Complaint (50 pages):


HL Leasing

The attorneys look for assets from the three involved in the HL Leasing, Fresno, California leasing Ponzi scheme orchestrated by the late John Otto.

Attorney Ara Jabagchourian

Ara Jabagchourian, principal, Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, LLP, Burlingame, California, with an Armenian background as were many of the HL Leasing victims:

...Jabagchourian said the victims received some measure of justice. But he expressed disappointment in the FBI, whose agents raided John Otto's businesses and Palm Desert home in 2009 but never filed criminal charges against the perpetrators.

"And like Kathleen Otto, Ramirez and Fernandez contend they are broke, he said.

"In reality, the victims might never get paid," said Jabagchourian, who attended Hoover High and California State University, Fresno.

' 'I didn't do the case for the money," he said. 'This is my hometown. I didn't want these outsiders to get away with it'."

Court Upholds Ruling Surviving Spouse Liable
---Kathleen Otto Responsible for Debt


IFC Credit Bankruptcy--Rudy Trebels Saga

Claims being heard. Date of filing was July 27, 2009. The latest claim paid was for previous employees’ salaries. While employee claims have been somewhat satisfied, a class action suit is trying to get under way claiming the Rudy Trebels held back two weeks’ pay of sales personnel and others during this time, saying he would pay them when this was all settled, but when the claim came in, the two weeks’ pay was not. The sales personnel seem to be the most upset as the two weeks include their commissions, not just salary.

Employee Claims for back salary (1 page):

IFC Employee Mailing List re: Claims (21 pages):

Rudy Trebels Saga

Previous stories:



Dated Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filed 6/30/2004; converted to Chapter 7 7/14/2004.

Consent and claims still be filed.

Previous Stories:


Equipment Acquisition Resources

Cases continue

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The National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers announces that seven new members have joined in the month of November:


Kevin Donahue
Ironwood Finance
Corpus Christi, Texas

Charles Freeland
TFMS, Inc.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Gayle Hoots
Tri-State Equipment Financing, LLC
Killdeer, North Dakota

Eric Johnston
Directors Financial, LLC
Seal Beach, California

Jeffrey Skelly
Carlsbad, California


Leila Earls
IOU Central, Inc.
Kennesaw, Georgia

Robert Smith
Univest Capital, Inc.
Bensalem, Pennsylvania


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active members as of 11/30/13

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Equipment Asset Manager
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Call Shervin Rashti direct: 213-599-7660 or
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Maxim Commercial Capital is a commercial finance company committed to fostering the growth of small and middle market companies by providing creative and flexible asset-backed financing solutions


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America’s Disappearing Restaurant Franchises

By Michael B. Sauter and Thomas C. Frohlich


Damon’s Grill & Sports Bar
Pct. decline in restaurants: 72.3%
Decline in restaurants: 99
Total restaurants: 38
2012 sales: $70.0 million
Pct. decline in sales: 75.5%

Filed Chapter 11 October, 2009. There are eight more restaurants than there were in 2011, but the Damon’s is still far away from where it was a decade ago.

Tony Roma’s
Pct. decline in restaurants: 71.7%
Decline in restaurants: 114
Total restaurants: 45
2012 sales: $93.0 million
Pct. decline in sales: 70.4%

According to The Orlando Sentinel, the chain’s 120 international restaurants are responsible for the majority of the company’s revenues. In the U.S., however, there are now only 45 locations.

Pct. decline in restaurants: 57.3%
Decline in restaurants: 238
Total restaurants: 177
2012 sales: $208.3 million
Pct. decline in sales: 60.3%

Ponderosa and Bonanza steakhouses’ parent company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2008.“What has happened with the brand is that the cafeteria and buffet segment has been on a constant decline because consumers have been looking for quality and not quantity.” Ponderosa may have more success overseas with its grand opening of a new franchise in Amman, Jordan earlier this year. According to the company, the brand is well-known in the region, with restaurants across the Middle East.

Black Angus Steakhouse
Pct. decline in restaurants: 57.8%
Decline in restaurants: 63
Total restaurants: 46
2012 sales: $135.5 million
Pct. decline in sales: 54.1%

Los Altos, California-based chain Black Angus Steakhouse has undergone two bankruptcy restructurings over the past decade, the most recent of which occurred in early 2009. ARG Enterprises Inc., the operator of Black Angus Steakhouse, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due in part to its restaurant locations getting hit hard by the mortgage crisis, according to Lisa Poulin, ARG’s chief restructuring officer

Pct. decline in restaurants: 44.3%
Decline in restaurants: 178
Total restaurants: 224
2012 sales: $207.4 million
Pct. decline in sales: 50.6%

According to Technomic’s Tristano, the chain is struggling because of extremely strong competition in the fast casual segment. “The competition that is coming from Olive Garden in full-service and certainly the effort that Domino’s has made to have higher-quality pizza is really eating away at some of the company’s success.”

Pct. decline in restaurants: 87.7%
Decline in restaurants: 250
Total restaurants: 35
2012 sales: $62.0 million
Pct. decline in sales: 90.4%

When parent company Metromedia Restaurant Group filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2008, all 150 corporate stores were closed. Some of the company’s franchises remained in business but suffered without corporate support...Recently, however, Bennigan’s has tried to make a comeback, introducing new strategies such as catering, and opening a few new stores. Bennigan’s has signed agreements with five new franchise partners.

Don Pablo’s
Pct. decline in restaurants: 67.5%
Decline in restaurants: 81
Total restaurants: 39
2012 sales: $81.6 million
Pct. decline in sales: 67.5% casual restaurants like Chipotle and Qdoba Mexican Grill have outpaced Don Pablo’s. Avado Brands, which owned Don Pablo’s, filed for bankruptcy in 2007. In 2002, there were 120 Don Pablo’s restaurants in the U.S. By 2012, there were just 39. In that period, sales fell by over 67%.

Lone Star Steakhouse
Pct. decline in restaurants: 55.6%
Decline in restaurants: 140
Total restaurants: 112
2012 sales: $192.0 million
Pct. decline in sales: 60.1%

Lone Star has suffered from tremendous competition. Competing restaurants in the $12-to-$20 steakhouse segment such as LongHorn and Texas Roadhouse, explained Tristano, have continued to absorb Lone Star’s share of the market.

Pct. decline in restaurants: 70.4%
Decline in restaurants: 1,188
Total restaurants: 500
2012 sales: $98.0 million
Pct. decline in sales: 61.2%

In 2000, TCBY merged with Mrs. Fields, becoming Mrs. Fields Famous Brands. Eight years later, however, the cookie retailer filed for bankruptcy. Technomic’s Tristano noted that the company’s decline can be explained by competition from new brands like Pinkberry, and more premium brand companies like Haagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s, and Coldstone. TCBY operates under a franchise model, which has allowed local store operators to experiment with new store models. Between 2002 and 2012, the number of TCBY U.S. stores declined by 1,188, by far the largest drop among companies reviewed by Technomic

Full Story:




Rep-and-warranty reserves at banks decline in Q3
By Maria Tor and Salman Aleem Khan

An SNL Financial Exclusive Article

Banks' reserves for representation-and-warranty claims on one- to four-family mortgages fell in the third quarter, as outstanding repurchase demands on loans sold before the financial crisis continue to wind down.

Among currently operating holding companies that file the Form Y-9C with regulators, rep-and-warranty reserves fell to $22.75 billion at the end of September from $24.05 billion at the end of June. The drop was driven by lower reserves at Wells Fargo & Co., Citigroup Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

R&W claims are just one part of the mortgage-related disputes that banks have resolved or are working to resolve. For instance, of the $13 billion settlement struck between JPMorgan and regulators in November, $1.1 billion resolved Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's repurchase claims associated with whole-loan purchases from 2000 to 2008. Separately from the $13 billion settlement, JPMorgan also agreed to pay $4.5 billion to 21 private investors resolving all representation-and-warranty claims and servicing claims on all trusts issued by JPMorgan Chase and Bear Stearns between 2005 and 2008. JPMorgan said it was fully reserved for the settlements. At Sept. 30, it held $2.18 billion of rep-and-warranty reserves for one- to four-family mortgages sold, according to its Form Y-9C.

JPMorgan has not yet resolved rep-and-warranty claims related to loans sold by Washington Mutual Inc. to private investors. JPMorgan acquired Bear Stearns Cos. LLC and Washington Mutual Bank in 2008.

The largest re-and-warranty reserves continue to be held by Bank of America Corp. The bank reported $14.12 billion in reserves at the end of September, a slight increase from $14.02 billion held at the end of June.

Bank of America recently entered an agreement with Freddie Mac that concluded the resolution of all of its outstanding and potential representations-and-warranties claims on whole loans sold by legacy Bank of America and Countrywide to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Bank of America acquired Countrywide Financial Corp. in 2008. The bank said Dec. 2 it would pay $404 million to resolve claims with Freddie Mac. This is in addition to a $10.2 billion agreement in January to settle claims with Fannie Mae. Bank of America has not yet resolved all of its outstanding repurchase claims from private investors.

Five companies disclosed new rep-and-warranty reserves at Sept. 30 after reporting no reserves as of June 30: Louisville, Ky.-based Republic Bancorp Inc.; Greenville, S.C.-based Southern First Bancshares Inc.; Fargo, N.D.-based State Bankshares Inc.; Vineland, N.J.-based Sun Bancorp Inc.; and Morrisville, Vt.-based Union Bankshares Inc.

Senior Account Manager
Tustin, California

Min. 3 year equipment/vehicle leasing or finance industry experience, bachelors degree or higher, primary concentration on financing semi-trucks and trailers competitive salary commensurate with experience. Please click here for more information


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Site Inspection: 
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Inspection: Tampa /St. Pete, FL 
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La Quinta, California Adopt-a-Dog

Listing #13326867
Three Years Old
Large size
Posted 8 days ago
Moving to another state.

Mac is a loving 3 year old Doberman mix. He is a very obedient, intelligent, and energetic dog. I hate to give him up but I will be relocating to Texas in January and won't be able to take him with me. He is currently updated on all his vaccines and has a dog house to go with him to his new home. Mac was rescued from the streets and is very shy at first. Once Mac gets to know you, he won't leave your side. “If you would like to find out more information and receive pictures of Mac please email me via Facebook. Thank you!”

Go here to reach owner:

Breed Overview
The Doberman Pinscher is a Large dog breed, with a starting weight of 60 lbs that can reach 80 lbs. It is officially part of the Working group and recognized by the CKC, FCI, AKC, UKC, ANKC, NKC, NZKC, APRI, ACR. Some critical information for potential owners. The Doberman Pinscher breed has a typical lifespan of 8 to 12 years, Short hair, and have Moderate shedding.


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Adopt a Pet


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CLP Foundation 2013 Accomplishment Report

Annual Schedule of ELFA Conferences/Workshops/e-Learning

11 Best Banking TV Ads of 2013 Gallery (all or choose from below list)

PayNet: Canadian Commercial Borrowing Reaches Record High

Shopify hits $1-billion milestone: Helps Small Biz in Canada

World Bank says $52 billion pledged to help poorest,0,5862341.story

AIG Announces Agreement to Sell International Lease Finance Corp.
to AerCap Holdings N.V. for Total Consideration of U.S. $5.4 Billion

Top Products in Two Decades of Tech Reviews

10 fun Federal Reserve facts


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--You May Have Missed It

Most Lovable Dog Breeds for Newlyweds


SparkPeople--Live Healthier and Longer

8 Top Diet Myths Debunked
Discover the Truth Behind Common Myths


Football Poem

Hope Is a Tattered Flag
by Carl Sandburg

Hope is a tattered flag and a dream of time.
Hope is a heartspun word, the rainbow, the shadblow in white
The evening star inviolable over the coal mines,
The shimmer of northern lights across a bitter winter night,
The blue hills beyond the smoke of the steel works,
The birds who go on singing to their mates in peace, war, peace,
The ten-cent crocus bulb blooming in a used-car salesroom,
The horseshoe over the door, the luck piece in the pocket,
The kiss and the comforting laugh and resolve—
Hope is an echo, hope ties itself yonder, yonder.
The spring grass showing itself where least expected,
The rolling fluff of white clouds on a changeable sky,
The broadcast of strings from Japan, bells from Moscow,
Of the voice of the prime minister of Sweden carried
Across the sea in behalf of a world family of nations
And children singing chorales of the Christ child
And Bach being broadcast from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
And tall skyscrapers practically empty of tenants
And the hands of strong men groping for handholds
And the Salvation Army singing God loves us….


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Sports Briefs----

49ers' Bruce Miller likely done for season

Current Cougars have given WSU’s last bowl team something to brag about


California Nuts Briefs---

Big Sur fire: Late season blaze destroys 17 homes on California's iconic, parched coast; Fire Chief Loses Her House

San Francisco’s rock and roll landmarks

NRA sues Sunnyvale over ammo magazine ban



“Gimme that Wine”

Wine Industry Sales Grow in November

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Winery Atlas\

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This Day in History


1607- Captain John Smith and two companions were captured this day by Indians while in search of provisions. His companions were killed, but he was spared, Smith reported, by the intercession of Pocahontas, Chief Powhatan's daughter. The Indian population of what was to become the U.S. was about 10,000,000 when European exploration began. The estimated European population in the colonies was 210. Because the pattern of settlement here differed from that of the Spanish penetration of Central and south America, the change in customs of the Indians was, at first, comparatively slow. Pioneer groups of European colonists were small. they entered regions with sparser populations and more fluid cultures than the larger and more stable Indian communities of Central America, the Andes, and the Caribbean Island. Contact was sometime mutually beneficial, but there was no fusion of European and Indian cultures as occurred in South America. In retrospect, the first decade of the seventeenth century was the twilight of aboriginal Indian life.
    1777- The Continental Congress authorized a National day of thanksgiving to celebrate the surrender of Lieutenant General John Burgoyne on October 178 at Saratoga ( now Schuylerville), NY. This is considered the first national holiday declared by Congress. In 1879, President Washington changed the date in to make it an annual general thanksgiving day. President Abraham Lincoln set aside the fourth Thursday in November for an annual nationwide observance. It was the result of a long campaign by Sarah Joseph Hale, the editor of the popular magazine at the time, Godey’s Lady’s Book. The holiday was moved forward to the third Thursday in November in 1939 to accommodate merchants who wanted more time for the pre-Christmas shopping rush, but was returned to its traditional spot two years late.
    1787- New Jersey became the third state to ratify the Constitution (following Delaware and Pennsylvania). It did so unanimously. In 1664, when the British colonized the area, they named New Jersey after Jersey, one of the British Channel Islands. New Jersey’s many truck farms, orchards and flower gardens gave the state its nickname: The Garden State. Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, and once the capital of the new nation, was the locale of Washington’s famous Revolutionary war victory. He turned the tide when he led his forces across the Delaware River at Trenton. The New Jersey state flower is the purple violet, the state bird, the eastern goldfinch, and the state motto: "Liberty and Prosperity."
    1796- the first Sunday newspaper was published today, called the “Sunday Monitor of Baltimore, MD, published by Philip Edwards, consisting of four pages 10.25 by 17 inches.
    1849 -- William Bond obtains first photograph of the Moon through a telescope.
    1861- Edward MacDowell, composer of orchestral and piano compositions and songs, born at New York, NY. He was awarded a music Professorship at Columbia University He died at New York, NY, Jan 23, 19081813- British take Fort Niagara in the War of 1812

    1836- Emory College was chartered in Oxford, GA, under Methodist auspices. In 1915 it changed its name to Emory University and in 1919 the campus was relocated in Atlanta, GA.
    1839- 1st celestial photograph (the moon) made in US, John Draper, New York NY
    1865 - “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, save as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist in the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” Slavery was abolished throughout the United States with the ratification of the 13th amendment. On December 2, the adoption of the Thirteenth Amendment, prohibiting slavery, became a certainty when Alabama became the 27th state to ratify it, raising state ratification to the necessary two-thirds. The official declaration of ratification as issued this day in 1865.
    1881- Gladys Rowena Henry Dick birthday , born Pawnee, Nebraska- U.S. microbiologist and physician who lost out on the Nobel prize because she and her husband patented the Dick test for scarlet fever (to protect its purity and not for money). The couple made important contributions to the prevention of scarlet fever which was endemic throughout the world at that time, including the Dick test - the usage of which immediately spread throughout the world. Gladys Dick was the founder of the Cradle Society probably the first professional organization devoted to the adoption of children.
    1886- Tyrus Raymond “ Ty” Cobb, birthday, Baseball Hall of Fame outfielder, born at Narrows, GA. Perhaps baseball’s greatest player and perhaps its meanest, too, Cobb compiled a career batting average of .367, the best ever. He played 24 years , in over 3,000 games, and got more hits than any other player, until Pete ‘Rose. Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1936. Died at Atlanta, GA, July 17,1961
    1897—Jazz bandleader/arranger for Benny Goodman and others, Fletcher Henderson birthday
    1917-The Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, outlawing manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcoholic liquors, was passed by Congress and submitted to the states for ratification. It was ratified on January 29,1919 and repealed in 1933. 
    1917-Birthday of Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, Houston, TX. Died June 16, 1975, Houston, TX
    1928-Birthday of tenor Harold Land, born Houston, Texas. Died July 27,2001.

    1929-Birthday of guitarist Barry Galbraith, born Pittsburgh, PA.
    1929-Birthday of drummer Nick Stabulas, New York City
    1932- the first NFL indoor playoff. The NFL held a postseason playoff game indoors with the Chicago Bears defeating the Portsmouth(OH) Spartans, 9-0. The intended site of the game, Wrigley Field was so frozen that officials moved the game to Chicago Stadium. the field was 80 yards long, and the goal posts were set on the goal lines instead of at the back of the end zones.
    1934 - Willie Smith sang with Jimmy Lunceford and his orchestra on "Rhythm is Our Business" on Decca Records (serial number 369). 
    1935 - In her debut at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Australian soprano Marjorie Lawrence, singing the role of Brunnhilde in Die Gotterdammerung, sent her horse through a ring of real flames burning on the stage. This was the first time this effect had ever been attempted by an opera singer during a performance. 
    1935 - A $1 silver certificate was issued and was the first currency to depict the both sides of the Great Seal of the United States. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the army’s removal of Japanese-Americans from the West Coast early in 1942 was constitutional at the time it was carried out, but that citizens must be permitted to return to their homes when their loyalty to U.S. was established. The tribunal acted in two cases. It upheld constitutionality of the removal program by a 6 to 3 decision, and was unanimous in holding that loyal citizens should be released. The ruling came one day after the war department announced that loyal citizens of Japanese ancestry would be permitted to return to their former homes after 33 months of enforced absence in relocation centers.
    1936- Su-Lin, a giant panda, was imported from China by Mrs. William H. Harkness, Jr. on the President McKinley. It weighed about five pounds when it arrived at San Francisco, California, this day. Su-Lin died on April 1, 1938, in the Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, IL, which had purchased it for $8,750.44. Giant pandas, tough bearlike in appearance, are related to raccoons. They were first discovered in China in November, 1936.
    1941-Birthday of trumpet player Leo Smith, Leland,MS
    1941-Japanese troops land in Hong Kong and a slaughter ensues. A week of air raids over Hong Kong, a British crown colony, was followed up on December 17 with a visit paid by Japanese envoys to Sir Mark Young, the British governor of Hong Kong. The envoys' message was simple: The British garrison there should simply surrender to the Japanese--resistance was futile. The envoys were sent home with the following retort: "The governor and commander in chief of Hong Kong declines absolutely to enter into negotiations for the surrender of Hong Kong. …" The first wave of Japanese troops landed in Hong Kong with artillery fire for cover and the following order from their commander: "Take no prisoners." Upon overrunning a volunteer antiaircraft battery, the Japanese invaders roped together the captured soldiers and proceeded to bayonet them to death. Even those who offered no resistance, such as the Royal Medical Corps, were led up a hill and killed. The Japanese quickly took control of key reservoirs, threatening the British and Chinese inhabitants with a slow death by thirst. The Brits finally surrendered control of Hong Kong on Christmas Day. 
    1943-Keith Richard Birthday, guitarist with the Rolling Stones.
    1947-Birthday of producer, director Steven Spielberg, Cincinnati, OH
    1947---Top Hits
Civilization - Louis Prima
How Soon - Jack Owens
White Christmas - Bing Crosby
I’ll Hold You in My Heart (Till I Can Hold You in My Arms) - Eddy Arnold
    1952 - Sugar Ray Robinson announced his plans to retire as Middleweight Boxing Champion in order to pursue a career as a dancer and an entertainer. 
    1953 - WPTZ, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania presented a Felso laundry detergent commercial, the first color telecast viewed on a local station. 
    1955---Top Hits
I Hear You Knocking - Gale Storm
Love and Marriage - Frank Sinatra
Nuttin’ for Christmas - Barry Gordon
Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford
    1956- “To Tell the Truth” premiered on television. This long-running popular game show was a production of the Mark Goodson-Bill Todman team- A celebrity panel (and the home audience) tried to guess which of three guests claiming to be the same person was telling the truth. Panelists took turns questioning the guests, and, at the conclusion, the identity of the person was revealed. Hosts have included Bud Collyer, Garry Moore, Joe Garagiola, Robin Ward, Gordon Elliott and Alex Trebek. Celebrity panelists included Dick Van Dyke, Tom Poston, Peggy Cass, Kitty Carlisle and Bill Cullen.
    1957 - The movie The Bridge on the River Kwai, starring Alec Guinness and directed by David Lean, premiered in New York. It later won Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Musical Score, and Best Film Editing. 
    1961 - The Tokens had their first #1 hit single with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight","Wimoweh" for purists. It stayed at the top spot for four weeks in a row. 
    1963---Top Hits
Dominique - The Singing Nun
Louie Louie - The Kingsmen
Since I Fell for You - Lenny Welch
Love’s Gonna Live Here - Buck Owens
    1971- the Capital Reef National Park was established. It is an area of outstanding geological features, colorful canyons, prehistoric Fremont petroglyphs and Mormon historic fruit orchards and buildings in south central Utah, originally proclaimed a national monument Aug 2,1937, was established as a national park.
    1971---Top Hits
Family Affair - Sly & The Family Stone
Brand New Key - Melanie
An Old Fashioned Loved Song - Three Dog Night
Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’ - Charley Pride
    1972 - Helen Reddy earned a gold record for the song that became the anthem for women’s liberation, "I Am Woman", which had reached number one on December 9, 1972. 
    1972-Following the breakdown of peace talks with North Vietnam just a few days earlier, President Richard Nixon announces the beginning of a massive bombing campaign to break the stalemate. For nearly two weeks, American bombers pounded North Vietnam. On December 13, peace talks between the United States and North Vietnam collapsed. Vietnam. Beginning on December 18, American B-52s and fighter-bombers dropped over 20,000 tons of bombs on the cities of Hanoi and Haiphong. The United States lost 15 of its giant B-52s and 11 other aircraft during the attacks. North Vietnam claimed that over 1,600 civilians were killed. The bombings continued until December 29, at which time the North Vietnamese agreed to resume the talks
    1979---Top Hits
Babe - Styx
Still - Commodores
Please Don’t Go - K.C. & The Sunshine Band
Happy Birthday Darlin’ - Conway Twitty
    1981 - Rod Stewart performed a concert at the Los Angeles Forum, in California, that was both televised to 23 countries and carried over FM radio stations in the United States. His total audience was about 35 million. 
    1982 - Daryl Hall and John Oates had their 5th #1 on the music charts with "Maneater". The song stayed at the top spot for four weeks, becoming Hall and Oates’ most popular hit. 1997 - Chris Farley, comedian and actor, was found dead in his home in Chicago, Illinois. Farley, age 33 and extremely overweight, may have died of a heart attack, but no official cause of death was immediately available. The comic had worked for four years on NBC's Saturday Night Live. The media noted that he was the same age as former SNL comedian John Belushi when he died. 
    1985 - "Beverly Hills Cop" became the year's top movie grosser with $229.9 million in tickets sales. Michael J. Fox's "Back to the Future" was second, followed in third by "Rambo: First Blood, Part 2", starring Sylvester Stallone. 
    1987 - Ivan Boesky, the Wall Street financier who played a key role in the biggest insider trading scheme in United States history, was jailed for three years. 
    1987---Top Hits
Faith - George Michael
Is This Love - Whitesnake
So Emotional -Whitney Houston
The Last One to Know - Reba McEntire
    1997-Jody Contradt, coach of the women's basketball team at Texas university at Austin became the winningest women's basketball coach in history and joined Bob Knight of Indiana University as the only active coach to have won 700 games (and did get the big party treatment).. She is only the eighth coach in history to win 700 games. Pat Summitt of Tennessee who has coached many a national championship teams is second with 636 victories. Cantradt, who has coached at UT for 22 years and coached their national championship team in 1986 received a hug from each of her players, shared cookies, and commemorative chocolate bars. Five years and three months later - 04-06-2003 - Conradt led her Texas team to within two points of the final game of the NCAA championship (UCon scored the winning basket with only second to go to edge Texas in the semi-finals).During the 2002-03 season, Conradt went over the 800 victories mark and now is second to Summit who reached the rarified 800 victories before Conrad again coached her 2003 UTenn into the finals but her team again failed to break the UCon jinx.
    1998 - The United States House of Representatives began debating the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. 
    2001- Filling the void created by Mark McGwire's unexpected retirement, the Cardinals sign first baseman Tino Martinez to a $21 million, three-year contract. After he was replaced in the Yankees lineup by Jason Giambi, the former Bronx Bomber said the Cardinals were his first choice as a free agent.
    2002 -After spending the previous six seasons with the Giants, the 2000 National League MVP Jeff Kent (.313, 37,108 ) signs an $18.2 million, two-year contract with the Astros. The 34-year old Texan resident's presence on the team moves four-time second base Gold Glove winner, Craig Biggio to the outfield.



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