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Irvine, California

Underwrites larger, more complex transactions up to $250k in high volume, fast paced environment. Works within credit and across departments to resolve issues and improve the credit submission process

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

Bob Jenkins Passes Away
 Classified Ads---Senior Management
  Top Stories:  March 2 - March 6
   Opened Most by Readers of Leasing
Attention California Finance Lenders
  Filing is Only “On Line” and You Must Register First
Marlin Leasing Shutout from Suing Vendor
   in New Jersey Over Fraudulent Leases
    by Tom McCurnin, Leasing News Legal Editor
“Picture for My Resume or LinkedIn”
  Career Crossroad---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII
   Leasing Industry Ads---Help Wanted
Leasing #102 by Mr. Terry Winders
 Approaching Funding Sources
   Leasing News Advisory Board Chairman
     Robert Teichman, CLFP
Marlin Leasing 10K December 31, 2015
 What You Miss from their Press Release
   Sterling National Bank Sees Record Growth
     in Equipment Finance
  Ascentium Capital Announces $330MM Securitization
   Money Anxiety Index Lowered a Third
 Plot Hound/Cattledog/Pointer Mix
   Hudson Valley, New York  Adopt a Dog
       Classified Ads
News Briefs---
Federal Reserve Consumer Credit Report
 Bridge Bank to be acquired in $425M deal
  Tim Cook shows off the new Apple Watch,
    with a customizable home screen (YouTube)

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Bob Jenkins Passes Away

Robert R. ‘Bob’ Jenkins, a longtime Equipment Leasing/Finance industry practitioner, passed away last weekend in NYC. Bob had a stellar career that spanned over 50 years in the industry. Bob had a distinguished career in corporate finance and investment banking. He was a recognized expert in highly structured debt and equity financing, leasing and mergers & acquisitions. He has held senior executive positions with GE Capital, Westpac Banking, Dain Rauscher, and was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dain's Capital Corporation.

He was a frequent speaker on financing difficult and value-added transactions in the United States and Europe. Mr. Jenkins, a former naval officer, was a graduate of Loyola University and the University of Chicago. He headed up many organizations culminating in the launch of operations for Westpac Banking Corp. and Clayton Brown Capital.

His knowledge of the history of the industry will be sorely missed by me and many others who he mentored. I spoke with him as recently as this past January seeking his advice. Bob was still head of XTnrgy when he passed away.

He is survived by wife Mary Ellen, Son David, Daughter Tracy, and a grandchild.
Ed Shada
Vice President
Equipment Finance Group
Great Western Bank


Robert R. Jenkins, "Bob" to his family, many friends, business associates, and to all the warm acquaintances he made every day, died on February 27th at his home in Athens, the Hudson Valley of New York.

Born to Matthew Jenkins and Marion Shelby in 1938, Bob grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois with his parents and his elder brother Richard R. Jenkins who survives him. As a child, Bob worked his way up through the Boy Scout ranks with determination and joy and he went so far as to become a proud Eagle Scout. As a young man, he enlisted in the navy and attained the rank of lieutenant, eventually serving as the Boarding Officer on the U.S. destroyer off the coast of Cuba during the Bay of Pigs blockade, and spent several long days and nights with a Kalashnikov by his side waiting to see if he would be called upon to board a Russian ship.

Bob was a proud graduate of DePaul Academy High School, and Loyola University where he completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He began doctoral studies at The University of Chicago where he focused on his field of interest, 19th Century German Political Thought. Eventually he moved away from the pursuit of a life in academia and turned his considerable intellect, curiosity and people skills into a long and successful career in investment banking. Bob believed that education was essential for reasons both practical and deeply personal. He counseled his children to seek a wide education in the Liberal Arts and then to pursue focused professional training. Bob's children attended Smith College and Boston University for their undergraduate study and went on to achieve Masters of Fine Arts from Yale and New York University.

Bob is survived by Mary Ellen Jenkins, his beloved wife of 47 years, whom he adored. She was a match for him in every way, sharing and expanding his interests, humor, considerable intellect and gift of stubbornness. Their life together was a shared adventure and a true partnership. Bob is survived by his children Tracy and David Jenkins both of whom knew themselves to be deeply loved and understood by their caring father, and their respective spouses, Chester Jenkins (who took the family's surname upon his marriage) and Josie Whittlesey, both of whom were loved by Bob as though they were his children. Bob was the beloved grandfather of Ada Jenkins, age 7, who found him to be an endlessly warm, safe, silly and extremely loving companion. On many occasions, Ada referred to Grandpa Bob as her 'best friend'. Bob leaves behind his nieces and nephews Mark Jenkins, Paul Jenkins, Peter Jenkins, Laura Jenkins and Thomas Jenkins, all of whom enjoyed knowing their uncle's ever-friendly voice and wonderful counsel were only a phone call away.

There will be a memorial service for Bob Jenkins in Chicago this spring. In lieu of flowers, Bob would have wanted you to go out for a nice meal with your loved ones and raise a glass in his honor. If you felt you absolutely must send something, he would have hoped you'd make a donation to his daughter-in-law's remarkable prison outreach group, Drama Club



Classified Ads---Senior Management

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Accomplished leasing executive driven to deliver increased revenues, operating efficiencies, improved sales productivity and customer acquisition. Seeking new opportunity to utilize my strategic, ideation, communication and analytical strengths to develop, implement and execute your organization’s strategic plan.


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Top Stories:  March 2 - March 6
Opened Most by Readers of Leasing News

(1) US Business Funding, Newport Beach, California
  Bulletin Board Complaint $5,915 Deposit Made in 2013

(2) Ralph Mango Hit by Computer File "Kidnapper"
  Wants 2.69 Bitcoins, equal to $800 as Ransom

(3) Placard---Leasing is Like Riding a Bicycle

(4) Leasing scammer Jeff Maricle going to prison

(5) CIT's Dennis Kozlowski’s Path from Infamy to Obscurity

(6) Target is firing thousands of workers

(7) New Hires---Promotions in the Leasing Industry

(8) Leasing Industry Icon Edward A. Dahlka, Jr. Retires

(9) Major Bank Failure in Puerto Rico, Including Mainland
   Deposit Insurance Fund Hit of $748.9 Million

(10) Academy for Lease and Finance Professionals
   New at Certified Lease & Finance Foundation

Extra Sent Out Friday, March 6, 2015
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Attention California Finance Lenders
  Filing is Only “On Line” and You Must Register First



Attention California Finance Lenders
Filing is Only “On Line” and You Must Register First

(Sent out last Friday to all on News Edition Mailing List)

If you file an annual report with the California Department of Business Oversight (California Finance Lenders License) be aware it is only "on line" this year and you first must register to obtain an “on line” account.

It takes up to 5 days to create the account and be notified, so do this today to make the deadline.

(Please note, some licensees reported it took them only
 two to four hours to receive registration to the portal.)

Information Here

To Register, here:

The notice states:
"The deadline to submit the report is March 15, 2015, and no extensions will be granted. Licensees who have not registered through DOCQNET should do so immediately here to avoid missing the filing deadline. Licensees with questions should call (213) 576-7690"

It is suggested if you think you will be late, to call the number above.


Marlin Leasing Shutout from Suing Vendor
in New Jersey Over Fraudulent Leases
by Tom McCurnin
Leasing News Legal Editor

Equipment Lessor Without Written Vendor Agreement Sued Vendor in Lessor’s Home State, But District Court Rules That It Had No Jurisdiction Over Vendor. Case Demonstrates Necessity of Having A Written Vendor Agreement. 

Marlin Leasing v Advanced Fire and Security 1:13 cv 4113 (USDC D. N.J. 2014).

Here’s a short case which demonstrates the need for a vendor agreement, or at least a purchase order. It’s hard to believe that in this age that leasing companies shun written contracts. The facts follow.

Vendor Advanced Fire and Security is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama and is in the business of supply security equipment. 

In 2012, the Lessor received a number of lease applications from the Vendor Advanced Fire and Security, purportedly on behalf of its customers for security and fire related equipment. The actual end user lessees would ultimately sign an equipment lease, and as is customary, when the Lessor ascertained that the equipment was delivered, the Lessor would fund the lease to the Vendor. There would be 47 additional transactions between Advanced Fire and Marlin, all of which were substantially similar. The total dollar amount of leases funded was not disclosed. There was no written vendor agreement. 

About six months later, after the leases were booked, some of the lessees contacted Marlin and stated that they did not receive the equipment that they leased. Of the 48 total leases, 23 lessees did not receive their equipment. 

Marlin sued in New Jersey state court claiming damages of $780,755.  The Vendor Advanced quickly hired counsel and removed the action from state court to federal court.  Advanced then filed a motion to dismiss the suit for failure to plead and prove jurisdiction, as the Vendor Advanced and its principal were residents of Alabama and had no physical presence in New Jersey.  The Lessor argued an “effects test” that measured the conduct within the state, in this case sending lease applications to New Jersey and cheerfully cashing Marlin’s checks. 

The trial court quickly threw the case out of court because the New Jersey courts did not have jurisdiction over Advanced.  There was no evidence that Defendants “reached out” to the Lessors in New Jersey, and indeed there was a sworn declaration that the Vendor didn’t even know the Lessor was headquartered in New Jersey. Ultimately, the Lessor simply didn’t have the documentary evidence to establish jurisdiction in New Jersey. 

I was very surprised that an equipment lessor would fund well over a million dollars of leases without some sort of documentary evidence. I say a million dollars, because about half of the deals were sued on for $700,000, so I surmise that the total fundings were in excess of a million dollars. And if this was one shot deal, or a rinky-dink broker, I could excuse the plaintiff in this case, but Marlin has been around block a few times, to say the least. Can any reader really say that they would fund 48 deals totaling over a million dollars with a new relationship without properly documenting the vendor relationship?

The bottom line to this case is that equipment lessors need to underwrite their vendors, called “pre-qualification” in this industry, and for each transaction, a purchase order should be signed by the equipment lessor and vendor governing the purchase and containing an appropriate forum selection clause. For multiple transaction, the equipment lessor needs to have a vendor agreement which covers a myriad of issues such as warranties, returns, installation, funding and, of course, a forum selection clause

Marlin case Westlaw

Marlin Complaint vs. Advanced Fire

Tom McCurnin is a partner at Barton, Klugman & Oetting
in Los Angeles, California.

Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting
350 South Grand Ave.
Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Direct Phone: (213) 617-6129
Cell (213) 268-8291
Visit our web site at

Previous Tom McCurnin Articles:


“Picture for My Resume or LinkedIn”
Career Crossroad---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII

Question: Is it necessary to add a picture to my resume?

Answer: No …. Though it appears to be common practice on C.V.’s (curriculum vitae) from international Candidates, it is not necessary.

However, you can include your LinkedIn address on your resume (under your address) which most likely will include your picture. I do NOT suggest including your Facebook profile – Facebook tends to be more of a social site whereas LinkedIn is utilized for professional purposes.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile contains professional images of yourself, e.g., wearing a business suit. Don’t include pictures with you and family members, pets or characters. Simply use a professional photo (upload). If you have additional questions, please email me! 

Emily Fitzpatrick
Sr. Recruiter
Recruiters International, Inc.
Phone:  954-885-9241
Cell:  954-612-0567
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Leasing Industry Ads---Help Wanted


Irvine, California

Resolve Customer Billing Issues
Reduce Receivable Delinquency

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 Please send resume and cover letter to:

Senior Credit Analyst
Irvine, California

Underwrites larger, more complex transactions up to $250k in high volume faced paced environment. Works within credit and across departments to resolve issues and improve the credit submission process

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(Terry retired January 1, 2015.  To honor him and his many years of writing for readers of Leasing News, Leasing News is posting columns he has written that are still meaningful today. This one is from June 22, 2009.)

Approaching Funding Sources

I get a lot of calls from people looking for funding sources. The best lists come from this publication or the leasing trade associations. Sometimes I recommend developing your own by contacting a local community bank in the neighborhood of the lessee and teaching them how you can be a marketing force for them and then sell them the payment stream. However, there is a correct procedure to prepare you prior to contacting an established funding source. If you have the information they want, it will speed up the process and make you look professional.

Regardless of the type of funding source, they will want to know a lot about you. I suggest you prepare a resume on yourself to present to them containing your years in business, employment history, knowledge of leasing and discounting, (a CLFP helps nicely here), your average size deal and the different industries you are working in. They may request your financial statement and want to review your credit prior to engaging in any transactions with you. Have all this done so you can send it to them with no delay. In fact, you should contact different funding sources in advance of sending them business because their individual likes and dislikes will help guide you to the best source when you have a transaction to fund.

Regardless of the type of funding source, many have been burnt on one transaction or another and management will delay or reject anything that reminds them of that type of business. Also, you need to request a series of answers to questions about their operation to determine what they are looking to accept. Make out a list of questions and then tell the funding source the answers will help you to direct the correct type and style of business to them.

On occasion some funding groups are looking to a consistent flow of business so be sure to ask if they would take only an occasional deal.

Questions to ask beyond the most common are; 1) average size deal. if your deal is too small or too large do not expect a quick turnaround? 2) Equipment they will not fund. Most funders hate certain types of deals, 3) credit requirements... Do they need financials, tax returns, personal guarantees, or company histories? Sometimes the rate of the funding is tied to the quality of the package you present so always "over" provide this type of information. 4)The fair credit reporting act requires that a lessee have a reason for a turndown. 5) Territorial restrictions? What states will they buy deals in because many institutions are only licensed in a few States? 6) Do you accept our documentation? Some prefer to use only their own documents but may accept yours if you send them a copy for legal review. 7) Do they need collection support? If you help in troubled deals they are more apt to do business with you. 8) Will they take security deposits, advanced rent, or personal guarantees to shore up the lack of a down payment? Are they collateral lenders or balance sheet lenders? 9) Average turnaround time... Do not be persistent but knowing how long they review a deal will help you decide what to tell your lessee. Remember the time it takes is in direct contrast to the amount of "complete" information you provide. 10) Participation in "end of the lease" options... if you handle the termination can you participate in the additional income? (Don’t forget to let them know you follow the Patriot Act procedures. Editor).

I think it is a good idea to stay close to home and cultivate banks, credit unions and insurance companies, and trust funds in your own back yard. You can refer customers to them, and they can do the same for you.  In addition, you often will get to meet the customer, rather than do the selling over the telephone or internet.  You may have to teach them about leasing, so it is a good idea to prepare a pamphlet on the rules and regulations of leasing and explain how the discounting works and most of all have good documentation.

Establishing a good funding source is almost harder that finding good lessees, but it is a necessary first step in providing for your future.

Remember to take good care of your sources because they are the lifeblood of a good leasing company.

Previous #102 Columns: 


Leasing News Advisory Board Chairman
Robert Teichman, CLFP

Bob was appointed by Kit Menkin as chairman May 8, 2005, primarily to recognize him as our number one good will ambassador. Kit has known him for over forty-five years since the early 1970's when he was President of Dividend Leasing, Santa Clara, and Bob was the champion salesman, just out of Crocker Bank Leasing. Later roles were reversed when Kit sold him deals at various funding companies he represented. He also tutored him to pass the Certified Leasing Professional test, but could never get Kit to run the HP calculator correctly.

Bob joined the Leasing News Advisory Board July 7, 2000. He was actually involved in the "perception" of the newsletter before this date, making many contributions before we went “on line.”

He is the one readers call with the most complaints, or wanting the editor to print a press release or explain what was written. Perhaps he started to get the calls as at one time he wrote about all the leasing conferences for Leasing News, wrote many articles, "pal'd around" with Kit at conferences, where many learned he was a very close friend.

Many don't know Bob is quite a musician, a dancer, and choral singer.

Robert Teichman, CLFP
Teichman Financial Training
3030 Bridgeway, Suite 205
Sausalito, CA 94965
Tel: 415 331-6445
Fax: 415 331-6451

Bob Teichman, CLFP, was born in New York City. After attending the High School of Music & Art and the New York College of Music, he received his undergraduate degree from Columbia College.

“I studied music for a lot of years. I even played piano professionally while in college (local 802, American Federation of Musicians, James C. Petrillo presiding!), “he added. “I have kept up my interest in music by singing in a local chorus for the past 30 years. There are about 100 of us and we give concerts several times a year, mostly pre-20th century composers like Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven. But we do get away from the 18th and 19th centuries. At a recent concert we performed 15th and 20th century music.” He pursued his graduate studies in Geneva, Switzerland.

"In 1956, when I was a graduate student in Geneva, I met my wife Patricia," he wrote. "She was working at the UN and she and I were members of a group of expatriates- Americans, British, Russians, Swedes, mid-Easterners- who all hung around the same cafes"

"It was the late 1950's and Switzerland was affordable for students like me. The ski slopes were close and most of the rest of Europe was less than a day’s drive away.

"But sooner or later reality sets in. More than fifty years ago we married in New York and came to California; driving cross-country in a 1957 Bristol sedan my father had picked up on one of his many trips. The car had right-hand drive, so it was a real challenge maneuvering on the two-lane roads (yeah, they were paved; it was the middle of the 20th, not the 19th, century.) Still, it was an adventure when we had car trouble on a couple of occasions.

"Patty is an avid gardener and an excellent watercolorist. The two interests coincide in her botanical paintings.

"We spend our vacations at a small and very primitive cabin in the Sierra backcountry. Summers only; the roads aren't plowed in the winter. Nice country in summer, though. Pines, firs, granite outcrops, streams, meadows. Also coyotes, bears and deer. We don't bother them, they don't bother us. A bear did chew on my neighbor's cabin. Probably liked the taste of the wood stain.

"Thanks for your friendship over all these years. After having been in the leasing business for over 50 years, I really appreciate all the wonderful people I have met, and the lasting friendships I have formed. I still enjoy the business immensely. There is always something new around the corner."

Bob started in automotive leasing in 1963 in sales, then moved into equipment leasing in the late 1960's. For over 20 years he provided funding for leasing companies as an officer of both bank and non-bank lenders. Along the way, he started several successful leasing companies. His company, Teichman Financial Training, located in Sausalito, California, was founded in 1998 and provides lease education and consulting services to lessors, funders, brokers, government and international agencies, and other members of the financial community.

He is active in leasing associations, having served on the Board of Directors of the United Association of Equipment Leasing (UAEL) for four years. For three years he was the Chairman of their Education Committee with responsibility for the Certification Program and Educational Programs. He was also a member of other committees including the Standards Committee.

Bob is a frequent speaker at leasing industry events, and has written articles for UAEL's Newsline and other industry publications. He is a co-author of the Certified Lease Professional's Handbook and a co-author of the World Bank’s Global Leasing Toolkit.

He is past Chairman of the CLFP Foundation Board. He also served two terms as President, and a number of years as Chairman of the Education Committee. He is also a member of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers.


Marlin Leasing 10K December 31, 2015
What You Miss from their Press Release

"During the year ended December 31, 2014, we generated 24,228 new leases with a cost of $334.8 million, compared to 25,712 new leases with a cost of $349.5 million generated for the year ended December 31, 2013. Sales staffing levels decreased from 124 sales account executives at December 31, 2013 to 115 sales account executives at December 31, 2014. Approval rates remained stable at 66% for the years ended December 31, 2014 and December 31, 2013."
Page 37

  - Page 9

"Approximately 68% of our lease portfolio at December 31, 2014 amortizes over the lease term to a $1 residual value. For the remainder of the portfolio, we must estimate end of term residual values for the leased assets."
  - Page 32

"Fee income increased $1.5 million, or 11.2%, to $14.9 million for the
year ended December 31, 2014 from $13.4 million for the year ended
December 31, 2013. Fee income included approximately $3.1 million of net residual income for the year ended December 31, 2014 and $2.7 million for the year ended December 31, 2013. The increase in net residual income was primarily due to lower net losses on residual values disposed at end of term partially offset by lower renewal income as fewer leases reached the end of their original contract term during 2014 as compared to 2013 as a result of the lower originations during the 2009 to 2011 timeframe.

“Fee income also included approximately $9.6 million in late fee income for the year ended December 31, 2014, which increased 5.5%, compared to $9.1 million for the year ended December 31, 2013. The increase in late fee income was primarily due to the increase in average total finance receivables.

“Fee income, as a percentage of average total finance receivables,
decreased 1 basis points to 2.47% for the year ended December 31, 2014 from 2.48% for the year ended December 31, 2013. Late fees remained the largest component of fee income at 1.59% as a percentage of average total finance receivables for the year ended December 31, 2014, compared to 1.68% for the year ended December 31, 2013. As a percentage of average total finance receivables, net residual income was 0.51% for the year ended December 31, 2014, compared to 0.50% for the year ended December 31, 2013.”
 - Page 40

“Insurance income. Insurance income increased $0.8 million to $4.9 million for the year ended December 31, 2013 from $4.1 million for the year ended December 31, 2012, primarily due to higher billings from higher total finance receivables.

“Other income. Other income decreased $0.2 million to $1.7 million for the year ended December 31, 2013 from $1.9 million for the year ended December 31, 2012. Other income primarily includes various administrative transaction fees and fees received from lease syndications.”
 Page 46

“Net charge-offs were $9.0 million for the year ended December 31, 2014, compared to $7.6 million for the year ended December 31, 2013. The increase in net charge-offs was primarily due to portfolio growth, the ongoing seasoning of the portfolio as reflected in the mix of origination vintages and the mix of credit profiles. Net charge-offs as a percentage of average total finance receivables increased to 1.50% during the year ended December 31, 2014, from 1.41% for the year ended December 31, 2013. The allowance for credit losses was $8.5 million at December 31, 2014 and December 31, 2013. “
  - Page 41

Marlin Leasing 10K 2014



##### Press Release ############################

Sterling National Bank Sees Record Growth
in Equipment Finance

Montebello, NY –– The Equipment Finance division of Sterling National Bank, the principal subsidiary of Sterling Bancorp (NYSE: STL), finished the fourth quarter of 2014 with a record $310MM in new business transactions in addition to portfolio growth of 54% rising from $270MM to $412MM .

Kevin Smith
Sr. Managing Director
Sterling National Bank

“Our streamlined credit approval process and team-based service model helped us to achieve record portfolio growth in FY 2014,” said Keith Smith, Senior Managing Director, Sterling National Bank. “As the bank continues to grow, we have expanded our lending to all industries and are serving clients of all sizes nationwide, with a specialized focus on the Middle Market.

Sterling’s Equipment Finance division has seen steady growth over the past several years. Sterling offers terms from 12 months to 84 months to meet the needs of both small portfolios and larger transactions.

“As our portfolios continue to grow, we have been able to maintain an extremely low rate of delinquency,” added Smith. “Looking forward, it is our goal to continue expanding our team and executing timely and efficient services for customers who are looking to finance their equipment needs.”

About Sterling National Bank

Sterling National Bank, the principal subsidiary of Sterling Bancorp, specializes in the delivery of service and solutions to business owners, their families, and consumers within the communities we serve through teams of dedicated relationship managers. Sterling National Bank offers a complete line of commercial, business, and consumer banking products and services. For more information, visit

### Press Release ############################




### Press Release ############################

Ascentium Capital Announces $330 Million Securitization

KINGWOOD, TX,  – Ascentium Capital issued a $330 million small ticket equipment securitization of Ascentium Equipment Receivables LLC, Series 2015‐1. This represents the company’s third securitization since 2012. The underwriters on this transaction were Credit Suisse, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and JP Morgan.

Tom Depping
CEO, Ascentium

“We are pleased with our market execution and the confidence that our ABS investors place in us.  The Aaa and AAA ratings from Moody’s and DBRS on our senior class of notes help validate our successful business model,” remarked Tom Depping, Chief Executive Officer at Ascentium Capital. The ratings were based on several critical factors including the strong financial condition of the company, consistent portfolio performance for over ten years, and the company’s efficiency-based finance model.

Evan Wilkoff, Executive Vice President of Capital Markets, comments, “The market receptiveness of this transaction is a reflection of our improved credit enhancement, consistent collateral performance, and portfolio stability.  We are very proud of what we have accomplished at Ascentium and look forward to continuing our diversified funding strategy.”  

As a direct lender, Ascentium Capital specializes in providing business financing, leasing, and loans for equipment manufacturers and distributors as well as direct to businesses nationwide. The company is backed by the strength of leading private investment firms Vulcan Capital and LKCM Capital Group, LLC. Ascentium Capital has obtained the ranking as the fifth largest private-independent finance company by volume in the United States. For more information, please visit



#### Press Release #############################

Money Anxiety Index Lowered a Third

Dan Geller,

February unemployment rate, which is nearly half its peak level in October of 2009, lowered the Money Anxiety Index by a third from its high during the same time.

 SAN RAFAEL, Calif.  A solid employment growth of 295,000 jobs in February, and a three-month average of 288,000 jobs, is lowering the level of money anxiety among consumers. Both, the unemployment rate and the Money Anxiety Index peaked in October of 2009, when the unemployment rate reached 10.1 percent and the Money Anxiety Index soared to 94.4.

When the unemployment rate decreases so does the level of money anxiety because jobs provide financial confidence. February's unemployment rate is down to 5.5 percent and the Money Anxiety Index is down to 65.6 percent. The last time the unemployment rate was similar to today's was in June of 2008, when the unemployment rate stood at 5.6 percent and the Money Anxiety Index was 60.1.

The Money Anxiety Index measures consumers' level of financial worry and stress. Historically, the Money Anxiety Index fluctuated from a high of 135.3 during the recession of the early 1980s, to a low of 38.7 in the mid-1960s. The Money Anxiety Index is highly predictive. It signaled the arrival of the Great Recession over a year prior to the official declaration of the recession in December of 2007.   

##### Press Release #############################

Receivables Management LLC
John Kenny

• End of Lease Negotiations & Enforcement 
• Third-Party Commercial Collections | ph 315-866-1167

(Leasing News provides this ad as a trade for investigative
reporting provided by John Kenny)


Plot Hound/Cattledog/Pointer Mix
Hudson Valley, New York  Adopt a Dog

"Have you ever seen a more beautiful color?? Sycamore is Plot Hound/Cattledog/Pointer mix that loves to go for walks. She is very kind, loving, wants to give you little kisses and get attention. Sycamore is another Wiggle Butt!

"Her entire body wags in excitement when she greets you! She is sweet as pie with people of all ages, but would prefer to be the only animal in her new home.

"She is totally house broken and very well behaved, just not a big fan of other animals unfortunately.

"Sycamore is UTD with all vaccines, dewormed, vet checked, heart worm tested negative, microchipped, will go with flea/tick prevention for a month, and is spayed.

Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
P.O. Box 390
Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

Adopt a Pet



Accounting / Aircraft / Appraisals

Appraisals: Boston, MA
Nationwide appraisals, remarketing, audits, inspections and more! Over 15-years industry experience and dedicated to deliver personal, prompt, professional services. 
Call Chris @ 508-785-1277. 


Appraisals: National Equipment Appraisal prepares Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisals. IRS qualified, USPAP Compliant. Nationwide - fast turnaround.
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News Briefs----

Federal Reserve Consumer Credit Report

Bridge Bank to be acquired in $425M deal

Tim Cook shows off the new Apple Watch,
with a customizable home screen (YouTube)



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SparkPeople--Live Healthier and Longer

The Portion Distortion Guide
A List of Serving Sizes


Winter Poem

Snow Day

by Barry S. Marks, Esq.


Leah and Lauren
are building a house
out of cushions
from the love seat and sofa.

They bring treasures
to fill the room
a Lambchop pillow
a jewelry box
dolls that have name
and a few that do not.

I say that it's further argument
against replacing the berber with hardwood,
at least before next year;
you are willing to compromise
on French doors and a canopy.

And still the snow falls,
now down, now side-ways,
enveloping the house, changing
the landscape, remaking the world.

We will cook soup today,
hearty with beef and cabbage
and crowd around the fireplace
instead of the t.v.

"This is my idea", Leah announces.
"Yes", answers Lauren, "It's my idea, too."



Sports Briefs----

Home in Boston, Pablo Sandoval Says Leaving San Francisco
  'Not Hard at All'

Patrick Willis Retirement Proves San Francisco 49ers Are Falling Apart

 Justin Smith will reportedly retire

Goodbye, Gore? 49ers all-time leading rusher reportedly heading to Philly 

Jim Harbaugh becomes Oakland A's coach for day in Arizona



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1 in 5 Chinese Wines Close to European Standard

The Weird World of Wine Law

Oregon's wine industry emerges as an outsized ag force

Wine Crate: San Francisco Vintners Market, Livermore Barrel Tasting


“Gimme that Wine”

1 in 5 Chinese Wines Close to European Standard

The Weird World of Wine Law

Oregon's wine industry emerges as an outsized ag force

Wine Crate: San Francisco Vintners Market, Livermore Barrel Tasting

Free Mobile Wine Program

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page


This Day in American History

      1496 - Christopher Columbus concluded his second visit to the Western Hemisphere as he left Hispaniola for Spain.
    1656 - In the colony of Virginia, suffrage was extended to all free men regardless of their religion.
    1681 - English Quaker William Penn received a charter from Charles II, making him sole proprietor of colonial American territory of Pennsylvania.
    1769 - Philadelphia merchants finally agree among themselves to support an inter-colonial no importation movement. Effective 1 April, they ban the import of nearly all British trade goods until the Townshend Acts are repealed.
    1775 - The Transylvania Company sends Daniel Boone and 30 woodchoppers to cut the Wilderness Road from Fort Wautauga to the mouth of the Kentucky River.
    1776 - "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine was published.
    1776 - Charleston, SC set up an independent government under a temporary local constitution that was to be in effect until an agreement with England could be reached. John Rutledge was chosen president. This government, said to be the first independent government within the recognized borders of the colonies, successfully defended Charleston against the British army and fleet on June 28, 1776, thus freeing the South from attack for nearly three years. Culture was also flourishing here and New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, but most of all in Charleston. In the mid-eighteenth century, musical concerts were flourishing in the colonial centers, and musical societies, music dealers, and instrument makers all benefited.  The first music society in America was founded in Charleston, the St. Cecilia Society, in 1762. In Europe, Charleston was considered the chief cultural center of the colonies, and many artists, actors and musicians chose to settle there when they immigrated to America. Other cities could boast of cultural achievements as well. In Boston, a group of gentlemen sponsored a concert in Faneuil Hall as early as 1744, and in 1754, the first concern hall in Boston was opened by Gilbert Dubois. Philadelphia boasted four organ makers who produced spinets and virginals as well as organs.  “In 1762, the women of Charleston founded the St. Cecilia Society as a musical organization; however, by the 1840's, the society had become more of a cotillion club than an organization to provide quality music to the socially refined. The society held their largest ball annually during February (just before lent) in Hibernian Hall on Meeting Street. A contemporary remarked, "The membership remains exclusive and its affairs somewhat secret." Even today, the club remains secretive and its historical records and membership lists remain off-limits to non-members.” 
    1783 - USS Alliance under Captain Barry won the last naval battle of the Revolutionary War off Cape Canaveral
    1785 - Thomas Jefferson was appointed minister to France, succeeding Benjamin Franklin.
    1791 - John Stone, Concord, MA, received a patent for a pile driver
    1804 – In St. Louis, a formal ceremony transferred ownership of the Louisiana Territory to the United States from France.
    1848 – The Mexican-American War ended with the ratification by the Senate of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
    1849 - Besides being an attorney, Abraham Lincoln was an inventor, as on this day he received a patent for a device for “buoying vessels over shoals” by means of inflated cylinders.
    1854 - Hallie Quinn Brown, women's right activist, was born Pittsburgh, PA.
    1862 - The first paper money was issued in the US. The denominations were $5 (Hamilton), $10 (Lincoln) and $20 (Liberty). 
    1864 - Gen. Ulysses S. Grant was made general-in-chief by Pres. Lincoln, replacing Gen. Henry W. Halleck.
    1865 - Battle of Monroe's Crossroads, North Carolina, one of the largest Calvary battles of the war between two flamboyant generals's_crossroads.htm
    1867 - Lillian D. Wald, American sociologist, founder of the Henry Street Settlement at New York City, was born at Cincinnati, OH. It was the first nonsectarian public health nursing service. Died at Westport, CT, Sept. 1, 1940.
    1874 – Purdue University admitted its first student.
    1876 - Alexander Graham Bell transmitted the first telephone message to his assistant in the next room: “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you,” at Cambridge, Massachusetts. Born at Edinburgh, Scotland, Bell acquired his interest in the transmission of sound from his father, Melville Bell, a teacher of the deaf. Bell’s use of visual devices to teach articulation to the deaf contributed to the theory from which he derived the principle of the vibrating membrane used in the telephone. Bell’s other accomplishments include a refinement of Edison’s phonograph, the first successful phonograph record and the audiometer.
    1880 - Salvation Army Commissioner George Scott Railton and seven women officers landed at New York to officially begin the work of the Salvation Army in the United States.
    1891 – Almon Strowger, an undertaker in Topeka, KS, patented the Strowger switch, a device which led to the automation of telephone circuit switching.
    1893 - New Mexico State University canceled its first graduation ceremony.  The only graduate, Sam Steele, was robbed and killed the night before. 
    1896 - After Bob Fitzsimmons KO’d much larger Jim Corbett to win the world heavyweight championship, he says, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall".
    1902 - A United States court of appeals ruled that Edison did not invent the movie camera.
    1903 - Playwright and politician Clare Booth Luce was born at New York City. Luce wrote for and edited Vogue and Vanity Fair and wrote plays, three of which were later adapted into motion pictures, “The Women” (1936), “Kiss the Boys Goodbye” (1938) and “Margin of Error” (1939). She served in the US House of Representatives (1943-47) and Ambassador to Italy (1953-56), the first woman to be appointed ambassador to a major country. Luce died Oct 9, 1987 at Washington, DC.
    1903 – Birthday of legendary trumpet player Bix Beiderbecke, born Leon Bismarck Beiderbecke in Davenport, Iowa.
    1912 - The barometric pressure reached 29.26 inches at Los Angeles, CA, and 29.46 inches at San Diego, CA, setting all-time records for those two locations.
    1918 – Sportswriter Heywood Hale Broun was born in NYC.  Broun was noted for his eloquent speaking manner, his trademark handlebar moustache, and the colorful and garish sport coats which he wore while reporting.  Broun died in 2001.
    1924 - Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians made their first recordings at a session in Richmond, Indiana. Two songs were released on the Gennett label.
    1922 - Dodge City, KS, reported a record 24 hour total of 17.5 inches of snow.
    1924 - Tenor sax/Trumpet player Bunny Williams was born in Magnolia, MS
    1922 - Dodge City, Kansas was buried under 17.5 inches of snow in 24 hours, the city's biggest 24 hour snowfall on record
    1933 - Major earthquake in Long Beach, CA killed 115 people and caused an estimated $40 million in damage.
    1933 – Nevada became the first state to regulate narcotics.
    1935 - On Victor Records, Nelson Eddy recorded "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life". The song was from the film, "Naughty Marietta". Later, Eddy recorded the song with Jeanette MacDonald. 
    1937 - An audience of 21,000 jitterbuggers crowded the Paramount Theatre in New York City to see the ‘King of Swing’, Benny Goodman.
    1937 - Canadian country singer Tommy Hunter was born in London, Ontario. Hunter joined CBC TV's "Country Hoedown" in 1956 as rhythm guitarist with King Ganam's Sons of the West. "The Tommy Hunter Show" succeeded "Country Hoedown" on the CBC network in 1965. It became one of the most popular TV variety programs in the country, and received international exposure via The Nashville Network pay TV channel in the US. When the CBC cancelled "The Tommy Hunter Show" in 1992, it was the longest-running music show on any North American network.
    1938 – “Jezebel”, directed by William Wyler, opened in United States theaters. The film starred Bette Davis, Henry Fonda, George Brent, and Fay Bainter. Davis won her second Oscar as a ruthless Southern belle who goes too far to make fiancé Fonda jealous. Bainter received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar, and the film was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. Bette Davis starred in a series of acclaimed films that won her Best Actress nominations for five consecutive years: “Jezebel” (1938), “Dark Victory” (1939), “The Letter” (1940), “The Little Foxes” (1941), and “Now, Voyager” (1942). In 1950, she won the New York Film Critics' Best Actress Award for her stunning performance as actress Margo Channing in “All About Eve”. Her career tapered off in the late 1950s but revived in 1962 with her leading role in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” She spent most of the 1970s doing television work until cancer forced her to slow down. In 1977, she became the first woman to receive the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award, and her filmography includes more than 80 works. She wrote two autobiographies, “The Lonely Life” in 1962 and “This 'N' That” in 1987, and has been the subject of many biographies.  On top of all this, she became a song title in 1981.  "Bette Davis Eyes" was written by Donna Weiss and Jackie DeShannon, and was made popular by Kim Carnes. It spent nine weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was Billboard’s biggest hit of the entire year for 1981. The recording won the 1982 Grammy Awards for both Record of the Year and Song of the Year.  She died of cancer in 1989.
    1938 - The day: the 10th of the month. The movies being celebrated were for the year 1937, whose numbers add up to 10 (1+9, 3+7); and it was the 10th Annual Academy Awards. We wonder if these winners were superstitious or had some reason to think that the number 10 was lucky. Two awards were won by "The Life of Emile Zola", a Warner Bros. movie, produced by Henry Blanke, Best Picture honors and Best Actor in a Supporting Role to Joseph Schildkraut. Other lucky recipients of the coveted prize awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at Los Angeles’ Biltmore Hotel were Leo McCarey as Best Director for "The Awful Truth"; Spencer Tracy for his Best Actor role (Manuel) in "Captains Courageous"; Luise Rainer for her Best Actress role (O-Lan) in "The Good Earth"; Alice Brady as the Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Molly O’Leary "In Old Chicago") and Harry Owens for his Best Music/Song, "Sweet Leilani" from "Waikiki Wedding".
    1939 – “The Little Princess”, starring Shirley Temple and based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel, opened in United States theaters.
    1940 - Dean Torrance of the surfing music duo of Jan and Dean was born in Los Angeles. He went to the same high school I did, University High School in Los Angeles. He really was a “surfer.” In 1959, Dean and Jan Berry had their first top-ten hit, "Baby Talk," which was arranged by the then-unknown Herb Alpert. Their biggest success came in 1963 with the number-one song "Surf City," written by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. In 1966, Jan Berry suffered brain damage when his car rammed into a parked truck in Los Angeles. That ended Jan and Dean's career, although they have performed together occasionally since Berry's recovery in 1973. Dean Torrance turned to designing album covers as head of Kitty Hawk Graphics in Hollywood.
    1940 – Actor Chuck Norris was born Carlos Ray Norris in Ryan, OK.
    1941 - The Brooklyn Dodgers announced their players would wear batting helmets for the 1941 season. General Manager Larry McPhail correctly predicted all baseball players would wear the new devices soon 
    1941 - Birthday of American composer Gary Edwards, Spokane, WA.
to see and hear samples and order his finished musical works and books.
    1944 - Vibraphone player David Friedman born New York City
    1945 - ATKINS, THOMAS E., Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private First Class, U.S. Army, Company A, 127th Infantry, 32d Infantry Division. Place and date: Villa Verde Trail, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 10 March 1945. Entered service at: Campobello, S.C. Birth: Campobello, S.C. G.O. No.: 95, 30 October 1945. Citation: He fought gallantly on the Villa Verde Trail, Luzon, Philippine Islands. With 2 companions he occupied a position on a ridge outside the perimeter defense established by the 1st Platoon on a high hill. At about 3 a.m., 2 companies of Japanese attacked with rifle and machinegun fire, grenades, TNT charges, and land mines, severely wounding Pfc. Atkins and killing his 2 companions. Despite the intense hostile fire and pain from his deep wound, he held his ground and returned heavy fire. After the attack was repulsed, he remained in his precarious position to repel any subsequent assaults instead of returning to the American lines for medical treatment. An enemy machinegun, set up within 20 yards of his foxhole, vainly attempted to drive him off or silence his gun. The Japanese repeatedly made fierce attacks, but for 4 hours, Pfc. Atkins determinedly remained in his fox hole, bearing the brunt of each assault and maintaining steady and accurate fire until each charge was repulsed. At 7 a.m., 13 enemy dead lay in front of his position; he had fired 400 rounds, all he and his 2 dead companions possessed, and had used 3 rifles until each had jammed too badly for further operation. He withdrew during a lull to secure a rifle and more ammunition, and was persuaded to remain for medical treatment. While waiting, he saw a Japanese within the perimeter and, seizing a nearby rifle, killed him. A few minutes later, while lying on a litter, he discovered an enemy group moving up behind the platoon's lines. Despite his severe wound, he sat up, delivered heavy rifle fire against the group and forced them to withdraw. Pfc. Atkins' superb bravery and his fearless determination to hold his post against the main force of repeated enemy attacks, even though painfully wounded, were major factors in enabling his comrades to maintain their lines against a numerically superior enemy force.
    1945 - 300 United States B-29 bombers devastated Japan's capital in what became known as the Great Tokyo Air Raid in World War II. The firestorm they created killed 100,000 people.
    1946 – The late NC State basketball coach, Jim Valvano, was born in Queens.  His Wildcats upset the Phi Slamma Jamma University of Houston for the 1983 NCAA championship.  Later, as he was dying of cancer, he was featured in the 1993 ESPY Awards for his stirring speech that included the plea. “Never give up, don’t ever give up”, a short 8 weeks prior to his death.
    1948 - Zelda Fitzgerald and eight other women were killed in a sanitarium fire in Asheville, North Carolina. Trapped on the third story, she died at age 48. Both she and her husband were alcoholics, which affected her earlier than it did F. Scott. (Here is corroboration of the date, but go back to the beginning and read the chronological series of her life to better understand their “condition.” Simply put: Once you become a pickle, you can’t go back to being a cucumber.
More information of Zelda Fitzgerald:
    1949 - Top Hits
“Far Away Places” - Margaret Whiting
“Powder Your Face with Sunshine” - Evelyn Knight
“Galway Bay” - Bing Crosby
“Don’t Rob Another Man’s Castle” - Eddy Arnold
    1951 - Mario Lanza's "Be My Love" hits #1
    1951 – FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover declined an offer to become Commissioner of Major League baseball.
    1952 – Fulgencio Batista led a successful coup in Cuba and appointed himself as the "provisional president".  History would repeat itself later in the decade when Batista was overthrown by Fidel Castro.
    1955 - Trumpeting their new signing, RCA Victor places a half-page ad in Billboard announcing Elvis Presley as the "new singing rage."
    1956 - Louisa May Alcott's popular novel, “Little Women”, was again adapted for the screen, and opened in movie theaters on this date. This version starred June Allyson, Peter Lawford, Margaret O'Brien, Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Leigh, Rossano Brazzi, and Mary Astor. The film won an Oscar for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color (1949). 
    1956 – Bobby Darin singing "Rock Island Line" on CBS-TV's Dorsey Brothers Stage Show”, made his first television appearance.
    1957 - Top Hits
“Young Love” - Tab Hunter
“Young Love” - Sonny James
“Round and Round” - Perry Como
“There You Go” - Johnny Cash
    1957 – Osama bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia and was killed May 2, 2011 in Pakistan.
    1958 – Actress Sharon Stone was born in Meadville, PA.
    1959 - Tennessee William's play, "Sweet Bird of Youth", opened at the Martin Beck Theatre in New York City, starring Geraldine Page, Paul Newman, Rip Torn and Diana Hyland. Critics called Page “fabulous” and said Newman was “the perfect companion piece.” 
    1959 - Elvis Presley's "I Need Your Love Tonight" backed with "A Fool Such as I" is released on RCA Records. The following day, based on advanced orders for the disco totaling nearly one million, RCA ships a gold record for the platter to Elvis, who is stationed in Germany.
    1960 - A heavy snowstorm left 10 inches in Georgia, 22 inches in Tennessee, 24 inches in Kentucky and 15 inches in Virginia. Many buildings collapsed from the weight of the snow.
    1961 – Sportscaster Pam Oliver was born in Dallas.
    1961 - Twenty-two year old songwriter Jeff Barry whose "Tell Laura I Love Her" was a Top Ten hit for Ray Peterson, signs an exclusive writing and recording deal with Trinity Music. In 1962, he hooks up with Phil Spector and Shadow Moaton, and with his new wife, Ellie Greenwich, they start cranking out the hits. They include "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Then He Kissed Me" (Crystals), "Be My Baby" (Ronettes), "Chapel of Love" (Dixie Cups), "Do Wah Diddy" (Manfred Mann), "Leader of the Pack" (Shangri-Las) "River Deep, Mountain High" (Ike and Tina Turner), "Hanky Panky" (Tommy James) and "Cherry Cherry" (Neil Diamond).
    1961 – 49ers guard and center Jesse Sapolu was born in Samoa.  With Randy Cross, he was the anchor of the great offensive line that won four Super Bowls in the 1980s.
    1962 - Bruce Channel's "Hey Baby" sat at the top of the Pop chart.
    1962 - Due to the policy of not housing black players at the Jack Tar Harrison Hotel, the Philadelphia Phillies move to Rocky Point Motel, 20 miles outside Clearwater, Florida, their spring training site.  The irony here is that the Phillies were among the vilest, if not the most, in their treatment of Jackie Robinson during his rookie year in 1947.
    1963 – Wilt Chamberlain, of the San Francisco Warriors scored 70 points vs Syracuse Nationals.  The Nationals would move to Philadelphia after the Warriors moved to SF, to become the 76ers.
    1963 - Three days after an emotional public service, Patsy Cline was buried quietly at Shenandoah Memorial Park in Winchester, VA.  Her home in Winchester is now a museum
    1964 – Simon and Garfunkel recorded “The Sounds of Silence”.
    1965 - Top Hits
“My Girl” - The Temptations
“The Jolly Green Giant”- The Kingsmen
“Eight Days a Week” - The Beatles
“I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail” - Buck Owens
    1965 - Walter Matthau and Art Carney opened in one of Neil Simon’s greatest theatrical triumphs, "The Odd Couple"; which would also become a television hit starring Tony Randall as the tidy Felix Ungar and Jack Klugman as slovenly sportswriter, Oscar Madison.  It has been reprised on CBS with Matthew Perry as Oscar and Danny Jacobson as Felix, debuting on Feb 19, 2015.
    1965 - Heather Farr, golfer, was born at Phoenix, AZ. Farr was an outstanding amateur golfer and a promising member of the LPGA tour when she was stricken with breast cancer in 1988. Radical treatment allowed her to fight the disease with great courage for five years without losing her spirit or sense of humor. In Farr’s honor, the LGPA annually present the Heather Farr Player Award to the golfer, “who, through her hard work, dedication, and love of the game of golf, has demonstrated determination, perseverance and spirit in fulfilling her goals as a player.” Died November 20, 1993.
    1966 - FISHER, BERNARD FRANCIS, Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Major, U.S. Air Force, 1st Air Commandos. Place and date: Bien Hoa and Pleiku, Vietnam, 10 March 1966. Entered service at: Kuna, Idaho. Born: 11 January 1927, San Bernardino, Calif. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. On that date, the Special Forces camp at A Shau was under attack by 2,000 North Vietnamese Army regulars. Hostile troops had positioned themselves between the airstrip and the camp. Other hostile troops had surrounded the camp and were continuously raking it with automatic weapons fire from the surrounding hills. The tops of the 1,500-foot hills were obscured by an 800 foot ceiling, limiting aircraft maneuverability and forcing pilots to operate within range of hostile gun positions, which often were able to fire down on the attacking aircraft. During the battle, Maj. Fisher observed a fellow airman crash land on the battle-torn airstrip. In the belief that the downed pilot was seriously injured and in imminent danger of capture, Maj. Fisher announced his intention to land on the airstrip to effect a rescue. Although aware of the extreme danger and likely failure of such an attempt, he elected to continue. Directing his own air cover, he landed his aircraft and taxied almost the full length of the runway, which was littered with battle debris and parts of an exploded aircraft. While effecting a successful rescue of the downed pilot, heavy ground fire was observed, with 19 bullets striking his aircraft. In the face of the withering ground fire, he applied power and gained enough speed to lift-off at the overrun of the airstrip. Maj. Fisher's profound concern for his fellow airman, and at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty are in the highest traditions of the U.S. Air Force and reflect great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of his country.
    1966 - Military Prime Minister of South Vietnam Nguyen Cao Ky sacked rival General Nguyen Chanh Thi, precipitating large-scale civil and military dissension in parts of the nation.
    1967 - DETHLEFSEN, MERLYN HANS,  Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Major (then Capt.), U.S. Air Force. Place and date: In the air over North Vietnam, 10 March 1967. Entered service at: Royal, Iowa. Born: 29 June 1934, Greenville, Iowa. Citation: Maj. Dethlefsen was 1 of a flight of F-105 aircraft engaged in a fire suppression mission designed to destroy a key antiaircraft defensive complex containing surface-to-air missiles (SAM), an exceptionally heavy concentration of antiaircraft artillery, and other automatic weapons. The defensive network was situated to dominate the approach and provide protection to an important North Vietnam industrial center that was scheduled to be attacked by fighter bombers immediately after the strike by Maj. Dethlefsen's flight. In the initial attack on the defensive complex the lead aircraft was crippled, and Maj. Dethlefsen's aircraft was extensively damaged by the intense enemy fire. Realizing that the success of the impending fighter bomber attack on the center now depended on his ability to effectively suppress the defensive fire, Maj. Dethlefsen ignored the enemy's overwhelming firepower and the damage to his aircraft and pressed his attack. Despite a continuing hail of antiaircraft fire, deadly surface-to-air missiles, and counterattacks by MIG interceptors, Maj. Dethlefsen flew repeated close range strikes to silence the enemy defensive positions with bombs and cannon fire. His action in rendering ineffective the defensive SAM and antiaircraft artillery sites enabled the ensuing fighter bombers to strike successfully the important industrial target without loss or damage to their aircraft, thereby appreciably reducing the enemy's ability to provide essential war material. Maj. Dethlefsen's consummate skill and selfless dedication to this significant mission were in keeping with the highest traditions of the U.S. Air Force and reflect great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of his country.
    1967 - Sonny and Cher guest star as "Jerry and Ramona" on tonight's "The Hot Number Affair" episode of the NBC-TV spy spoof “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”.
    1968 - César Chávez breaks his fast at a mass in Delano's public park with 4,000 supporters at his side, including Senator Robert Kennedy.
    1968 - A Green Beret camp was overrun by about 2000 North Vietnamese troops after a 72-hour siege. About 200 U.S. and South Vietnamese troops were killed or captured at the Special Forces base in the Ashau Valley.
    1969 - James Earl Ray was sentenced in Memphis, Tennessee, to 99 years in prison for the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. in April 1968. The King family believes he is not the one who pulled the trigger.  He died in prison in 1998.
    1970 - The U.S. Army accuses Capt. Ernest Medina and four other soldiers of committing crimes at My Lai in March 1968. The charges ranged from premeditated murder to rape and the "maiming" of a suspect under interrogation. Medina was the company commander of Lt. William Calley and other soldiers charged with murder and numerous crimes at My Lai 4 in Song My village. The My Lai massacre became the most publicized war atrocity committed by U.S. troops in Vietnam. Allegedly, a platoon had slaughtered between 200 and 500 unarmed villagers at My Lai 4, a cluster of hamlets in the coastal lowlands of I Corps Tactical Zone. Only 14, including Calley and Medina, were eventually charged with crimes. All eventually had their charges dismissed or were acquitted by courts-martial except Calley, who was found guilty of murdering 22 civilians. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, but his sentence was reduced to 20 years by the Court of Military Appeals and further reduced later to 10 years by the Secretary of the Army. Proclaimed by much of the public as a "scapegoat," Calley was paroled in 1974 after having served about three years.
    1971 - Manager Allan Klein, picked by John, George, and Ringo to handle the Beatles' affairs in the wake of Brian Epstein's death, was forbidden from managing the group after Paul, who instead preferred his father-in-law Eastman, sued for dissolution of the group. As night fell, the other three members allegedly visit Paul's home on Cavendish Avenue in London and threw a brick through one of the windows.
    1971 – The Senate lowered the voting age to 18.
    1973 - Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" was released in America, where it would spend over 740 weeks on the chart.
    1973 - Top Hits
“Killing Me Softly with His Song” - Roberta Flack
“Dueling Banjos” - Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell
“Love Train” - O’Jays
“’Till I Get It Right” - Tammy Wynette
    1977 - Pink Floyd's album "Animals" was certified platinum - one million copies sold - in the US.
    1977 – Scientists discovered rings around the planet Uranus.
    1978 - “The Incredible Hulk” premieres on TV. A wonderfully campy action series based on the popular Marvel comic books as well as a modern-day Jekyll and Hyde story. Bill Bixby played the erudite scientist, Dr. David Banner, who accidentally exposed himself to a gamma radiation. When provoked, Banner metamorphosed into the shirt-shredding, body-baring, green-skin, snarling Neanderthal Hulk. The 6’5” 275-lb former Mr. Universe, Louis Ferrigno, played the largely non-speaking part of the Hulk.
    1978 - The Bee Gee's "Night Fever" moves into the #1 spot on the chart. It replaces another Gibb Brothers tune, "Stayin' Alive."
    1979 - Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" hits #1
    1980 – Madeira School headmistress Jean Harris shot and killed Scarsdale diet doctor Herman Tarnower.
    1981 - New Denver Broncos owners Edgar F. Kaiser, Jr., named Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Dan Reeves head coach. In 12 seasons, Reeves took the Broncos to three Super Bowls and compiled a 117-79-1 record.
    1981 - Top Hits
“I Love a Rainy Night” - Eddie Rabbitt
“9 to 5” - Dolly Parton
“Keep on Loving You” - REO Speedwagon
“Do You Love as Good as You Look” - The Bellamy Brothers
    1982 - Known as the Jupiter effect, the much-talked-about and sometimes-feared planetary configuration of a semi-alignment of the planets on the same side of the sun occurred on this date without causing any of the disasters or unusual natural phenomena that some had predicted.
    1985 - The Dallas Mavericks' Dick Motta became the fourth coach in the National Basketball Association to win 700 games as the Mavs beat the New Jersey Nets 126- 113. The three other coaches in NBA history to have that many wins were: Red Auerbach (938 games), Jack Ramsey (733 games) and Gene Shue (717).
    1985 - Konstantin Chernenko, Soviet leader for just 13 months, died at age 73. His death was announced on March 11th. Politburo member Mikhail S. Gorbachev was chosen to succeed him.  This paved the way for Gorbachev to respond to President’s Reagan’s overtures – Glasnost – in what eventually precipitated the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
    1986 - Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes hit Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. A total of 19 tornadoes occurred. 3 of the tornadoes in Indiana reached F3 intensity (winds 158-206 mph). A densely populated subdivision of southeast Lexington, Kentucky was heavily damaged by a tornado. 20 people were injured and 900 homes were damaged or demolished. A very strong thunderstorm downburst hit the Cincinnati area. At the Greater Cincinnati airport, windows were blown out of the control tower, injuring the 6 controllers on duty. At Newport, Kentucky, 120 houses were destroyed from winds estimated from 100 to 140 mph.
    1989 - Top Hits
“Lost in Your Eyes” - Debbie Gibson
“The Lover in Me” - Sheena Easton
“The Living Years” - Mike & The Mechanics
“I Still Believe in You” - The Desert Rose Band
    1989 – Thirty-four cities in the central and southwestern US reported record high temperatures for the date. The high of 85 degrees at Hanksville, Utah was a record for March and Pueblo, Colorado equaled their March record of 86 degrees. Hill City, Kansas warmed from a morning low of 30 degrees to an afternoon high of 89 degrees.
    1990 - According to Billboard Magazine, New Kids on the Block receive 125,000 calls a day to their 1-900 number.
    1990 - American Jennifer Capriati, at 13 years and 11 months, became the youngest player ever to reach the finals of a professional tennis tournament, an event in Florida.
    1993 - Giants Hire a Woman PA Voice: The San Francisco Giants made baseball history by hiring Sherry Davis to be the team’s public address announcer. Davis, a legal secretary, became the first woman PA voice in the major leagues after having done voice-over work since 1981.
    1993 - Michael Jackson, in a live TV interview with Oprah Winfrey, said he had an inherited disorder that causes skin pigmentation to fade. He denied altering most of his face, but did admit to minor cosmetic surgery. Jackson also said he finds the comfort in children and animals that he missed in a friendless, workaholic childhood. In the wake of Jackson's first solo interview in nearly a decade, sales of his "Dangerous" album, released 14 months earlier, skyrocketed
    1995 - Citing the labor unrest as the reason, former Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan announces he is leaving baseball to return the NBA.
    2000 – The NASDAQ peaked at 5132.52, signaling the beginning of the end of the boom.
    2003 - Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam, makes his first recording since leaving the business and becoming a Muslim in 1978, covering his own 1971 hit "Peace Train" in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.
    2003 - The Righteous Brothers, AC/DC, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, The Clash, The Police, and Floyd Cramer are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in New York City.
    2004 - When asked by Senator John McCain to renegotiate Major League Baseball's collective bargaining agreement with the players’ association in regard to the use of controlled substances, Donald Fehr, the association’s executive director, refused. Although the union boss condemned the use of steroids, he believed the players oppose random drug testing as a violation of privacy, an argument countered by the Arizona Republican as unacceptable and promised congressional action if the status quo…and we all know that worked out!
    2004 - Teenage sniper Lee Boyd Malvo was sentenced in Chesapeake, Va., to life in prison.
    2005 - Michael Jackson showed up at his child molestation trial in Los Angeles an hour late and still in his pajamas. After being threatened with jail time for making the court wait, Jackson listened to testimony from one of his former visitors at his Neverland Ranch, a teenager who testifies that the singer tried to get him drunk on soda cans filled with red wine, which he reportedly called "Jesus' Blood," and white wine or "Jesus Juice."
    2008 - Pop diva Madonna, rocker John Mellencamp, singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen, British Invasion pioneers, The Dave Clark Five, and instrumental Rock legends, The Ventures, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during a ceremony at New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.
    2008 - New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer apologized after allegations surfaced that he had paid thousands of dollars for a high-end call girl, a scandal which eventually led to his resignation.



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