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Monday, June 3, 2019

Today's Leasing News Headlines

Looking to Improve Your Career
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Leasing News Top Stories
   May 28 - May 30
Changes in Listings for Financial Pacific
   Small to Middle Market/Commercial
Top Eight Leasing/Finance Company Websites
   in North America
Leasing Industry Ads---Help Wanted
   Credit Analyst/Sales
All the World's Carbon Emissions in One Chart
  By Iman Ghosh,
Mutt, Mainly Labrador Retriever
   Downers Grove, Illinois
Shari Lipski, CLFP and Dale Kluga
   to Co-Chair NEFA October Funding Symposium
News Briefs---
New York reclaims the crown as the world's
    top financial center, survey says
A New Credit Bubble Gets Ready To Burst
  By Steven Pearlstein (originally in Washington Post)
Airline industry group slashes its profit forecast
   as trade war hurts the cargo business
Boeing says some of its 737 Max planes
   may have defective parts

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Leasing News Top Stories
May 28 - May 30

(Stories most opened by readers)

(1) Small Town Bank CEO Charged w/$1.6 Million Bank Fraud
          and Misapplication of Bank Funds

(2) New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
          and Related Industries

(3) Subway Restaurants Plotting to Close Franchises
         By deBanked Staff

(4)  The World's Largest Car Manufacturers - Chart
   Based on 2018 Unit Sales by Felix Richter, Statista

(5) Sales Makes it Happen by Scott Wheeler, CLFP
         Taking Control

(6) May Car Sales to Slip, Ford Set to Plunge
  Ford Motor Co.’s sales are expected to fall the most

(7) The Bond Market Is Giving Ominous Warnings
    About the Global Economy

(8) Fastest-Growing US Cities Primarily in the South and West
            United States Census Report

(9) Thank You Notes
   Career Crossroads---by Emily Fitzpatrick

(10)  Back Office Companies
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Changes in Listings for Financial Pacific
Small to Middle Market/Commercial

Financial Pacific Leasing Commercial, Federal Way, Washington listings has changed, as well as the company's regular list in Leasing News Funder "A." The employee count was up almost by 100.

Terry Jennings, CLFP, was made president, no longer the chief broker/sales contact.  

Christine Vaughn, CLFP, was named the contact as Vice President, Development. She joined Financial Pacific August, 1999 as Funding Coordinator 1, and then II; promoted Funding Supervisor, January, 2007; promoted Broker Relatons Manager, November, 2017; July, 2018, promoted Business Development Manager, AVP, and then March of this year, VP, Business Development.

In Business Since 
Leasing Association
Financial Pacific Leasing
A subsidiary of Umpqua Bank
Christine Vaughn, CLFP
$5,000 - $500,000

A -Accepts Broker Business | B -Requires Broker be Licensed
| C -Sub-Broker Program| D -"Private label Program" | E - Also "in house" salesmen

Steve Reid, CLFP, has retired, listing his occupation on LinkedIn as "Grandparent." He basically had worked for and with Paul Menzel, CEO, since September, 1989. He is a former Leasing News Advisor, joining February 5, 2004. For years, his hobby has been panning and digging for gold.

Another change, as per President Terry Jennings, CLFP, "FinPac Commercial used to be more of a self-contained unit that did all the processing from application to funding.  Now it’s just part of the larger FinPac and utilizes the whole FinPac team."

Taking Steve Reid’s place is Jill Brothers, CLFP. She started her leasing career at Financial Pacific August, 1991, then went with Orion First Financial, evidently following her former boss, Dave Schaefer, CLFP, who was president of Financial Pacific from January, 1982 - December, 2000.

In Business Since 
Leasing Association

Financial Pacific Leasing 

Jim Brothers, CLFP

$100K to $500K

A -Accepts Broker Business | B -Requires Broker be Licensed
| C -Sub-Broker Program| D -"Private label Program" | E - Also "in house" salesmen


Funder List "A"


Top Eight Leasing/Finance Company Websites
in North America

The top eight leasing/finance companies were taken from Check Page Rank (1); specifically the Alexa USA Rank.

The lower the number, the higher the company is on the list.  They were chosen from the Leasing News Funder List and over 100 were checked for ratings under 1,000 (2). If your company has less than a 1,000 rating, please email to be included in the next Leasing/Finance Company listing.

One of the purposes in the rankings is to learn how each of these companies have such high rankings. has a 186 explanation and information that leads uses to their site.  The others have techniques, as well as programs for both vendors and brokers. Their website addresses are included to learn their approach that has given them their Alexa rating.

Alexa USA Rankings
Marlin Capital Solutions
131, 433
187, 634

In news editions to come, Commercial Alternative Finance Company as well as Aggregate Funding Sources (OnLine: connects lessees, lessors, and vendors) will be listed with other Leasing News groups. (3)

In addition to the USA Alexa Rank, there are Global ratings and other internet information for those interested, plus other features.  The ratings are "free," but other offers are how the site provides the free searches.     

(2) Funder List "A"

(3) Leasing News Lists
(On Line: connects lessees, lessors, and vendors)




 Leasing Industry Help Wanted


Full Story with rankings



Mutt, Mainly Labrador Retriever
Downers Grove, Illinois

Size: Medium
Color: Black/White
No Cats
No Small Kids
Site: West Suburban Humane Society
Location: Kennel

"Hi! My name is Cannan! When you take me to the play yard, I will show you how sweet, gentle, and playful I can be. You can expect in new situations I may act timid, but don't worry, my goofy personality will come out again. I really love running around in the yard at the shelter playing tag and chasing toys you throw, although I don't usually bring them back. I'm still just a puppy so games are a favorite activity! I can also be very snuggly and love to lean on people and "melt" when I get petted. Although I am big and exuberant, I am really the gentlest guy. I take treats softly and am very aware of boundaries with people. My fun, high energy combined with gentleness would make me a great family dog!

"I am starting to learn commands, but sometimes I get distracted or get them mixed up. Sometimes I will lay down when you ask me to sit. This obedience thing can really get confusing! Good thing I like treats and pleasing you, it will make the whole experience much easier for the both of us. I will also need some training on the leash because I can get excited and pull hard (I'm a big guy), but with more consistency I am sure to get the hang of it. Taking me to an obedience class would be a great idea not only so I can learn how to be the best boy ever but also to help me bond with my new family. I am house broken, however after transitioning to my new home, I may need a refresher and have a few accidents so please be patient with me. I am not the biggest fan of cats, so I cannot live with them. I love other dogs so much! I want to play all the time. If I live with another dog they should match my energetic play style, so make sure to strap down the furniture before you let us loose in the house! Since I am a high energy boy, I will need a lot of exercise, such as running or a lot of play in a fenced in yard. If I live somewhere with a fence it needs to be really tall since I can easily clear a 6 foot fence or I should be kept on a long leash at all times so I don't escape. A zip line might be a good fit for me!"

West Suburban Humane Society
1901 West Ogden Avenue
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515
630) 960-9600

Monday   11am - 2pm and 7pm - 9pm
Tuesday   11am - 2pm and 7pm - 9pm
Wednesday     Closed all day
Thursday  11am - 2pm and 7pm - 9pm
Friday   11am - 2pm and 7pm - 9pm
Saturday    11am - 3pm
Sunday    11am - 3pm


Adopt a Pet


Shari Lipski, CLFP and Dale Kluga
to Co-Chair NEFA October Funding Symposium


Shari L. Lipski, CLFP, Principal, ECS Financial Services, and Dale Kluga, Providence Equipment Finance, a Division of Providence Bank & Trust, will co-chair the National Equipment Finance Association (NEFA) 2019 Funding Symposium, October 2, 2019 to October, 4, 2019.

JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead
3300 Lenox Rd NE
Atlanta, Georgia  30326
United States

Mike Toglia, Executive Director & CEO of NEFA, said, "Large enough to be comprehensive, small enough to be friendly and casual. The Funding Symposium is a must-do event for sharing street-level intelligence and connecting with the funding sources and other services you need to continue building your business.

"If you are interested in chairing or volunteering on the conference committee and or have educational session / speaker suggestions, please reach out to me at:

P: (847) 562-5057”


News Briefs----

New York reclaims the crown as the world's
    top financial center, survey says

A New Credit Bubble Gets Ready To Burst
  By Steven Pearlstein (originally in Washington Post)

Airline industry group slashes its profit forecast
   as trade war hurts the cargo business

Boeing says some of its 737 Max planes
   may have defective parts



You May Have Missed---

A Destination So Captivating,
  Some Visitors Choose to Live There


Makin’ Jump Shots


“traveling” someone calls—
and he laughs, stepping
to a silent beat, gliding



Sports Briefs---

Warriors 109, Toronto 104: Warriors steal Game 2 despite influx of injuries

Patriots to receive Super Bowl rings on Thursday night

Jets announce they’ve finished interview with Joe Douglas

‘He was my biggest fan’:
Steph Curry’s Toronto middle school coach watched in awe


California Nuts Briefs---

Altair CEO James Scapa drops $30 million
    on major-league Atherton estate

SF police got warrant to tap journalist’s phone months
     before controversial raid



“Gimme that Wine”

White Zin is in, again: Niccolo Coturri is giving the wine a new life

Why Californian wine will soon cost more in Beijing

For Sale: 300-Year-Old ‘Shipwreck Wine’
   Rescued From the Bottom of the Sea

Free Wine App

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page


This Day in History

     1539 - Hernando De Soto claimed Florida for Spain.
    1540 – De Soto became the first European to cross the Appalachian Mountains.
    1621 - The Dutch West India Company received a charter for New Netherlands, now known as New York.
    1770 - Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo was founded as the second California mission to the Indians.
    1781 - Jack Jouett (1754-1822) made a heroic 45-mile ride on horseback during the night of June 3-4, to warn Virginia Governor Thomas Jefferson and the legislature that the British were coming. Jouett rode from a tavern in Louisa County to Charlottesville, VA, in about 6½ hours, arriving at Jefferson's home at dawn on June 4. Lieutenant Colonel Tarleton's British forces raided Charlottesville, but Jouett's warning gave the Americans time to escape.
    1784 - Congress formally created the United States Army to replace the disbanded Continental Army. On June 14, 1775, the Second Continental Congress had created the Continental Army for purposes of common defense and this event is considered to be the birth of the United States Army.
     1800 - John Adams, the second president of the United States, becomes the first president to reside in Washington, D.C., when he takes up residence at Union Tavern in Georgetown. The city of Washington was created to replace Philadelphia as the nation's capital because of its geographical position in the center of the existing new republic. The states of Maryland and Virginia ceded land around the Potomac River to form the District of Columbia, and work began on Washington in 1791. French architect Charles L'Enfant designed the city's radical layout, full of dozens of circles, crisscross avenues, and plentiful parks.
    1808 - Birthday of Jefferson Davis (1808-89) at Todd County, KY. American statesman, US Senator, and only president of the Confederate States of America. Imprisoned May 10, 1865-May 13, 1867, but never brought to trial, deprived of rights of citizenship after the Civil War. His citizenship was restored, posthumously, October 17, 1978, when President Carter signed an Amnesty Bill. This bill, he said, “officially completes the long process of reconciliation that has reunited our people following the tragic conflict between the states. “ Davis' birthday anniversary is observed in Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina on this day, in Alabama on the first Monday in June and in Mississippi on the last Monday in May. Davis's birth anniversary is observed as Confederate Memorial Day in Tennessee.  US highway 1 is Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria, VA.
    1851 - First Baseball Uniforms: The Knickerbocker Base Ball Club of New York City donned the sport's first uniforms: straw hats, blue full-length trousers and white shirts.
    1856 - Cullen Whipple of Providence, RI obtained a patent for a screw machine to make pointed screws. Prior to this invention, screws were blunt on their threaded ends, and it was necessary to bore a hole in order to insert them.
    1856 - Gov. Johnson proclaimed San Francisco in a state of insurrection because of Committee of Vigilance activities, and ordered all persons subject to military duty to report to Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman to quell the insurrection.
    1860 - The Great Comanche Tornado began its deadly trek near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and ended its journey over Lake Michigan. 175 people lost their lives and 329 were injured. The town of Comanche, Iowa, on the Mississippi River, was destroyed. Total damage was 945,000 dollars (note - 1860 dollars).
    1861 – In the first Civil War land battle, the Union defeated the Confederacy at Philippi, WV.
    1862 - Haiti and Liberia were recognized as nations by the United States.
    1863 - Gen. Lee, with 75,000 Confederates, launched a second invasion of the North. Lee led his troops into Maryland and then Pennsylvania, to meet the Army of the Potomac again, this time around a small town called Gettysburg.
    1864 – Birthday of Ransom Olds (1864-1950) in Geneva, OH.  A pioneer of the automotive industry for whom both the Oldsmobile and REO brands were named, he claimed to have built his first steam car as early as 1894 and his first gasoline–powered car in 1896. The modern assembly line and its basic concept are credited to Olds, who used it to build the first mass-produced automobile, the Oldsmobile Curved Dashboard, beginning in 1901.
    1864 - Battle of Cold Harbor. Although Confederate General Robert E. Lee had placed his troops behind considerable breastworks, Union General Ulysses S. Grant launched an all-out attack on the Southern army. More than 7,000 Federal troops were killed within a half hour of the battle on the first attack. General Lee won his last victory over Union forces, numbering 108,000 against 59,000. 1500 Confederate troops were also killed. In an eight–minute period, more men fell in an assault on entrenched Confederate troops than in any other like period of time. After a second unsuccessful attack, Grant's orders for a third assault were all but ignored. Grant had new and ill-trained troops, and his battle plan was not carried out by his officers. Compounding this was the battlefield tradition held that the first commander who sought a truce in order to tend to the wounded was the loser. Grant refused to admit defeat by seeking such a truce and the wounded were left on the ground for three days following the battle. General Lee also refused to be the first to go after his wounded, and therefore thousands of wounded men from both sides died either from their wounds, hunger, thirst or exposure. Between May 7 and June 3, federal losses were 50,000 men, Confederate 32,000. The North could replace its losses fully, especially paying for troops, many of them immigrants from Europe, but the South could not.
(Bottom half of )
    1877 - Elizabeth Fires Lummis Ellet (1818-77) died in NYC.  She was an author and historian who used primary and direct research for her monumental three-volume “Women of the American Revolution” (1848), and the “Pioneers of the American West” (1852) as well as other books about women.
    1884 - The first national political convention of a major party, presided over by an African-American, met in the Exposition Building, Chicago, IL. John Roy Lynch, an African-American politician who has served three terms as a congressman from Mississippi, was nominated for temporary chairman of the Republican Party by Henry Cabot Lodge. The nomination was supported by Theodore Roosevelt and George William Curtis, and was carried by a vote of 424 for Lynch to 384 for Powell Clayton. The convention nominated James Gillespie Blaine for President and General John Alexander Logan for Vice President.  On November 4th, Grover Cleveland was elected President of the United Sates and Thomas A. Hendricks was elected Vice-President. The electoral vote was Cleveland, 219, James G. Blaine, Republican of Maine, 182. The popular vote was Cleveland, 4,911,017 and Blaine 4,848,224. A very interesting presidential election as it was fought mainly with attacks on the reputation of the rival candidates. The Republican candidate, James G. Blaine, on the basis of letters he had written, was accused of having profited from the Credit Moblier scandal involving the building of the Union Pacific Railroad. His opponents sang: “Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine, the continual liar from the state of Maine.” The Democratic candidate, Grover Cleveland, was accused of having fathered an illegitimate child, which in his forthright manner, he admitted. The turning point of the election was a remark made on October 9 by the Rev. Samuel D. Burchard in New York, in the presence of Blaine, that the Democrats were the party of “Rum, Romanism and Rebellion.” Blaine did not disavow the remark, and the Irish-American Roman Catholics of New York were outraged. Cleveland carried the state by 1149 votes and thereby won the election. In 1888, President Grover Cleveland did not campaign, saying it was beneath the dignity of the office of the president. Benjamin Harrison, the Republican candidate, brought the front porch campaign to its peak, and won.

    1871 – Jesse James and his gang robbed the Obocock Bank, Corydon, Iowa of $15,000.
    1880 - Alexander Graham Bell transmitted the first wireless telephone message on his newly-invented "photophone.” The photophone functioned similarly to the telephone, except the photophone used light as a means of projecting the information, while the telephone relied on electricity.
    1886 - Grover Cleveland became the first U.S. President to get married in the White House. He exchanged vows with his bride, Florence Folsom. His bride was 27 years his junior. While he ran for a second term, he did not campaign, but stayed in the White House with his young bride. He lost. But he ran again in 1892, this time, he campaigned, and he won. The only president to lose his office and then win it back again.
    1888 - "Casey at the Bat", by Ernest Lawrence Thayer, first appears in print, in the San Francisco Examiner. Thayer and the Examiner’s owner, William Randolph Hearst, were Harvard classmates.
    1889 - The first long-distance electric power transmission line in the United States was completed, running 14 miles between a generator at Willamette Falls and downtown Portland, OR.
    1902 – St. Louis Cardinals P Mike O’Neill hit the first pinch grand slam ever in the majors, against the Boston Beaneaters. He also becomes the first pitcher in the National League to hit a grand slam in the 20th century.
    1904 - Birthday of Charles Drew (1904-50) at Washington, DC.  Physician who discovered how to store blood plasma and who organized the blood bank system in the US and UK during World War II. He was killed in an automobile accident near Burlington, NC, April 1, 1950.
    1906 - Birthday of Josephine Baker (1906-75), born Freda Josephine McDonald in St. Louis, Missouri.   She moved to France because she was a black Lesbian and received better acceptance in Europe.  The very popular Parisian chanteuse known as "Le Jazz Hot" was a heroine of French resistance in World War II.  She received Legion d'Honneur and the rarer Medaille de la Resistance from French President Charles de Gaulle for her work during World War II on behalf of France. She acted as a courier when she toured North Africa and other places as she sang and performed for Allied troops. She adopted 19 children, all from different nationalities. In later life, when her money ran out and she was evicted from her home in France, Princess Grace of Monaco (formerly Grace Kelly of Philadelphia and Hollywood) gave her a villa in Monaco and financed her new act “Josephine '75” to celebrate her 50 years in Paris. She died in her sleep after 14 performances. After the war, she had returned to the U.S. to try again but faced such racial discrimination for her act at the Stork Club that she returned to France where she was an honored entertainer and admired hero.
    1910 – Paulette Goddard (1910-90) was born in Queens or Long Island.  A Ziegfeld Girl, she became a major star of Paramount in the 1940s. Her most notable films were her first major role, as Charlie Chaplin’s leading lady in “Modern Times”, and Chaplin's subsequent film “The Great Dictator”. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in “So Proudly We Hail” (1943).
    1911 - Jean Harlow (1911-37) was born Harlean Harlow Carpenter in Kansas City, MO.  She was the original blond sex-queen of Hollywood who was haunted by a chaotic private life. She died when her mother, as an abiding by Christian Scientist, refused to send her to a hospital for kidney failure. Her kidneys had been injured by a former husband who then shot himself. Her persona in the movies was a wise-cracking blond bombshell with a heart of gold.
    1911 - Birthday of trumpet player Yank Lawson (1911-95), Trenton, Mo.
    1911 - "Come Josephine in My Flying Machine" hit #1.
    1916 - Gloria Martin (1916-95) was born.  Seattle author and militant socialist-feminist who attempted to weld the two into one movement through “Radical Women” (1967). The working mother of eight, she fought for poor women, women of color, abortion rights, etc., in an unabashed manner that called for women to train and organize to get their needs taken care of.
    1916 – The National Defense Act established the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) and increased the size of the National Guard by 450,000 men.
    1916 - The first Jewish Supreme Court Justice, Louis Dembitz Brandeis of Boston, MA, was sworn in two days after receiving Senate confirmation.  He served until 1939.
    1916 – One of the Bowery Boys, Leo Gorcey (1916-69), was born in NYC.  He became famous for portraying on film the leader of the group of young hooligans known variously as the Dead End Kids, The East Side Kids, and The Bowery Boys.
    1918 – The Supreme Court, in Hammer v. Dagenhart, ruled child labor laws unconstitutional.
    1920 - John Lewis’ (1920-2001) birthday in LaGrange, IL.  Jazz pianist, composer and arranger, best known as the musical director of the Modern Jazz Quartet.
    1921 - A cloudburst near Pikes Peak, CO killed 120 people. Pueblo, CO was flooded by a twenty-five foot crest of the Arkansas River, killing 70 persons. Fourteen inches of rain was reported at Boggs Flat, where a hard surface road through nearly level country was washed out to a depth of seven feet
    1924 – Jimmy Rogers (1924-97) was born in Ruleville, MS.  A Chicago blues singer, guitarist and harmonica player, he is best known for his work as a member of Muddy Waters’' band of the 1950s. He also had solo hits on the R&B chart with "That's All Right" in 1950 and "Walking by Myself" in 1954.
    1925 – Tony Curtis (1925-2010) was born Bernard Schwartz in The Bronx.  A film actor whose career spanned six decades, he had his greatest popularity during the 1950s and early 1960s. He acted in more than 100 films in roles covering a wide range of genres, from light comedy to serious drama. In his later years, Curtis made numerous television appearances.  Among his work:  “The Sweet Smell of Success”, “The Defiant Ones”, “Some Like It Hot”, “Spartacus”, “The Boston Strangler”.  Among his children is actress Jamie Lee Curtis, born to Curtis and then-wife Janet Leigh.
    1925 – Eddie Collins became the sixth Major Leaguer to get 3,000 hits.
    1925 - Goodyear airship "Pilgrim" made its first flight, the first with an enclosed cabin.
1926 - Birthday of Allen Ginsberg (1926-97), Newark, NJ. Poet of the Beat Generation (“Howl”).    
    1927 - Birthday of tenor saxophonist Boots Randolph (1927-2007), Paducah, KY.  Best known for his 1963 saxophone hit "Yakety Sax", which became Benny Hill’s signature tune, Randolph was a major part of the "Nashville Sound" for most of his professional career.
    1929 – Chuck Barris was born in Philadelphia.  He is best known for hosting “The Gong Show” and creating “The Dating Game” and “The Newlywed Game”. He is also a songwriter, who wrote the hit "Palisades Park” for Freddy ‘Boom-Boom’ Cannon, and the author of “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, his autobiography, which became a film directed by George Clooney.
    1932 - Birthday of vocalist Dakota Staton, Pittsburgh, Pa
    1932 - Lou Gehrig became the first American League player to hit four home runs in one game, doing so in a 20-13 New York Yankees victory over the Philadelphia Athletics. Gehrig hit his homers in four straight at bats and narrowly missed a fifth. His teammate, Tony Lazzeri, hit for the cycle.
    1936 - Bestselling novelist Larry McMurtry was born in Archer City, Texas.  He is known for his 1975 novel “Terms of Endearment”, his 1985 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “Lonesome Dove”, a historical saga that follows ex-Texas Rangers as they drive their cattle from the Rio Grande to a new home in the frontier of Montana.  He also co-wrote the adapted screenplay for “Brokeback Mountain”. “Lonesome Dove” was adapted into a television miniseries and both the films of “Term of Endearment” and “Brokeback Mountain” won Academy awards.
    1937 – Negro Leaguer and Baseball Hall of Fame catcher Josh Gibson almost hit one out of Yankee Stadium, coming within 2 feet of the roof.
    1942 - Curtis Mayfield (1942-99), a driving force in black music as singer, writer, producer and record company owner, was born in Chicago. Mayfield formed the Impressions in the late 1950's with singer Jerry Butler. When their first single, "For Your Precious Love," was a huge hit in 1958, Butler left for a solo career and Mayfield joined him as a guitarist. Mayfield reformed the Impressions in 1961, and led the group during its greatest years. He wrote many of their hits, including their biggest, "It's All Right," in 1963. Mayfield left the Impressions in 1970 and formed his own record and publishing company, Curtom. He had the biggest hit of his career in 1972 with the soundtrack to the film "Superfly." It made number one on the Billboard chart. Mayfield was paralyzed in 1990 when a light standard fell on him before a concert.
    1943 - A mob of 60 from the Los Angeles Naval Reserve Armory beat up everyone perceived to be Hispanic, starting the week-long Zoot Suit Riots.
    1944 - *JOHNSON, ELDEN H., Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private, U.S. Army, 15th Infantry, 3d Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Valmontone, Italy, 3 June 1944. Entered service at: East Weymouth, Mass. Birth: Bivalve, N.J. G.O. No.: 38, 16 May 1945. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. Pvt. Johnson elected to sacrifice his life in order that his comrades might extricate themselves from an ambush. Braving the massed fire of about 60 riflemen, 3 machineguns, and 3 tanks from positions only 25 yards distant, he stood erect and signaled his patrol leader to withdraw. The whole area was brightly illuminated by enemy flares. Then, despite 20mm. machineguns, machine pistol, and rifle fire directed at him, Pvt. Johnson advanced beyond the enemy in a slow deliberate walk. Firing his automatic rifle from the hip, he succeeded in distracting the enemy and enabled his 12 comrades to escape. Advancing to within 5 yards of a machinegun, emptying his weapon, Pvt. Johnson killed its crew. Standing in full view of the enemy he reloaded and turned on the riflemen to the left, firing directly into their positions. He either killed or wounded 4 of them. A burst of machinegun fire tore into Pvt. Johnson and he dropped to his knees. Fighting to the very last, he steadied himself on his knees and sent a final burst of fire crashing into another German. With that he slumped forward dead. Pvt. Johnson had willingly given his life in order that his comrades might live. These acts on the part of Pvt. Johnson were an inspiration to the entire command and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the armed forces .
    1945 - Captured maps of German minefields are distributed to all Allied governments, in Europe, by SHAEF. These maps are from the collection of approximately 4 tons of such maps captured by US 7th Army in Bavaria.
    1945 - CHRISTIAN, HERBERT F., Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private, U.S. Army, 15th Infantry, 3d Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Valmontone, Italy, 2-3 June 1944. Entered service at: Steubenville, Ohio. Birth: Byersville, Ohio. G.O. No.: 43, 30 May 1945. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. On 2-3 June 1944, at 1 a.m., Pvt. Christian elected to sacrifice his life in order that his comrades might extricate themselves from an ambush. Braving massed fire of about 60 riflemen, 3 machineguns, and 3 tanks from positions only 30 yards distant, he stood erect and signaled to the patrol to withdraw. The whole area was brightly illuminated by enemy flares. Although his right leg was severed above the knee by cannon fire, Pvt. Christian advanced on his left knee and the bloody stump of his right thigh, firing his submachinegun. Despite excruciating pain, Pvt. Christian continued on his self-assigned mission. He succeeded in distracting the enemy and enabled his 12 comrades to escape. He killed 3 enemy soldiers almost at once. Leaving a trail of blood behind him, he made his way forward 20 yards, halted at a point within 10 yards of the enemy, and despite intense fire killed a machine-pistol man. Reloading his weapon, he fired directly into the enemy position. The enemy appeared enraged at the success of his ruse, concentrated 20-mm. machinegun, machine-pistol and rifle fire on him, yet he refused to seek cover. Maintaining his erect position, Pvt. Christian fired his weapon to the very last. Just as he emptied his submachine gun, the enemy bullets found their mark and Pvt. Christian slumped forward dead. The courage and spirit of self-sacrifice displayed by this soldier were an inspiration to his comrades and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the armed forces.
    1945 - Top Hits
“Laura” - The Woody Herman Orchestra
“Dream” - The Pied Pipers
“Sentimental Journey” - The Les Brown Orchestra (vocal: Doris Day)
“At Mail Call Today” - Gene Autry
    1946 - Supreme Court bans segregation on interstate buses.
The court rules that Negro passengers cannot be forced to sit at the back of buses. In 1947, April 9-23, Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) sponsors an interstate bus ride to test the ruling — Bayard Rustin, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Igal Roodenko, Joseph Felmet get arrested and serve 30 days on a chain gang. This is a particularly dangerous period in the US: lynchings in the south approach 1918 levels as Negro G.I.s return and talk of getting the rights they fought for.
    1946 – In Paris, the first bikini was displayed.
    1946 – The International Military Tribunal opened in Tokyo against 28 Japanese war criminals.
    1949 - The first African-American Naval Academy graduate was Ensign Wesley Anthony Brown of Washington, DC.
    1949 – “Dragnet” was first broadcast on radio station KFI, Los Angeles.
    1949 - Elvis Presley, still an 8th grader, received his final grades for the year at Humes High School, including an "A" in language but only a "C" in music.  Four years later to the day, he would graduate.
    1952 – Hoping to make a comeback, Frank Sinatra recorded the classic "Birth of the Blues" for Columbia Records. It would not be until he went to Capital Records and recorded with Nelson Riddle, among others, as Eddie Fisher was the pop idol of the day.
    1953 – Alexander Joy Cartwright was officially credited by Congress as the founder of baseball.
    1953 - Top Hits
“Song from Moulin Rouge” - The Percy Faith Orchestra
“I Believe” - Frankie Laine
“April in Portugal” - The Les Baxter Orchestra
“Take These Chains from My Heart” - Hank Williams
    1956 - Buddy Holly sees the John Wayne movie “The Searchers” and gains some song writing inspiration when Wayne utters the line "that'll be the day."
    1957 – At Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, one of Willie Mays’ greatest catches came at the expense of his rival, Roberto Clemente. Clemente hit a ball that seemed headed towards a light tower in left center more than 440 feet from home plate. Mays leapt high against the screen and made a glove-twisting catch. Most observers thought the ball had bounced off the screen.
    1959 - Billboard Magazine splits its album chart into two separate sections: Best Selling Stereophonic LPs and Best Selling Monophonic LPs.
    1959 – The first US Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
    1960 - Clarence Gideon is arrested and charged with breaking into a poolroom in Florida. The appeal of Gideon's subsequent conviction led to the establishment of one of the chief principles of American criminal justice. Due to Gideon's perseverance, every criminal suspect is entitled to representation by a lawyer. Now incorporated into what are known as our Miranda rights-"You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you can't afford one, one will be provided for you"-this information must be announced by every officer while making an arrest.  When Florida decided to retry Gideon for the poolroom burglary in 1963, he had an experienced lawyer at his trial. The attorney easily poked holes in the prosecution's flimsy case, and Gideon was acquitted. New York Times writer Anthony Lewis wrote the stirring account of how one poor man changed the entire system in his 1965 book, “Gideon's Trumpet”, which later became a movie starring Henry Fonda.
    1961 - Top Hits
“Travelin' Man” - Ricky Nelson
“Daddy's Home” - Shep & The Limelites
“Running Scared” - Roy Orbison
“Hello Walls” - Faron Young
    1965 - The first Astronaut to walk in space was Major Edward Higgins White, II, who opened the hatch of Gemini 4 at 3:42pm this day, stepped out into space at a 1230-mile altitude at 3:45pm and remained outside for 20 minutes until 4:05pm, attached to the craft by a 25-0foot tether. A hand-held 7.5 oxygen jet propulsion gun operated by pressure on a trigger gave him control over his movements. (The first human to walk in space was cosmonaut Aleksie A. Leonov, who stepped out of the Vokshad 2 spacecraft on March 18, 1965).   
    1967 - Aretha Franklin scores her first No. 1 hit with "Respect." She quickly followed it up with six more Top 10 singles, including "Chain of Fools" and "A Natural Woman." Franklin, the daughter of a Detroit minister, grew up singing gospel. She signed with Columbia Records in her early 20s. However, Columbia ignored her gospel roots and recorded her singing show tunes with large orchestras. Franklin broke through when she switched to Atlantic Records and began singing gospel-influenced blues, or soul, winning her the sobriquet, "Lady Soul." A hit on the pop charts as well as the R&B lists, she became one of the most influential singers in contemporary music.
    1968 - Poor People's Campaign March on Washington, DC, begins.
    1969 - Top Hits
“Get Back” - The Beatles
“Love (Can Make You Happy)” - Mercy
“Oh Happy Day” - The Edwin Hawkins' Singers
“Singing My Song” - Tammy Wynette
    1972 – The Eagles released “Take It Easy”.
    1977 - Top Hits
Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder
I'm Your Boogie Man - KC & The Sunshine Band
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love) - Waylon Jennings
    1978 - Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams combined their singing talents to reach the number one spot on the nation's pop music charts with "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late".
    1978 – Davey Johnson became the first major leaguer to hit two pinch grand slams in a season as the Phillies beat the Dodgers, 5 - 1.
    1980 - A slow moving supercell thunderstorm produced 7 tornadoes in and around the Grand Island, Nebraska area in less than 3 hours. There was one tornado of F4 intensity and 3 were rated F3. 5 people were killed, 193 were injured, and total damage was 300 million dollars.
    1982 – Graceland was opened to the public.
    1985 - Apple Computer announced that chairman and cofounder Steve Jobs would no longer control the manufacturing and marketing of the Macintosh computer. The thirty-year-old Jobs had led the development team that designed the machine.  He would become very successful on his own, then came back to Apple and helped turn the company around.
    1985 - A group headed by Tom Benson, Jr., was approved to purchase the NFL New Orleans Saints from John W. Mecom, Jr.
    1985 - "American Health" magazine released a survey that indicated 52 percent of doctors claimed that no one really should need to eat red meat more than once or twice a week, and 72 percent said that a vegetarian diet was a passing fad. Walking and running, plus working out was also considered a fad.
    1985 - Top Hits
“Everything She Wants” - Wham!
“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” - Tears for Fears
“Axel F” - Harold Faltermeyer
“Don't Call Him a Cowboy” - Conway Twitty
    1987 - The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inducted its first female artist, Aretha Franklin.
    1989 - Longest NL Night Game: The Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers, 5-4, in 22 innings at the Astrodome. The longest night game by time in National League history, it lasted seven hours, 22 minutes.
    1995 - The first female West Point cadet to graduate at the top of her class was 21-year old Rebecca Marier of New Orleans, LA. She topped a class of 858 men and 130 women.
    1995 – Pedro Martinez of the Montreal Expos pitched nine perfect innings against San Diego before giving up a leadoff double to Bip Roberts in the 10th inning of the Expos' 1-0 win.  Martinez became the second pitcher in history, after Harvey Haddix, to have a perfect game broken up in extra innings.
    2003 - Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is named the 11th captain in club history.  The 28-year old joins Hal Chase (1912), Roger Peckinpaugh (1914-21), Babe Ruth (1922), Everett Scott (1922), Lou Gehrig (1935-41), Thurman Munson (1976-79), Graig Nettles (1982-84), co-captains Willie Randolph and Ron Guidry (1986-89), and Don Mattingly (1991-95).  Jeter retired after the 2014 season, completing an almost certain first-ballot Hall of Fame 20-year career.  Many suggest he may become the first unanimous selection.
    2003 - Slugger Sammy Sosa is ejected from the game during the first inning after he shatters his bat and the broken remains exposes cork. The Cub outfielder will be suspended by MLB for 8 games (will be reduced to 7) his offense.
    2004 – Must be a great day for grand slams!  At Atlanta’s Turner Field, the 45-year old Julio Franco hit a grand slam to become the oldest player in Major League history to do so as the Braves beat the Phillies, 8 - 4.
    2005 – WCBS-FM in New York, one of the nation’s first all-oldies stations, changed its format to the more current genre and became known as “JACK”.
    2008 - Barack Obama clinched the Democratic presidential nomination.
    2008 – Randy Johnson moved into second place on the all-time major league strikeout leaderboard, passing Roger Clemens for second place with 4,673. The 44-year-old "Big Unit" trails only Nolan Ryan but will not catch him.
    2013 - The trial of Army private Chelsea Manning for leaking classified material to WikiLeaks begins in Ft. Meade, MD.



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