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RCA Capital Corp. Fair Lawn NJ seeks exp. sales rep.w $5 million annual middle market business. A great opportunity to grow with an established reputable independent. Competitive comp. plan w gd benefits/401k. Contact: Mike Pandolfelli, CEO mbp@rcacapital.com

RCA is a privately held nationwide equipment leasing and finance company. Its primary focus is in the printing, packaging, corrugated and label industries. RCA is seeking to diversify and expand its customer base through industries such as transportation, machine tools, plastics, medical, etc.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Classified Ads----Sales Manager
    Alert---Identity Theft of Dr. Artine Kokisanian
        Silvermark Capital, Houston, Texas
Where is Fred Van Etten? Again!
    No Official Word on Preferred Capital
        Alexa Ranks Equipment Leasing Publications
Classified Ads--- Help Wanted
    CLP “Lite” “Leasing Professional” Questionnaire
        Allegiant Partners Close $7.5 Million Line
Javier de León Blanco joins Alta Team
    LEAF and ScanSource Sign Agreement
        Pat Dowling GE Aerospace & Defense market
News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
        "Gimme that Wine"
This Day in American History
    Spring Poem

Exclusive-Tomorrow-- FTC Randy Brook"On the Record"

######## surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release”


Classified Ads----Sales Manager

Atlanta, GA
30 years in transportation Finance with strong management/ sales background. Represented company on national & region markets. Started two successful operations- produce profits and growth.
Email: pml@mindspring.com

Chicago, IL.
Successful sales manager has 15 years experience with captives and independents. Expertise in re-energizing existing sales teams and territories, also building teams from scratch. True Team Leader looking for new challenge. email: Murph5553@aol.com

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.
Domestic-int'l exp. Small to middle ticket. 24 yrs with Fortune 500 firms(2). Consistently achieves margin/ volume goals.
Email: dptr7300@sbcglobal.net

New York, NY
I have over 25 years owning an independent leasing company that specialized in truck leasing. Tow trucks, Limos, ambulances, tractors, etc..
Email: rfleisher@rsrcapital.com

Pennsauken, NJ.
17 Years Leasing in all capacities from CSR and Collections to National Sales Management and Vice President Vendor Development. Exceptional People Skills. Many industry references.
email: cherfurth1@aol.com

Portland, OR.
18+ yrs w/bank leasing company. Supervised 14- 20 sales people. Willing to relocate for the proper position.
Email: pthygeson@netscape.net

Full list of all “job wanted” ads at:



Alert---Identity Theft of Dr. Artine Kokisanian

We caught an identity theft attempt in California on a medical deal. A person identifying himself as Dr. Artine Kokisanian submitted a credit application, drivers license, medical license and was approved by two of our funding banks for a $104,000 Ultrasound package.

Something smelled wrong basically no challenge to the selling price of equipment and never asked me what the payment was, signed docs, sent check and was ready to fund. He represented himself as a OBGYN and the address checked but California incorporation showed in business since 9/04. He stated and produced documents (fraud) showing in business from California for 10 years.

I was able to locate the real Dr. Kokisanian and he is a Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and would have no use for an ultrasound and was floored that he was a victim. We reported to the FBI he went to local police and it took two weeks to get a court order to try to "sting" the impostor as we had an address and a time to take delivery. The FBI had turned it over to the Postmaster General and they were performing the sting. When they arrived the impostor was not there but two of his cohorts were there and instead of getting them and perhaps get the ringleader they left their business card and said they were on to them.

Obviously, they disappeared and are unfortunately smarter from the experience and still looking to defraud someone else. Just be on the lookout.

Bud Callahan
National Equipment Leasing
Indianapolis, IN



Silvermark Capital, Houston, Texas

by Christopher Menkin

Silvermark Capital is a division of Sterling Bank in Houston. It should not be confused with Sterling Leasing in New York, a separate entity, who is one of the companies named in the NorVergence lease scandal.

Rumors circulating the equipment leasing list serves are not correct.

When Mr. Van Etten contacted me by telephone that he had a package from NorVergence with some excellent recommendations from some major companies, but he had remembered reading about articles we had written. I advised him at the time to “run” as fast as he could from ever doing business with this company.

I explained why.

After NorVergence filed bankruptcy, he called me on the telephone to thank me for my advice, that despite CIT and the calls from Robert Fine and others, he decided not to subject the bank to the leases. He wanted me to know that he was grateful for my candor.

A spokesman for Sterling Bank in Houston, Texas, confirmed the bank had no NorVergence leases. The person also confirmed that Fred Van Etten and Daniel Fritz were no longer with the bank. Information about the private label program was not known by this person nor the reason for Van Etten's and Fritz's departure.

Several telephone calls to Silvermark Capital direct to several of their departments, showed they were still open, but once the person in the various departments heard the call was from Leasing News, they hung up the telephone.

One of the things Leasing News was told “...remaining operations have been told to service current clients until further notification.”




Where is Fred Van Etten? Again!

1997 Picture of a very happy man, taken by Charlie Lester

“Fred Van Etten, Chief Executive Officer of the leasing division, has more than 25 years of experience in the commercial leasing and asset-financing marketplace. Most notably he was co-founder, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for First Sierra Financial, a successful company which was sold to American Express in 2001. He holds a business administration degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from Pepperdine University.”

from the press release, August, 2003

“This new division of the bank will be called SilverMark Capital™ and will provide equipment-leasing services to bank customers and to select national vendor relationships.

“Offering an in-house business equipment leasing program is a logical step in providing full-service banking to our customers,” commented Sterling Bank President and Chief Executive Officer J. Downey Bridgwater. “Our philosophy is that to be the best, you get the best people. That's why we're proud to bring aboard these four professionals. In our opinion they represent the industry's best in the field of commercial leasing services.”

“The four leasing professionals are Frederick M. Van Etten, Richard S. Andersen, Daniel L. Fritz, and Hernan R. Traversone.”

from the press release, August, 2003

Where is he today? Leasing News spoke with Van Etten's old boss, Tom Depping, who responded, “ He is not affiliated with Main Street Bank.”

Remember when Mark McQuitty was running he and Jim Raeder old company for Sierra Cities, Depping sent Van Etten in to fire him. McQuitty thought so much of Van Etten, who wrote to underwriters of the company that the direction of becoming a “dot com” was going the right way, and they should appoint Van Etten the president---that's how highly McQuitty thought of him.

March 6,2002, We asked Where was Fred Van Etten? He responded:

“Thank you and your readers for your interest in what I have been doing since I departed First Sierra/Sierracities.com.

“ As you and many of your readers may remember, The Redstone Group was the seed capital that helped us start First Sierra in 1994. Redstone which is a privately held conglomerate has ownership and investments in a myriad of different entities which included Northwest Bank and Redstone Bank, both here in Houston.

“ I joined Redstone in March of 2001 and was EVP of Business Development of Northwest Bank until we sold it to The Whitney Bank in October 0f 2001. Since then I have been working on the business development and strategic direction of Redstone Bank. We are excited about the prospects for the Bank and the Holding company and are considering several options to help it grow.

“I miss all my friends and colleagues in the Leasing business and in light of "The Perfect Storm" hitting the industry I sincerely hope that prospects are better for you all in 2002.”



No Official Word on Preferred Capital

The confirmation of Preferred Capital, Brecksville, Ohio still being active in business is still not known. Their web site http://www.preferredcap.com is still “ not available.”




Alexa Ranks Leasing Association Web Sites

www.aba.com American Bankers Association
www.leasingnews.org  Leasing News
  www.monitordaily.com Monitor Daily
  www.ibaa.org Ind Community Bankers of America
  www.elaonline.com Equipment Leasing Association
  www.naelb.org  National Assoc. of Equip Leasing Brokers
  www.cfa.com  Commercial Finance Association
  www.uael.org  United Association of Equipment Leasing
  www.us-banker.com  U.S.Banker
  www.lessors.com  eLessors Networking Association
www.executivecaliber.ws  Exec Caliber-Jeffrey Taylor
  www.leasefoundation.org Equip. Leasing & Fin Fndn
  www.eael.org Eastern Association of Equipment Leasing
  www.nationalfunding.org The National Funding Assoc
  www.iicl.org  Institute of International Container Lessors
  www.clpfoundation.org   CLP Foundation
No Data
  www.leasecollect.org Lean -Lease Enforcement Att Net
No Data
www.Leasingpress.com Leasing Press
  www.efj.com Equipment Financial Journa
No Data
No Data
  www.mael.org Mid-America Association of  Equip Lessors
No Data
No Data
  www.leaseassistant.org Lease Assistant
No Data
  www.aglf.org  Assoc of Government Leasing  Financing

David G. Mayer's Business Leasing News is not included in the Alexa report list as it does not have its own individual site and Alexa finds Patton Boggs, LLP Attorneys at Law.  The rating is not valid as it includes all those who visit and communicate with the law firm.  When Business Leasing News has its own individual web site, it will be included in the Alexa survey.

It should also be noted that several of the web sites have their "list serve" posted via their site, meaning their e-mails are counted as a visit to the site, whereas they are "list serve" communication.  These are technically visits to the web site, but primarily to use "list serve."

These comparisons are compiled by Leasing News using Alexa and should be viewed as a "sampling," rather than an actual count from the website itself.  Other than as noted above, we believe the ratings are reflective as most have stayed in the same position, basically, for over a year.

The Alexa tool bar works on most browsers.
They are partnered with Google.

You may download their free tool bar A graph and analysis of the last three months are available.

( Note: the lower the number, the higher you are on the list. It is based on all web sites. Leasing is only a very small part of the various sites such as Yahoo, MSN, Google, etc. )



Classified Ads--- Help Wanted

Collection Attorney

Collection attorney - three to five years experience, creditor rights and bankruptcy experience is a must - contact: cgates@spiwakandiezza.com

Spiwak & Iezza, LLP, Westlake Village, Ca. is an extremely aggressive collection law firm that believes in taking action against debtors quickly and pushing through to final resolution without delay.

Finance Administrator

Export Finance Administrator for cross-border equipment deals. Seeking someone with existing strong credit, administrative, and people skills whom we can train in our specialized international credit services. Fluent English and Spanish required. To learn more and apply, click here .

Meridian Finance Group provides credit, insurance, and financial services that help U.S. exporters to increase their international sales.


Marketing Officer

Marketing Officer, generate/maintain relationships w/equip. leasing companies nationwide. Heavy phone/moderate travel. Ability to read/understand FS/tax returns required. Indirect marketing exp. necessary plus computer skills. Bachelor's degree.
Email resume to sgreen@bankofthewest.com
Website: www.bankofthewest.com

Bank of the West and its subsidiaries are equal opportunity/affirmative action employers. It is our policy to recruit, advertise, employ, promote, transfer, discipline, and discharge without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, veteran status, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, or any other protected status.

Middle Market Sales Representative

Middle Market Sales Rep.: exp. sales reps throughout country for middle market leasing/financing. Must have min.5-years exp. in "hard assets" ranging from 100K -$1.0MM generated from vendor and /or direct sources. Excel. benefits, base salary and commission program. Resumes to amandell@eqcorp.com .

About the Company: A rapidly expanding Middle Market Leasing / Finance Company located in CT. Equilease Financial Services, Inc

Sales Representative

RCA Capital Corp. Fair Lawn NJ seeks exp. sales rep.w $5 million annual middle market business. A great opportunity to grow with an established reputable independent. Competitive comp. plan w gd benefits/401k. Contact: Mike Pandolfelli, CEO mbp@rcacapital.com

RCA is a privately held nationwide equipment leasing and finance company. Its primary focus is in the printing, packaging, corrugated and label industries. RCA is seeking to diversify and expand its customer base through industries such as transportation, machine tools, plastics, medical, etc.

Sales Representative

Baltimore/Washington based Sales Rep. - To develop vendor & lessee direct originations. Requires 3+ yrs commercial sales exp. For full description and application, click here for more information.

Madison Capital, a Baltimore based equipment and vehicle leasing company for 30 years is a national provider of direct financing services for both vendors and lessees. www.madisoncapital.com



CLP “Lite” “Leasing Professional” Questionnaire

To perhaps help the CLP Board of Directors in making their decision, we would like to ask our readers how many are interested in becoming

a Certified Leasing Professional?

How many would be interested in becoming a different category, such as “Lease Professional?”



#### Press Release #####################


San Rafael, CA

Allegiant Partners Incorporated, a direct funding source for commercial leasing transactions of $75,000 to $250,000 is pleased to announce the closing of a new three year $7.5 million revolving credit facility with National City Bank. The facility is expected be expanded to $10 million in April with the addition of a regional California bank.

"This credit facility with National City Bank signifies the coming of age of Allegiant Partners. Over the past 6 years, we have carefully built an excellent team of people and a valuable portfolio. Even though our company is small compared with many of National City Bank's customers, the bank took the time to design a facility that is perfect for our needs. We are extremely pleased to be working with the leasing company lending team at National City Bank. They are a group of people who really understand the equipment leasing business," stated Chris Enbom, CEO of Allegiant Partners. National City Bank's line allows Allegiant Partners to continue to borrow from its existing term funding sources.

Allegiant Partners purchases "story credit" transactions from a wide variety of leasing companies and brokers across the United States.

For further information regarding Allegiant Partners, please contact:
Doug Houlahan at 415-257-4200 x 205 or
Paul Foster at 415-257-4200 x 206 or
Visit www.allegiant-partners.com

The Allegiant Team

Back Row: Ben Carlile, Brent Thorn, Stacy Lynch, Doug Houlahan, Scott Enbom, Paul Foster
Front Row: Chris Enbom, Norma Brewer, Chris Lerma

Recent Completed Leases:

$198,000 - Tenant Improvements

Allegiant funded $198,000 of tenant improvements for a successful franchisee. The lessee runs a $100MM+ operation, has significant real estate holdings and provided his personal guaranty. The strength of this transaction allowed us to finance these "soft costs."

$250,000 Agricultural Transaction

A family owned ranching operation in the Northwest required $250,000 of center pivots (huge sprinkler system for farms/ranches) to receive a premium rent for their land. Recent structural changes in the ranching operation and the additional cash flow from the greatly increased rent helped us overcome historic losses in this operation.

$155,000 Structured Collateral Transaction

$155,000 was provided to a contractor to purchase land clearing equipment. We obtained good collateral coverage and were able to overcome the company's inability to produce a balance sheet by obtaining an equipment debt schedule and verifying a track record of good debt payment habits.

$210,000 Bankruptcy Turnaround

$210,000 was funded to purchase a filtration system for a private waste disposal company that had just emerged from a Ch. 11, four months earlier. We were able to get comfortable with the new ownership, two partners, as they had been involved with the business for nine months prior to its emergence from bankruptcy. The company is stable. Earlier problems were caused by the old ownership's failed investments outside this business.



World Leasing Yearbook 2005

ISBN:184374 142 3
Pages: 524
Edition: 26th
Directory Contacts: 4,400 Companies

Price: $250.00

The only annually-updated international reference book for the asset financing and leasing industry available. The new 26th edition includes the latest market trends, over 100 authoritative articles and reports on the leasing software and IT market, an exclusive ranking of the top 50 leasing markets by size worldwide with feature profiles from Africa to Venezuela PLUS a directory of over 4,400 companies.

To order call +44 (0) 20 7779 8999 or toll free in the US +1 800 437 9997 to receive your 10% discount. You can also order on line at

The Alta Group Expands Expertise in Europe—
Javier de León Blanco joins Alta Team


In the next step to extend its presence in continental Europe, The Alta Group has appointed Javier de León Blanco as an Associate in its European region. He will focus on numerous opportunities in the Spanish market. The Alta Group, an international consultancy serving the equipment leasing and finance industry, covers North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific as well as Europe.

Javier de León Blanco

Javier de León Blanco has 20 years' leasing experience. He began his leasing career at Unileasing, where he was Director of Special Operations. This was followed by four years at NC Leasing, a joint venture between Hispamer and Nixdorf Computer, where he rose from Commercial Director to General Manager. He then spent 13 years at Hispamer Renting, 100% owned by Hispamer, the largest Asset Financing group in Spain, which he built up from launch and ran as General Manager as well as serving as Director of the Vendor Finance Division in Hispamer.

Patrick Gouin, a Principal in The Alta Group's European region, said: “We are delighted that Javier de León Blanco has joined us. We have already worked in partnership with him on one large Spanish project.” Derek Soper, another European Principal, added: “It is crucial to have local expertise when considering deals in a particular country and we are already looking at three potential Spanish projects. We are planning to expand further our European presence to maximize the business opportunities.”



Founded in 1992, The Alta Group (www.thealtagroup.com) is a niche international consultancy of 25 multi-skilled leasing professionals. The Alta Group has built up an enviable team of some of the most experienced, best and brightest practitioners in the leasing industry with over 700 years' combined hands-on experience running leasing companies and in all aspects of leasing.

The Alta Group has established a reputation for excellence, helping lessors, asset financiers and others in the industry, both large and small around the globe, achieve long-term success, by providing direction and successful strategies that address an ever changing business climate. The extensive client list includes many equipment vendors and manufacturers.

The group's global expertise includes: strategic consulting; market entry analysis and services; market intelligence and competitive benchmarking; captive finance and vendor programme development; portfolio development and management; merger, acquisition, funding and disposal management services; professional training and education; and consumer finance.


### Press Release ######################

LEAF and ScanSource Sign Agreement

PHILADELPHIA, PA – LEAF Financial Corporation and ScanSource, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCSC) have entered into a program agreement for LEAF to support ScanSource's North American resellers and their customer financing needs. ScanSource serves as an international value-added distributor of specialty technologies in North America, Latin America and Europe, providing automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) and point-of-sale (POS) products, communications products from its Catalyst Telecom and Paracon sales units; and electronic security products from its ScanSource Security Distribution unit.

Serving only solution providers, ScanSource is committed to growing specialty technology markets by strengthening and enlarging the solution provider channel. The company markets products from more than 90 technology manufacturers to over 15,000 value-added technology resellers and is committed to empowering them with tools and services designed to help them grow.

LEAF's web-based finance platform allows ScanSource's dealers and resellers to securely and efficiently streamline the customer finance process and manage their customer's lease application from their desktop. LEAF's system allows authorized users to remotely and in real-time price a transaction, submit an application, monitor approval status and produce documentation. Finding better ways to manage information means that resellers and dealers can spend less time doing paperwork, and more time selling products and services.

"We are excited about our partnership with LEAF as their leasing programs will enhance the flexibility of our credit offerings and assist our dealer partners with working capital and sales solutions to grow their businesses," said Rich Cleys, Chief Financial Officer of ScanSource. “Using LEAF's leasing model will help resellers make the customer experience a more positive one.”

LEAF is a commercial leasing company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA whose business model is to reach the small to mid sized business market by forming strategic marketing alliances and other program relationships with equipment vendors, commercial banks and other financial institutions. LEAF specializes in working with manufacturers and distributors of business-essential equipment providing them with innovative and market-driven customer finance program and products. LEAF Financial Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Resource America Inc. (NASDAQ:REXI).

About ScanSource, Inc.

ScanSource, Inc. is a leading international distributor of specialty technology products, including automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) and point-of-sale (POS) products through its ScanSource sales unit; Avaya communications products through its Catalyst Telecom sales unit; communications products from Intel and NEC through its Paracon sales unit; and electronic security products through its ScanSource Security Distribution unit.

The Company serves the North America marketplace and has an international segment, which sells AIDC and POS products in Latin America and Europe. Founded in 1992, the Company markets products from more than 90 technology manufacturers to over 15,000 value-added technology resellers and is committed to empowering them with tools and services designed to help them grow. For more information, call the toll-free sales telephone number at 800.944.2432 or visit www.scansource.com .

Additional information about the entities mentioned in this news release can be obtained by visiting these web sites:


#### Press Release #####################

GE Commercial Finance Names Industry Leader to Drive Growth
in Aerospace & Defense Market

NORWALK, Conn.------GE Commercial Finance, Commercial & Industrial Finance (CIF) has announced the appointment of Pat Dowling as Industry Leader for the Aerospace & Defense market.

In his new role, Mr. Dowling will be responsible for expanding the global focus for CIF in the Aerospace & Defense industry. CIF will combine access to capital and industry expertise worldwide, through the use of traditional debt, leasing and alternative sources of liquidity to both public and private entities worldwide.

"Pat brings a wealth of experience to our Aerospace & Defense sector and will play a key role in delivering specialized programs to our customers," said Craig Reynolds, Senior Managing Director, GE Commercial Finance, Commercial & Industrial Finance. "His industry knowledge and effective customer insight will accelerate our growth efforts in this important market. "

Mr. Dowling joined GE in 1984 and most recently led a cross-business initiative within GE Commercial Finance focused on the aviation industry. Over the years, he has been actively involved in originating, negotiating and closing transactions for GE Commercial Finance.

Prior to joining GE, Mr. Dowling was with The Continental Group and began his career with Price Waterhouse. He is an active member of business and industry organizations, holding board positions with the National Chamber Foundation of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Aviation Safety Alliance Foundation.

Mr. Dowling is a certified public accountant and holds a B.S. in Accounting from Fordham University, as well as a J.D. from Pace University School of Law.

About GE Commercial Finance, Commercial & Industrial Finance

GE Commercial & Industrial Finance (CIF), a unit of GE Commercial Finance, is a premier global provider of structured financing solutions to the commercial and industrial marketplace. CIF provides innovative financing solutions for a broad array of customer needs including recapitalization, equipment leasing, and growth capital. With over $10 billion in served assets, Commercial & Industrial Finance has the expertise and funding capability to deliver exceptional financing solutions.

GE Commercial Finance, which offers businesses around the globe an array of financial products and services, has assets of more than US$230 billion and is headquartered in Stamford, Conn., USA. General Electric (NYSE:GE) is a diversified technology and services company dedicated to creating products that make life better.

GE Commercial Finance Commercial & Industrial Finance Ellen Mann,
203-229-1915 ellen.mann@ge.com


### Press Release ######################


Your One stop solution for training and reference material for the Leasing Professional

Visit our website by clickng on the logo above

122-A Foothill Blvd., Arcadia, CA. 91006
Voice 626-305-1053 . Fax 626-305-0019 .

News Briefs----

Dollar Firm Ahead of Fed Policy Meeting

Oracle, Fed Highlight Busy Week

China's voracious appetite for materials drives up costs in West U-T special report The dragon awakes

Ore. Gov. Tries to Lessen Drought Impact

Kerik resigns from Taser board

Parker Bowles in Line to Become Queen

No After-Taste Beer to Battle Wine-Liquor Drinkers



Sports Briefs----

Patriots-Raiders to open season; Mexico visit set

Red Sox planning to remain at Fenway

Best in West, the Spurs Lose Duncan, for 2-4 Weeks



“Gimme That Wine”

Court Rules Napa Wine Names Require Napa Grapes http://www.thekcrachannel.com/news/4304794/detail.html

Grape rewards: Its reputation for quality takes Oregon's wine industry from glut to glory

Sonoma-Cutrer, Cakebread Cellars and Kendall-Jackson named most popular

New Players from Napa, Elsewhere Energize Lake County Wine Scene

Only the Four Stars Remain Constant
(Jean George has the taste and service but not the ambiance nor exquisite presentations)



This Day in American History

    1526-The first North American Slave Revolt: Nearly 40 years before the first permanent European settlement in North America, Spanish explorers bring enslaved Africans to what are now the Carolinas. The Africans escape in what is the first recorded slave revolt in North America. In 1501- Spanish settlers brought slaves from Africa to Santo Domingo (now the capital of the Dominican Republic). There was a slave revolt in 1522 on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, which now comprises Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Most of Columbus bounty were Indian slaves as this was large commerce for basically “free labor.” In 1562, John Hawkins, the first Briton to take part in the slave trade, makes a huge profit hauling human cargo from Africa to Hispaniola.
    1619-Africans brought to Jamestown are the first slaves imported into Britain's North American colonies. Like indentured servants, they were probably freed after a fixed period of service.
    1621-A peace treaty and defensive alliance between the Wampanog Indians and the Pilgrims was concluded at Strawberry Hill, Plymouth, Mass. Arranged by Squanto, an English-speaking Indian, it was one of the earliest recorded treaties between Europeans and Indians in North America. Squantohad been kidnapped and sold as a slave in Spain. He escaped to England, where he learned English, and lived in Newfoundland for a time before returning to Massachusetts in 1916.
    1622- The first Indian massacre, led by Powhatan's brother, almost wiped out the settlements outside Jamestown, Virginia, which was itself heavily fortified. 347 colonists out of a population of 1,240 were slain. In 1644, another Indian uprising, led by Opechancanough, threatened Jamestown, but was surprised by the colonists, and resulted in a treaty which forced the Indians to cede additional territory and effected a peace until 1675. Remains of the successful English settlement were found in 1996, including wood stains showing where the original wall was, the skeleton of a settler, and glass beads used for trading with the local Indians.
    1630 - The first legislation prohibiting gambling was enacted in Boston, Massachusetts.
    1765- Britain enacted a requirement to buy revenue stamps for every pair of dice, every pack of playing cards, and every newspaper, document, and pamphlet. The purpose of the tax was to raise funds to pay for the upkeep of the British army in America. Colonists mounted a sustained boycott of British goods until the tax was repealed.1862-the Confederate cruiser built in England the Oneto, set sail from Liverpool, bound for the Bahamas. The ship was transferred to Captain John Newland Maffitt of the Confederate Navy, who took rank as commodore. The guns and stores were sent in another ship that followed.
    1812-Birthday of Stephen Pearl, author, born in Templeton, Massachusetts ; died in New York City, 21 May 1886. He was an ardent abolitionist, and in 1839 removed to Texas, where he converted many of the slave-owners, who were also large land-owners, by showing them that they would become rapidly rich from the sale of land if immigration were induced by throwing the country open to free labor. Here he acquired considerable wealth in the practice of his profession. He also had a dedicated following around a “universal” philosophy and language.
    1820- Naval hero Stephen Decatur died from a duel. One of Decatur's colleagues, Commodore James Barron had been the subject of scandal in 1807 when he commanded the frigate Chesapeake and failed to prepare it for battle to British warship Leopold. Barron's disgraceful defeat lead to his court martial in 1808. One of Decatur's naval duties was to sit on the trial of Barron's court martial. Although Decatur and Barron had been friends, Decatur agreed to a verdict that expelled Barron from the Navy for five years. This event began the thirteen year dispute that would end on the dueling grounds in Maryland. Barron was overseas at the end of his five year expulsion from the Navy and did not return to help defend his country during the War of 1812. Upon Barron's return to the United States in December 1818, Decatur challenged his absence during the war. In his defense, Barron claimed he had no money, and therefore could not get back to his country. Back and forth over four years, letters were written and both men stood their ground. Eventually, the quarrel became a fatal battle of honor.
Although dueling was illegal in the city of Washington, it was still common for naval officers to challenge one another. On March 22, 1820, Commodore Stephen Decatur and Commodore James Barron met on the dueling ground in Bladensburg, Maryland. Both men were shot, but Decatur was mortally wounded. He was brought back to his home on Lafayette Square and died several hours later. The nation mourned the death of a great naval hero.
    1822- Birthday Rosa Bonheur, born in France, her paintings were celebrated in her home country, but her paintings were the rage in the Golden Age of American History. Her father was a minor painter and by an early age, she showed an aptitude for sketching live animals. Before long she dressed in boys' clothing so she could go into the fields and stockyards to study animals (in the days of skirts to the ground). By the time she was 19, two of her paintings were exhibited in the annual Parisian Salon and at 23 she received her first medal. Although radical in the way she lived her personal life, Bonheur was politically and artistically conservative. She worked in a very traditional way, making sketches and studies in preparation for larger, final paintings. This is an oil study for her most famous painting, The Horse Fair. The study is quite small; the final painting is 8 x 16 feet. Bonheur believed in direct observation of nature and was determined to be accurate in all details. To this end, she dissected animal parts, sketched from life, and attended horse fairs, which were opportunities for dealers of horses to show off their stock to potential buyers. This was not the type of event normally attended by women. To avoid the taunts and comments a woman could receive if she were seen at a horse fair, Bonheur applied for permission from the prefecture of police to dress in men's clothing, and received authorization to do so in 1852. She reportedly did live in an acknowledged lesbian relationship for most of her life. Her paintings were the rage of the 19 th century in America. One of her finest and most famous painting, The Horse Fair (1853), was purchased by Cornelius Vanderbilt, it was brought to the U.S. (where her artistic abilities and personality "meshed with American interest in innovation and bravura") and now hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
    1842-publisher / abolitionist Josiah Warren (1798-1874) opens 2nd Time Store in New Harmony. Warren founded several “equity” stores, founded three utopian colonies, and wrote True Civilization. These stores based sales on the hours of labor and worked on the trade of these goods for the time of labor, utilizing a “clock” formula. He is considered America's first anarchist.
    1862-The Confederate cruiser built in England was the Oneto, which sailed this day from Liverpool, England, bound for the Bahamas. The ship was transferred to Captain John Newland Maffitt of the Confederate Nay, who took ran as commodore. He is considered one of the best known naval commanders of the Confederate navy. The guns and stores were sent in another ship that followed. Maffitt organized blockade-running operations from the West Indies. The high point of his career, however, was his captaincy of the commerce-raider C.S.S . Florida. In only two cruises, Maffitt took 57 prizes, wreaking over $4 million worth of damage to Union shipping. Reassigned to blockade-running in 1863, Maffitt continued to baffle Yankee captains and bring vital military cargoes into Southern ports until nearly the end of the war. Maffit was a true Naval hero known for his ingenuity, courage, seamanship and high-spirited leadership .

    1872-the State of Illinois was the first to pass a law banning sex discrimination in employment: “ no person shall be precluded or debarred from any occupation or employment ( except military) on account of sex” was one of the provisions. 100 years later the Senate passed the passed a law to prohibit sex discrimination, but it required ratification by 38 states, which even when the deadline was extended, it never received the necessary passage so did not become the law of the land. Ironically, only 35 states ratified the 1972 amendment. Among the ones that ironically did not was Illinois:
North Carolina
South Carolina
    1874-The Young Men's Hebrew Association originated in the 1840s as the Young Men's Hebrew Literary Association. The first YMHA opened in Baltimore, MD, in 1854, but was unsuccessful The first permanent YMHA was founded this day in 1874 by a group of German-Jewish businessmen and professionals headed by Dr. Simeon Newton Leo. The first president was Lewis May. A second club was started in Philadelphia in 1875.
    1882-The Edmunds Act is passed by Congress, making polygamy a felony offense, disenfranchising polygamists and barring them from public office. Apparently the only US law to deprive citizens of their civil rights without trial. More than 1,300 men were imprisoned under the terms of this measure. It was specifically enacted to halt the growth of the Mormon religion in Utah.
    1893-The first women's collegiate basketball game was played at Smith College at Northampton, MA. Senda Berenson, then Smith's director of physical education and "mother of women's basketball," supervised the game, in which Smith's sophomore team beat the freshman team 5-4.
    1899-Ruth Page, American dancer and choreographer Ruth Page was born at Indianapolis, IN. She was a leading figure in Chicago dance with the Lyric Opera of Chicago, the Chicago Opera Ballet and the Chicago Ballet. She died Apr 7, 1991, at Chicago, IL.
    1907-trumpter player Rex Stewart born Philadelphia, PA http://www.dnai.com/~lmcohen/BOOKS/dc801590.htm
    1908 -- Birthday of Louis L'Amour (1908-1988) lives. American writer of western fiction. After the 1950s L'Amour published, at the peak of his career, several westerns a year. Best known is Hondo.
    1908-guitarist/violinist Claude Williams born Muskogee, OK
    1915-tenor sax player Buddy Tate born Sherman, TX
    1919 –Electric guitarist Charlie Christian birthday
    1922-trumpter player Joe Wilder born Colwyn, PA
    1928-guitarist Johnny “Texas” Brown born Chotaw City, MS
    1931-yesterday Day in History had James T. Kirk birthday; today is William Shatner's birthday, Montreal, QC, Canada.
    1936 -great floods were at their crest on rivers from Maine to Ohio. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania reached 6.1 feet, Harrisburg hit 3.5 feet, and Hartford hit 8.6 feet, a depth greater than ever before. 107 lives were lost and damage was placed at $270 million.
    1943-singer/guitars/song writer George Benson born Philadelphia, PA. Benson began as a jazz guitarist, playing and recording with organist Brother Jack McDuff, and recording a series of mainstream jazz LPs on his own for several labels. In 1975, Benson signed with Warner Brothers, where he was encouraged to sing. The result was "Breezin'," which became the biggest-selling jazz album of all time. His hit singles, all vocals in the Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway mold, include "On Broadway," "This Masquerade," "Give Me the Night" and "Turn Your Love Around."
    1943-Birthday of Keith Relf, vocalist, guitarist and harmonica player with the legendary British band, the Yardbirds, was born in Richmond, England. The group gave birth to three major guitar heroes of the 1960's - Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. For his part, Relf is credited with being one of the first to use guitar feedback. After the Yardbirds broke up in 1968, Relf and another member of the group, Jim McCarty, formed a duo called Together. Relf then organized a classical rock band, Renaissance, and a heavy rock group, Armageddon. In 1976, Keith Relf was found dead in his London home with a guitar in his hands. He had died of an electric shock.
    1945—Top Hits
A Little on the Lonely Side - The Guy Lombardo Orchestra (vocal: Jimmy Brown)
Accentuate the Positive - Johnny Mercer
My Dreams are Getting Better All the Time - The Pied Pipers
There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder - Jimmie Davis
    1948- Andrew Lloyd Webber birthday, composer of such smash musicals as "Jesus Christ, Superstar," "Evita," "Cats," "Phantom of the Opera," "Starlight Express" and "Aspects of Love" was born in London. Webber, the son of a composer, studied music at the Guildhall School and the Royal College, as well as attending Oxford. With lyricist Tim Rice, Webber was asked to write a children's show for EMI Records. The result was a version of an Old Testament story, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," which was a moderate success.With manager David Lands underwriting their efforts, Webber and Rice started work on a rock opera, "Jesus Christ, Superstar," which tells the story from the viewpoint of children who might have known Christ. The recording of the opera was released on two LP's in October, 1970, and four years later had sold 5.5 million copies. "Jesus Christ, Superstar" opened on Broadway in 1971 and in London a year later. . A film version, directed by Norman Jewison, was made in 1973.
    1953—Top Hits
Till I Waltz Again with You - Teresa Brewer
Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes - Perry Como
Doggie in the Window - Patti Page
Kaw-Liga - Hank Williams
    1955-Disc Jockey Alan Freed joins the staff of Coral records as an A&R man. His two year deal calls for him to work with Coral's parent Company, Decca, as a producer.
    1956 - Sammy Davis, Jr. starred in the play, "Mr. Wonderful", in New York City. The critics were unkind, saying that they didn't care for the production. Audiences, however, gave it ‘thumbs up' and the show went on to be one of Broadway's more popular musicals, catapulting Davis into the limelight. He appeared with Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas, as Sinatra was also making a comeback, having won the Academy Award in 1954 as best supporting actor in “From Here to Eternity.” They became fast friends. The public black and white relationship was ahead of its time.
    1956 - Perry Como became the first major TV variety-show host to book a rock and roll act on his program. The ‘Incomparable Mr. C.' booked Carl Perkins for the show and Perkins sang "Blue Suede Shoes".
    1958 - Movie producer Mike Todd and three other passengers were killed when the Lockheed Lodestar aircraft they were in exploded while in midair. Mike Todd was Elizabeth Taylor's third husband, and she took his untimely death very hard. It was reported that Taylor had planned to be on board as well, but her husband discouraged her from the trip due to an illness she was getting over. Todd produced the Oscar- winning movie from two years earlier, Around the World in 80 Days, and introduced innovative methods of filming to the industry.
    1958- At the urging of his mother, Hank Williams Junior makes his stage debut in Swainsboro, Georgia. he is the eight year old son of the late country singer (who past away New Year's Day 1953) and his wife, Audrey Williams. It would take years and a near-fatal accident before he could develop a style of his own and come to terms with being the son of one of country music's greatest performers
    1960-the first patent for a laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) granted to Arthur Schawlow and Charles Townes.
    1961—Top Hits
Surrender - Elvis Presley
Where the Boys Are - Connie Francis
Dedicated to the One I Love - The Shirelles
Don't Worry - Marty Robbins
    1961- industrial designer Raymond Loewy made this sketch of a futuristic sports car at the request of Sherwood Egbert, the recently appointed president of the ailing Studebaker Corporation. Egbert charged Loewy to design a new car bold enough to capture the popular imagination and boost the company's sagging fortunes. Loewy and his team of designers produced a prototype in record time, and the Avanti debuted in the spring of 1962 to rave reviews. My parents liked it so much they sold their Olds to get a red Avanti. http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/today/mar22.html
    1962 - The play, "I Can Get It For You Wholesale", opened on Broadway. It featured a 19-year-old named Barbara Streisand. She stopped the show at the famed Shubert Theatre in New York City. Streisand starred as Miss Marmelstein. Audiences kept coming back for more of Barbara for 300 performances. 1969 - UCLA defeated Purdue 92-72 to win the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball championship. The Bruins were the first team to win three consecutive championships -- all under legendary head coach John Wooden. UCLA went on to dominate the college basketball title through the 1973 season. 1969 - UCLA won the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball championship after defeating Purdue 92-72. The Bruins were the first team to win three consecutive championships, while under head coach John Wooden. Until the 1973 season, UCLA went on to dominate the college basketball title.
    1968 -- For the real trivia buffs: President's daughter, Lynda Bird Johnson, ordered off cable car for eating ice cream cone, of course, only in San Francisco.
    1969—Top Hits
Dizzy - Tommy Roe
Traces - Classics IV featuring Dennis Yost
Indian Giver - 1910 Fruitgum Co.
Only the Lonely - Sonny James
    1972- the Senate passed the 27th Amendment, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex, sending it to the states for ratification. Hawaii led the way as the first state to ratify and by the end of the year 22 of the required states had ratified it. On Oct 6,1978, the deadline for ratification was extended to June 30, 1982, by Congress. The amendment still lacked three of the required 38 states for ratification. This was the first extension granted since Congress set seven years as the limit for ratification. The amendment failed to achieve ratification as the deadline came and passed and no additional states ratified the measure.
    1972- The Yankees trade first baseman Danny Cater to the Red Sox for lefty reliever Albert Walter Lyle. Over the next seven years, Sparky will pitch in 420 games in relief with 57-40 record and a 2.41 ERA notching 141 saves as he helps the Bronx Bombers to appear in three World Series.
    1976-Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter tells the audience at the National Association of Record Merchandisers' Scholarship Foundation Dinner that Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin and other bands inspired him while working late nights when he was the Governor of Georgia. To prove he would never lie to them, he quoted lines from the Beatles' "Yesterday" and Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind.
    1977-a blockbuster coastal storm lashed New York and New England. Norfolk, Connecticut was buried under 33 inches of snow. 24 inches was reported at Pittsfield, Massachusetts and 18 inches piled up at Gardner, Massachusetts. Snow amounts exceeded 30 inches in the Catskills in southeastern New York. 3 to 5 inches of rain deluged south coastal New England and wind gusts reached 60 to 90 mph. A 450 foot radio tower in Framingham, Massachusetts was toppled by the high winds.
    1977—Top Hits
Love Theme from "A Star is Born" (Evergreen) - Barbra Streisand
Fly like an Eagle - Steve Miller
Rich Girl - Daryl Hall & John Oates
Southern Nights - Glen Campbell
    1977 - Comedienne Lily Tomlin made her debut on Broadway, as "Lily Tomlin on Stage" opened in New York.
    1977-Stevie Wonder releases the single, "Sir Duke." The tune was a tribute to Duke Ellington and would spend 3 weeks at #1
    1982-Diana Ross' first solo album for RCA, "Why Do Fools Fall in Love," goes platinum less than three months after its release.
    1985—Top Hits
Can't Fight This Feeling - REO Speedwagon
The Heat is On - Glenn Frey
Material Girl - Madonna
Crazy for Your Love – Exile
    1988 - Rain and high winds battered the Northern Pacific Coast Region, with wind gusts to 78 mph at Ocean Shores WA. The high winds uprooted trees and down power lines. Ten cities in the northeastern U.S. reported new record low temperatures for the date. Eight cities in the central U.S. reported record highs. Southerly winds gusting to 60 mph helped push the mercury at Ottumwa IA to a record warm reading of 83 degrees
    1989-Dick Clark announces he'll no longer host "American Bandstand," ending a 33-year run.
    1989 - Six cities in the Great Lakes Region, and three in southern Texas, reported new record low temperatures for the date, including Alpena MI with a reading of 9 above zero, and Brownsville TX with a reading of 38 degrees
    1999---Top Hits
Believe- Cher
Heartbreak Hotel- Whitney Houston Feat. Faith Evans
Angel Of Mine- Monica
I Still Believe- Mariah Carey
    2002- After a poor spring trying to make the Dodgers as a bench player, 38-year-old Dante Bichette (.299, 274, 1,141) announces his retirement. The four-time All-Star played with the Angels, Brewers, Rockies, Reds and Red Sox during his 14-year major league career.

NCAA Basketball Champions This Date

    1958 Kentucky
    1969 UCLA



Spring Poem

Written in early spring

        by William Wadsworth

I heard a thousand blended notes
While in a grove I sat reclined,
In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts
Bring sad thoughts to the mind.

To her fair works did Nature link
The human soul that through me ran;
And much it grieved my heart to think
What Man has made of Man.

Through primrose tufts, in that sweet bower,
The periwinkle trail'd its wreaths;
And 'tis my faith, that every flower
Enjoys the air it breathes.

The birds around me hopp'd and played,
Their thoughts I cannot measure, -
But the least motion which they made
It seem'd a thrill of pleasure.

The budding twigs spread out their fan
To catch the breezy air;
And I must think, do all I can,
That there was pleasure there.

If this belief from heaven be sent,
If such be Nature's holy plan,
Have I not reason to lament
What Man has made of Man?


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