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Friday, June 22, 2012

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

 Archives June 22, 2004
  BSB Moves into New Digs,
   ---Expands “Risk Adjusted” Program
    Classified Ads---Controller
New Hires---Promotions
  Classified Ads---Help Wanted
   Cartoon—Latest Stock News
 Late Fees
  by Tom McCurnin, Esq.
   Best Performing Credit Unions
    New Poetry Book by Barry Marks, Esq.
      Highest Paid/Lowest Paid US Bank CEO's in 2011
      Ranked by Size of Bank Assets
     GreatAmerica Leasing by Tony Golobic
     The Secret of Our Success
      Back Office Companies
         Flat-Coated Retriever/Newfoundland Mix
        Englewood, Colorado Adopt-a-Dog
      Open Positions at Leasing Funders/Various Locations
  Brave/To Rome with Love
   21 Jump Street/Mirror Mirror/Keyhole
    Movie/DVD Reviews by Fernando Croce
News Briefs---
 Moody's Downgrades Hit Five of Six Largest U.S. Banks
  Mortgage Rates slip on Europe and fall on the Fed
   Dewey & LeBoeuf Creditors to Hire $1,055-an-Hour Lawyer
    The Caisse invests $5 million in Finloc 2000, Monteral Leasing Co.
     KeyBank to complete NY branch acquisitions July 13
      Billions of Dollars in Play Over Health Care Law
       Verizon shakes up smartphone pricing
        $1.36: What it costs to charge iPad for a year
      NBC News Faces Shift in Television Dominance
     No soup for you!

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Archives June 22, 2004
BSB Moves into New Digs,
---Expands “Risk Adjusted” Program

As business continues to increase, BSB Leasing, Inc., after ten years in the same Denver, Colorado location has relocated to new and larger facilities. The new address is 6 Inverness Court East, Suite 125 Englewood, Colorado 80112.

BSB Leasing, Inc. is a direct funder and syndicator serving lease brokers nationwide since 1982.

“The new location will allow BSB to continue hiring additional staff in the short term and will give us additional capacity to add staff in both the sales areas and in administration, “

Don Myerson, president, said. “The need for additional space and facilities is a direct result of growth achieved by introducing BSB Direct Finance a direct funding option for brokers, in addition to our traditional syndication programs.

“For 20 years known primarily as a ‘Super Broker’ added a direct funding program in early 2003 that offered an application only product up to $50,000, “he explained.

After the initial success of this product, in April, 2004 BSB Leasing decided to expand its direct funding offerings to include a “risk adjusted” credit philosophy designed to approve a broader spectrum of credits.

BSB is now approving application only transactions up to $50,000 and transactions up to $100,000 for a single lessee for credits that fall into an A, B and C category with rates designed to match the quality of the credit.

“We’re able to handle a wide variety of credits and transactions," Myerson said.

Additional changes at BSB Leasing, Inc. include long time Vice-President of Broker Services, Bruce Zwillinger moving into a new role as head of the Commercial Group handling commercial transactions from $50,000 to $1,000,000.

Skip Wehner, formerly Vice-President of Administration at Granite Financial before joining BSB in December, 2002 as Vice-President of Business Development takes over all sales responsibility for our broker network.

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Classified Ads---Controller

(These ads are “free” to those seeking employment or looking
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Port St Lucie, FL
20+ yrs exp. commercial collection/late stage specialist. 
Prefer to work from home based office or transfer to Sarasota | Resume

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New Hires---Promotions

Lou Altobelli, Jr joins CIT Vendor Finance healthcare equipment financing group in Illinois. "He will focus on originating vendor financing programs and assisting manufacturers and resellers of healthcare equipment in financing programs for their clients. Altobelli previously worked for U.S. Bank Equipment Finance, where he served as vice president of Business Development for the Vendor Finance Group. Prior to the Business Development role, he was national sales manager. He also worked at GE Healthcare Financial Services as manager of Strategic Alliances for GE Ultrasound and at American Express Business Finance as vice president of Sales for Healthcare Finance." Northern Illinois University BS Mgmt, Management (1978 – 1980) Activities and Societies: Delta Upsilon Fraternity

Doreen Cropp joins CIT Vendor Finance healthcare equipment financing group in Illinois. "She will focus on originating vendor financing programs and assisting manufacturers and resellers of healthcare equipment in financing programs for their clients. She previously worked for U.S. Bank Equipment Finance, where she was vice president of Business Development for Healthcare and Technology." Prior she was vice president USBEF/US Bancorp Oliver-Allen Technology Leasing (2007-2008), vice-president, Citigroup (2003-2007), vice president HPSC (GE) (@001-2003), president, Centaur Financial Services (1992-2001), district manager, AT&T Eaton Financial (1990-1993), Vice-President, Capital Lease (1991-1992), regional sales manager, Lease First, (1988-1990).Security Pacific National Bank Officer Program Graduate, Banking - Finance (1977 – 1988) Activities and Societies: Security Pacific National Bank, Officer Candidate Program (1985 - 1986) Worked in over 30 branch offices learning all aspects of banking operations, Assistant Manger/Operations Officer (1986 - 1987) Supervised tellers, note department, ans statements department, Assistant Manager/Accounts and Loan Representatives (1987 - 1988) Sold commercial loans, real estate and consumer loans.

John Gundersen joins Marlin Business Services commercial equipment National Accounts Finance Group as "Business Development Manager within the National Accounts Finance Group, providing additional expertise to Marlin's leadership position in the telecommunications industry." Previously he was regional channel manager, TAMCO (January, 2010; director sales operations, January, 2008, manger inside sales, January, 2007, partner development manager, February, 2004), business development management, Nextira One (2000-2004), sales manager, Williams Communications (1997-2000), sales manager, Williams (1997-2000), account representative, Bell Atlantic Meridia Systems (1992-1995).University of St. Thomas (TX) MBA, Finance (1983 – 1986) Clarion University of Pennsylvania BS, Accounting/Marketing (1978 – 1982).

John Pack joins CIT Vendor Finance healthcare equipment financing group in Philadelphia. "He will focus on originating vendor financing programs and assisting manufacturers and resellers of healthcare equipment in financing programs for their clients. Pack was with Key Equipment Finance, where he served as VP of Business Development for its Global Healthcare Vendor Services division. Prior to this role he was at USXL/EverBank as director of Relationship Management and Business Development." BS, Finance (1976 – 1980) Activities and Societies: Baseball Team - 4 years

Nella Schwarz joins Ecologic Vendor Services as Director, Sales and Business Development, Vendor Programs-Latin America. Previously she was strategic accounts sales director, Avaya Financial services/CIT Group (August, 1996-January, 2012), sales and marketing director, Mexico City, GE Capital (August, 1984-July, 1995). Universidad de Lima BA




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Privately-held lessor/broker is looking to expand
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We offer clients a variety of traditional banking products including our 0% APR credit card. Our marketing efforts enhance both end user and vendor sales strategies, including proprietary technology,
direct mail, and trade show support.
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Seasoned Leasing professional, experienced in 3rd party generated business. Must be highly ethical, self starter with a good understanding of financials and able to produce immediately and consistently. Generous commissions paid and benefits after initial trial period.

Please submit resume to
Contact: Ron Mitchell 214-615-0667 direct


Exp. only, 1 Southeast, 1 West Coast
Looking to Expand Your Career
Base Salary & Commission
resumes to :
Stable, profitable independent lessor, 30 years in business,
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Late Fees
by Tom McCurnin, Esq.
Barton, Klugman & Oetting
Los Angeles, California

1. Generally, throughout the United States, late fees are an issue of contract law. If the contract is valid, then the amount of the late fees will be upheld.

2. Many lessees argue that the amount of the late fees is unfair, or "unconscionable." Decisions are all over the map on this issue. Suffice to say that I have yet to find a case which says that the typical late fee charge 5-10% of the actual late payment is unconscionable. On larger deals, we try to get an opinion of debtor's counsel and there is a plethora of law that if the borrower has advice of counsel, there can be no unconscionability claim. Two of the cases are Adams v. Adams, 603 S.E.2d 273 (Ga. 2004); Roussalis v. Wyoming Medical Center, Inc., 4 P.3d 209 (Wyo.2000).

3. One Supreme Court case holds that late charges are just another form of interest (this would be applicable only to a lease intended as security) and that if the lender is exempt from usury (National Bank or licensed lender), then any late charge is enforceable. So, in California on a lease intended as security, if the lender is licensed, it would appear that any interest rate should fly. In other states where no commercial contract is subject to usury, then any rate should also be fine.

4. There are a couple of cases out there, most notably Garcia v. Canan 851 F.Supp. 327 (ND Ill. 1994) holding that a 10% late charge on the whole of the delinquent payments (as opposed to a one time assessment against a single discreet late payment) is a penalty.

Another case I've run into is Leasing Services v. Eastern Equipment 11 B.R. 732 (SD WVa. 1981), an awful case which hold that in bankruptcy the court can strip a lease intended as security down to its components, impute a hypothetical interest figure, back off unearned interest, and back off late charges which are accrued to the overall balance as opposed to a one time assessment of a single discreet late payment.

The bottom line to this issue, is that while the lease or contract can say whatever you want for late charges, and it may be enforceable, I would not feel comfortable with an amount over 10% of the actual late payment, and I would not want to aggregate the late charges, e.g., 10% of the whole delinquent balance, which is essentially interest on interest.

In addition, if the lease is a loan (lease intended as security) there are very adverse consequences in bankruptcy, with the court having the authority to back off unearned interest and late charges.

If any of your readers have any questions, or want additional citations (this issue was litigated in a New Jersey Bankruptcy matter), please have them email me directly:

Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting
Los Angeles, California
Voice:(213) 621-4000
Fax (213) 625-1832

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We accept file exports and integrate personal property tax information with all lease management or accounting software. No other firm offers the combination of individual attention, software capabilities expertise, "full disclosure" and web port accessibility to information more than we do.

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Best Performing Credit Unions

Giving both community and regional banks competition, credit unions have been growing in granting both consumer loans and business loans, as well as several are in the direct equipment leasing marketplace, and a few accept local lease brokers.

In a state breakout, Texas accounts for the most institutions placing in the top 50 best performing credit unions with eight:

The chart of the top 50 best performing credit unions was compiled by SNL Financial with the metrics used: ROAA, net charge-offs to average loans, operating expenses as a percent of operating revenue, delinquent loans as a percent of total loans, market growth and net interest margin as a percent of average assets.

Top spot belongs to Melrose Credit Union. "The institution, which consists of its one location in the heart of Queens, is led by Treasurer and CEO Alan Kaufman, who was preceded at the post by his father and whose grandfather helped establish Melrose in 1922," SNL reports, likening it to a successful run family business. "The company has grown its loan book year over year in every year going back to 1995, the earliest year for which SNL has data, and it has experienced positive net worth growth each year over the same period. For the 12-month period ended March 31, Melrose demonstrated 15.6% loan growth compared to 2.1% in aggregate for all U.S. credit unions."




New Poetry Book by Barry Marks, Esq.

Sounding is a father's journey from loss to grief and to healing. Leah Ellen Marks passed away too young, at the age of 17, as a result of a car accident caused by an impaired driver. By exploring the emotions brought to the surface after her death, Barry Marks shares with readers how he survived the experience with sadness, anger, humor, and spirituality.

“The pages of Sounding are accessible to anyone who has lost a loved one. These poems are not one-sided odes to his lost daughter; they are insightful and inspiring lyrics for the living who have survived tragedy.”

The book is sold out at Amazon at this time, but available direct from the publisher for $15.95

Possible Crocodiles, Book of the Year for 2010 (Alabama Poetry Society) is available at Amazon.

Amazon: About the Author
Barry Marks is a Birmingham attorney whose poetry, fiction, articles and essays have been published in nearly 100 journals, magazines and periodicals over the last 30 years. Mr. Marks was 1998 Alabama State Poetry Society Poet of the Year and his chapbook, There is Nothing Oppressive as a Good Man, won the Society’s 2003 Morris Chapbook Competition. His full-length collection, Possible Crocodiles, won the Society’s Book of the Year Award in 2010. A member of the Big Table Poets, his work is featured in that group’s anthologies, Poems from the Big Table and Einstein at the Odeon Cafe. He is a past president of the Alabama State Poetry Society and a former Board member of the Alabama Writer’s Conclave.

Leasing News in 2009 named Barry Marks one of the 25 top influential Industry Contributors:
Barry Marks--He was the original National Association of Equipment Leasing Broker's attorney and a very forward thinking, bright attorney, practical businessman. He helped the organization grow along with Joe Bonanno, CLP, and many excellent volunteers. I serve on the NAELB Board and his advice and counsel helped us move forward each year. He is one of only three people to earn the Bill Granieri award.

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Highest Paid/Lowest Paid US Bank CEO's in 2011
Ranked by Size of Bank Assets

By Kiah Lau Haslett and Fatima Afzaal and Sabri Sisman
SNL Financial

Bank CEO compensation packages may look as hefty as in years past, but there are more strings binding pay to performance and restricting or deferring monetary rewards for years at a time.

Banks are increasingly shifting toward nonequity incentive plan compensation and outlining strategic and performance goals a CEO must fulfill. Shareholder scrutiny throughout a prolonged challenged earnings environment has caused pay beyond base salary to be rerouted into company stock that must vest, and many companies are eliminating wholly discretionary cash bonuses.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s Jamie Dimon topped SNL's list of highest-paid CEOs for all asset sizes, earning $23.1 million in salary, bonus, stock and option awards, pension, and perks for 2011, up 11% from 2010, according to SNL data gathered from 2012 proxy forms. JPMorgan is the largest bank in the U.S. by total assets. Wells Fargo & Co.'s John Stumpf came in second with $19.8 million; his $2.8 million base salary was larger than Dimon's $1.4 million, but Dimon's $17 million in stock and option awards dwarfed Stumpf's $12 million. Richard Fairbank, CEO of Capital One Financial Corp., came in third with $18.7 million in pay, $18.5 million of which was stock and options award with no recorded base salary.

"Generally, in pay levels for executives, salaries are up modestly," said George Paulin, chairman and CEO of compensation consultants Frederic W. Cook & Co. Paulin has worked with the boards of super-regional and national banks.

But compensation plans are becoming less discretionary for CEOs and other senior executives, he said. Companies are increasingly awarding stock options with longer vesting periods, in lieu of cash bonuses, and those bonuses are calculated with formulaic incentive plans that emphasize strategic and financial goals. These bonuses, often denoted as long-term incentive plans, have three-year payout periods or other mandatory deferred holding periods, and a portion is usually placed into company stock. So even though pay may seem outsized, falling share prices can wipe out millions of dollars of net worth; failure for stock to appreciate means CEOs can experience greater losses from stock that outweigh other pay.

"With performance-based long-term incentive plan, the onus is on management and the board compensation committees to set goals that make sense in terms of linking paid delivery to performance, and that's a tough job," said Paulin. "There's much more accountability through the say-on-pay advisory voting. They're very concerned with that."

While say-on-pay votes are nonbinding, companies wish to avoid the black eye associated with shareholder discontent. Instead, boards engage in a dialogue with shareholders about what they do and do not like about compensation. Additionally, when "that battle line happens" and shareholders voice dissatisfaction over compensation, "a lot of management teams and compensation committees realize they haven't been clear enough in their proxies [about] the connection between pay and performance," said Peter Miterko, managing director at Pearl Meyer & Partners, a compensation firm that had done work and research in the banking space.

Regulators and shareholders have effectively pressured banks to design pay packages that deter excessive risk-taking. These changes and practices trickled their way from the largest banks to comparatively smaller banks — anywhere between $10 billion and $500 billion — this proxy season, Miterko said. These banks could be "reading the handwriting on the wall" to establish practices ahead of possible regulator requirement, if they have not already been individually required.

PNC Financial Services Group Inc.'s James Rohr received $6.8 million in incentive compensation in 2011, according to the company's proxy. Of that, $2 million was awarded in cash and $4.8 million was an equity-based long term award. The proxy said at least 50% of executive compensation should be tied to equity, deferred over multiple years and subject to additional performance hurdles and adjustments for risk management; Rohr's was 60%. The proxy also notes 2011 pay represented a reduction in performance from 2010's compensation. SNL's tally of his compensation includes perks and other compensation and a nonqualified pension, and at $16.6 million, Rohr had the third-highest compensation of CEOs at banks with assets of between $10 billion and $500 billion.

At Synovus Financial Corp., executives received no bonuses in 2011 for the fifth consecutive year, according to the company proxy. CEO Kessel Stelling Jr.'s compensation was $1.5 million, with a base salary of $875,000 and no bonus or nonequity incentive compensation, according to SNL data. The proxy notes executive compensation is below peers. The long-term incentive program is paid entirely with equity, and the bank's declining stock price means outstanding options are underwater and outstanding restricted stock units have declined in value. Synovus had the third-lowest CEO compensation of banks with between $10 billion and $500 billion in assets, according to SNL data.

Banks $10 billion in assets and below have also changed pay practices to appease shareholders, said Mike Point, a senior vice president at Blanchard Consulting, a consulting firm that works with banks below $10 billion. Companies are using stock options less and emphasizing restricted stock and stock units. He said the move was because options took on the appearance of being awards worth more than the value those individuals brought to the company, at least from shareholders' perspectives, while restricted stock was not as dilutive to shareholders while still imparting equity commensurate with executives' contribution. He pointed out compensation varies across the board with banks of assets less than $10 billion, not only because of asset size but location and lines of business.

Compensation for Roger Taylor, CEO of $6.59 billion Capital Bank Financial Corp., was $13.8 million in 2011. His pay tops the $3.4 million paid to Gerard Host, CEO of $9.73 billion Jackson, Miss.-based Trustmark Corp. Capital Bank is in the process of an initial stock offering, and $12.5 million of Taylor's pay was in stock and option awards.

On the other end was Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Pacific Capital Bancorp, a formerly troubled bank that is now the target of an acquisition with Union Bank NA, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. Since the company's recapitalization Aug. 31, 2010, CEO Carl Webb elected to receive no pay — salary or incentive-based compensation — and instead receives compensation from GJF Financial Management through a management fee arrangement with Ford Financial Fund LP, where he is a senior principal. Ford Financial is the parent company of SB Acquisition Co. LLC, according to a company proxy.



The Secret of Our Success
by Tony Golobic, GreatAmerica Leasing

"Tony Golobic of GreatAmerica Leasing Corp. is the leader of a very successful company that has kept a relatively low profile.  GreatAmerica has had an exceptional record of growth. In 2009 they reached $1 billion in assets, and in the 2009 Monitor 100 survey they reported 2008 origination volume of $430.9 million, a tremendous volume for an independent small ticket vendor leasing company. They were one of the few leasing companies that was able to tap the securitization market in 2009. The company has always been very conservative in its credit approvals, financing and accounting, areas that have derailed a number of their competitors."
     - Bruce Kropschot, The Alta Group; Leasing News Advisory Board Member

This is a new series to highlight companies who have been successful, why, and their recommendations to you.

Tony Golobic
Chairman and Founder of GreatAmerica Leasing

It has been 38 years since I came across my first equipment finance transaction. Since then our industry has been good to me. Although much has changed during these years, the industry today remains vibrant and a good place to grow one’s career. Not only has our industry grown significantly, but it became much more complex. At the same time, it seems, much of the industry became commoditized. I never wanted to be a part of a commoditized business; there just doesn’t seem to be much value and staying power in a business based on lowest rates and easiest credit. Anyone can do that. I also don’t think one can build lasting market leadership based on lowest pricing and easiest credit; there is always going to be another fool willing to push rates even lower.

I wanted to be a part of a company that would build a lasting market leadership by aspiring to standards of excellence so high in everything it does it would have no competition. This was our vision 17 years ago when we started GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation and this remains our vision today. This was not only our vision, but it was also our reason for starting GreatAmerica. Every day, we make another step on our quest for excellence. Like perfection, excellence is a continuous process, a worthy goal to aspire to and a vision that fills one with pride. I am so thankful that today we have 314 “GreatAmericans” who share our pride.

This vision required a structure that would maximize human potential; one that would continuously engage each and every member of our GreatAmerica team no matter how large we become. Our strong belief in the potential of people provided the philosophical backdrop for an evolution that was to come. At GreatAmerica, we don’t have managers and we don’t have executives. We have leaders. Every “GreatAmerican” is responsible for managing herself or himself. At GreatAmerica, I am not the only one losing sleep thinking, worrying and dreaming of GreatAmerica; there are 313 other “GreatAmericans” who also are thinking, worrying and dreaming of GreatAmerica.

To this end, we transformed our organization into a team-based structure. Our organization chart looks a little different than most; it has our customers (dealers and smaller lessors) at its center, like a sun, surrounded and orbited by our teams, which in turn are supported by our senior leadership. We drew this organizational chart to constantly remind us of who makes us successful; our customers. The idea was to establish teams of cross-trained individuals with intimate knowledge of their customers, and these teams would be responsive to their myriad needs.

The scalability of the team structure also preserved the intimate, small-company feel as GreatAmerica expanded. Teams of empowered individuals rising to their potential and making informed decisions continue to benefit our customers today. Everyone at GreatAmerica participates in a bonus structure that integrates personal and company goals to help grow GreatAmerica and reward individual accomplishments. Our people have a great degree of autonomy in creating their own personal fulfillment. This, in turn, fuels our high retention rates and internal satisfaction levels which translate directly into a positive and consistent customer relationship building. We want our customers to say “wow” when they get off the phone with us. We call this the GreatAmerica Experience.

We also define our customer a little differently than most financing companies. We resolved that the equipment dealers/leasing brokers are our customers and that the lessee is the customer of the dealer/broker. The dealer/broker, our customer, puts food on our family tables. This foundation guides our prospecting and marketing efforts and has engendered great trust with our customers. Not all equipment dealers, just like not all leasing brokers, are the right customers for us. We want just the best ones; the ones who have long-term vision, who want to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers and with us. We used to work with a large number of brokers, but 80% of our business was done with just a handful. That didn’t work well and we pared the number down. We will continue to focus on this process with the goal of doing an increased amount of business with a smaller number of brokers. It’s a matter of finding the right brokers with the right vendor programs with whom we can develop strong and lasting relationships. It may sound strange but our goal is to have fewer brokers for whom we do a lot more.

Our ethical focus has underscored our direction as a whole, ranging from the definition of our customer (above) to the creation of our Truth in Leasing Statement, which is a document we give our customers to give to their customers. It’s an industry-first statement that is essentially a leasing bill of rights for the lessee and outlines what they can expect when they enter into a standard agreement with GreatAmerica. It also draws a line in the sand by capping residual positions and stating there would be no hidden fee tactics common in many leases.

This “no surprises” approach and our financial performance have also formed trusting and valued relationships with our financial providers. We run an open operation and are well attuned to the transparency standards the asset-backed securities market expects. Since 1995 we’ve had nine successful term securitizations of over $2.2 billion in total (the last one, for $454 million, closed in November 2009). In these days of restricted credit, we have record amounts of open credit lines. Our ample access to the capital markets is the reward for our disciplined, common sense approach to credit approval process. Steady and loyal support from our financial partners has also helped us deliver a level of consistency and service very hard to find elsewhere. 

Our resolve of not being everything to everyone has helped us direct our resources into thoroughly understanding our markets. The mission of GreatAmerica, plain and simple, is to help our customers become more successful. Each of our five business units specializes in their respective industries, immersing itself into the market it serves and tapping into the complex dynamics that go into making a business successful. Our expertise is gained through intense and continuous research into the industry served by that unit, business councils, industry events and internal training. The knowledge gained through these activities informs all levels of the company and creates a fertile environment that fosters innovative thinking and problem solving.

Fortunately, knowledge is not a static concept at GreatAmerica, and creating a fluid environment begins with an easy flow of communication among team members and company leadership. Facilitated by an open floor plan with no walls, this communication is vital to identifying opportunities and bringing meaningful change to the markets we serve.

The relentless pursuit of our vision to reach the standards of excellence so high in everything we do that we have no competition has enabled us to grow to an asset size of over $1 Billion. We have never stopped growing, not even in the past two years. We now are looking forward to the day, not far away, when we will reach $2 Billion. We will do that by getting better every day and by truly helping our customers become more successful. Each time a customer hangs up the phone with one of our team members, we want them to think: “Wow, it was a great day - the day I started doing business with GreatAmerica!”


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Flat-Coated Retriever/Newfoundland Mix
Englewood, Colorado Adopt-a-Dog

Sex: Female
ID#: 4520446-12M70
Breed: Flat-Coated Retriever/Newfoundland Mix
Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)

"I am already spayed, purebred, good with kids, good with dogs, and good with cats."

Bear's Story...
"Bear is a beautiful 7 year-old, 30 lb, Flat-Coated Retriever, mini Newfoundland mix. Bear was saved from dog jail on her last day and she's so happy to be safe and loved for what we think might be the first time in her life. She was a backyard dog and has had a sad, lonely life until now, and she's just learning how to live with a family. In the week she's been out of the shelter, she's learned how to go up and down stairs, cuddle in bed, approach people with a bit of trust, and eat real PEOPLE food! Inside, she's a total LOVER. There's not a mean bone in her body. She's absolutely wonderful with other dogs and with kids. Soft, cuddly, and beautiful!!!"

Rescue Group: Colorado Animal Welfare League
Pet ID #: 4520446-12M70
Phone: (720) 515-2295
Let 'em know you saw "Bear" on!
Address: PO Box 1071
Englewood, CO 80150
Our standard adoption fee is $150/dogs


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Adopt a Pet 

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Fernando's View
By Fernando F. Croc

The new Pixar animation extravaganza ("Brave") and the new Woody Allen ("To Rome with Love") make it a must-see weekend at the box-office, while DVD watchers have their pick of an action-comedy ("21 Jump Street"), a knowing take on a fairytale ("Mirror, Mirror"), and a one-of-a-kind gem ("Keyhole").

In Theaters:

Brave (Walt Disney Pictures): After the disappointment of last year's "Cars 2," Pixar returns to form as today's greatest animation studio with this rousing adventure. Set on the vibrantly green Scottish Highlands during medieval times, the story focuses on Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald), the fiery-haired daughter of King Fergus (Billy Connolly) and Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson). The young lass' skills with bows and arrows are only matched by her headstrong refusal to follow family traditions, a rebellious streak which upsets the lords of the kingdom. With the threat of devastation now hovering over the land, Merida must put her bravery to practice on a perilous journey to undo a curse. Recalling Disney's tradition of feisty heroines, this fast-paced, gorgeously crafted fable is a treat to moms and daughters in particular, and a feast to audiences everywhere.

To Rome with Love (Sony Pictures Classics): Continuing his cinematic travelogue of European spots, the inimitable Woody Allen heads to Italy in this frothy follow-up to his Oscar-winning "Midnight in Paris." As usual, the story chronicles the intertwined romantic travails of a colorful group of characters. These include Jack (Jesse Eisenberg), a young American architect who finds himself awkwardly involved with two women, Monica (Ellen Page) and Sally (Greta Gerwig); Jerry (Allen himself, in his first on-screen role in years), an aging filmmaker who becomes obsessed with opera; Anna (Penelope Cruz), an earthy hooker pretending to be a businessman's housewife; and Leopoldo (Roberto Benigni), a middle-class family man who's suddenly turned into a paparazzi-chased celebrity. Full of humor and vibrant scenery, this comedy is sure to hit the spot for Woody fans.

Netflix Tip: Though she scarcely achieved fame in mainstream Hollywood, the flamboyant roles of Susan Tyrrell (1945-2012) will forever live in the hearts of cult movie lovers. In honor of this unique performer, check out Netflix for some of her most memorable films, including her Oscar-nominated role in "Fat City" (1972), "Forbidden Zone" (1982) and "Cry-Baby" (1990).


21 Jump Street (Sony): The 1980s action-drama TV series gets a cheeky big-screen reboot with this enjoyable comedy, which marks the live-action debut of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who last directed the animated hit "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum star as Schmidt and Jenko, two mismatched friends who hope to do some much-need growing up by joining the New Orleans police force. Unfortunately for them, their youthful looks land them right back where they started, going undercover posing as teenagers in the local high school. Can they put their differences aside long enough to infiltrate a crime ring, or will their hysterical, Abbott and Costello-style shenanigans blow their cover? Combining tongue-in-cheek thrills with hysterical laughs, this one hits the sweet spot.

Mirror Mirror (Fox): Imagine a live-action version of the "Shrek" movies, and you get a feeling for this knowing, visually splashy fantasy. Reimagining the beloved fable of Snow White, the movie follows the adventures of a young maiden (Lily Collins) whose beauty makes her the target of the jealous Evil Queen (Julia Roberts). Instead of being chased all over the kingdom, however, Snow White decides to fight for her rightful place at the throne with the help of the seven brave, diminutive rebels she meets along the way. Can she triumph with the Prince (Armie Hammer), or will the Queen's wily sorcery spoil the fable's happy ending? With a cast clearly having fun under the direction of Tarsem Singh ("The Cell"), this lighthearted fairy-tale should please audiences who like their Disney with a little attitude.

Keyhole (Monterey): "The Artist" may have gotten all the glory and attention at last year's awards, but this underground Canadian drama is arguably much more imaginative in its use of silent-movie technique. The eccentric plot revolves around a mobster named Ulysses (Jason Patrick), whom we first meet hiding with his hoods in a mansion that's literally creeping with ghosts from his past. Among them is his wife Hyacinth (Isabella Rossellini), who haunts the house's many rooms in hopes of a family reunion of sorts with Ulysses and his son (David Wontner). Directing with an expressionistic panache that bellies the film's low budget, experimental veteran Guy Maddin offers plenty of memorable imagery and impish humor for adventurous audiences willing to follow him down this one-of-a-kind rabbit hole.


News Briefs----


Moody's Downgrades Hit Five of Six Largest U.S. Banks

Mortgage Rates slip on Europe and fall on the Fed

Dewey & LeBoeuf Creditors to Hire $1,055-an-Hour Lawyer

The Caisse invests $5 million in Finloc 2000, Monteral Leasing Co.

KeyBank to complete NY branch acquisitions July 13

Billions of Dollars in Play Over Health Care Law

Verizon shakes up smartphone pricing

$1.36: What it costs to charge iPad for a year

NBC News Faces Shift in Television Dominance

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Mr. Terry Winders available as a consultant regarding assisting attorneys in resolving disputes or explaining procedures or reviewing documents as utilized in the finance and leasing industry.

He is the author of several books, including DVD's, as well as weekly columnist to Leasing News. He also performs audits of leasing companies as an expert on documentation, and has acted as an expert witness on leasing for litigation in legal and tax disputes, including before the IRS. He also has taught the senior bank examiners, how to review a bank leasing department, for the Federal Reserve in Washington D.C. and has trained the examiners for the FDIC on how to prepare a lease portfolio for sale.




SparkPeople--Live Healthier and Longer

Farmers Market Food Finds
Local Produce is Healthier for You and the Planet!


• Contract Negotiations • Fraud Investigations
• Credit Investigations • Skip-tracing
• Third-party Commercial Collections
John Kenny
Receivables Management

For flat fee or commissions basis | ph 315-866-1167|




Sports Briefs----

LeBron James Leads Heat Past Thunder for N.B.A. Title

List of NBA Finals MVP Winners

The Raiders will play in the NFL next year. They just will not play in Oakland. The team, founded in 1960, was one of the original members of the AFL and joined the NFL when the leagues merged in 1970. The Raiders won the Super Bowl in 1976, 1980 and 1983. The team’s track record has been poor over the past decade. The Raiders left Oakland once before, when the franchise worked out a better stadium deal in Los Angeles from 1983 to 1994. Oakland lured the team back with an agreement to add $220 million in improvements to the stadium where the team would play. One reason the team will leave Oakland again is the financial plans of the new owners. Al Davis had controlling ownership of the team from the 1960s until he died last year. His heirs and several smaller shareholders now control the team. Current team managing owner Mike Davis already has said he may move the Raiders back to LA to get a better stadium deal. The current Oakland stadium contract expires next year. Davis recently told the San Francisco Chronicle, “Yeah, Los Angeles is a possibility. Wherever’s a possibility. We need a stadium.” The Raiders also could move to Santa Clara, where they would share a stadium with the San Francisco 49ers, much as the New York Jets and Giants do.


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Baseball Poem

“That Sweet Diamond “

by Paul B. Janeczko, Carole Katchen (Illustrator)

watch the ball
short hop the wall and
the right fielder-who
can't pick it up fast enough -
finally snatch it
sling it
to the impatient cut-off man,
who throws home
almost before he turns.

watch the runner
toe the inside corner of third,
eyes on
the coach's windmill arm
signaling haste.

watch the meeting place:
the catcher begging for the ball
so he can sweep the tag
at the runner beginning
his slide
before the umpire,
holding his mask
behind his back
as casually as a satin heart
of valentine candy,
signals the meeting over,
the runner safe.

The original radio show of Abbott and Costello’s, “Who’s on First Base.”




California Nuts Briefs---

Budget deal restructures welfare, health care

Two-thirds of California parks set to close may be saved

Car owners tickled pink by zoo car show

Sacramento police union walks away from negotiations; layoffs imminent

Budget deal moves 880,000 low-income children to Medi-Cal


“Gimme that Wine”

Rising Precept Wine Nears Million-Case Mark, Sees Idaho As The Next Washington

In Spain, Sherry Producers Learn to Think Small

The Next Big Thing in Wine

In Canada, Free wine trade is up to each province

Dago Red: Its creator and legacy


Free Mobile Wine Program

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Winery Atlas\

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This Day in History

    1610--In their search for a marketable product, some settlers had begun growing tobacco. 1610. Europeans had acquired a taste for tobacco in the late sixteenth century when the Spanish brought samples from the West Indies and Florida. Initially expensive, it became popular among wealthy consumers. The high price appealed to Virginians, but they found that native Virginia leaf was of poor quality. John Rolfe began experimenting with seeds from Trinidad, which did much better. The first cargo of Virginia-grown tobacco arrived in England in 1617 and sold at a highly profitable 3 shillings per pound. Following Rolfe's success, settlers immediately planted tobacco everywhere- -even in the streets of Jamestown. Company officials, unwilling to base the colony's economy on a single crop, especially one that many people (including King James) considered to be an unhealthy indulgence, tried to restrict annual production to 100 pounds per colonist. Colonists, busy "rooting in the ground about Tobacco like Swine" as one observer reported, ignored these restrictions. But it was only after company rule ended that tobacco planting really surged. Between 1627 and 1669, tobacco exports climbed from 250,000 pounds to more than 15 million pounds. As the supply grew, the price plunged from 13 pence in 1624 to a mere penny in the late 1660s, where it remained for the next half century. What had once been a luxury product thus became affordable for Europeans of average means. Now thoroughly dependent on tobacco for their livelihood, the only way colonists could compensate for falling prices was to grow even more, pushing exports to England to more than 20 million pounds by the late 1670s.
    1611 - After spending a winter trapped by ice in present-day Hudson Bay, the starving crew of the Discovery mutinies against its captain, English navigator Henry Hudson, and sets him, his teenage son, and seven supporters adrift in a small, open boat. Hudson and the eight others were never seen again. Two years earlier, in 1609, Hudson sailed to the Americas to find a northwest passage to Asia after repeatedly failing in his efforts to find a northeast ocean passage. The Discovery later returned to England, and its crew was arrested for the mutiny. Although Henry Hudson was never seen again, his discoveries gave England its claim to the rich Hudson Bay region.
    1774-The Quebec Act was passed by Parliament. It established a permanent government in Quebec and extended its boundaries south to the Ohio River, to include land contested by several American colonies. For this, it was considered by the colonists to be one of the Intolerable Acts that lead to the Revolutionary War.
    1807 - The crew of the British man-of-war, "Leopold," fired upon and boarded the United States frigate "Chesapeake." The commander of the "Chesapeake," James Barron, was court martialed and convicted for not being prepared for action. Along with some others, this incident led to the War of 1812. Eight years after the war, Stephen Decatur, a judge in the court martial, was killed in a duel. The victor of the duel was James Barron.
    1832- John Ireland Howe of Derby, CT, obtained a patent for manufacturing pins. He exhibited it at the American Institute Fair in New York City, receiving a silver medal for his contribution to Manufacturing. He later founded the Howe Manufacturing Company and made improvements on his design. It was a great
boon to the clothing industry, among others.
    1846- Adolphe Sax patented his invention - the saxophone. He had invented the instrument early in the decade, and by the time the patent was granted there were 14 different saxophones - seven designed for orchestras and seven for bands. The saxophones designed for bands are the ones in common use today.
    1847-The doughnut with a hole was first invented in 1847 by American sea captain Hanson Crocket Gregory.
    1850--In San Francisco, a 500-pound grizzly bear was caught today near the Mission Dolores.
    1851- The California State Capitol moved to Vallejo. The sixth Great Fire destroyed 14 blocks within four hours. Fire broke out in a frame home on the north side of Pacific near Powell and destroyed City Hall at Kearny and Pacific and the Jenny Lind Theatre. All day the fire spread from street to street, and the newly constructed reservoirs were nearly empty. Ten entire blocks were destroyed. This incendiary fire caused $3,000,000 damage. Police arrested Benjamin Lewis for arson, but he later got off on a technicality.  
    1896- Dr. Mary Stone ( Shih Mai-Yu), graduated from the Medical School of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, becoming the first physician who was a Chinese woman. She founded the Women’s Hospital at Kiukiang, China, under the auspices of the Methodist Foreign Mission and served as its head for 25 years.
    1894-Legendary magician and escape artist Harry Houdini married Wilhelmina Beatrice Rahne.
(lower part of: )
    1898 - ADM Sampson begins amphibious landing near Santiago, Cuba. Lt. Col. Theodore Roosevelt and Col. Leonard Wood led the Rough Riders, a volunteer cavalry regiment, onto the beach at Daiquiri in the Spanish American War.
    1903-Birthday of Ben Pollack, Chicago Dixieland drummer, who owned a “pizza/beer/jazz “ joint on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, California, with a cover charge. When I was growing up, this was one of best hang outs as those under 18 could get in, and often, we had beer, although we were also not 21. Pollack was a “boom-chick-a-boom” drummer, but played with some of the best and is mentioned in many Chicago jazz era books. Warren Luening, Jr. would sometimes sit in and play trumpet with the band. Pollack really liked his playing, and it may have been one of the reason we were always able to drink beer here.
    1910 -- .. Dancer, anthropologist, humanitarian, philanthropist.
Katherine Dunham born, Chicago, Il
    1912—The Republican party under President Roosevelt got into a bitter feud between the various faction of the party, starting out in the open with Roosevelt asking a faction to leave the convention; resulting in a split party, basically giving the election to Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson, who was not that popular but won because of the Republican split party.
    1918-A Michigan Central Railroad troop train, after several days shuttling soldiers to New York from Chicago, was deadheading back to the Midwest when it struck the rear of the Hagenback-Wallace Circus train. The circus trained has stopped to have its brake box overhauled in Ivanhoe, Indiana. Fifty-three circus performers were killed. Of the circus animals not killed outright, many that were crippled and maimed had to be destroyed by police officers. The performers, of who only three could be identified, were buried in a mass grave. The engineer, A.K. Sargent, who was accused of falling asleep at the throttle, was tried and acquitted.
    1919-An F5 tornado struck the town of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. 59 people were killed and 400 buildings were destroyed. Lumber was carried for 10 miles and other debris were found 60 miles away.
    1933-Birthday of Diane Feinstein - U.S. Senator from California, former mayor of San Francisco. In 1969, she first woman to be elected president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and then succeeded the murdered mayor serving 1978-88. She was defeated in a try for Governor of California but lost and then was elected U.S. Senator in 1992. 
    1936—Singer, songwriter and actor Kris Kristofferson was born in Brownsville, Texas. His first success as a songwriter came when Roger Miller recorded "Me and Bobby McGee." That song was turned into a million-seller by Janis Joplin in 1971. And Sammi Smith sold a million with "Help Me Make It Through the Night," another Kristofferson song. By this time, Kristofferson had begun his career as a singer, and in 1972, his single, "The Silver-Tongued Devil and I," was certified gold. His other successes have included the single, "Why Me," and the albums "The Silver-Tongued Devil and I" and "Jesus Was a Capricorn." In 1985, Kristofferson, along with Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, recorded the hugely successful "Highwayman" single and album. There was a "Highwaymen Two" album in 1990 with the same cast.
    1937-At Chicago’s Comiskey Park Joe Louis won the World Heavyweight Championship title by knocking out James J. Braddock (eighth round). Louis retained the title until his retirement in 1949. Exactly one year after the Braddock fight, on June 22, 1938, Louis met Germany’s Max Schmeling, at New York City’s Yankee Stadium. Louis knocked out Schmeling in the first round.
    1938 -- Joe Louis knocks out "Aryan supremacy claimant Max Schmeling.
    1942 - A Japanese submarine shelled Fort Stevens, Oregon, at the mouth of the Columbia River. In a plan, balloons were launched with bombs that landed in Oregon, but the military along with the news media never mentioned the fires or damaged that occurred. 
    1944 - The GI Bill of Rights was signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. One of the most important governmental measures of the post-World-War-II era, the bill was designed to provide greater opportunities for returning war veterans. An important result of the bill was the training of almost 8 million veterans.
    1945- Howard Kaylan, one of the two lead singers of the Turtles, was born in New York City. The Turtles had hit singles with "It Ain't Me Babe" in 1965 and "Happy Together" and "She'd Rather Be With Me," both in 1967. Some members of the Turtles wanted the group to be more than a band that made hit singles. The resulting dissension led to the Turtles' breakup in 1968. Lead singers Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman joined the Mothers of Invention, and then embarked on a duo career as Flo and Eddie.
    1947- 12 inches of rain fell in 42 minutes at Holt, Missouri, setting a new rainfall intensity world record. That record was tied on January 24-25, 1956, at the Kilauea Sugar Plantation in Hawaii, as their state record was established with 38 inches of rain in 24 hours.
    1949---Top Hits
Again - Gordon Jenkins
Some Enchanted Evening - Perry Como
Bali Ha’i - Perry Como
One Kiss Too Many - Eddy Arnold
    1957---Top Hits
Love Letters in the Sand - Pat Boone
Teddy Bear - Elvis Presley
I Like Your Kind of Love - Andy Williams
Four Walls - Jim Reeves
    1957-The Quarry Men, consisting of Rod Davis, Eric Griffiths, Colin Hanton and John Lennon, performed on the back of a coal truck during a street party marking Liverpool's 750th anniversary.
     1959-Fabian's biggest hit, "Tiger" entered the Billboard chart, where it would top out at #3. In all, the Philadelphia singer, born Fabiano Forte, placed eight songs in the US Top 40. 
    1959 - Eddie Lubanski bowled 24 consecutive strikes, that is two perfect games, back-to-back, in a bowling tournament in Miami, Florida. 
    1959-Chuck Berry's "Memphis" is released.
    1959 - Starting its fourth week at the top of the Tunedex was "The Battle of New Orleans" by Johnny Horton. The song spent six weeks at number one. It was Horton’s only number one record and million copy seller. He had other big hits with movie music like "Sink the Bismarck" and "North to Alaska" from the film by the same title, starring John Wayne. Horton, from Tyler, Texas, married Hank Williams' widow Billie Jean Jones. On November 5, 1960, Johnny Horton was killed in a car crash. 
    1962 - St. Louis Cardinal veteran Stan Musial broke the late Ty Cobb's major league record of 5,863 career total bases. 
    1963 - "Fingertips - Pt 2," by Stevie Wonder, was released, and became his first number one single on August 10th. From 1963 to 1987, Wonder had 46 hits on the pop and R&B music charts, eight of which made it to number one. 
    1963--The Safaris' "Wipe Out" is released.
    1964 - The United States Supreme Court voted that "Tropic of Cancer," Henry Miller’s controversial book, could not be banned.
    1965---Top Hits
I Can’t Help Myself - The Four Tops
Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds
For Your Love - The Yardbirds
Ribbon of Darkness - Marty Robbins
    1968---Mason Williams' "Classical Gas" is released.
    1968- the Jeff Beck Group, with Rod Stewart and Ron Wood, made its US debut at the Fillmore East in New York City. Stewart was said to have had such a severe case of stage fright that he hid behind the speakers for the first couple of songs. The band, which had a major influence on the heavy metal groups that followed, broke up after two LPs and several North American tours.
    1968-Mason Williams' "Classical Gas" is released. It will enter the Billboard charts three weeks later and reach #2 on the Pop chart and #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart. The record has since received more US radio airplay than any other instrumental in Rock history. 
     1968-- Herb Alpert's "This Guy's In Love With You" hits #1
     1969-- 50,000 people showed up for Toronto's first rock festival, the Toronto Pop Festival, at Varsity Stadium. Headliners included The Band, Chuck Berry, Procul Harum and Blood, Sweat and Tears.
    1972- Hurricane Agnes, a category 1 storm, made landfall near Apalachicola, Florida on the 19th, moved northeast, joined up with an upper level disturbance, and unloaded anywhere from 10 to 20 inches of rain across Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York during the period from the 20th to the 25th. Extreme flooding was the result -- the worst in U.S. history. A dike was breached at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and the resultant wall of water destroyed much of the city. Total damage was $3.5 billion and 122 lives were lost.
    1973---Top Hits
My Love - Paul McCartney & Wings
Playground in My Mind - Clint Holmes
I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby - Barry White
Kids Say the Darndest Things - Tammy Wynette
    1974-Gordon Lightfoot started a two-week run at the top of the Billboard album chart with "Sundown". The title track reached #1 on the Pop and Adult Contemporary charts as well as #13 on the Country chart, while "Carefree Highway" reached #10 on the Pop chart, #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart and #81 on the Country chart.
    1981 - A young woman from Lubbock, TX, was struck by lightning. The bolt of lightning struck just above her right shoulder near her neck, and passed right to left through her body, tearing her warm-ups, causing her tennis shoes to explode, and lifting her two feet into the air.
    1981---Top Hits
Stars on 45 medley - Stars on 45
Sukiyaki - A Taste of Honey
A Woman Needs Love (Just like You Do) - Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio
But You Know I Love You - Dolly Parton
    1984---The hard rock band Aerosmith launched its comeback effort with a tour beginning in New Hampshire.
    1985 - "People" took count of the deaths in Sylvester Stallone’s "Rambo" movie, finding that 44 people directly killed. Those at "People" figured out this was an average of one person dying every 2.1 minutes. There were also 70 explosions that killed an uncountable number of people.
    1987 - Thunderstorms in southern Texas produced wind gusts to 116 mph near Quemado. Thunderstorms in New York State produced 5.01 inches of rain in 24 hours at Buffalo, an all-time record for that location, and produced an inch of rain at Bath, PA. The temperature at Fairbanks AK soared to 92 degrees, establishing a record for the date.
    1988 - Sixty-five cities in twenty-four states reported record high temperatures for the date. Tucson AZ reported an all-time record high of 114 degrees, surpassing the previous record of 112 degrees established a day earlier. Highs of 98 degrees at Pittsburgh, PA, and 100 degrees at Baltimore, MD, tied records for the month of June.
    1989- White Sox Carlton Fisk surpasses Yogi Berra as the American League leader for career home runs by a catcher as his 307th home run helps to beat the Yanks, 7-3.
    1989---Top Hits
I’ll Be Loving You (Forever) - New Kids on the Block
Satisfied - Richard Marx
Buffalo Stance - Neneh Cherry
Love Out Loud - Earl Thomas Conley
    1990 - The last-place Atlanta Braves fired manager Russ Nixon and replaced him with GM Bobby Cox, who last managed Toronto in 1985. Good move. Cox led the Braves to a dramatic worst-to-first turnaround, the first of its kind in the National League. In the World Series his team lost to the (also) resurgent Minnesota Twins. Cox was name AP Manager of the Year (the first manager to be so named in both leagues). The Braves followed 1991 with NL East championships in 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, and 1997, becoming the first team to win division titles in six straight completed seasons. Those division titles also let to NL pennants, except for 1993 and 1997.
    1998 - CompUSA announced that it was buying Computer City from Tandy for $275 million. Tandy was selling the sickly chain as part of a turnaround it had started the previous year. Tandy president Leonard Roberts said, “Computer City was a losing operation for the company. The sale will allow us to completely focus on Radio Shack at a time when profits are at an all-time high.”
    1990- Billy Joel became the first rock artist to perform at Yankee Stadium.
    2001-- Returning to major leagues after a stint with Newark Bears of the independent Atlantic League, Jose Canseco starts as the designated hitter for the White Sox. The former All Star, who has 446 career home runs (23rd all time), didn't get any offers after being released by the Angels in the spring.
    2003-- In the 13th inning at Veterans' Stadium, pinch-hitter Todd Pratt hits a two-run giving the Phillies a walk-off 6-5 victory over the Red Sox. Boston's shortstop Nomar Garciaparra's club tying record 6-for-6 (all singles) performance could not prevent the bullpen from blowing three late leads; 2-1 in the 8th (Thome's HR ties it), 3-2 in 12th (Thome's second HR ties it).
    2006--California and the rest of the West Coast got hit by a big heat wave. For three days it has been over 100 degrees in the shade.
It was 104 degrees at Los Gatos, California, where I work. The air conditioning could not keep up and when the office hit 83 degrees at 3pm, we closed up and all went home for a cool one.

NBA Finals Champions This Day

    1994 Houston Rockets




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- Accounting Update--Two Proposals Dropped
   by Shawn Halladay, The Alta Group
- My Visit to Facebook, Menlo Park, California
- Banks Continuing to Lend and also Improve Net income
- Costco to Compete with Community Banks
- Ten Most Expensive Cars Driven by Top Leasing Execs
- Hudson Buying His Way Back into Leasing
- Facebook and the Leasing Social Network
- Doing Business with Different Generations
- Yes, Virginia, Leasing is Regulated!
- Leasing News Complaint Bulletin Board
   Newport Financial Partners, Newport Beach, California
- Vendor Vartanian Makes Lease Fleece Plea Agreement
- Founder of Chase Industries Files Bankruptcy
- Nine Lawyers Against Evergreen Clause Abuse
- Why Leasing News is Different
- It's Evergreen Again with Marlin's Profits
- Resource America/LEAF Moving in Different Directions

- Rosanne Wilson, CLP Award +Lifetime Membership
- The State of the Leasing Industry by its Associations
- Greg Wells/Tamara McCourt, CLP---Out at Five Point
  Also Michael Losey and Jason Norton released
-  The Dave Murray Connection
-  The Changing Leasing Employment Picture
- 24th Annual ELFA National Funding Conference
  ---Reported by Bruce Kropschot, The Alta Group
Marlin Business Services, Mount Laurel, New Jersey
  Bulletin Board Complaint
- 15 Hottest Leasing Equipment Sectors
- What does Delaney’s resignation from CapitalSource mean?

Five Years for Defrauding Leasing Companies
  Sentencing of Robert Vaughan
- How to Avoid Equipment Lease Scams
- Future of Mobile Devices
Where Millionaires Live in America
- Group Leaves Capital One to start Signature Financial
- Sheldon Player Please Call 408-354-7967

- IFC Credit--Rudy Trebels
- Robert Fine of NorVergence Fame at Signature Bank
- $163,720,000 Collections to begin May 9
   in John Otto’s HL Leasing Ponzi Scheme
- What Happened to Hillcrest Bank Leasing?
- SBA Loans to Franchises
- 10th Anniversary-Two Buck Chuck Still Selling 5 Million Cases
- Charles Schwartz and Allied Health
- "Cigarettes Cheaper" Fraud Sentencing
- Mass Fax Class Action Case against Balboa Capita
- Why I became a CLP
- Puget Sound Leasing/First Sound Bank--It's a Go!
- Brican America---End of the Year 2011 Update
- Top Leasing Web Sites---Up-dated
- Copier Wars---It's more than the lease payment
    by Christopher Menkin
- The Non-Broker Trend and Growth of "Lease Portals"
- 5 years+ C & J Leasing Clarence Rice for Embezzlement"
- Results Are In---
   "Application Only" versus Financial Statements?
- A California Leasing Gypsy Arrested by Costa Mesa Police
- Survey of Evergreen Clauses
- Responses to Working with a Smaller Bank Question
- Leasing Gypsies
- Responses to Working with a Smaller Bank Question
- More Top Leasing Web Sites
- Top Ten Cities with the Highest Credit Scores
- OneSource Develops Business License Software
- Talk About Chutzpa, Fanghella has more than Trump
- License Up-Date for Leasing in United States
- Loan/Lease Statute Up-Date
- Three Class Action Suits re: Brican America
- Verifying Tax Returns
- Starting a Leasing Company-Four Parts
   by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
- Free Mobile Wine Program
- Special Report: Part I
   Could Church Kiosks, Royal Link Carts, NorVergence results been avoided?

   The use of “Equipment Finance Agreements”
- Special Report: Part II
    Bank of the West

   Equipment Lease Agreement (EFA)
- California License Web Addresses
- Settlement Costs Vs. Litigation Costs