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SAN FRANCISCO---In the winter of 1891, Salvation Army Captain Joe McFee put a crab pot on the San Francisco docks and asked citizens to "keep the pot boiling" by making donations so he could feed the needy at Christmastime.These days, we all know this "crab pot" to be The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle

Friday, December 3, 2004

This week is a holiday edition version. There will be limited news reporting.

Each day we will salute a professional non-profit equipment leasing
association. To learn more about them, we
invite you to visit their web site.



National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers

Mail: 304 W. Liberty Street, Suite 201
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 800.996.2352
Fax: 877.875.4750
Email: info@naelb.org
Contact: Carol Davis.
She will refer any non-administrative matters or questions to
NAELB Board members
for follow up.

The National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers is the second largest leasing association with approximately 700 members, although not verified. This is a unique association as it is basically for new and established leasing brokers in the United States; other segments of the industry are "members", but do not have any "voting rights". Dues are also the most inexpensive at $295 for a broker, $750 for a funder, and $600 for an associate, such as a software provider or attorney. Conferences are also very inexpensive and usually very well attended. Brokers enjoy many benefits.

Brokers are the only one who have a vote in the organization and may serve on the board of directors. Funders basically join to meet brokers. The association attracts new brokers, and many also have a low volume. The organization appears angry with Leasing News for what we have written about the orgnanization being so one sided toward brokers, particularly regarding "advance rentals," listserve, and other issues of broker ethics


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