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Monday, July 12, 2021

Today's Leasing News Headlines

Top Ten Leasing News
    July 6 to July 8
License and Registration United States
  By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney
    Segment 3
(Some surprises here (ed.): Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa)
Classified Sales Ads
    Your Income Should Stand Out/Growing Senior Sales Team
No Longer taking Broker/Discounting Business
    plus Leasing Companies Out of Business
Don’t Be Afraid to Look into the Mirror
    By Ralph Mango, Associate Editor
Email Phishing the Most Common Cause of Ransom Attacks
    Chart--Causes of Ransomware Attacks
CLFP Foundation Partners with TomorrowZone®
    to Shape the Future CLFP Candidate Experience
    Costa Mesa, California  Adopt-a-Dog
News Briefs---
Rent Prices Are Soaring as Americans Flock Back to Cities
    33 percent rent increases and bidding wars on rentals
G-20 finance ministers back plan
     to stop use of tax havens
Chain Sandwich Shops
    Ranked From Worst to Best

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Spelling Bee Camp Zaila Avant-garde Was Inspired
    By a Black Girl Named MacNolia Cox. This is Why

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Top Ten Leasing News
July 6 to July 8

(Most Read the Prior Week)

(1) Bulletin Board Complaint
    To Be Referred to AACFB Fraud Bulletin Board

(2) New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
    and Related Industries

(3) Fifth Notice of Modifications to Proposed Regulations:
    California Financing Law (PRO 02/17)

(4)  Big Gains Following Recessions

(5) Very Proud of My Grandson Jedrek Wilcox, age 22,
    Promoted to Sergeant in U.S. Marines

(6) License and Registration United States
  By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney
    Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida and Georgia
      Segment 2

(7) Leasing is Like Riding a Bicycle

(8) CLFP Foundation Second Quarter Circular
    New CLFPs and Associates with Photos

(9) Hackers demand $70 million to end
    biggest ransomware attack on record

(10) GM shakes up lithium industry
    with California geothermal project


License and Registration United States
By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney
Segment 3

(Some surprises here (ed.): Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa)

(A State-by-State Analysis of License Requirements for Lenders and Brokers)

Previous states covered Alabama through Georgia (1)

11. HAWAII: Duty bound by my obsession with accuracy, I felt it critical to actually visit this beautiful state to ensure that I had a thorough understanding of the cultural implications upon its statutory framework, one centered on principles of Aloha ‘?ina, commonly translated as “love of the land.” I discovered was that “love of the land” does not necessarily translate to “love of the lender.”  Here’s what I learned:

Much to my surprise, a nondepository financial institution must have a license to engage in commercial lending in the State of Hawaii.

Hawaii Code of Financial Institutions Chapter 412:9-101 (2013). That exempts most federal and state-chartered banks, savings and loan companies, credit unions, and the like, but would appear to require a license to lend or broker loans if you don’t fall within one of those exempt categories.

The requirements for filing an application are set forth in Hawaii Code of Financial Institutions Chapter 412:3-301 (2013). 

Here is a link to the form. Note that the investigation fee for an Application for Nondepository Financial Services Loan Companies is $10,000!

There is also a surprising requirement that a nondepository loan company maintain paid-in capital of not less than $500,000! The paid in capital shall be in money!! Hawaii Code of Financial Institutions Chapter 412:3-306 (1996). And you thought California was rough.

Finally, a person who commits a violation of the rules governing nondepository lenders may be subjected to serious penalties of up to $100,000 a day.

For a state known for its laid-back people and welcoming climate, these are certainly not welcome laws for lenders. In fact, I was somewhat shocked to find these laws, after quite a time-consuming search through the Hawaii statutes. Perhaps that is why there are so few Nondepository lenders in Hawaii. If anyone has any information that is contrary to my interpretation of those statutes, please let me know so I can revisit the issue. And Hawaii. In the meantime, we will move to the next state.

12. IDAHO: Commercial lenders and brokers do not need a license. Consumer lenders, including certain mortgage brokers, are governed by the Idaho Credit Code, which requires a “Regulated Lender License”. Payday lenders need a special “Payday Lender License”, though this type of loan is not illegal, although they are in many states (27 at last count).

Loan brokers may not, directly or indirectly, receive a fee or any other compensation until a loan is made or a written commitment to loan or extend credit is made by an exempt person or entity. Idaho Title 26, Chapter 25, §26-2503 (1992). Violation of this law is a felony! Idaho Title 26, Chapter 25, §26-2506 (1981).

My advices, if you want to help the Idaho economy, don’t take advance fees until you have a written commitment. Instead, just buy their wonderful potatoes.

13. ILLINOIS: Consumer lenders need to be licensed under the Consumer Installment Loan Act 205 ILCS 670. The Act does not apply to business loans. 205 ILCS 670/21.

As a general rule, loan brokers do need to be licensed. Illinois Loan Brokers Act of 1995 ILCS 175. (1996). There is an exemption, however, for “any person whose fee is wholly contingent on the successful procurement of a loan from a third party and to whom no fee, other than a bona fide third-party fee, is paid before the procurement.” ILCS 175/15-80(a)(5) (2017).
"Bona fide third-party fee" includes fees for credit reports, appraisals and investigations and, if the loan is to be secured by real property, title examinations, an abstract of title, title insurance, a property survey and similar purposes. ILCS 175/15-80(b) (2017). If you do qualify for this exemption, you will want to make sure you conform to the statutory guidelines as the penalties for failing to do so can be steep (up to $10,000 for each violation). ILCS 175/15-55 (1997). In addition, willful violation of these laws is a Class 4 felony. ILCS 175/15-65 (1996).

Illinios Loan Brokers Act of 1995:

14. INDIANA: Consumer lenders need to be licensed under the Uniform Indiana Consumer Credit Code. IUCCC, Ind. Code. §24-4.5-2-201 2017). Indiana may indeed want you, but you can’t go back there if you make an unsupervised consumer loan under $50,000 with an interest rate that exceeds 21% (apologies to R. Dean Taylor), since a person who charges excessive interest is guilty of a misdemeanor. That’s not how you want to be wanted!

15. IOWA: Under the Iowa Regulated Loan Act, registration is required of any company or sole proprietorship that makes “supervised loans” to Iowa residents.  Iowa Code Chapter 536.1 (2014) Companies making, servicing or brokering business purpose loans, or companies that are “supervised financial organizations” do not need to register. Iowa Code Chapter 537.1301 (2021).

“Supervised loans” are consumer loans in which the interest rate is calculated according to a fairly complex actuarial method. It would be impossible to dig any deeper into the statute in this article, but here it is for your reading pleasure.

Iowa Money and Interest: Iowa Code Chapter 535

“Supervised financial organizations” are defined as “a person, other than an insurance company or other organization primarily engaged in an insurance business . . . or pursuant to the laws of any other state or of the United States which authorizes the person to make loans and to receive deposits, including a savings, share, certificate or deposit account, and which is subject to supervision by an official or agency of this state, such other state, or of the United States.” This is probably inapplicable to any non-bank lender, but the “business purpose” exemption is helpful for anyone who is not a bank.

Iowa Consumer Credit Code: Iowa Code Chapter 537.1301(45)

In addition, companies, including sole proprietorships, who enter into less than ten supervised loans per year in Iowa and have neither an office physically located in Iowa nor engage in face-to-face solicitation in Iowa does not need to register.

The bottom line is that under certain circumstances, namely smaller transactions, you might need a license to be a lender or broker in Iowa. But if you do mainly larger transactions (more than $58,300, as of 2020), or you do make fewer than ten transactions a year, you won’t need to register.

One other noteworthy item: a loan broker may not assess or collect an advance fee until the broker successfully procures a loan for the borrower. Iowa Code Chapter 535C.2A (2021). Violation of this law is a “serious misdemeanor”. Iowa Code Chapter 535C.6 (2021). If you’re fined, you might find yourself thinking “Iowa lot of money to Iowa”. Best to avoid that!

Iowa Loan Brokers Law

Segment 4 we will dive into the laws of the States of Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine and Maryland.

Segment 1 - 06/28/21
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California

Segment 2 – 07/06/21
Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida and Georgia

Ken Greene
Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene
5743 Corsa Avenue Suite 208
Westlake Village, California 91362
Tel: 818.575.9095
Fax: 805.435.7464

This article is presented by the Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene. All copyrightable text, the selection, arrangement, and presentation of all materials (including information in the public domain), and the overall design of this presentation are the property of the Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to download and reprint materials from this article for the purpose of viewing, reading, and retaining for reference. Any other copying, distribution, retransmission, or modification of information or materials from this article, whether in electronic or hard copy form, without the express prior written permission of Kenneth C. Greene, is strictly prohibited. The materials available from this article are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. Use of and access to these materials does not create an attorney-client relationship between the Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene and the user or viewer. The opinions expressed herein are the opinions of the individual author.


Help Wanted Ads


Please email any changes or additions:

No Longer taking Broker/Discounting Business
plus Leasing Companies Out of Business

Companies with an * are no longer in business. The others are companies that were taking broker business, but announced that they no longer are accepting broker business. Many have also down-sized or are managing an existing portfolio.

More details are available in this list by company name:

*ABCO Leasing Inc., Bothell, WA
*ACC Capital, Midvale, Utah
Advantage Business Capital, Lake Oswego, Oregon
AEL Financial, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
(No longer taking new broker business)
Agility Solutions Corp., Prescott, Arizona
Allegiant Partners, Bend, Oregon 
Alliance Financial, Syracuse, New York
Allstate Leasing, Towson, Maryland
*Alternative Capital, Apollo Beach, Florida
*AMC Funding, Charlotte, North Carolina
*American Bank Leasing, Alpharetta, Georgia
*American Equipment Finance, Warren, New Jersey
American Leasefund, Tigard, OR (no longer a funder)
Bank of Ozark Leasing/Finance, Little Rock, Arkansas
*Bank of West Indirect Leasing, Dublin, California
*Bank of the West Leasing Indirect, San Ramon, California
*Bank Midwest Leasing, Overland Park, KS
Bankers Healthcare Group, Weston, FL
*BBVA Compass Equipment Leasing, Houston, Texas
*Blackstone Equipment Financing, Orange, California
* (on line aggregate funder)
*Business Leasing NorthWest, Seattle, WA
*Capital One Equipment Finance, Towson, Maryland
*CapitalSource Healthcare Finance, Chevy Chase, Maryland
*CapNet, Los Angeles, California
*C and J Leasing Corp, Des Moines, Iowa
*Carlton Financial Corporation, Wayzata, Minnesota
*Chase Industries, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan
*Chesterfield Financial, Chesterfield, Missouri
CHG-MERIDIAN U.S. Finance, Ltd, Woodland Hills, CA
(Sales Management focuses very selectively on certain brokers.)
*Churchill Group/Churchill Leasing, Jericho, NY
CIT Group (limited)
Citizens Business Bank, Ontario, CA
Columbia Bank Leasing, Tacoma, WA
*Columbia Equipment Finance, Danville, California
Commercial Equipment Lease, Eugene, Oregon 
Concord Financial Services, Long Beach, California
*Court Square, Malvern, Pennsylvania
*Creative Capital Leasing Group, LLC, San Diego, CA
Crossroads Equipment Lease & Finance, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca
Diversified Financial Service, Omaha, NE
*Dolsen Leasing, Bellevue/Yakima, Washington
Equipment Finance Partners, a division of Altec, Birmingham, Alabama 
Evans National Leasing, Inc., Hamburg, NY
*Enterprise Capital Partners dba Enterprise Leasing, Spokane, WA
Enterprise Funding, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Enverto Investment Group, LLC, West Los Angeles, California
*Evergreen Leasing, South Elgin, Illinois
*Excel Financial Leasing, Lubbock Texas
*First Corp.(IFC subsidiary), Morton Grove, Illinois
First Federal Financial Services, Inc., Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
First Republic Bank, San Francisco, CA
Fora Financial, New York, New York
Frontier Capital, Teaneck New Jersey 
*GCR Capital, Safety Harbor, Florida 
GE Capital, Conn (limited)
Global Funding LLC., Clearwater, FL
*Greystone, Burlington, MA
*Heritage Pacific Leasing, Fresno, CA
*Hillcrest Bank Leasing, Overland Park, KS (Parent bank sold)
Huntington Equipment Finance, Vendor Finance Group, Bellevue, Washington
*IFC Credit Corp., Morton Grove, Illinois
Irwin Financial (Irwin Union Bank), Columbus, Indiana 
Irwin Union Bank, F.S.B. (Louisville, Kentucky)
Lakeland Bank, Montville, NJ
LaSalle Systems Leasing
*Latitude Equipment Leasing, Marlton, New Jersey
*Leaf Specialty Finance, Columbia, South Carolina
*LEAF Third Party Funding, Santa Barbara, Ca.
Lease Corporation of America, Troy, Michigan
Lombard, part of Royal Bank of Scotland, worldwide
*M&T Credit, Baltimore, Maryland (Merged with M&T Bank)
   Note: M&T Bank | Commercial Equipment Finance, Baltimore, MD
  (accepts broker business)
Manufacturer's Lease Plans, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona
*MarVista Financial, Villa Park, California
*MericapCredit, Lisle, Illinois
*Meridian Healthcare Finance, San Diego, California
Merrill Lynch Financial
Midwest Leasing Group, Livonia, Minnesota
*Mount Pleasant Capital, Wexford, PA
National City, Cleveland, Ohio
*Navigator (Pentech subsidiary) San Diego, California
*Northwest Leasing Company, Clyde Hill, WA
OFC Capital, Roswell, Georgia
Old National Bank, Evansville, Illinois
*P&L Capital, Omaha, Nebraska 
*Pentech Financial, Campbell, CA
*PFF Bancorp, Inc, Pomona, CA
Pinnacle Business Finance, Fife, Washington
*Pioneer Capital Corporation, Addison, Texas
PredictiFund, a subsidiary of Capital Access Network, Inc
*Podium Financial Group, Inc.,Costa Mesa, CA
Popular Finance, St. Louis, Missouri
Puget Sound Leasing, Seattle, Washington
Radiance-Capital, Tacoma, WA
Rapid Finance. Bethesda, Maryland
Rational Technology Solutions, Rolling Meadows, IL
*Reliant National Finance, Jacksonville, Florida
Sandy Springs, Olney, MD
*Securities Equipment Lsg. (SEL, Inc.), Glendora, CA
*Select Equipment Leasing Co., Concord, CA
* Sharpe Financial Network, Phoenix, Arizona
Sovereign Bank, Melville, New York
Specialty Funding, Albuquerque, NM
Sterling National Bank, Montebello, New York
*Studebaker-Worthington Leasing, Corp., Jerico, NY
(part of sale from Main Street Bank to Ascentium Capital)
*Summitt Leasing, Yakima, Washington
Sun Trust Equipment Finance & Leasing, Baltimore, Maryland 
*SunBridge Capital, Mission, Kansas
Suncoast Equipment Funding Corp., Tampa, Florida
TCF Equipment Finance, Minnetonka, Minnesota 
TechLease, Morgan Hill, California
*Tennessee Commerce Bank, Franklin, Tennessee
Textron Financial
*Triad Leasing & Financial, Inc., Boise, Idaho
*TriStar Capital, Santa Ana, California
*Union Capital Partners, Midvale, Utah
US Bank, Manifest Funding, Marshall, Minnesota
(new requirement: large yearly funding) 
US Bank, Middle-Market, Portland, Oregon 
Velocity Financial Group, Rosemont, Illinois
VenCore, Portland, Oregon (former company Len Ludwig)
*Vision Capital, San Diego, California
Vision Financial Group, Inc. (VFG Leasing & Finance), Pittsburg, PA
Wachovia Bank Leasing
*Warren Capital, Novato, California
*Washington Mutual Financial
Western Bank, Devils Lake, ND
*Westover Financial, Inc., Santa Ana, California
*Your Leasing Solution, Las Vegas, Nevada

(Note: Should a company policy have changed, please contact

Funders looking for new Brokers:


Don’t Be Afraid to Look into the Mirror
By Ralph Mango, Associate Editor

OK. The first half has ended. How do your results compare to your plan for the year? This question should be asked by individual originators, department heads, and the entire company.

If you are above plan, understand why and how you did so. When you closed successfully, you should be consulting with those clients to understand what about your offering(s) sealed the deal, even if it is a long-time client. Why? The business climate during the first half of 2021 was significantly different than those in previous years and your clients’ needs may have changed to adapt to the current state. Those changes may have translated into different values and needs from their capital providers. Which of those clients’ needs changed and how did you meet them?

Conversely, you did not win every transaction you proposed. You should have done a postmortem with each prospect/client to deeply dive into why you fell short. For originators, this is a linear relationship but for the company, it is more complex. The continuum from first contact through proposal, application, credit, documentation, the originators’ attention, pricing, etc., are all on the table in a loss. The prospect/client may appreciate your willingness to ask their advice in such mission critical matters, thus enhancing your relationship and your image in their eyes. I am reminded of an admonition of my first sales manager: ‘you do business with friends and your job is to nurture that friendship continually.’ 

As you wish to repeat and emphasize the behaviors and processes that brought you the win, you want to eliminate those that caused the loss, and make those changes a priority. Understanding the details below the surface are critical to honing your delivery and solidifying your competitive differentiation.

The second half of 2021 is fraught with as much uncertainty, if not more, than the first half.  As you approach this period, be mindful of the fact that you will begin developing your 2022 plan sometime in Q4. Understanding the macro issues will assist in that planning around the issues discussed above.  It has been well-documented that rates face upward pressure so your pricing must be evaluated in that context.  Equally important is your pricing from your funding sources. Initiate contact with those sources regarding their rate outlook for the second half and into 2022. While they may be reluctant to share details about this competitive issue, the fact that you expressed interest enough to initiate dialogue will position you better going forward when contrasted to their other clients who simply react to the environment as it unfolds. My view is that this approach can do nothing but help your relationship with those funding sources.

As you evaluate your target markets, each should be evaluated in terms of revenue, costs, portfolio quality and charge offs. It may be necessary to reduce or eliminate those markets. In the above evaluation regarding pricing and charge offs, the criticality of client and target market health is heightened in a rising rate environment. 

For those markets that are contributing well, it may be worthwhile to expand your resources that direction.  If so, personnel decisions and organization structure changes may be necessary to optimize your competitive position. The latter includes strategic acquisition activity that should be undertaken with expert M&A consultation.

Understand that many of your target markets may be in the throes of labor shortages. Recall those days approaching the end of the century when businesses were offering signing bonuses as incentives for new employees. How will your clients approach such shortages, if any, and what are their contingency plans in the event of an elongated shortage? This is a competitive imperative that is occupying considerable time in planning the resumption to something close to normal, pre-pandemic delivery. As a capital source, it is in your interest to consult with them on those plans.  Again, know more than simply that a market is delivering a profit.

Finally, you should be able to evaluate your several product offerings as you do your target markets.  Beyond the profitability of FMV vs. $1 out vs. fixed PO, if you are offering working capital or merchant cash advances, etc., each should be evaluated in terms of positive or negative contribution and how they performed against plan.

Evaluate personnel as well. Each, regardless of their role, has objectives regarding their contributions to the company plan. The over-performers should be interviewed for their habits and tactics as a guide for those who are underperforming. The poor performers must be engaged into their impressions as to why on the way to determining a PIP, if necessary, or whether they are in the role that optimizes their chances for success. 

In closing, unlike the past, the need to microscopically examine your business across multiple criteria should be occurring more frequently than the annual business strategic and tactical planning cycle.  This discussion points to the determination of the need for midstream corrections to bring operations back on plan while providing a firm basis for near term sustainability. Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror.

Ralph joined the Advisory Board June 26, 2013. As a reader of Leasing News, Ralph has been a long-time contributor and a resource of history. In July, 2013, he was named Leasing News Associate Editor, responsible for proofreading and editing each news edition as well as contributing content.

His nearly 40-year equipment leasing career includes stops as VP-General Manager, SVP of Sales and Sales & Marketing, and Region management with several industry leaders.  He has broad and successful business unit general management experience in both indirect and direct equipment leasing as a captive lessor and vendor provider that began as a credit manager.

His career zenith was as Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Newcourt Financial when he piloted the proposal team through which he became Co-founder, Vice President and General Manager, Dell Financial Services in 1997. Among his many positions were at US Leasing, AT&T Capital, Newcourt, Dell Financial, Marlin Leasing:



As hundreds of mostly small businesses are reeling from a large-scale ransomware attack that occurred on Friday, the imminent threat that such attacks pose to businesses around the world has once again come into public focus.

As is often the case with such attacks, the latest one targeted software used by managed service providers (MSPs) to monitor and maintain the IT infrastructure of small and medium-sized businesses. And while MSPs are typically aware of the threat posed by ransomware attacks, their clients often aren’t, leading to carelessness that can end up being very costly. According to a survey conducted by cybersecurity company Datto, 84 percent of MSPs think their clients should be very concerned about ransomware, but only 30 percent of small businesses actually are.

According to Datto’s Global State of the Channel Ransomware Report, carelessness and gullibility are the greatest threat to small businesses. With phishing mails, poor user practices and lack of cybersecurity training on top of the list of leading causes of ransomware attacks, it becomes clear that end user education is an essential part of IT security.

“It is important to note that security training must go beyond just how to identify phishing attacks,” the report notes, adding that “weak passwords, open RDP access, and a host of other user errors were also to blame for breaches.”

By Felix Richter, Statista



##### Press Release ############################

CLFP Foundation Partners with “TomorrowZone®”
to Shape the Future CLFP Candidate Experience

Seattle, WA – Last month, the Certified Lease and Finance Professional Foundation (CLFP) partnered with “TomorrowZone,” a cutting-edge consulting firm specializing in technology and innovation, to shape the Future CLFP Candidate Experience. The virtual experience was designed and led by “TomorrowZone” CEO and Founder Deborah Reuben, CLFP, a Foundation Board Member. 

The fast-paced, high-energy 90-minute session featured future customer experience mapping exercises and included CLFPs from twelve different companies representing a diverse cross-section of the CLFP membership achieving the following outcomes. 

  • 49 new insights on issues and obstacles faced by CLFPs
  • 33 fresh ideas captured for vision and possibilities
  • 31 actionable ideas for the Foundation to implement

The Foundation is actively working on implementing several ideas, including a more robust sample exam, reimagining the virtual Academy for Lease & Finance Professionals (“ALFP”) from a two- to a three-day event, and facilitating engaging networking opportunities for those attending ALFPs.

Reid Raykovich, Executive Director of the CLFP Foundation, said, "It was a magical experience, so much more than I expected. The ‘TomorrowZone’ team helped us think outside the box by creating a safe space where wild ideas are welcome. In our session, several people came up with things I never thought of, and I've been doing this for almost ten years.

 "Collaborating like this is better virtually. We tend to withhold our thoughts in person, but this environment enables more openness to explore rapidly. We could never have done this onsite with twelve different companies and diverse participants.  A month later, I am still inspired and energized by the experience."

Deborah Reuben, CEO and Founder of “TomorrowZone,  commented, "We use human-centered design and facilitate virtual experiences with inclusivity, thought diversity, and psychological safety at heart.

 "This enables you to challenge the status quo, discover ground-breaking possibilities, and generate actionable insights for shaping the future."

You can view the video recap of the session:

is a consulting firm inspiring both futuristic thinking and action to innovate in equipment finance and beyond. The program is both a Catalyst Community and Unconference events focus on technology, innovation, and future topics connecting forward-thinking leaders to creatively discover and imagine new possibilities for now and what's next. Our mission is to challenge the status quo by helping leading professionals embrace curiosity, adopt technology, and be future-ready. Learn more at

The Certified Lease & Finance Professional Foundation (CLFP) designation identifies an individual as a knowledgeable professional to employers, clients, customers, and peers in the equipment finance industry. There are currently 1,037 active CLFPs and Associates in the United States, Canada, India, Africa and Australia. For more information, visit

### Press Release ############################


Costa Mesa, California  Adopt-a-Dog


ID: PPR-A-14889
Age: 1 years, 5 months
Location: Costa Mesa Kennel #6
Single Dog Home
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Ragner is a strong, sweet boy who loves long walks and running around the play yard. This wiggle-butt walks well on leash, is a champ at playing fetch, and already knows a couple basic commands. Check out the video on our website where he's showing off "Sit" with one our great volunteers. (He's so gentle when he takes the treat!). Ragner loves attention and gets very excited when someone new comes to meet him! He is a big love-bug and would nothing more than find a forever family to cuddle with. Come meet Ragner today at our Chino Hills location.

Priceless Pet Rescue
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Wed-Fri 12-7pm; Saturday 12-5pm;
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Priceless Pets Adoption--Costa Mesa Location Application




News Briefs---

Rent Prices Are Soaring as Americans Flock Back to Cities
    “33 percent rent increases and bidding wars on rentals”

G-20 finance ministers back plan
     to stop use of tax havens

Chain Sandwich Shops
    Ranked From Worst to Best


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Djokovic wins Wimbledon to tie Federer,
    Nadal with 20 Grand Slam titles

Barty Is First Australian To Win The Wimbledon
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LeBron James Is Expected To Become
    a Billionaire by Year’s End

Pete Carroll says DeShawn Shead will do great stuff as a coach

Former 49ers tight end Greg Clark passes away at age 49

Crawford homers, Giants assured MLB's top record at break

Longtime NFL writer Ben Volin ranks the best NFL destinations


California Nuts Briefs---

In troubling spike, L.A. County sees more than
    2,000 new coronavirus cases in two days

The very peculiar society tucked away in a teeny NorCal town



“Gimme that Wine”

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates to be acquired
    by Sycamore Partners for approximately $1.2 billion

California wine brands Stag’s Leap, Patz & Hall part of
    $1.2B Ste. Michelle Wine Estates portfolio deal

South Bay wineries snag awards in international competition

Local retailers see unusual uptick in magnum wine sales

The Hess Collection Introduces Iron Corral Cabernet Sauvignon

This 45-minute SF Bay Area hike through
    a 110-year-old farm ends at a winery

Free Wine App

Wine Prices by vintage


This Day in History

     1630 - New Amsterdam's governor bought Gull Island in New York Harbor from Indians for cargo, renaming it Oyster Island.  It eventually became known as Ellis Island.
    1774 - The first Declaration of independence by citizens of an American colony was formally made in the First Presbyterian Church in Carlisle, PA, at a meeting of freeholders and freemen from the several townships. The Reverend John Montgomery presided. Other formal community declarations were to follow, many of them from meetings held inside their local churches.
    1787 - Northwest Ordinance, adopted by the Continental Congress, provides for admission of new states west of New York and north of the Ohio River. Requires a population of 60,000 people; new states are guaranteed freedom of religion, support for schools, and slavery to be declared illegal.
    1792 - The first bridge on a large scale was the West Boston Bridge, connecting Boston, MA, and Cambridge, MA, begun this day and open for traffic on November 23, 1793. The cost was $76,000. The toll right was granted to the proprietors for 70 years. It was replaced in 1907 by the towered and ornamented structured called the Cambridge Bridge.
    1804 - Former Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, died a day after being shot in the duel with Aaron Burr.
    1817 - Henry David Thoreau (d. 1862) was born at Concord, MA., birthday. American author and philosopher. In “Walden,” he wrote, "I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines."
    1839 - Due to an erroneous eyewitness account, Abner Doubleday is given credit for establishing the first baseball game played in America. The Hall of Fame, which opens a century later in Cooperstown, celebrates the origin of our national pastime in this small upstate New York town although it is doubtful the then-West Point cadet was ever there or ever watched a baseball game. The earliest explicit reference to the game in America is from March 1786 in the diary of a student at Princeton, John Rhea Smith: "A fine day, play baste ball in the campus but am beaten for I miss both catching and striking the ball." There is a possible reference a generation older, from Harvard, describing the campus buttery in the 1760s, Sidney Willard wrote "Besides eatables, everything necessary for a student was there sold, and articles used in the playgrounds, such as bats, balls etc. ... Here it was that we wrestled and ran, played at quoits and cricket, and various games of bat and ball.
    1843 - Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith announced that a divine revelation had been given him sanctioning polygamy among his newly-organized religious followers.
    1846 - First public Protestant worship was conducted by Capt. Montgomery.
    1852 - Leland Stanford of Wisconsin settled in San Francisco.
    1859 - William Goodale of Clinton, MA applied for a patent of a machine that manufactured paper bags. In 1872, Luther Childs Crowell of Boston, MA, applied for a patent on his invention, a machine to manufacture paper bags with square bottoms. The bags produced by the machine had two longitudinal inward folds and revolutionized the retail business with “easy carry out.”
    1862 – The Medal of Honor was authorized by Congress.  It is the United States’ highest and most prestigious personal military decoration that may be awarded to recognize U.S. military service members who distinguished themselves by acts of valor.  The medal is normally awarded by the President in the name of the Congress.  The Medal of Honor is the oldest continuously issued combat decoration of the United States armed forces.  The Medal of Honor was created as a Navy version in 1861, named the "Medal of Valor," and an Army version of the medal named the "Medal of Honor" was established in 1862 to give recognition to men who distinguished themselves "conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity" in combat with an enemy of the United States. The Air Force version was established in 1965 and personnel of the Marine Corps and Coast Guard receive the Navy version.
    1862 - Harper's Weekly featured a cartoon about General Benjamin Butler's controversial "Woman Order" in Union-occupied New Orleans.

    1871 - The Orange Riot: Protestant Irishmen were shot by Catholic Irish snipers as they march down New York's Eighth Avenue. The incident provoked a bloody riot, involving Irishmen, police, and infantry. When the smoke clears, 54 are dead. ...a bloody riot on Orange Day proved to be the crack in the dike. The first real public outcry arose against Tammany Hall in the wake of this riot, and when, ten days later, the New York Times went public with the actual figures, copied from city ledgers, that proved Boss Tweed's fraud beyond a shadow of a doubt, the blow that had failed to land some months earlier finally struck its mark. By the end of the year, Tweed was a doomed man: he had been arrested and released on bail, resigned his post as the commissioner of public works, and been voted out of his post as chairman of Tammany's general committee (though he had, miraculously, won re-election to his seat in the state senate while all this was happening).  A good history of immigration is found in “City of Dreams” by Tyler Anbinder, reviewing 400 years of immigration in New York City.
    1878 - Yellow fever epidemic begins in New Orleans, eventually leading to the deaths of 4,500 people.
    1884 – Louis B. Mayer was born Lazar Meir (d. 1957) in Minsk, Russia.  Co-founder of Metro-Goldman-Mayer studios (MGM) in 1924, he was skilled at developing star actors, including child actors, then placing them in consistently slick productions, such as musicals or comedies, for which MGM became famous. Under Mayer's management, MGM became the most prestigious film studio, accumulating the largest concentration of leading writers, directors and stars in Hollywood.
    1893 - Turner Frontier address: Historian Frederick Jackson Turner delivered his paper, “The Significance of the Frontier in American History," at a meeting of the American Historical Association at Chicago during the Columbian Exposition. Stating that the frontier was a spawning ground for many of the social and intellectual traits that made Americans different from Europeans, Turner saw the end of the frontier as a major break in the psychology of the nation. Turner's formalization of this idea came in part from his reading the Extra Census Bulletin No. 2: “Distribution of Population According to Density: 1890,” which said that, "Up to and including 1890, the country had a frontier of settlement, but at present the unsettled area has been so broken into by isolated bodies of settlement that there can hardly be said to be a frontier line."
    1895 - Buckminster Fuller (d. 1983), architect, inventor, engineer and philosopher, was born Richard Buckminster Fuller at Milton, MA. His geodesic dome is one of the most important structural innovations of the 20th century.
    1895 - Oscar Greeley Clendenning Hammerstein II (d. 1960) was born in NYC.  A theatrical producer, and (usually uncredited) theatre director of musicals for almost forty years, Hammerstein won eight Tony Awards and two Academy Awards for Best Original Song. Many of his songs are standard repertoire for singers and jazz musicians. He co-wrote 850 songs. Hammerstein was the lyricist and playwright in his partnerships; his collaborators wrote the music.
    1900 - 114ø F (46ø C), Basin, Wyoming
    1901 – The winningest pitcher in Major League history, Cy Young, won his 300th game.
    1908 – Comedian Milton Berle was born Mendel Berlinger (d. 2002), Harlem, NYC.  His nickname was “Mr. Television,” but Milton Berle had long career as a vaudeville film, radio and theater comedian as well. He was popular before becoming the host of NBC's “Texaco Star Theater” in 1948, but that variety show made him a huge national star. Berle is generally recognized as television’s first mega-star.  Television set sales more than doubled after Texaco Star Theatre's debut, reaching two million in 1949. Dressed in drag, rattling off corny jokes and drawing the day's biggest stars, “Uncle Miltie” made the show a television event until its ending in 1954. At $1 million a year, NBC signed him to an exclusive, unprecedented 30-year television contract in 1951. He was one of the first seven inductees into the Academy of Television Arts and Science's TV Hall of Fame.

    1909 - Birthday of Joe DeRita, born Joseph Wardell (d. 1993), better known as “Curly” of Three Stooges, at Philadelphia, PA. He joined the team in 1959 after Joe Besser left. He appeared in “Have Rocket, Will Travel” (1959), “Snow White and the Three Stooges” (1961) and “The Outland is Coming” (1965).
    1912 - Trombonist-band leader Will Bradley was born Wilbur Schwichtenberg (d. 1989), Newton, NJ,,407306,00.html
    1916 – Birthday of tenor sax player Sam “The Man” Taylor (d. 1990), Lexington, TN
    1917 - One of the best-known U.S. artists of the middle 20th century, Andrew Wyeth (d. 2009), was born in Chadds Ford, PA.  In his art, Wyeth's favorite subjects were the land and people around him, both in his hometown and at his summer home in Maine. Wyeth often noted: "I paint my life."
    1920 - Birthday of tenor sax player Paul Gonsalves (d. 1974), Brockton, MA
    1924 - Harold M. Osborne of the Illinois Athletic Club, Chicago, IL, became the first Decathlon champion from the United States.  He won 7,710,775 points at the Olympic games in Paris. The 10 events in the decathlon are the 100-meter dash, the 400 meter run, the 1,5000 meter run, the 100-meter hurdle, the broad jump, the high jump, the shot put, the discus throw, the pole vault, and the javelin throw.
    1927 – Trumpet player Conte Condoli, born Secondo Condoli  (d. 2001) birthday, Mishawaka, IN.  Long time staff musician on the NBC “Tonight Show,” one of the most popular studio trumpet musicians, considered a trumpet player's trumpet player, one of Billy May's favorites.
    1928 - Lou Gehrig collects fourteen total bases to lead the Yankees to a 15-7 win over the White Sox; the New York first baseman blasts two triples and two homers.
    1930 - Bobby Jones won the U.S. Open golf championship by two strokes over Macdonald Smith at the Interlachen Country Club in Hopkins, MN. Having already won the British Open, the British Amateur and the US Amateur, Jones became the only golfer to win the grand Slam.
    1933 - A minimum wage of 40 cents an hour was established in the U.S.
    1934 - Birthday of pianist Van Cliburn, born Harvey Lavan, Jr. (d. 2013), Shreveport, LA.  He was signed to a recording contract by RCA Victor after winning the 1958 Tchaikovsky competition for young pianists in Moscow. Cliburn's recording of Tchaikovsky's "Piano Concerto Number One" was the first classical LP to sell a million copies. After a long retirement, he returned to performing in 1987. 
    1938 - Birthday of comedian, actor, educator Bill Cosby, Philadelphia, PA.  Cosby was released from prison after Pennsylvania’s highest court overturned his sexual assault conviction on Jun 30, 2021.  Cosby, 83, had served more than two years of a three- to 10-year sentence at a state prison near Philadelphia.
    1943 - The largest tank battle in history took place outside the small village of Prohorovka, Russia. Nine hundred Russian tanks attacked an equal number of German Panther and Porsche tanks. These were better built, strong armor, better engines, longer range, more power and the elite that the Nazi Regime built under the command of their best officers. Though the German equipment had all these advantages and were larger tanks, that advantage was lost as the Russian engaged in extremely close range battle where the larger tanks lacked maneuverability. When Hitler himself ordered a cease-fire, 300 German tanks remained strewn over the field and the thrust into Russia was halted in the first deciding battle of the war.
    1944 - Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary was chartered in Mill Valley, CA, under sponsorship of the Southern Baptist Church.
    1945 - Top Hits
“Dream” - The Pied Pipers
“The More I See You” - Dick Haymes
“Bell Bottom Trousers” - Tony Pastor
“Stars and Stripes on Iwo Jima” - Bob Wills
    1946 - "The Adventures of Sam Spade" was heard on ABC radio for the first time. Howard Duff starred as the San Francisco detective in the summer replacement series.  Sam Spade first appeared in the 1930 Dashiell Hammett novel "The Maltese Falcon" and in the 1931 original film version of "The Maltese Falcon," starring Ricardo Cortez. Humphrey Bogart played Sam in the 1941 movie.
    1946 - Stan Kenton cuts “Artistry in Percussion” with Shelly Manne, Hollywood, CA
    1949 - Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella and Don Newcombe of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Larry Doby of the Cleveland Indians became the first black players to appear in baseball's All-Star game. The American League won the game, played in Ebbetts Field, Brooklyn, NY, 11-7.
    1949 - Football quarterback Norm Van Brocklin, a student at the University of Oregon, decided against another year of college and signed a professional NFL contract to play with the Los Angeles Rams.
    1949 - Major League owners agree to install warning tracks made of cinder in front of outfield fences prior to the start of next season.
    1951 - The Kaw River flood occurred. The month of June that year was the wettest of record for the state of Kansas, and during the four days preceding the flood much of eastern Kansas and western Missouri received more than ten inches of rain. Flooding in the Midwest claimed 41 lives, left 200 thousand persons homeless, and caused a billion dollars property damage. Kansas City was hardest hit. The central industrial district sustained 870 million dollars property damage
    1951 – The Yankees’ Allie Reynolds pitched the first of his two no-hitters this year.  Gene Woodling’s 7th-inning homer off Indians loser Bob Feller was the difference in the 1-0 game. He was the first American League pitcher to throw two no-hitters in a season and only the second player to do so in baseball history, after Johnny Vander Meer did it back-to-back in 1938.
    1953 - Top Hits
“Song from Moulin Rouge” - The Percy Faith Orchestra
“Ruby” - Richard Hayman
“I'm Walking Behind You” - Eddie Fisher
“It's Been So Long” - Webb Pierce
    1954 Elvis Presley signs his first recording contract (Sun Records) and quits his job as a truck driver.
    1954 - The Major League Baseball Players Association was organized in Cleveland, OH. Its purpose was to represent ball players in policy decisions with baseball club owners.
    1957 - Prince Karim left Harvard University in Cambridge, MA to become the leader of 20 million Ismaili Moslems. He became the Aga Khan for the religious sect. Prince Karim was 20 years old at the time of his calling.
    1958 - "Yakety Yak," by The Coasters, became the number one song in the U.S.A., according to "Billboard" magazine. It was the first stereo record to reach the top of the chart.
    1960 - The first Etch-A-Sketch went on sale. Over 50 million units were sold during the next 25 years. Charlie Lester contains it was his first portable computer laptop.
    1962 - The Rolling Stones played their first concert at the Marquee club in London. The lineup for that date was lead vocalist Mick Jagger, guitarists Keith Richards and Brian Jones, Dick Taylor on bass and Mick Avory, later of the Kinks, on drums. Avory and Taylor were replaced by Tony Chapman on drums and Bill Wyman on bass. Chapman didn't work out, and drummer Charlie Watts completed the Stones' lineup in January 1963. 1969- the rock super group Blind Faith, fronted by Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood, made its US debut at Madison Square Garden. The band made only this tour and one album before splitting up.
    1962 - Garbage dump in Pennsylvania erupts beneath the ground, burns into extensive coal mine tunnels. As late as 1984, the fire still raged, burning 25 squares miles and threatening to break to the surface. The television show “60 Minutes” did an up-date in 2006: the fire was still burning out of control, many towns abandoned. Evidently there are coal fires elsewhere in the United States, and the world, with the largest burning in China.    
    1961 - Top Hits
“Tossin' and Turnin'” - Bobby Lewis
“The Boll Weevil Song” - Brook Benton
“Every Beat of My Heart” - Pips
“Heartbreak U.S.A.” - Kitty Wells
    1966 - Racial riots erupt in Chicago and Cleveland. Chicago uprising lasts until 15th.
    1967 - Twenty-three die in Newark, NJ race rebellion

    1969 - Top Hits
“In the Year 2525” - Zager & Evans
“Spinning Wheel” - Blood, Sweat & Tears
“Good Morning Starshine” - Oliver
“Statue of a Fool” - Jack Greene
    1970 - “Evenings at the Pops” premieres on TV. PBS's popular concert series premiered with conductor Arthur Fiedler heading the Boston Pops Orchestra. Conductor/composer John Williams took over the post upon Fiedler's death in 1979; Keith Lockhart is the current conductor.
    1971 - Kristi Tasuya Yamaguchi birthday, Olympic gold medal figure skater, born Hayward, CA.
    1970 - Janis Joplin debuted with her new group, the Full Tilt Boogie Band, before 4,000 people in Louisville, Kentucky. Less than three months later, she was dead of a heroin overdose
    1971 - 13,000 people packed the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh to see the first authorized staging of "Jesus Christ Superstar." The work was the brainchild of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricist Tim Rice and made its debut as a record album, which became the top seller of 1971. Scores of unlicensed concert productions sprang up in the US in the wake of the album's success, so Webber and Rice came up with their own concert and theatrical versions, one of which opened on Broadway in October of '71.
    1971 - Juan Corona, indicted for 25 murders, Sacramento, California
    1973 - A major fire at the National Personal Records Center in St. Louis destroyed approximately one-third of its 52 million official military personnel files. 
    1975 - K.C. & the Sunshine Band make their pop chart debut with "Get Down Tonight." It's the first of four singles by the band to make it to the number one spot
    1976 - “Family Feud” premiered on television, from the production team of Mark Goodson and Bill Todman. This game show set two families against each other to raise the greater number of points. The contestants had to predict the most common answers to a given survey. Richard Dawson, TV's famous kissing host, and the late Ray Combs served as hosts of the show. Another version of the show appeared in 1999 with Louie Anderson as host and is still running today, currently with host Steve Harvey.  “100 families surveyed, top three answers on the board…survey said...”
    1976 - Representative Barbara Jordan (D-Texas) is the keynote speaker of the 1976 Democratic Convention, the first woman and the first black to be accorded the honor. (And the first lesbian although her lifestyle was not publicized at the time.) It was a rousing speech that electrified the convention and TV watchers.
    1977 - Top Hits
“Undercover Angel” - Alan O'Day
“Da Doo Ron Ron” - Shaun Cassidy
“Looks like We Made It” - Barry Manilow
“I'll Be Leaving Alone” - Charley Pride
    1979 - The Chicago White Sox stated “Disco Demolition Night” as a promotion between games of a doubleheader against the Detroit Tigers. Chicago disc jockey Steve Dahl burned disco records brought by fans, who received discount admission. Some of those fans decided to start their own fires, and a mini-riot ensued, with fans surging onto the field, high on beer and other substances that did not come in a bottle, forcing the Chicago White Sox to forfeit the second game of the doubleheader.
    1980 - Lightning struck a large broiler house in Branford, FL, and the ensuing fire broiled 11,000 nearly ready broilers. Firemen were able to save a few thousand chickens, however.
    1981 - Major League Baseball's first strike which begins after the start of a season cancels thirteen regular-season games.
    1982 - "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial" broke all box-office records by surpassing the $100-million mark of ticket sales in the first 31 days of its opening.
    1982 - The last of the distinctive-looking Checker taxicabs rolled off the assembly line in Kalamazoo, MI. The company had produced those cabs since 1922.
    1983 - Hall of Famers Charlie Gehringer and Hank Greenberg have their uniform numbers retired by Detroit in a ballpark ceremony. The numbers 2 and 5, respectively, will join Al Kaline's #6 (1980) as the only numbers retired by the Tigers.
    1984 - Steve Carlton of the Philadelphia Phillies earned his 100th strikeout of the season and led the Phils to a 4-3 win over the Cincinnati Reds. Carlton tied a record set by Walter Johnson by getting 100 or more strikeouts in 18 straight seasons. Carlton became baseball's all-time strikeout leader with 3,813. He played for the St. Louis Cardinals, the Phillies, and briefly, for the Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants, Cleveland Indians and Minnesota Twins before retiring and becoming a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
    1984 - Walter F. Mondale at the Democratic National Convention chooses the first female vice presidential candidate from a major party, Geraldine Ferraro, congressional representative from New York. Ronald Reagan was elected president and George Bush vice-president, carrying 49 states. The electoral vote was 525 to Mondale's 12. Popular vote was Reagan 54,455,075 to Mondale 37,577,184. In congressional elections, the Republicans gained two Senate seats for a 53-47 majority. In the House, the Democrats lost 14 seats but kept a majority of 253-182.
    1985 - Top Hits
“Sussudio” - Phil Collins
“A View to a Kill” - Duran Duran
“Raspberry Beret” - Prince & The Revolution
“She's a Miracle” – Exile
    1988 - Hail up 4.5 inches in diameter in the Monango-Fullerton area of North Dakota. Patio furniture appeared as if beaten with a sledge hammer.  Thunderstorms produced heavy rain in Arkansas and northeastern Texas, with 6.59 inches reported at Mesquite, TX, in just an hour and fifteen minutes. Garland, TX, reported water up to the tops of cars following a torrential downpour.
    1990 - “Northern Exposure” premiered on television. CBS's comedy-drama was essentially a fish-out-of-water (or rather a New Yorker out of Manhattan) series. Dr. Joel Fleischman (Rob Morrow) was forced to practice medicine in remote Cicely, Alaska, to pay off his student loans. He gradually accepted his lot through the help of the town's quirky citizens who needed him because he was the only doctor in town. The show's principal cast featured Barry Corbin as Maurice Minnefield, a former NASA astronaut and Cicely's most prominent businessman, .Janine Turner as bush pilot Maggie O'Connell, Elaine Miles as Joel's assistant/receptionist Marilyn, Darren E. Burrows as Ed Chigliak, a half-Indian aspiring filmmaker, John Cullum as Cicely's mayor and tavern owner I-lolling Vincoeur, Cynthia Geary as Holling's girlfriend and waitress Shelley Tambo, Peg Phillips as store proprietor Ruth-Anne and John Corbett as deejay and philosopher Chris Stevens.
    1994 - Record stores around the world threw midnight parties as the Rolling Stones' "Voodoo Lounge" album went on sale. It was their first release since "Steel Wheels" five years earlier.
    1997 - After 126 years of play, the first interleague games in Major League history are played as the Giants defeat the Rangers, 4-3, at the Ballpark in Arlington, Texas. Glenallen Hill becomes the National League's first regular season designated hitter.
    2015 - Novak Djokovic achieves his third Wimbledon title, winning over Roger Federer.  Had Federer won, he would have made history as the first to win eight Wimbledon titles.
    2019 - In their first home game since the tragic death of Tyler Skaggs on July 1, the Angels pay tribute to their fallen teammate in the best possible way, with a 13 - 0 combined no-hitter over the Mariners. The entire Angels team wears number 45 in tribute to Skaggs and his mother throws the ceremonial first pitch in an emotional pre-game ceremony.



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