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SALES: Seeking energetic, self motivated sales pro, nationwide opportunities, equipment/ transportation leasing and financing (buses, livery, limousines, ambulances, paratransit, funeral vehicles). Direct experience helpful/ not required. We are willing to train the right person. Moderate travel /extensive phone work required. Highest commissions paid in the industry. Fax or email resume to 718-392-5427 or dcoolbaugh@advantagefunding.us

About the Company: Advantage Funding is a leading commercial and consumer vehicle and equipment financing and leasing company, Long Island City, NY.


Wednesday, June 8, 2005


Classified Ads----Senior Management
    IFC Credit Acquires Blue Dot Funding
        IFC Officers--Pictures from the Past
Settlement Costs vs. Litigation Costs---Part II
        Classified Ads--Help Wanted
Summer Vacations on Many Calendars
    Leasing News Advisors---Summer Vacations
        Capgeimini Hires Brian Johnson as Mgr.
Resource America Sets June 24 Sell Shares
    Private Jet Ownership Taking Off
        Harris/Kelley Blue Book AutoVIBES
News Briefs---
    "Gimme that Wine"
        This Day in American History
            Baseball Poem-- Nicole Tardiff

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Classified Ads----Senior Management

Baltimore, MD
25 year veteran of commercial and equipment leasing seeking a senior management position with leasing or asset based financing company in the southeast (Florida preferred)
Email: kellogg_md@yahoo.com

Denver, CO.
Fortune 500 GM/SVP wants to team up with aggressive lender looking for Western expansion mid-market equip. finance/leasing. 20+ years experience within Rocky Mountain/Southwest and Ca markets.
Email: legal@csotn.com

Hope, NJ.
25 years in optimizing call center operations, collections, billing, and back end revenue generation. Experienced in $7 + billion dollar portfolios. Verifiable achievements.
E-mail: cmate@nac.net

Irvine, CA.
Credit executive, portfolio manager and syndication facilitator. Extensive business building experience in small and mid-ticket operations. Highly innovative. Fortune 100 audit and technology skills. Bottom-line manager. Email: lenhubbard@bigfoot.com

Jacksonville, FL.
15+yrs Collections/Customer Service Expert. InfoLease, CARMS, managed staffs excess 100 VERY successfully - will relocate WITHIN Florida for right position ~ SIMPLY THE BEST
Email: rafftink@aol.com

Lawton, OK.
Twenty years, I have been the President of Cash Financial Services. I sold my loan portfolio. Resume.
email: bobmooreok@email.com

Long Island, NY
Degree Banking/Finance. 13 years leasing exp. Now prez young leasing company where promises were not met. Interested in joining established firm with future.
Email: bob33483@yahoo.com

New York, NY, NJ, Ct Tri-State
Top Exec. middle and big ticket, top skills treasury, funding, ops,transaction detail, syndication, ready to max profit, help build quality operation. right now!
E-Mail: leasefinance@optonline.net

Orange County , CA
25+ years experience large ticket equipment finance companies and commercial banking. Operations, documentation, legal, credit, workouts, portfolio management. $2+Billion portfolio. Seeking CFO, COO or similar.
Email: finance1000@cox.net

Philadelphia, PA.
27 yrs. exp. sales, ops., credit, strategy, P&L mngmet. Most recently created & executed the biz plans for 2 highly successful Bank-owned small ticket leasing subsidiaries.
email: mccarthy2020@comcast.net

Portfolio Management Consultant;
25+years experience in Collections, Customer Satisfaction, Asset Management, Recoveries, Continuous Process Improvement, Back end Revenue Generation, Cost per Collection Analysis. $5+Billion Portfolio expertise.
Email: efgefg@rogers.com

San Francisco, CA .,
25 years experience w/global leasing company, sales,marketing,business dev., P&L responsibility, asset mgmt, brokering and re-marketing. Interested in joining an est. firm with a future.
Email: rcsteyer@yahoo.com

San Francisco, CA
description: 25+ years vendor leasing experience: sales management, business development, contract negotiation, transaction structuring, accounting, finance, credit evaluation and business process design / implementation. Stanford MBA.
E-mail: lease_manager@yahoo.com

Syracuse, N.Y.
Int. equip. leasing exec. 25 yrs global P&L sr. mngt., including corporate turnarounds, strategic planning, new biz dev., structure finance, contract neg., vendor leasing specialist.
Email: jimh356094@aol.com

Wilmington, DE.
Over 15 years experience managing Credit, Risk Management and Fraud operations for large Financial Institution. Proven Results. Anywhere between NYC and DC for right opportunity.
Email: cklous@comcast.net

( Full listing of all “job wanted” ads here:

These ads are free. If you have a colleague who is interested in up-grading their position or is looking to get back in the leasing industry, please go to:



IFC Credit Corporation Acquires Blue Dot Funding

MORTON GROVE, Illinois, - IFC Credit Corporation, Morton Grove, Illinois has acquired the assets and business operations of Blue Dot Funding LLC, an Irvine, California-based equipment lessor.

Blue Dot Funding Corporation is the fourth company acquired by IFC Credit Corporation in as many years. Earlier, the company acquired Pioneer Capital Corporation, Addison, Texas, First Portland Corporation dba FirstCorp, Portland, Oregon and Spectrum Medical Leasing, Inc., Downers Grove, Illinois.

Rudolph D. Trebels, President and CEO of IFC Credit Corporation, commented: “The acquisition of Blue Dot Funding will help us to accelerate our market growth, and contribute toward achieving our corporate goal of producing $500 million in annual lease originations by 2009.”

IFC now has representatives located in or near key U.S. cities including Dallas, Boston, Portland, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Minneapolis and Tampa.

Trebels adds, “The addition of Blue Dot is an important strategic step for us because it provides us with a stronger presence in the Southern California market, adds small-ticket market share and leverages our vendor service capabilities.”

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Blue Dot Funding LLC was formed in 1999, and provides equipment leasing services to small and mid-size businesses referred to the company by equipment suppliers through formal vendor financing programs.

The group will operate as a regional office of IFC's FirstCorp vendor services division.

“Joining IFC represented an opportunity to expand and profit from increased capabilities,” stated Marcus Davin, President and founder of Blue Dot. “In order to continue our aggressive growth, we needed to join an organization that had a strong marketing and operations platform, and had significant excess funding capacity. IFC Credit provides us with what we need to expand beyond our current level of business.”

Also commenting, IFC's FirstCorp Division President John Estok emphasized the importance of the Blue Dot acquisition for IFC's long-term expansion plans. “Our strategy of cultivating close personal relationships with equipment vendors within targeted vertical and geographic markets will be significantly strengthened by this acquisition.”

IFC expects to continue to consider new acquisition opportunities that add long-term strategic value to the company, despite the reported potential loss of over 500 NorVergence leasing contracts the company purchased before the New Jersey Telecom company filed bankruptcy.



Pictures from the Past---1996---IFC Credit Corp

Standing, left to right: Dale Volkamer, CLP, Rudolph Trebels, CLP;
Seated: Scott Kreissl, Patrick A. Witowski, Gary Trebels, CLP



Settlement Costs vs. Litigation Costs---Part II

By Christopher Menkin

Leasing News has asked over a dozen well-known leasing attorneys to comment on the prospective costs a lessee may encounter, what the "typical" costs might be in defending their position. The original idea was to help those make a business decision regarding the 85% settlement many state attorney generals have obtain for NorVergence lessees.

An analysis of the actual settlements was included in yesterday's edition:


It was followed by a diagram to show costs as estimated by attorney Paul Bent:


This was not the analysis of a class action suit or a group effort, but a specific case if you are called into court.

Contesting a matter should not be viewed in a “political manner” but in the view of “financial costs.” While it does not preclude wanting to change society, this can be done in many ways, including getting more involved in local, state, and federal elections. This is really a “dollar cost analysis”

To understand the requirements of your time, and its value, the first consideration should be on the attorney costs. From my experience in the leasing business for 34 years, being on both sides in front of a judge, plus my role as a “legal expert” for the last thirty years ( in the last three cases that I charged my time, one was four hours at $300 an hour to review the cases, and discuss positions over the telephone with the attorney who hired me; the other was settled before the trail and I had been paid $6,000 to date; the third is pending, and I have received $8,000 to date, plus the attorney has a second legal expert, academic, who's billing rate is much higher than mine. So it really depends on the cost to prepare to win. )

Paul Bent estimated $28,500 to $57,000. My estimate was from

from 64 hours to 120 hours. This does not include if there are legal experts or more than two depositions, and the matter is somewhat simple. It could be 150 hours or more.

My estimate was $19,400 to $36,000.

Multiply times the hourly cost of your attorney ( he also may use assistants which may cut time down, and/or add, as they do further research on legal matters involved.) As a rule of thumb, for $200 an hour, it is: $12,800 to $24,000; $250 an hour:

$16,000 to $30,000; $300 an hour: $19,400 to $36,000.

Senior Partners receive $450 an hour. They are usually involved in much larger cases. As a rule of thumb, attorneys have told me going to court is not worthwhile for any dollar amount under $30,000 in contention ( the exception would be when you represent yourself in small claims court. )

( 4-6) Attorney review of matter: four to six hours, does not include research

(1-2)Attorney discussion with opposing attorney: one to two hours

(2-8) possible research, reviewing matter: two to eight hours

(2-8) Attorney answering complaint: two to eight hours

(2-8) Discovery ( asking for documents, going back and forth for reasons, definitions, perhaps need to subpoena for deposition

(2-8) review of documents, discussion.

(2-16) Perhaps filing a summary of motion to dismiss from documents gathered or other rulings or other matters in the case; sometimes this also results in settlement talks.

(2-4)A deposition requires meeting with your attorney before to cover what to expect:

two to four hours, plus travel time

(4-6)Deposition: four to six hours, plus travel time

( 2 + 2 )Review of deposition, any corrections: attorney time: two hours Your time: two hours

(1-2) Discussion with attorney: one to two hours

(1-2)Discussion with attorney re: deposition of opposing party: one to two hours.

(4-6)Deposition of opposing party: four to six hours, plus travel

(1) Discussion with attorney regarding deposition

Cost of shorthand reporter

If there is a "legal expert" from the opposing party, repeat above.

If there are other "witnesses," repeat above.

If there is a second attorney representing another company named, repeat above

(2-6) appearance in court to set hearing ( plus travel, lot of waiting time to be heard, perhaps. If more than two attorneys, perhaps postponements.

(2-6) discussions with attorneys and yourself during time period

(8) Settlement hearing, usually judge requires before a trial

(24) Trial, usually two to three days, depends if a hearing by the judge or the requirement of a jury, meaning selection, etc. )

Does not include court costs, which could be $3,000 to $5,000?????

Most of the attorneys who I asked for their opinion thought I was too low, agreeing more with Paul Bent's estimate ( note: it was not shared with them. They came to a similar conclusion without seeing his diagram or estimated costs. They were only shown my estimate above.)

“This is a very thoughtful analysis, and you are right that legal costs are a major consideration. For experienced litigators in Chicago, New York and DC, the hourly rates could easily range from $350-700 per hour unless a class action approach is taken and I don't have any idea on pricing there.  This input is obviously off the record.”

( name with held )

“64 hours is not high for a full fledged defense if trial is involved.”

Wagner and Zielinski
Attorneys At Law
3454 East Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA 90804-4079
Tel: (562) 597-0450
Tel: (800) 931-0450
Fax: (562) 597-0414


“I would add that I agree with your approach.

“Thanks for your attention to this important matter. As you may know, I am very interested in the changes in our industry that may result, such as recognition that D&A's should never be signed in advance of delivery and actual inspection and increased scrutiny of vendors by lessors.”

( name with held )

“ Responding to your inquiry, I find it exceedingly difficult to "ballpark" legal fees at the inception of a defense matter inasmuch as it is largely a function of the aggressiveness and continued lack of cooperation of opposing counsel.

“ It also depends upon how reasonable and realistic the parties are going into the case - if it is a matter of "principle"; I have been associated on a case in which one of the parties spent over a quarter of a million dollars to achieve an award of $ 13,000. Also, as everyone knows, unfortunately our jurisprudence systems and codes contain a myriad of different authorized procedural maneuvers that would make the cost of litigation far more expensive with each one used: for example, you estimated time for discovery, but that could in reality be exponentially greater if it requires a motion to compel for every single method of discovery used, such as interrogatories, requests for admission, depositions, subpoenas, etc., where the opposing party/counsel does not provide you with good faith responses and you require court assistance just for that.

“ Certainly, however, you are correct that in evaluating any settlement the potential costs and fees should be factored into the decision.”

Ellen M. Stern, Esq.
Law Office of Ellen M. Stern
17630 El Mineral Road
Perris, CA 92570
951-443-4000 (Telephone)
951-433-4006 (Fax)


“Should this go to trial, $50,000 would not be unreasonable in a contested matter.”

(name with held)

“I think you are much too low as there are other circumstances that are most likely to occur that will mean more hours and thus more cost.”

(Name with Held)

“I think competent representation could be had for less time.

Of course, it depends entirely on the circumstances. But I think that
 it's possible that it could be done for less than 64 hours, though you're probably right that in most cases it would likely end up running
 that high.”

(Name With Held)

“I agree with what you state for the most part. I do think that some of the legal costs may be underestimated. Here's how I would estimate a straight forward matter involving one plaintiff and one defendant (keeping Kit's format and highlighting the changes in time):

4-6 hours: Attorney review of matter/investigation (does not include research)

1-2 hours: Attorney discussion with opposing attorney to see if mater can be resolved without having to litigate

2-8 hours: Possible research, reviewing matter to determine all defenses

2-8 hours: Answering complaint (more time may be needed if a counterclaim is appropriate or you need to add an additional party)

5-10 hours: Discovery (propounding written discovery and responding to discovery from other party)

5-10 hours: Review of documents (both ours and theirs).

5-20 hours: Filing a summary of motion to dismiss or responding to Plaintiff's motion for summary judgment and argument before the court (includes obtaining necessary affidavits) (these motions also often result in additional settlement talks).


Assuming at this point only one deposition per party:

2-4 hours per deposition: Meeting with your attorney before your deposition to cover what to expect (plus travel time as needed)

4-8 hours (plus travel time) per deposition: Deposition (Most courts allow up to 8 hours per deposition, especially of a party. This is only the time during which the deposition is taken, and does not include breaks. Some courts will allow longer depositions if the party taking the deposition can show cause why a longer deposition is needed).

2 hours: Review of deposition, any corrections. You should also consider 2 hours of your time.

1-2 hours: Discussion with attorney about deposition and strategy going forward.

1-2 hours: Discussion with attorney re: deposition of opposing party's witnesses.

4-8 hours (plus travel time): Deposition of opposing party (see discussion above re: time allowed by courts for depositions)

1 hours: Discussion with attorney regarding deposition

NOTE: This does not include the costs of the court reporter/stenographer. That costs will vary depending on the length of the deposition.

If there are other "witnesses," repeat above.

If there are other parties, repeat above for each party.

If the plaintiff hires an expert, you may need an expert to counter his/her opinion. The time for the actual depositions will be the same; however, there will be additional time to assist the expert in preparing his report, to prepare him for the deposition, to review his report and the report of the opposition's expert and, perhaps, to file motions to exclude the expert's testimony. You also must consider the expert's fees, which will vary depending on the expert and the type of opinion sought.

4-10 hours: Appearances in court (hearings, status conferences, etc. -- includes a lot of waiting time to be heard, perhaps).

5-10 hours: Attorney-client meetings and discussions.

8 hours: Settlement hearing/mediation (often required by a judge before a trial). If a formal mediation, add 2 hours to prepare mediation statement.

10-20 hours: Trial preparation

16-24 hours: Trial, usually two to three days (depends if a hearing by the judge or the requirement of a jury (including jury selection) etc. )

This would assume 1 lawyer handling the case and does not include expenses. I noted the court reporters' costs above. This also does not include copying charges, long distance, other travel time, faxing changes, etc. I would estimate in a simple matter without a huge number of documents, an additional $2000 to $3500 (again, not including court reporters' costs or legal experts' fees).

I hope this is helpful. Let me know if I can do anything further.”

Ellen H. Dover
Attorney at Law
Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
420 North 20th Street, Suite 1600
Birmingham, AL 35203
Direct: 205.250.8339
Fax: 205.488.3739
E-mail: edover@bakerdonelson.com <mailto:edover@bakerdonelson.com>

www.bakerdonelson.com <http://www.bakerdonelson.com>

These are the legal costs, and do not include your involvement: your time. If you are a salaried employee of a corporation, you should then know the hourly rate you are paid. If you own the corporation, or an a principal, and share in the corporate profits or other corporate benefits, this should also be included in the hourly rate.

For purposes of partnerships and proprietorships, divide what you draw in a year into 12 months, then divide that by 168 hours ( you may work more, or less, but that is the standard work month.)

Depositions: You need to include your time and travel, plus review of the record. More than likely you will also go to the opposing side depositions as you may be of help to your attorney in this process, plus you will learn first hand more about the case.

Court appearances: You may not need to make all the appearances, meaning hearings for requests for continuance or new dates, but certainly all matters that involve you directly, you will have to be there, including waiting time.

Attorney-Client Meetings: Some by telephone, others in person, and most likely you will drive to your attorneys office to meet there. There will be many throughout the course.

Settlement hearing: Most judges require this before actually picking a jury and starting the process.

Trial: Waiting, the actual trial, meetings afterwards.

This adds up to a minimum of 45 hours or go as high as 114 hours.

Multiply this times what your hourly worth is.

Don't forget, you or the opposition may want to appeal the ruling.

Add another 30 to 60 hours.





Classified Ads----Help Wanted

Sales / Sales Support

SALES: Seeking energetic, self motivated sales pro, nationwide opportunities, equipment/ transportation leasing and financing (buses, livery, limousines, ambulances, paratransit, funeral vehicles). Direct experience helpful/ not required. We are willing to train the right person. Moderate travel /extensive phone work required. Highest commissions paid in the industry. Fax or email resume to 718-392-5427 or dcoolbaugh@advantagefunding.us

About the Company: Advantage Funding is a leading commercial and consumer vehicle and equipment financing and leasing company, Long Island City, NY.



SFBI Recruiters

- Sales Support Specialist in NE Atlanta.
- Small Ticket Leasing Specialist with “deals   on desk” North East.
- Small Ticket Leasing Specialists A+B Paper   any equipment type nationally.

Contact: Fred St Laurent, Managing Director
Email: Fred@sfbirecruiter.com




Summer Vacations on Many Calendars

AccountingWEB.com -- Sixty-seven percent of small business owners expect to take at least a week's vacation this summer. They are among the record number of Americans that will be taking vacations this year.

“The bottom line is that business balance sheets are the strongest in decades, which means a greatly improved job market with more Americans back at work. Homeownership is more than 69 percent – its highest level in U.S. history – and given high appreciation rates, many consumers have gained an asset that gives them more buying power. These factors provide consumers with more discretionary income, which they are spending on the ‘extras' such as vacations, home products and dining out,” says Wayne Best, senior vice president of Business Analysis for Visa USA.

Business owners generating more than $200,000 in annual income and those in the north central states are most likely to treat themselves to a vacation this summer according to the OPEN from American Express 2005 Semi-Annual Monitor. The survey found that 74 percent of business owners exceeding the $200,000 mark will take at least a week's vacation compared to only 60 percent of those generating less than $200,000. Perhaps the reason fewer small business owners are taking vacations is that they are more likely to worry while they are away from the office. Among small business owners planning vacations, 37 percent will worry about missed business opportunities and 23 percent have concerns about facility security while they are gone. Small business owners are not the only ones who worry nor are missed opportunities and security the only things they worry about. Forty-two percent of business owners worry an important client will not receive an appropriate level of service; 28 percent worry about staff judgment calls and 23 percent worry about who will manage the business in their absence.

At the same time, more business owners in general will be trying to leave work behind them while on vacation. Only 51 percent plan to check in daily with their businesses, a decrease from the 2004 level of 57 percent. Only 18 percent plan to check in by phone or email, several times a day. Twenty-seven percent don't plan on checking in at all.

Still, 33 percent of business owners planning vacations this summer will combine work and pleasure. Business owners in the West are most likely to take working vacations with 44 percent saying they will combine work and pleasure compared to 25 percent of business owners from the Northeast.

“The message is clear but not especially surprising, given the level of dedication required to run a business: Taking a vacation does not necessarily mean getting away worry-free for many business owners,” says Alice Bredin, small business advisor for OPEN from American Express. “However, careful planning and preparation can make it easier for hardworking entrepreneurs to more fully enjoy their vacations and help them return to work invigorated.”



Leasing News Advisors---Summer Vacations

“Barbara and I are leaving for a 12 day safari in Tanzania.  We have long wanted to get close to the wild animals of Africa, and we decided that we should do it now while we are still physically able.  Our safari tour includes a game drive in the Serengeti and visits  to national parks and the Ngorongoro Crater.  We plan to take lots of photos and videos.  On our return, we will spend several days of R&R in Paris.

”Hope I can get internet access in Tanzania so I can keep up to date on happenings in the leasing industry through your Leasing News.”

Best regards,

Bruce Kropschot
Kropschot Financial Services
116 Estuary Drive
Vero Beach, FL 32963
(772) 234-4544


“We are definitely going on vacation this year!

“This has been my strongest year ever as a recruiter.

“When my wife and decided to invest in ourselves and go out on our own, we knew that we were on the verge of a hiring boom but really had no idea that things would be as good as they have been.

“We are going to Orlando Florida to mix medical with a vacation.

“This is the first year that Isaac (my seven-year-old) has not had a surgical procedure (or two) planned.

“We are going to Orlando to see some specialists that have helped Isaac in the past for follow up, and then plan on visiting Disney!”

Kind Regards,
Fred St Laurent
Managing Director

SFBI Recruiters

“Impacting companies one person at a time.”

Phone: 678.947.9910 ext 214
Fax: 678.623.8283
Email: Fred@sfbirecruiter.com

Website: http://www.sfbirecruiter.com/
Member of ELA
Member of NAELB
Member of the Leasing News Advisory Board



“The San Diego Business Journal is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. We do plan a trip to visit our son in Las Vegas the end of August. He and his Fiancée moved there last year. She is from Las Vegas and has just finished her first year in Law School at UNLV. Our son, Darin is working at Colonial Bank.”

Armon Mills


(Publisher, San Diego Business Journal)


“Sue and I do a lot of ‘long weekends, although we do have a ten day vacation the end of July-August planned. The June 17 weekend we go to Southern California for Sue's father, for Father's Day. He is 87. June 23 we go to Houston for Sue's oldest daughter's graduation from Medical School (OBYGN—12 years, this is a big event for all of us.) July 15 th my daughter Ashley, her husband and my three grandchildren visit us for four days from Lamoille, Nevada (they want to see Alcatraz, Giants Baseball game, Santa Cruz Boardwalk and of course, go swimming in our pool.) End of July to Chicago days as our neighbors 50 th wedding anniversary and three day celebration ( they are originally from Chicago, he worked as accountant for Playboy, then Morton's, came to California and started buying real estate) then to New York City for Sue's youngest birthday on August 4 ( see some plays, eat some great food, do the highlights), with a quick trip to Northfolk, Virginia where my son Dash is in training with a “coastal warfare” crew. Back in time for the 49er-Raider pre-season game, then they play the Bronco's the following week ( yes, I go to pre-season games as you learn a lot about the potential of the team---and the 49ers need a lot of potential.) It will be September before we know it.”

Kit Menkin, Editor

(If readers want to let us know their summer plans, we would be glad to share them with other readers.)

Your One stop solution for training and reference material for the Leasing Professional

Visit our website by clickng on the logo above

122-A Foothill Blvd., Arcadia, CA. 91006
Voice 626-305-1053 . Fax 626-305-0019 .


#### Press Release #####################


NEW YORK – – Capgemini US LLC, a part of the Capgemini Group, one of the world's largest providers of Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing services, announced today that Brian Johnson has joined Capgemini's Financial Service practice as a Manager and will serve as a subject matter specialist in the global equipment leasing and lending practice, focusing on banking, captive and diversified finance clients.

Johnson has more than 13 years of professional experience that includes eight working specifically with asset finance companies. Client work includes projects at over 80 lessors and twelve of the top 15 as ranked by the Monitor 100. He has experience with all leading systems and in every conceivable ticket size and local and global market segments.

“We are excited to deepen our ‘bench strength' in financial services industry expertise and capabilities with the addition of Brian to our asset finance practice,” said Cameron Krueger, Vice President in charge of Asset Finance for Capgemini. “Brian provides hands-on business expertise in helping define business and technology strategy and knows how to effectively deploy technology to maximize ROI. He also has great international experience that our clients want as they grow.”

Contact: Lawrence Latvala
+1 917.934.8974


#### Press Release #####################

Resource America, Inc. Sets June 24, 2005 as Record Date for Distribution of ATLS Shares to Its Stockholders

PHILADELPHIA----Resource America, Inc., (Nasdaq:REXI) announces today that it expects to distribute to its stockholders approximately 0.6 of a share of Atlas America, Inc. (Nasdaq:ATLS) common stock for each outstanding share of Resource America common stock owned on the record date of June 24, 2005. The distribution date for the shares will be June 30, 2005. Cash will be delivered in lieu of fractional share interests to Resource America shareholders entitled to receive less than one share of Atlas America common stock. The distribution is structured to be tax-free to Resource America stockholders (other than with respect to any cash received in lieu of fractional shares).

Resource America, Inc. is a specialized asset management company that uses industry specific expertise to generate and administer investment opportunities for its own account and for outside investors in the structured finance, equipment leasing, real estate, and energy sectors. For more information please visit our website at www.resourceamerica.com or contact Investor Relations at pschreiber@resourceamerica.com.

Resource America, Inc. Pamela Schreiber, 215-546-5005 Facsimile: 215-546-5388


### Press Release ######################

Private Jet Ownership Taking Off, More at 10th Annual Aircraft Transactions Conference, July 11-12, NYC

NEW YORK, -- Manufacturers of business aircraft are bullish on the corporate jet market, reflecting new and renewed interest in private transport. With general economic conditions improving, business jet purchases and fractional ownership continue to rise. A leading aircraft manufacturer predicted 8,300 business jet purchases worldwide through 2014, valued at more than $131 billion.

The industry's most seasoned advisors will convene once again at Strategic Research Institute's 10th Annual Corporate Aircraft Transactions, July 11-12, in New York City, to bring you up-to-date on current issues affecting business aviation today and introduce tools and techniques needed to advance your knowledge in the corporate jet acquisition and financing process.

Keynote presentations: -- Andrew B. Steinberg, Chief Counsel, Federal Aviation Administration -- Don Burr, President & CEO, POGO Jet Inc. -- Vern Raburn, President & CEO, Eclipse Aviation Corporation

Hear from industry leaders: Aerius Aviation Capital Partners, Inc.; Aviation Management Systems; Banc of America Leasing; Bombardier Structured Finance; Bristol Associates; The Citigroup Private Bank; Clark Ricketts Solicitors; Conklin & de Decker Associates; Crowell & Moring LLP; Daugherty, Fowler, Peregrin & Haught; DayJet Corporation; Delta AirElite Business Jets, Inc.; Federal Aviation Administration; GE Commercial Finance, Corporate Aircraft; Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss, P.C.; Leading Edge Aviation Solutions, LLC; Marquis Jet Partners; Marsh's Aviation & Aerospace Practice; McAfee & Taft; Merrill Lynch Capital; National Air Transportation Association; National Business Aviation Association; NetJets Inc.; Pogo Jet Inc.; RBS Asset Finance; Sovereign Bank; The Aircraft Group; Todd & Levi; UBS Investment Research; United States Aviation Underwriters and more.

Program sessions will cover: -- The role of government in a changing industry -- An overview of what the manufacturers are doing and where they are heading -- New business models ranging from large scale VLJ programs to partnering with commercial airlines -- Part 135 changes and the industry's reaction -- Current trends in leasing and financing -- Protecting the lessor's and lender's interest -- What to do when things go wrong * For complete conference information: Log onto:
http://www.srinstitute.com/CX542 Contact: info@srinstitute.com Phone: 800-599-4950 * Please mention keycode DPR001212 when registering. Contact: Cristin Singson Vice President Strategic Research Institute Phone: 925-825-8738
E-mail: csingson@srinstitute.com


### Press Release ######################

Harris Interactive(R), Kelley Blue Book Release Complete Set of AutoVIBES Demographic Reports

IRVINE, Calif., -- The AutoVIBES Demographic Reports, a complete set of 12 studies now available from online vehicle market research leaders Harris Interactive(R) and Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research, provide powerful insight into consumer groups' vehicle shopping attitudes, opinions and behaviors based on generation, ethnicity and lifestyle. The information in each report is drawn from interviews with more than 25,000 in-market vehicle shoppers who are within 12 months of purchasing or leasing a new vehicle, and provides detailed data and analysis regarding a variety of purchase consideration factors.

"The AutoVIBES Demographic Reports provide invaluable information for automotive marketers by showing a complete picture of the influences and issues affecting different segments of the car-buying population," said Rick Wainschel, vice president of marketing research for Kelley Blue Book. "Armed with the comprehensive knowledge contained in these reports, manufacturers will better understand the driving factors behind vehicle purchase decisions for each group, and communications teams will be able to more specifically tailor future messaging and advertising to effectively reach desired target audiences."

The complete set of AutoVIBES Demographic Reports consists of 12 separate reports under three series categories: Generation, Lifestyle and Ethnicity. The Generation series contains reports for Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Pre-Boomers. The Lifestyle series contains reports for Singles without Children, Married with Children, Married without Children, Affluent Buyers and a Gender report detailing the differences between male and female shoppers. The Ethnicity series is divided into African-American, Hispanic- American and Asian-American reports.

Each AutoVIBES Demographic Report contains detailed analysis of each group's:

* Make ownership, consideration and loyalty * Vehicle segment ownership and consideration * Key vehicle purchase decision factors * Reliance on incentives: effects on timing of purchase, likelihood to purchase in absence, dependency * Reaction to new model launches: awareness, familiarity, favorability, consideration, attribute ratings * Effects of gas prices on purchase decision * Hybrid engine attitudes * Key safety factors * Vehicle country of origin attitudes * Financial outlook for upcoming year * Auto enthusiast level * Detailed subgroup profile

AutoVIBES is a study resulting from a strategic alliance between Harris Interactive and Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research, delivering timely and insightful analysis tracking vehicle shopping trends and the "buzz" surrounding more than 30 new model launches each month. AutoVIBES combines the online automotive research expertise of Harris Interactive with targeted sampling from Kelley Blue Book's popular Web site, kbb.com.

AutoVIBES Demographic Reports are available for purchase by the individual report, as a series or as an entire set. For more information about AutoVIBES or any forthcoming series of reports this year, or to purchase reports, please contact Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research at 949-268-3074 or Harris Interactive at 877-919-4765.

About Harris Interactive(R)

Harris Interactive Inc. (www.harrisinteractive.com), the 15th largest and fastest-growing market research firm in the world, is a Rochester, NY-based global research company that blends premier strategic consulting with innovative and efficient methods of investigation, analysis and application. Known for The Harris Poll(R) and for pioneering Internet-based research methods, Harris Interactive conducts proprietary and public research to help its clients achieve clear, material and enduring results.

Harris Interactive combines its intellectual capital, databases and technology to advance market leadership through its U.S. offices and wholly owned subsidiaries, HI Europe in London (www.hieurope.com), Novatris in Paris (www.novatris.com), and through an independent global network of affiliate market research companies. EOE M/F/D/V.

To become a member of the Harris Poll Online(SM) and be invited to participate in future online surveys, www.harrispollonline.com.

About Kelley Blue Book (kbb.com)

Kelley Blue Book's kbb.com is America's most used and trusted vehicle pricing, values and information resource. The top-rated Web site provides the most up-to-date pricing and values for thousands of new and used vehicles, including the Blue Book(R) New Car Value, which reveals what people actually are paying for new cars. Since 1926, car buyers and sellers have relied upon Kelley Blue Book for authoritative and unbiased information to make well-informed automotive decisions. The company also reports vehicle prices and values via products and services, including the famous Blue Book(R) Official Guide and software products. Car buyers have rated kbb.com No. 1 in overall customer satisfaction and experience, according to a survey by Keynote Systems. Kbb.com also has been named the No. 1 automotive information site by Nielsen//NetRatings and J.D. Power and Associates seven years in a row. No other medium reaches more in-market vehicle shoppers than kbb.com; one in every four American car buyers complete their research on kbb.com.

SOURCE Kelley Blue Book


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Consumer Debt Rises, but Less Than Expected

Small banks check into going private

BellSouth Internet service speeds will be doubled

Training video prequel -- 49ers apologize anew

Earlier tape made by outgoing PR director also features lowbrow humor, stripper



“Gimme that Wine”

Small wineries will keep the industry going

Uncorking wine sales in Rhode Island (others to follow)

A Winemaker, Transplanted to South Africa

Thousands of bottles of wine, other items seized from figure in Ohio's coin investment scandal



Today's Top Event in History

    1948 - Milton Berle starred on the "Texaco Star Theatre." He soon earned the nickname "Mr. Television", and he continued to be America's top TV comedian until 1956. In 1948, only about one percent of America's homes had TV. However, by 1956, thanks in large part to Berle, the percentage was much higher. When Berle was on, theatres often closed and neighborhood taverns noted a big decrease in business.

This Day in American History

    1670- A Virginia slavery act decreed that slaves who had become Christians before their importation were not liable to lifelong servitude. This law reflected the moral concern felt in America over the enslavement of Christians.
    1697- The husband of Hannah Duston was awarded the sum of 25 pounds ( equivalent to today dollar about $10,000 ) for her heroic efforts, the first public award to a woman in America. On March 16 of the same year, in an attack on Haverhill, Massachusetts, Indians captured Hannah Duston and killed her baby, killing or capturing 39 others in addition. After being taken to an Indian camp, she escaped on April 29 after killing 10 Indians with a tomahawk and scalping them as proof of her deed .
    1786-The first ice cream to be made commercially was sold by Mr. Hall of 76 Chatham Street ( now Park Row),New York City, who advertised its sale.
    1789- James Madison proposed the Bill of Rights, which led to the first 10 amendments of the U.S. Constitution.
    1816- Mary Lucinda Bonney birthday ; educator and reformer who organized and headed a successful women's school in Philadelphia as well as the Central Indian Committee which campaigned for the U.S. to honor its Indian treaties. Under her leadership, the plan to allot land to individual Indians was developed and approved by Congress.
    1861-Tennessee seceded from the Union in a two to one vote in the state.
(lower half of: http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/today/jun08.html )
    1867- The birthday of perhaps the greatest American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, born at Richland Center, WI. In his autobiography Wright wrote: “ No house should ever be on any hill or on anything. It should be of the hill, belonging to it, so hill and house could live together each the happier for the other.” Wright died at Phoenix, AZ, April 9, 1959.
    1869- Ives W. McGaffey of Chicago, Illinois obtained a patent on a “sweeping machine,” a light hand-powered suction device for surface cleaning. Although he did not coin the word “Vacuum Cleaner,” he is credited with its invention. Melville Reuben Bissell of Grand Rapids, MI, in 1876 received a patent on a “broom action: variable pressure sweeper, responsive to different grades of floor covering. The first vacuum cleaner driven by a motor was invented by John S. Thurman of the General Compressed Air and Vacuum Machinery Company, St. Louis, MO, in 1899 for a “pneumatic carpet renovator.” Vacuum Cleaner came into the American language as a shorter name of maker, it was a “Vacuum” cleaner.
    1893-Birthday of Dorothy Deming, author of the Penny Marsh books on nursing as a career.
    1906-Pianist Frank “Sweet” Williams
    1906-Birthday of guitarist Willie Morris, Bolton, MS. Boogie-woogie piano player with a distinctive blues shouting style that was reportedly unforgettable.
    1906-Birthday of Pianist Billie Pierce, known best for performing with DeDe Pierce, born Marianna, Florida

    1916- Birthday of Canadian trumpeter and bandleader Johnny Holmes, in Montreal.
    1917-Birthday of Byron Raymond (Whizzer)White, Retired associate justice of the Supreme Court of the US, nominated by President Kennedy Apr 3, 1962. (Oath of office, Apr 16, 1962.) and former football player. Justice White was born at Fort Collins, CO.
    1925-Birthday of Barbara Pierce Bush, former First Lady, born Rye, NY.
    1936-Birthday of actor-singer James Darren, born Philadlephia, PA
    1937 -- Eight-and-one-half-foot giant Calla Lily blooms, New York Botanical Gardens.
    1939-Soprano saxophone player Sidney Bechet records “Summertime,” (Blue Note 6)
    1940-Birthday of singer Nancy Sinatra, born Jersey City, NJ, graduate of University High School in West Los Angeles. After forming an association with producer Lee Hazelwood, she made number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1966 with "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'." Nancy Sinatra also had several hit duets with Hazelwood, and one with her father, "Somethin' Stupid," in 1967.
    1940—Neptunium(Element 93, Symbol Np, Atomic weight 237) was created at the University of California at Berkeley, CA, by Edwin Mattison McMillan and Philip Hauge Abelson. Their announcement was made this day. Neptunium was the first element created that was heavier than uranium, the heaviest naturally occurring element.
    1942- Chuck Negron, lead vocalist for Three Dog Night, was born in New York City. Three Dog Night, formed in Los Angeles in 1968, became one of the most commercially successful American rock bands of the 1970's. Negron had been a session vocalist before he was recruited by group founder Danny Hutton. Three Dog Night's first album in 1969 yielded a million-seller, "One," and after that they were seldom absent from the charts. Among their other hits were "Easy to Be Hard," "Joy to the World" and "An Old-Fashioned Love Song." The group also had a number of best-selling albums.
Three Dog Night's commercial magic had waned by 1975, and the group gradually broke up. The three original vocalists of Three Dog Night - Chuck Negron, Danny Hutton and Cory Wells - reunited in 1981.
    1944-Birthday of Boz Scaggs, singer, musician, songwriter (Silk Degress, Middle Man), born Dallas, TX, Following two albums with the Steve Miller Band in the late 1960's, he spent nearly a decade trying to make it as a solo act. Scaggs finally made it in 1976 with the album "Silk Degrees," which sold five-million copies. A single from the LP, "Lowdown," made it to number three on the Hot 100.
    1947-Birthday of detective writer Sara Paretskey, (Killing Orders, Burn Marks), born Ames, IA. Best known as the author of the Chicago- based detective series featuring the opera singing, liberal feminist, Victoria Warshawski who lacks house cleaning and cooking abilities, but is “hard boiled.”
    1946-Harmonica player, composer, band leader James Harman birthday, born Anniston, AL.
    1947- Birthday of Sara Paretsky - author of the Chicago- based “hard boiled” detective series featuring , V.I. Warshawski, a female.
    1948-The first commissioned officer in the Marine Corps who was African American was John Earl Rudder, a midshipman in the regularly Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps at Purdue University, Lafayette, IN, who was commissioned as a second lieutenant. He had served as an enlisted man in the Marine Corps Reserve from July 24,1943 to June 26, 1946.
    1948 - Milton Berle starred on the "Texaco Star Theatre." He soon earned the nickname "Mr. Television", and he continued to be America's top TV comedian until 1956. In 1948, only about one percent of America's homes had TV. However, by 1956, thanks in large part to Berle, the percentage was much higher. When Berle was on, theatres often closed and neighborhood taverns noted a big decrease in business.
    1950 - The Boston Red Sox defeated the St. Louis Browns, 19-4. It was a one game baseball record for scoring. Al Zarilla of the Sox scored four doubles in the game.
    1951----Top Hits
Too Young - Nat King Cole
On Top of Old Smokey - The Weavers (vocal: Terry Gilkyson)
How High the Moon - Les Paul & Mary Ford
I Want to Be with You Always - Lefty Frizzell
    1951-Birthday of rock singer Bonnie Tyler, born Gaynor Hopkins in Skewen, near Swansea, South Wales.
    1953 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that restaurants in the District of Columbia could not refuse to serve blacks.
    1953 -A 1/2 mile wide tornado struck Flint, Michigan. 115 people were killed making it the worst tornado in the state's history. This tornado, rated F5 on the Fujita scale, was the last single tornado in the U.S. to kill over 100 people.
    1957—Birthday of Scott Adams, cartoonist, creator of "Dilbert," born Windham, NY.
    1959----Top Hits
Dream Lover - Bobby Darin
Personality - Lloyd Price
Quiet Village - Martin Denny
The Battle of New Orleans - Johnny Horton
    1961 - A major league baseball record was set when four Milwaukee Braves batters hit consecutive home runs in the game's seventh inning. They were playing against the Cincinnati Reds.
    1962-Birthday of Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran who was born Nicholas James Bates.
    1966- Merle James Smith, Jr. of Baltimore, MD, part of the class of 113 cadets who were graduated this day, became the first Coast Guard Academy graduate who was African-American. The ceremony was held at Jones Field, New London, CT. His commission was presented to him by his father, a colonel in the regular army.
    1966 - A tornado ripped right through the heart of the capitol city of Topeka KS killing sixteen persons and causing 100 million dollars damage. The tornado, which struck during the evening, cut a swath of near total destruction eight miles long and four blocks wide. It was the most destructive tornado of record up until that time.
    1967----Top Hits
Respect - Aretha Franklin
Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) - Engelbert Humperdinck
Creeque Alley - The Mamas & The Papas
It's Such a Pretty World Today - Wynn Stewart
    1967-Attack on the USS Liberty. At 2 PM local time, the unescorted US intelligence ship USS Liberty, sailing in international waters off the Egyptian coast, was attacked without warning by Israeli jet planes and three Israeli torpedo boats. She was strafed and hit repeatedly by rockets, cannon, napalm and finally a torpedo. Casualties: out of a crew of 294 Americans, there were 34 dead and 171 wounded. Israel apologized, claiming mistaken identity, but surviving crew members charged deliberate attack by Israel and cover-up by US authorities.
    1968- The Rolling Stones release "Jumpin' Jack Flash."
    1968 - Don Drysdale, pitcher for LA Dodgers, lost his major league streak of scoreless innings pitched, when it was stopped at 58-2/3 by Howie Bedell, of the Philadelphia Phillies, who hit a sacrifice fly in the fifth inning. The Dodgers did beat the Phillies 5-3 that day. Until 1987, Drysdale's record stood, when it was broken by Orel Hersheiser, also of the Dodgers, at that time.
    1969-New York Yankees honored Mickey Mantle by retiring his number 7 in a ceremony preceding a double-header against the Chicago White Sox. 60,096 fans came out to salute Mantle and to watch the Yankees sweep the Sox, 3-1 and 11-2. The Yankees have retired 12 numbers in all, more than any other baseball team.
    1973 - After quarterbacking for the Baltimore colts for 16 of the NFL's most exciting season ever, Johnny Unitas signed a two-year contract to finish out his football career with the San Diego Chargers.
    1974 - Severe thunderstorms spawned at least twenty-three tornadoes in Oklahoma during the afternoon and evening hours. One of the tornadoes struck the town Drumright killing sixteen persons and injuring 150 others. A tornado struck the National Weather Service office in Oklahoma City, and two tornadoes hit the city of Tulsa. Thunderstorms in Tulsa also produced as much as ten inches of rain. Total damage from the storms was around thirty million dollars. It was the worst natural disaster of record for Tulsa.
    1975----Top Hits
Thank God I'm a Country Boy - John Denver
Sister Golden Hair - America
Bad Time - Grand Funk
Window Up Above - Mickey Gilley
    1978-- Through the voice of its president Spencer W. Kimball, the Mormon Church reversed a 148-year- long policy of spiritual discrimination against African- American leadership within the denomination. The declaration extended priesthood and temple blessings to all worthy male members of the Church The Mormon attitude about Black church members is little understood outside their church, but here is a site chronically a group trying to bring “fair” information concerning the LDS.
The Official Decision as recorded by the LDSBlacks.com
About this site:
    1982- A re-united Simon & Garfunkel leave for a nine date European tour starting at the Hippodrome d'Auteuil in Paris. It ends June 19th in London.
    1983----Top Hits
Flashdance...What a Feeling - Irene Cara
Overkill - Men At Work
Time (Clock of the Heart) - Culture Club
Lucille (You Won't Do Your Daddy's Will) - Waylon Jennings
    1986- In the longest nine inning game in American League history, the Orioles beat the Yankees 18-9 in four hours and sixteen minutes.
    1988 - Overnight thunderstorms in Iowa produced 5.20 inches of rain at Coon Rapids. Thunderstorms in the Florida Keys drenched Tavernier with 7.16 inches of rain in 24 hours. Eleven cities in the central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date.
    1989- After the Pirates take a 10-0 lead in Philadelphia by sending 16 batters to the plate in the first inning , Pirate broadcaster Jim Rooker announces if the Bucs lose the game he'll walk back to Pittsburgh. True to his word, the radio by-by-play man organizes a charity walk from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh after the season as a result of the Phillies comeback win over the Pirates, 15-11.
    1989 - Thunderstorms produced severe weather over the Central Gulf Coast Region during the day and evening. Severe thunderstorms spawned 17 tornadoes, including one which injured ten persons and caused a million dollars damage at Orange Beach, AL. Thunderstorm winds gusting to 90 mph killed three persons and injured four others at Mobile AL. Thunderstorms also deluged Walnut Hill and Avalon Beach, FL, with eight inches of rain.
    1991----Top Hits
More Than Words - Extreme
I Wanna Sex You Up - Color Me Badd
Rush, Rush - Paula Abdul
Meet in the Middle - Diamond Rio
    1998 - Former LA Laker Earvin "Magic" Johnson's new late-night talk show averaged a 3 Nielsen rating in its opening night in 40 major cities. It dropped to a 2.1 rating the next two nights, and was soon cancelled.
    1998 - The National Rifle Association elected Charlton Heston its president.
    2001- For the first time in major league history, the two Texan teams play one another in the regular season. The Astros beat their interstate rivals, the Rangers, 5-4 in the first game of the Lone Star Series played in Arlington, Texas.
    2004---Tampa Bay Holds Off the Flames for Its First Stanley Cup: Lightning 2, Flames 1

Stanley Cup Champions this Date

Tampa Bay Lightning

NBA Finals Champion This Date

1982 Los Angeles Lakers G MVP


Los Angeles Lakers

Philadelphia 76ers


Magic Johnson, L.A.

1986 Boston Celtics G MVP


Boston Celtics

Houston Rockets


Larry Bird, Bos.



Baseball Poem

When I go to a Red Sox Baseball Game.(Arts and Lifestyle)

The Boston Herald; 10/13/2003; Tardiff, Nicole

Byline: Nicole Tardiff

I can't explain

the feeling I get

when I go to

a Red Sox

baseball game.

It's like this

BANG of energy that rushes through my veins.

I'm free.

The air is filled with

the spices of

hot dogs, pizza,

Fenway freshly cut grass.

I love it.


everyone is like me,

cheering on my fave

Red Sox players.

I'm not different.


I fit in.

Nicole Tardiff, 17, is a senior at Lexington High School. This poem was originally published in "2:25 P.M.," a book of poetry and prose from Lexington High School's participation in the Student Publishing Program.

Lexington's Student Publishing Program has been selected as one of the top high school writing programs in the country by Web del Sol, the largest nonprofit publisher of periodical contemporary literature in the United States.

See http://www.225pm.org for more information about the Student Publishing Program and its free online literary magazine and writing resources


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