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Monday, October 6, 2014

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

Archives---October 6, 2010
US Bank Equipment Finance Problems
  Oh No! -- Portfolio Services to Close?
   Classified Ads---Senior Management
Equipment Tax Deductions
  by Christopher Menkin
September 2014 Broker Survey Results
  Wheeler Business Consulting
Top Stories:  September 30--October 2
  Opened Most by Readers of Leasing News
    Leasing Industry Ads---Help Wanted
New Mexico Bankruptcy Court Gives Lessor an
Administrative Claim for Lease Construction Equipment
   By Tom McCurnin, Leasing News Legal Editor
Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
  Equipment Finance Agreement with Purchase Option
Bank Credit Quality Improves,
  But How Much Better Can It Get?
Victim or Might Be a Victim of Identity Theft
 NY AG Gives Advice
Social Media: Differences in Gender, Age, and Income
“Conducting a Confidential Job Search while Employed”
  Career Crossroad---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII
ELFF Q4 Economic Outlook Increases 2014 Equipment
 and Software Investment Growth Forecast to 5.5%
Newest Version of Linedata Capitalstream Offers
 Innovative Digital Banking Features
  Labrador Retriever
Sioux City, South Dakota  Adopt-a-Dog
   Classified ads—Asset Management
News Briefs---
 Hewlett-Packard Plans to Split in Two
  Small Business Tax Changes for 2014
   Bank of America rolls out EMV chip debit cards
    Texas billionaire buys Richmond’s Mechanics Bank
     Tesla co-founder Ian Wright snags FedEx for new hybrid engines
      44 Million US Homes Had Equity in Q2 2014
        AutoNaton Announces Highest Quarterly Retail New Vehicle Units
         since Q3 2006

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Archives---October 6, 2010
US Bank Equipment Finance Problems
Oh No! -- Portfolio Services to Close?
by Christopher Menkin

Leasing News recently reported U.S. Bank Equipment Finance--Technology Finance Group, previously known as the Oliver-Allen Group, located in Larkspur, California, had basically moved its operation up to Portland, Oregon after audit problems, lawsuit problems, management difficulties, and just plain cronyism, too.

There are other events that have come to light: the CEO of US Bank Equipment Finance Portfolio Services Joe Andries, officially Senior Vice-President and 20 year employee, was let go (confirmed by four reliable sources,) with other major changes and complaints here, as well as the Small Ticket Division, under Adrian Hebig and/or Tom Landmark, or who knows now, which has reportedly become a shell of what it had been just a few years ago. Sal Maglietta, out of Portland, Oregon, is head of the full division.

A highly reliable source reports that Joe Andries has joined Great America Leasing to start a portfolio service working out of Marshall, Minnesota. US Bank Portfolio Service is to exit altogether. Brian Bjella was originally in charge in 1995, and it is reported Andries will be working out of his offices for the time being, perhaps on a private label vendor portfolio program: designing and implementation. An official Great America announcement is expected soon.



Joe Andries
General Manager
GreatAmerica Portfolio Services
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Brian Bjella
Senior Vice President/General Manager
GreatAmerica Financial Services
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Adrian Hebig
Senior Sales Manager, Vendor Division
Wells Fargo Equipment Finance
Apple Valley, Minnesota

Tom Landmark
VP -Collections Risk Manager
U.S. Bancorp Equipment Finance
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sal Maglietta
Executive VP, Wholesale Banking
US Bank
New York, New York



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or looking to improve their position)

Tampa, FL
Executive leader accomplished in leasing operations, finance, sales and marketing seeking new opportunity. Capitalizes on strategic, ideation, communication and analytical strengths to identify opportunities, formulate solutions and articulate strategies that drive increased sales productivity, incremental revenue, operating expense reductions and customer acquisition and retention.

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Equipment Tax Deductions
by Christopher Menkin

Leasing News rarely gets into politics, but it appears a change in Section 179 deductions may not happen in 2014.  This deduction may be passed to the lessee’s in an operating lease, and is definitely the lessees in a capital lease (bargain purchase option).  In 2013, the deduction was set at $500,000, allowing a company to deduct up-front rather than depreciate the cost of equipment.  In 2014, it fell to $25,000.  The House has voted to set the deduction permanently at $500,000. The bill was sent to the Senate, where it awaits a vote.  Talk of tax reform does not include the investment tax credit
returning nor increasing the 179 deduction.

If the $500,000 increase it is passed, the leasing industry will see a very successful November and December, as will business and the economy as well, especially if equipment delivered in 2014.

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) Lease Accounting Project reports FASB has "...voted to grandfather transactions booked as leveraged leases in financial statements. Grandfathering these deals means that leveraged leases do not have to be restated when the new accounting rules take effect, which is not expected before 2018, although the Board has not yet formally decided on a transition date for the new rules.

"ELFA has written numerous comment letters to the Board and met with Board members and staff on this matter. In a meeting with the FASB and staff this summer, representatives of the ELFA and American Bankers Association explained the economic benefits of leveraged leases, which is credited with helping persuade the Boards to keep this accounting for previously booked transactions.

"In the bigger picture, it appears likely that the IASB and FASB will be unable to issue a single set of harmonized rules governing lease accounting on a worldwide basis. While there is consensus on some issues, there is clear disagreement on others, and the Boards do not seem to be willing or able to come together on those."

While this may be to the advantage of U.S. companies, it will not
be to those who also have operations worldwide, meaning they most
likely will be doing accounting under IASB rules and not FASB.


September 2014 Broker Survey Results
Wheeler Business Consulting

Scott Wheeler of sent out a controlled survey, no duplications, to third party originators, receiving 125 responses. He said it was "a sufficient sample to warrant confidence in the results. The results were relatively unchanged at benchmarks of 50, 75 and 100 participants - further indicating confidence in the results."

He noted the results gave him confirmation of his expectations, as well as some "unexpected results:"

    71.5% of brokers have less than 5 employees
    66.7% of brokers originate less than $10.0M annually (43.3% less than $5.0M)
    8.33% of brokers originate over $50.0M annually
    31.62% of brokers expect flat or declining growth in 2014
    68.3% of brokers expect growth in 2014 (29.1% expect 20% or greater growth)

"It's interesting to see that nearly a third of the brokers are not experiencing any growth; and that 29.1% are experiencing growth beyond 20%.  This disparity is confirmation of our observation that some originators are doing extremely well as others continue to fall further behind the pack. The survey also confirmed that the broker sector has larger participants that continue to expand - 1/3 have production beyond $10.0M and 8.3% have origination beyond $50.0M.

"The survey addressed alternative products offered by industry brokers.  It was unexpected that so many brokers of all sizes are participating in offering products beyond commercial equipment leasing and financing.

Mix of Business:

- 100% offer equipment finance and leasing
- 48.7% offer working capital and cash advance
- 25.21% offer factoring and A/R financing
- 26.05% offer other products including SBA

"The most unexpected result was that 48.7% of the brokers are participating and offering working capital and cash advance products. It should be noted that working capital products are a small percentage of total production for brokers with 77% of the survey participants indicating that working capital and cash advance products make up less than 25% of their business. However, 91.3% of the survey participants indicated they expect this sector of their business to grow over the next year; and 85% offer working capital and cash advance products because of clients' request.

"There are many providers of working capital and cash advance products in the market and the broker channel is a small origination source for most providers. However, the survey indicated that there is one dominate player, Channel Partners LLC, that specifically attracts commercial equipment brokers (51% of the survey participants indicated Channel Partners as a primary source for working capital and cash advance products).

"Through a post survey interview with Brad Peterson of Channel Partners, it was explained that Channel Partners has a unique penetration opportunity with the broker community, because of its staff's long-term relationships with the broker community that predates Channel Partners.  Many of the other working capital providers are relatively new entries into the broker community (not necessarily the working capital arena) and their penetration is taking more time.  69.2% of the participants in the survey, that choose Channel Partners as their primary source, indicated overall customer service as a determining factor choosing Channel Partners as their primary working capital cash advance funding source."

Call Scott @ 410- 877-0428 for more information or email:

Scott A. Wheeler
Wheeler Business Consulting
1314 Marquis Ct.
Fallston, Maryland 21047
Phone: 410 877 0428
Fax: 410 877 8161



Top Stories:  September 30--October 2
Opened Most by Readers of Leasing News

(1) De Lage Landen Changes Name
           and Catch the New Logo

(2) Richest Man in Leasing: Steven Udvar-Hazay

(3) Veteran Charlie Mann of “Leasing One” Passes Away

(4) Sales Makes it Happen by Steve Chriest
          Anger and the 80% Rule

(5) Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
            Internet Lease Proposals

(6) Banks Prepping Ahead of "Giant Sucking Sound" of Deposit Shift

(7) Pictures from the Past--1990
          Dean Cox, CLP

(8) New Hires---Promotions in the Leasing Industry

(9) Tiger Woods Announces Florida Restaurant

(10)  “Why I Left or Why Am I Looking?”
        Career Crossroad---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII





Leasing Industry Help Wanted


Collector, Atlanta, GA

Experienced, calling 11-90 day delinquent customers, assisting Asset Re-marketer with delinquency reporting, weekly reporting to home office.

Sales, Chicago, Atlanta

Work out of main office and satellite. Heavy phone sales calling on both independent dealers and end users (cold/warm calling), marketing, weekly reporting to management. Outside territorial salespeople will also be considered.

Contact: Michael Testa 312-881-3133
Financing for Commercial Truck & Trailer, Exotic, High Line, Vintage & Classic Automobiles, Taxi, Livery & Paratransit




New Mexico Bankruptcy Court Gives Lessor an
Administrative Claim for Lease Construction Equipment

By Tom McCurnin
Leasing News Legal Editor

Bankruptcy Code Provides That True Leases Which Are Not Assumed Nor Rejected Within 60 Days May Be Subject to Administrative Claim. Equipment Lessor Prevails in New Mexico Bankruptcy Court

In re Pettingill Enterprises, Inc. 486 B.R. 524 (Bkrtcy.D.N.M. 2013).

If you need another reason to make your leases true leases, today’s case may provide that motivation. As the reader might know, a true lease enjoys special treatment in the bankruptcy courts.  Although the debtor has 60 days from the notice to figure out if it wants to assume or reject the leases, the failure to do so, coupled with the use of the equipment during that time period may entitle the lessor to an administrative claim, which has priority over many other claims. 

In today’s case, the lessor made a clean sweep, not only recovering lease payments after the 60 day period, but also recovered its lease payments for the time period between the date of the petition and the start of the 60 day period. In addition, the lessor recovered costs of repair and even transportation of the equipment. The facts follow:

Bane Machinery is an equipment lessor which leased construction equipment to the Debtor Lessee in 2010. Pettingill Enterprises is the bankruptcy debtor and the lessee of that construction equipment. 

On February 14, 2012, the Lessee filed a Chapter 11 petition under
the Bankruptcy Code. On May 25, 2012, the Lessor filed a motion to compel the Lessee to either assume or reject the Leases, as well as a motion to compel the Lessee to abandon the equipment. The Court entered an Order which required the Lessee after July 2, 2012 to make total monthly rental payments of $19,707.20 for the Leases. The Lessee failed to make the required payments, and the Lessor repossessed the equipment on July 12, 2012.

After repossessing the equipment, the Lessor hauled the equipment to its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and ascertained that much of the equipment was damaged, so it performed various repairs in order to restore the rental equipment to its previous condition.

The Lessor made four distinct claims for money.

First, the Lessor made a claim for the lease payments of the equipment from and after the 60 day period until the Lessee rejected the lease.  A majority of courts have held that Bankruptcy Code § 365(d)(3) gives rise to an automatic administrative expense claim for lease payments accruing under a post-petition lease regardless of whether the rental property provided a benefit to the estate.  Thus the Court ruled that the Lessor was entitled to automatically recover, as an administrative expense, any lease payment becoming due between the 60th day after the filing of the bankruptcy petition and the rejection of the lease.  This sum included excess hour charges, e.g., the time meter on the engine. 

Second, the Lessor made a claim for lease payments accruing post-petition, but before the 60th day following the petition date. In order to recover lease payments that accrue during the first 59 days after the petition date, the lessor must show that the debtor gained some benefit from the property under Bankruptcy Code § 503(b).  Here, the Lessor demonstrated that the Lessee used the bulldozers continuously during the first 59 days after the petition date, excavating rock, which it later sold.  The Court held that the Lessor was entitled to lease payments for the first 59 days.

Third, the Lessor made a claim for the Lessor’s costs of repair, stemming from the Lessee’s damage to the equipment. Because the Lessee had an obligation to keep the equipment in good repair, the Court awarded the Lessor for the costs of repair. 

Finally, the Lessor claimed an administrative expense for transportation costs from New Mexico to Texas. Again, because the Lessee had an obligation to return the leased equipment to Texas, the Court awarded the Lessor with those transportation costs under § 365(d)(5).

Although the Lessee sought to offset the above administrative claims with alleged consequential damages it suffered as a result of lost profits during the two-month period it could not use the one of the bulldozers, the Court rejected that claim of offset because equipment was used and is leased on an ‘as is, where is' basis.”

So after protracted litigation, the Lessor was granted an administrative claim as to all charges. 

What are the lessons here?

•  First, true leases, especially in construction equipment, should be the norm. The stuff is often hard to locate after default, and contractors have been known to mistreat the leased equipment. As evidenced by this case, the lessor recovered significantly more that it would have had the lease been a mere security interest.

•  Second, although barely mentioned in the opinion, a significant amount of the damages were the excess hour (usage) charges. Most bulldozers have a time meter, and often the equipment lease includes, in addition to a fixed payment amount, an enhanced payment for excess hours on the meter.  If lessors are involved in construction equipment leases, the lessor should consider adding this to the payment schedule.

•  Third, another significant portion of the damages were repair costs and transportation. The lease in question had a beefy section for both of these components which allowed the Court to easily rule on this issue.  Don’t forget these areas when drafting a construction equipment lease.

The bottom line for this case is that good documentation and a very smart lawyer helped this equipment lessor make a clean sweep of its claim for an administrative expense in an equipment lease. 

Pettingill Case

Tom McCurnin is a partner at Barton, Klugman & Oetting
in Los Angeles, California.

Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting
350 South Grand Ave.
Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Direct Phone: (213) 617-6129
Cell (213) 268-8291
Visit our web site at
Previous Tom McCurnin Articles:

Previous Tom McCurnin Articles:



Leasing 102
by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

Internet Lease Proposals

Week two:  Equipment Finance Agreement with Purchase Option

This is the second of the series, since many leases under $250,000 are done over the internet, and not in person.  I suggested an additional sheet attached to your proposal to explain the type of lease product you are offering.  Last week, it was a “capital lease,” which in reality is a loan. (1)

This week the lease product is an “Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA)”. It is a common agreement, used a great deal.

This EFA transaction looks like a lease, but it is not so. The contract is not labeled as a lease, and has several purposes in doing so. There are two articles that follow this column that explain an EFA in more detail.  One by Attorney Barry Marks (2) and the other by Attorney Jim Coston, plus a Bank of the West Equipment Finance Agreement, included with permission. (3).

This column addresses utilizing a “purchase option” with the EFA. Similar to a “Capital Lease,” this document presents itself differently making the lessee the “debtor” and the lessor the “creditor.” You do not call it a "purchase option" but a fixed purchase obligation, which is actually
a "balloon payment."

Equipment Finance Agreement with Purchase Option

Dear ------,

This transaction is a non-cancelable transaction. We will retain a lien
on the equipment until all payments are received on an as agreed basis and the purchase obligation is paid. The document requires you to pay all assessed taxes on time and send proof to lessor of payment. 

Upon credit approval and subsequent signing of the documents, the vendor will invoice and then we will pay 100% of the purchase price after the equipment is delivered to you.

You are required to provide insurance on the equipment and provide a loss payable clause and an additional insured endorsement. 

You are offered a fixed purchase option at lease termination of $______, provided all payments have be paid in an as agreed manner.

You are considered the tax owner for income tax purposes. Your accountant will help you to determine the appropriate amount of interest each year.

We appreciate your business so if you have any questions please contact ______________________.  

  1. Capital Lease

  2. Equipment Finance Agreements Explained
    by Barry S. Marks, Esq.

  3. Special Report: Part I -- Could Church Kiosks,
    Royal Link Carts, NorVergence results bee avoided?

  4. Bank of the West Equipment Finance Agreemen

Mr. Terry Winders, CLP, has been a teacher, consultant, expert witness for the leasing industry for thirty-five years and can be reached at  or 502-649-0448

He invites your questions and queries.

Previous #102 Columns:


Mr. Terry Winders available as a consultant regarding assisting attorneys in resolving disputes or explaining procedures or reviewing documents as utilized in the finance and leasing industry.

He is the author of several books, including DVD's, as well as weekly columnist to Leasing News. He also performs audits of leasing companies as an expert on documentation, and has acted as an expert witness on leasing for litigation in legal and tax disputes, including before the IRS. He also has taught the senior bank examiners, how to review a bank leasing department, for the Federal Reserve in Washington D.C. and has trained the examiners for the FDIC on how to prepare a lease portfolio for sale.


(This ad is a “trade” for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Terry Winders, CLP)


Bank Credit Quality Improves
But How Much Better Can It Get?

By Hina Nawaz and Robb Soukup
SNL Financial Feature

Credit quality metrics continued to improve during the second quarter across the banking industry and will likely show further improvement as banks begin reporting third-quarter earnings.

But even as many banks have moved past the last credit crisis, industry observers say that many smaller institutions are still struggling with legacy problems, while some of their competitors are aggressively lending on terms that may lead to problems down the line.

Indeed, the largest institutions in the industry have for the most part seen continued declines in levels of problem assets and net charge-offs as a percentage of average loans, according to SNL data. Bank of America NA, the main subsidiary of Bank of America Corp., saw nonperforming assets fall by 16 basis points as a percentage of total assets during the second quarter, and Wells Fargo Bank NA saw a 12-basis-point decline in the same metric compared to the linked quarter. Both banks also reported declines in net charge-offs as a percentage of average loans.

Some major regional institutions also continued to work down their problem asset levels. SunTrust Banks Inc., for example, saw NPAs fall 15 basis points, to 2.05% of total assets.

Industrywide, adjusted nonperforming assets fell 5.14% from the linked quarter and were down by 16.26% on a year-over-year basis. Adjusted nonaccrual loans and adjusted past-due loans declined, as did adjusted OREO and current restructured loans on both a quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year basis.

Net charge-offs were down 4.27% on an aggregate basis from the previous quarter and fell nearly 30% from the second quarter of 2013, according to data collected by SNL.

Still, David Ruffin, a founder and managing member with Credit Risk Management LLC, says the aggregate numbers and improvements at the largest banks are masking some remaining problems at smaller institutions. He said that a number of key credit metrics that his firm analyzes, including NPAs, have not fallen industrywide the way they have at larger companies. "The other side of the coin is disproportionately more difficult for community banks," Ruffin said.

Some of those smaller institutions still face "significant structural impediments, and many of those small banks are unable to work off that dead weight because they can't take the capital hit," Ruffin told SNL.

Loan loss reserves also fell on an aggregate basis, and as a percentage of gross loans, during the quarter. Reserves were 1.58% of gross loans on an aggregate basis, down 9 basis points from the first quarter and down 35 basis points year over year.

Those metrics have probably fallen as far as they can, according to Ruffin. "The short-term answer is that they've pretty well bottomed out … you're just not going to have many regulators allowing reserves to fall" much lower, Ruffin said.

BankUnited Inc. Chairman, President and CEO John Kanas argued at a recent RBC Capital Markets investor conference that, in fact, the biggest risk to the industry is "the next credit cycle — it always is."

He admitted during his presentation that he did not know what the catalyst would be for the next credit cycle. He also pointed to loose underwriting standards as a worrisome trend happening across the industry and said that bankers need to be vigilant despite the improvements in the economy and credit numbers across the board.

"I don't know where it is, or when it is, but credit can't stay this good forever — there will be a change," Kanas said.




Victim or Might Be a Victim of Identity Theft?
NY AG Gives Advice

New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman issued the following, regarding a cyber-attack at JP Morgan (and it applies to any credit card theft victim):

If you might be a victim:

   - Report to any of the three credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Transunion or Experian) that you may have been a victim of identity theft. Make sure the credit reporting agency has your current contact information so it can get in contact with you. (Telephone numbers below).
   - Ask the credit reporting agencies to put a fraud alert on your credit file.  This will still allow you to use your credit card. If you put a fraud alert on your file, you may ask for a free credit report from each of the credit reporting agencies. Contacting any one of the three credit reporting agencies above is enough to file a credit alert with all of them. A credit alert must be renewed every 90 days.
   - You also have a right to put a credit freeze on your credit file. This will block someone from obtaining credit using your name or personal information. This means you won’t be able to apply for any new credit cards or loans while the freeze is in effect, but you can continue to use your existing cards. To freeze your credit file, you must notify each of the three major credit bureaus. You can remove the freeze temporarily or permanently by contacting each of the three agencies. There is no fee if you have been the victim of identity theft. You may be charged a fee of up to $5  if you have not been a victim of identity theft.
   - You should also check your credit activity regularly with each credit issuer.  You don’t need to wait for your monthly statement, though you should check that as well.  Many banks provide online information to account holders about recent activity. 

If you are a victim:

   - Create an identity theft fraud report.  To create one, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and print your Identity Theft Affidavit. You can call the FTC at 1-877-438-4338 or visit this website.
   - Use that to file a police report and create your Identity Theft Report.
   - An Identity Theft Report will help you deal with credit reporting companies, debt collectors and any fraudulent accounts that the ID thief opened in your name.
   - Put a freeze (not just a fraud alert) on your credit report by notifying each of the credit reporting agencies (Equifax, TransUnion or Experian). The freeze can be removed only by you.
   - Get your credit report from each of the three agencies. You are entitled to free reports once you post a fraud alert or put a freeze on your account. Read the reports carefully to see whether other fraudulent transactions or accounts are listed, and then take steps to correct the errors.
   - Check your credit card account frequently to look for any irregular activity.

Contact information for the credit reporting agencies:




John Kenny
Receivables Management

• End of Lease Negotiations & Enforcement 
• Fraud Investigations
• Credit Investigations • Asset Searches 
• Skip-tracing • Third-party Commercial Collections | ph 315-866-1167|

(Leasing News provides this ad as a trade for investigations
and background information provided by John Kenny)


Social Media: Differences in Gender, Age, and Income
By Thiago Guimarães,

  • Facebook still skews significantly female. Women in the U.S. are more likely to use Facebook than men by about 10 percentage points, according to a 2013 survey of social network adoption.
  • Facebook remains the top social network for U.S. teens. Nearly half of teen Facebook users say they're using the site more than last year, and Facebook has more daily teen users than any other social network.
  • That said, Instagram has edged out Facebook and Twitter in terms of prestige among young users. U.S. teens now describe Instagram as "most important," while Facebook and Twitter lost ground on this measure, according to Piper Jaffray's twice yearly teen survey. The survey also found that 83% of U.S. teens in wealthy households were on Instagram.
  • LinkedIn is actually more popular than Twitter among U.S. adults. LinkedIn's core demographic is those aged between 30 and 49, i.e. those in the prime of their career-rising years. Not surprisingly, LinkedIn also has a pronounced skew toward well-educated users.
  • Twitter has begun to lean worryingly toward male users, whereas previously it was a more gender-balanced social network. Pew found that 22% of men use Twitter, while only 15% of women do.
  • YouTube reaches more adults aged 18 to 34 than any single cable TV network. Nearly half of people in this age group visited YouTube between December 2013 and February 2014, according to Nielsen. It was rated by millennials as the top place to watch content, ahead of digital and TV properties like Facebook and ESPN.
  • Snapchat is the youngest social network of all. More than six out of 10 Snapchat users are in the 18-to-24 age group, compared to 28% of Instagram users, according to a survey by Informate.

For the full report, and to subscribe to BI Intelligence


Conducting a Confidential Job Search while Employed
Career Crossroad---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII


One of the best times to look for a new job is when you already have a job. Employed jobseekers tend to be more desirable to some hiring managers than unemployed jobseekers. Additionally, investing $1,000-$2,000 on interview attire and having your resume and LinkedIn profile updated by a professional is easier when you have a salary.

Important Note
Make sure you provide your personal phone numbers / cell phone and email addresses to recruiters and potential employers. E.g., on your LinkedIn Profile include your personal contact information (under Contact Information) – take the time to make sure your profile includes this information!

Do not attend job fairs or hand out your resume at conferences
or association functions

One job seeker reviewed the roster of participating employers at a conference and did not see his company listed. He thought he would share his desire to leave his current employer and distribute his resume to a few participants. However, as he made the rounds of the booths, his current boss spotted him, which led to an awkward conversation and his departure from the company sooner than he had originally planned. Some conferences and job fairs collect resumes and distribute them to all participating companies. A few companies enter these into a database to search for their company name to identify current employees looking for new jobs.

Do not respond to “blind ads”
Do not submit your resume for positions where the company name is not listed. More than one job seeker has applied for “the perfect job” only to find it advertised by their employer!

Do not post your resume online
Not only is it likely to be found by someone at your current company, but also resumes posted publicly stay out there “forever”. When possible, apply only for positions you are interested in, and apply directly on the company website, if possible, instead of through a job board. Best is to work with a recruiter who can conduct your search confidentially on your behalf.

Do not post about your job search on social media
Additionally, do not post about being unhappy in your current job on social media - no matter how locked down you think your privacy settings are. Anyone can take a screen shot of your post and share it with anyone else.

Do not lie if asked if you are looking for a job
That is especially important if that question comes from your current boss. If you are asked, be honest - but you should also re-double your job search efforts. In the event of a layoff, you will likely be the first to be let go, “since you were planning on leaving anyway”.

Do create a “confidential” version of your resume
Remove your name, write “Confidential Candidate”, and include your generic email address and personal cell phone number. Do not put your home phone number on a confidential resume - a reverse phone number lookup may reveal your identity.

Do watch what you wear
If you typically work in a “business casual” environment, if you show up in a suit (because you have an interview over lunch), that will likely arouse suspicion. Plan enough time to change before your interview. Furthermore, be careful about making dramatic changes in your appearance (hairstyles, clothes, etc.). 

Do keep up your efforts at work while you conduct your job search
Companies want employees who are committed to their job, not their job search.

Emily Fitzpatrick
Sr. Recruiter
Recruiters International, Inc.
Phone:  954-885-9241
Cell:  954-612-0567
Invite me to Connect on LinkedIn
Also follow us on Twitter #RIIINFO

Career Crossroads Previous Columns



##### Press Release ############################

ELFF Q4 Economic Outlook Increases 2014 Equipment
and Software Investment Growth Forecast to 5.5%

Washington, DC,  –- Investment in equipment and software is expected to grow 5.5 percent in 2014, according to the Q4 update to the 2014 Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook released today by the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation. The Foundation revised its 2014 equipment and software investment forecast to 5.5 percent, up from 2.6 percent growth forecast in its Q3 Update to the 2014 Annual Outlook released in July. Equipment and software investment is expected to steadily grow over the next six months across most verticals due to a gradually strengthening economy and continued replacement demand. The Foundation report, which is focused on the $827 billion equipment leasing and finance industry, forecasts 2014 equipment investment and capital spending in the United States and evaluates the effects of various related and external factors in play currently and into the foreseeable future.

William G. Sutton, CAE, President of the Foundation and President and CEO of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA), said, “The Foundation’s Outlook forecasts that steadily improving economic conditions point to increased investment and financing activity through the end of the year. Industry confidence has remained consistently positive and capital spending is up, as recent data from the Foundation’s Monthly Confidence Index and ELFA’s Monthly Leasing and Finance Index reflect. Although challenges remain—from geopolitical risks to global growth concerns—we remain optimistic regarding the outlook for the equipment finance sector through the end of 2014.”

Highlights from the study include:

             The U.S. economy is expected to grow 2.2 percent in 2014.

      • Overall, the economy appears to be exhibiting gradually improving health, although serious headwinds remain. A solidifying economic recovery, downside risks stemming from geopolitical conflict, and continued accommodative monetary policy are key trends dictating our outlook for 2014.
      • Growth in equipment and software investment rebounded from a 0.4 percent contraction in Q1 2014 to expanding 9.6 percent in Q2.  Looking ahead, we expect continued growth in Q3, modest sector growth for the coming year, with an overall forecast of 5.5 percent growth in 2014. Credit supply continues to improve, and credit demand has held steady for all business sizes.  

The Foundation-Keybridge U.S. Equipment & Software Investment Momentum Monitor.

The Momentum Monitor, which tracks 12 equipment and software investment verticals, forecasts the following equipment investment activity:

  • Agriculture machinery investment will likely see year-on-year contraction through the rest of 2014, as both farm yields and commodity prices remain modest.
  • Construction machinery investment is expected to experience moderate growth over the next 2 quarters.
  • Materials handling equipment investment will likely experience stronger growth over the next 3 to 6 months.
  • All other industrial equipment investment will likely see continued solid growth over the next 3 to 6 months as the “re-shoring” of manufacturing continues to be a dominant economic story in 2014.
  • Medical equipment investment is expected to experience slowing growth near the end of the year.
  • Mining & oilfield machinery will likely see slower growth following a strong first half of 2014.
  • Aircraft investment will likely experience stronger growth towards the end of year.
  • Ships & boats investment will likely slow after rebounding solidly in Q2 2014.
  • Railroad equipment investment is likely to accelerate over the next 3 to 6 months.
  • Investment in trucks is expected to exhibit modest growth through the year, reflecting improved economic conditions.
  • Computers investment will likely remain muted following strong replacement demand seen in recent quarters.
  • Software investment will likely see continued moderate growth in the next 3 to 6 months as companies continue to make investments in software and cloud technologies.

About the Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook
The Foundation produces the Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook report in partnership with economics and public policy consulting firm Keybridge Research. The annual economic forecast provides a three-to-six-month outlook for industry investment with data, including a summary of investment trends in key equipment markets, credit market conditions, the U.S. macroeconomic outlook and key economic indicators. The Q4 report is the third update to the 2014 Annual Outlook. The 2015 Annual Outlook will be published in December.  Download the full report at 

About the Foundation-Keybridge U.S. Equipment & Software Investment Momentum Monitor
The Momentum Monitors consist of indices for 12 vertical markets and are designed to identify turning points in their respective investment cycles with a 3 to 6-month lead time. In addition to their presence in the quarterly Economic Outlook, monthly Momentum Monitors are available to Foundation donors free of charge. Non-donors may purchase individual Momentum Monitors at 

About the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation
The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides vision for the equipment leasing and finance industry through future-focused information and research. Funded through charitable individual and corporate donations, the Foundation is the only organization dedicated to future-oriented, in-depth, independent research for the leasing industry. In 2014, the Foundation celebrates is 25th anniversary. Visit the Foundation online at   Follow the Foundation on Twitter @ LeaseFoundation. 

About Keybridge
Keybridge is a public policy economics consulting firm.  Keybridge provides analytical support and strategic advice to a select clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies, global financial firms, G-7 governments, premier industry associations, and non-profit organizations.  Keybridge’s experience and expertise make it uniquely suited to assist organizations that frequently operate at the interface of business, economics, and public policy.

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### Press Release ############################

Newest Version of Linedata Capitalstream Offers
Innovative Digital Banking Features

End-to-end credit processing from e-signature to mobile

PARIS, SEATTLE, IRVINE, – Linedata (NYSE Euronext: LIN), the global solutions provider dedicated to the investment management and credit industries, is pleased to announce a new version of Linedata Capitalstream for the finance teams of commercial banks, manufacturing captives and independent finance providers. This latest version delivers a stronger ROI, increases operational efficiencies, and improves competitive advantage by integrating new technologies that respond to evolving user expectations.

Bill Kramer
SVP, Product Management

“As clients look at their overall business and identify how they will drive their growth in the future it is essential that we remain committed to providing new and compelling digital banking features in the Linedata Capitalstream platform to meet evolving user expectations,” remarks Bill Kramer, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Linedata Lending & Leasing North America. “By helping our clients increase their business value with new and improved digital features, as well as advanced analytics and reporting, we provide an end-to-end platform fully supported by Linedata’s knowledgeable implementation specialists. Our current and future product strategy is to provide a cost-effective and fully scalable origination and risk management solution that enables our client base to work more efficiently, compete more effectively, monitor performance and compliance, and optimize the overall user experience.”

Industry analysts, client surveys and market assessments all highlight the immediate impact of increased regulatory scrutiny, emerging competition and the need to service clients more quickly. As a result, the cost of doing business is increasing and the market is showing less stability. These factors are shifting the lending and leasing market and changing business needs. Another key trend in the marketplace - leveraging technology to address business challenges – instead creates opportunity. In order for firms to stay competitive, it is critical that a loan and lease management solution takes advantage of new technologies and trends in digital banking.

Linedata Capitalstream’s new digital banking features provide the commercial lending and equipment finance industries with the solutions and decisioning tools required to quickly receive credit approval to be ahead of the curve in a very competitive market, and to support overall the growth of the credit business. As the connected device landscape continues to evolve, Linedata Capitalstream is at the forefront by addressing these needs now and in the future for their clients.

The Linedata Capitalstream mobile application allows users to effectively and efficiently access information using mobile devices which helps deals move seamlessly through the origination process from the field. In order to meet the need for streamlined and comprehensive operational and risk management throughout the lending and leasing life cycle, the platform supports automated integrations with numerous third-party systems and technology.

This release also introduces a new e-signature capability, in partnership with Silanis, one of the major global leaders. Linedata Capitalstream and Silanis directly integrate, exchanging borrower and document information at appropriate points in the origination process, in order to facilitate electronic signature with full audit trails, automated workflow integration and document storage.

The Business Intelligence (BI) Suite is a companion module that complements the Linedata Capitalstream origination and risk management platform, delivering “plug-and-play”, multi-dimensional business analytics structured around subject-specific data sets. It enables users to gain critical business insights, manage risk, meet regulatory requirements and optimize deal processing. Linedata Capitalstream delivers an expanded BI Suite that includes data sets for Loan Origination analysis, Portfolio Analysis and Workflow Analysis and rich tools for implementation, data ETL (extract, transformation and loading), historical data capture, and easy customization.

#### Press Release #############################


Labrador Retriever
Sioux City, South Dakota  Adopt-a-Dog


Breed: Labrador
Age: 1 year 9 months
Sex: Male
House Trained: Unknown | lived on a farm
Likes: Kids | Dogs | Strangers | ok with kids ages 5+
Dislikes: Cats | chases cats
Adult Size: Large | 54 pounds
Fee: $70

"Howdy! My name is Blizzard. I was brought to the shelter because my owner is moving and I cannot go with. I do not mind strangers and I have been around children 5+ and I get along with them. I have not met any dogs, and I did chase the cats on the farm. I was brought in the house at night and kenneled. I know sit, come, and my name. My favorite toys are tennis ball. I tend to bury them sometimes. I have a lot of energy and will need plenty of room to run. I am not neutered, but I am microchipped, frontlined, and started on my vaccinations. Come and see me and take me to my forever home."

Sioux Falls Area Humane Society
3720 E Benson Rd
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Hours of Operation
Saturday - Wednesday
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday - Friday
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

(605) 338-4441

Adopt a Pet



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Hewlett-Packard Plans To Split In Two

Small Business Tax Changes for 2014

Bank of America rolls out EMV chip debit cards 

Texas billionaire buys Richmond’s Mechanics Bank

Tesla co-founder Ian Wright snags FedEx for new hybrid engines

44 Million US Homes Had Equity in Q2 2014 

AutoNaton Announces Highest Quarterly Retail New Vehicle Units since Q3 2006




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A Secret Service lapse with a Michigan connection: Obama security let senator mingle with president


SparkPeople--Live Healthier and Longer

50 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories


Baseball Poem

Somewhere Out There
Tim Peeler
Beyond the rim of what we can see,
A drain waits for Mantle's uncareful foot
A drain named Martin moves in slow
Pickup truck movements across
The hoary crest of the morning hill
Somewhere out there,
History loops in long horse lopes
As Davey Lopes covers second
On a runaway steal.
Somewhere out there,
Time staggers on the teeth of a reel
And the God of the universe
Checks His counter obsessively
And curses quietly to Himself.


from “ Touching the Bases”
 These come from a soft cover 128 pages with index published by 
(they take two weeks to send, but you are helping this company stay alive), or you can buy from Amazon, for the same price, but perhaps faster delivery. While they are all mostly baseball, some are not. He is a unique American poet. He lives in Hickory, North Carolina.




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Tom Brady thinks he’s being replaced and is livid

Chargers dominate Jets in 31-0 win

49ers beat Chiefs 22-17 with Help of Fake Punt

Cowboys win despite biggest home-field disadvantage in NFL

Seahawks’ game with Washington evokes memories of Jan. 2013 playoff game at FedEx Field

Rallying Rams can't overcome big deficit

Peyton Manning joins Brett Favre with 500 TD passes



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Thirst Turns to Desperation in Rural California 

Folsom honors Johnny Cash legacy with overpass, trail 

Williams-Sonoma has finally come home to Sonoma

San Rafael's Venable enjoying life in the Canadian Football League


“Gimme that Wine”

Posert, Wine Industry PR Innovator, Dies

"We're shutting Vintners' Alliance down"

Winemaker Joe Dobbes on 'the best year ever' for Oregon grapes (Photos)

Sonoma-Cutrer® Brings Together Every Winemaker in its History for First Time to Craft One-of-a-Kind Chardonnay

Randy Dunn brings maverick style from Napa to Walla Walla

Free Mobile Wine Program

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page


This Day in History

      1683 - The first Mennonites debarked for America on the Concord: 13 German and Dutch families from Krefeld, Germany, led by Francis Daniel Pastorius. They were induced to come to American through the generosity of William Penn, who offered them 5,000 acres of land in Pennsylvania and freedom from religious persecution. Their settlement, called Germantown, is now a neighborhood in Philadelphia.
    1723 – Benjamin Franklin arrives in Philadelphia at age 17, from Boston.
    1777 – In the Battle of Germantown in the American Revolution, Gen. Washington was defeated by the British.
    1780 - Henry Laurens of Charlestown, SC, president of the Continental Congress from 1777 to 1778, was imprisoned as an enemy agent in the Tower of London. On August 13, 1780, Laurens sailed from Philadelphia, PA, on the brigantine Mercury en route to Holland, where he was to negotiate a loan and treaty. Three weeks later, he was captured by the British off Newfoundland. He threw his papers overboard, but they were recovered and led to the British declaration of war against Holland. From October 6, 1780 to December 31, 1791, he was imprisoned in the Tower on suspicion of high treason, and was forced to pay for his room, board, and guard.  He was released in exchange for the British army leader Lord Cornwallis, who had surrendered to General George Washington at Yorktown, VA. Laurens, with Benjamin Franklin and John Jay, drew up the preliminary treaty of peace with Great Britain on November 30, 1782, to terminate the Revolutionary War.
    1781 - Americans and French began the siege of Cornwallis at Yorktown, the last battle of Revolutionary War. They began digging the first parallel trenches, a distance of 500 to 600 yards from the enemy's works. A French wagon train arrived at the siege site.
    1783 - Benjamin Hanks patents self-winding clock
     1825 - The first giant exhibited as a theatrical attraction was Patrick Magee, “just arrived from Ireland,” who went on exhibition on October 26, 1825 at 13 Park Exchange, New York City, from 7am until 10 pm. A charge of 25 cents was made to see the giant, “conspicuous for the masculine beauty of his form and his surprising strength.”
    1836 - Second early season snowstorm produced 25 inches of wet snow at Auburn, NY and 11 inches at Wilkes-Barre, PA. All the mountains in the northeast were whitened.
    1846 - George Westinghouse birthday at Central Bridge, NY.  Engineer and inventor of the air brake for trains. He was the first employer to give his employees paid vacations. Westinghouse died at New York, NY, March 12, 1914.
    1848 - The S.S. California, 10,105 tons, left New York City to establish steamboat service to California around Cape Horn. She was built as the first of three steamboats specified in a government mail contract to provide mail, passenger, and freight service from Panama to and from San Francisco and Oregon. She stopped at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Valparaiso, Chile, and Callao and Paita, Peru. On February 28, 1949, the ship reached San Francisco, where most of the crew deserted to work the gold fields.
    1857 - The first chess tournament of importance was held this day to November 10, by the American Chess Congress in New York City under the sponsorship of the New York Chess Club. The victor of the grand Tournament was Paul Charles Murphy, who received the first prize, a silver service consisting of a pitcher, four goblets, and a salver. Murphy was 20 years old and from New Orleans, LA.   Between 1857-59, he played 95 games, including 68 victories, 14 draws, and 13 losses. He won the Grand Tournament of the First National Chess Association in England and France, held from July 19 to August 22, 1858.
    1863 - Dr. Charles H Sheppard opens 1st public bath, in Brooklyn, NY.
    1863 -POND, JAMES B.  Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: First Lieutenant, Company C, 3d Wisconsin Cavalry. Place and date: At Baxter Springs, Kans., 6 October 1863. Entered service at: Janesville, Rock County, Wis. Birth: Allegany, N.Y. Date of issue: 30 March 1898. Citation: While in command of 2 companies of Cavalry, was surprised and attacked by several times his own number of guerrillas, but gallantly rallied his men, and after a severe struggle drove the enemy outside the fortifications. 1st Lt. Pond then went outside the works and, alone and unaided, fired a howitzer 3 times, throwing the enemy into confusion and causing him to retire.
     1867 - Frank Sparks, John Reno, and Simeon Reno boarded an Ohio and Mississippi Railroad baggage and express car while it was getting into motion and threw off two safes, one containing $15,000 and the other $30,000.  This event is considered the first train robbery in the US. The second safe was recovered. The bandits were arrested, freed on bail, and never tried, although they were later convicted of other crimes. Robbing trains became common.  While it is doubtful there is a connection, there are towns in Nevada named Reno and Sparks.
    1884 - Department of the Navy establishes the Naval War College at Newport, RI. Secretary of the Navy William E. Chandler signed General Order 325, which began by simply stating: “A college is hereby established for an advanced course of professional study for naval officers, to be known as the Naval War College.” The order went on to assign “the principal building on Coaster's Harbor Island, Newport, R.I., the Newport Asylum for the Poor, built in 1820, to its use and Commodore Stephen B. Luce . . . to duty as president of the college.” Such were the humble beginnings of what is now the oldest continuing institution of its kind in the world.
    1889 – Thomas Edison shows a motion picture on his invention for the first time.
    1893 - Nabisco Foods invents Cream of Wheat
    1897 –American physician Florence B. Seibert was born at Easton, PA. She developed the test for tuberculosis that as adopted by the US and used worldwide by the World Health Organization. She died August 23, 1991, at St. Petersberg, FL.
     1905 - Helen Wills Moody (Roark) birthday, tennis player born at Centerville, CA. Perhaps the greatest American tennis player, Wills Moody won 31 major titles, including Wimbledon eight times and the US championship seven times. From August, 1926, through 1935, she did not lose a match or even a single set. She led a reclusive life after retiring, but she painted and wrote mystery novels and her autobiography, Died at Carmel, CA, 1998.
    1906 - Birthday of Janet Gaynor, born Laura Gainor at Philadelphia, PA. She became the first winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress for her cumulative work in two 1927 films, “Sunrise and Seventh Heaven”, and for 1928's “Street Angel”. Gaynor died September 14, 1984 in Palm Springs, Ca.
    1908 – Carole Lombard birthday.
    1911 - Cy Young's farewell appearance in a Major League game is a letdown as he loses to Brooklyn, 13-3, in a Boston Braves uniform in his 906th game.
     1914 – World explorer Thor Heyerdahl born.
     1916 - American mystery writer Stanley Ellin born Brooklyn, NY.  One of the modern masters of the genre, he is best known for his short stories. Received Edgar Allan Poe Award from the Mystery Writers of America in 1954 (for the short story “The House Party”), 1956 (short story “The Blessington Method”) and 1958 (novel “The Eighth Circle”).  In 1975 he won Le Grand Prix de Littérature Policière for the novel “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”.
    1917 - African-American civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer’s birthday. She led the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and risked her life to register voters in Mississippi. She became active with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) although she only had a sixth-grade education. The group successfully challenged the various laws that excluded most blacks from voting. It was dangerous as bigoted whites sometimes resorted to violence to keep blacks from exercising their constitutional rights. Fannie Lou Hamer was the youngest of 20 children of a sharecropper family and worked the fields at a very young age. She spent most of her adult life working to improve the economic conditions of blacks in the south. As a newsman, I interviewed her in person, and many times by telephone during the Democratic Convention. Died March 14, 1977.

    1917 – The word "jazz" first used in print. The "Literary Digest" described jazz as music that caused people to, "shake, jump & writhe in ways to suggest a return to the medieval jumping mania."
   1918 - BLECKLEY, ERWIN R. (Air Mission)  Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Corps, 130th Field Artillery, observer 50th Aero Squadron, Air Service. Place and date. Near Binarville, France, 6 October 1918. Entered service at: Wichita, Kans. Birth: Wichita, Kans. G.O. No.: 56, W.D., 1922. Citation: 2d Lt. Bleckley, with his pilot, 1st Lt. Harold E. Goettler, Air Service, left the airdrome late in the afternoon on their second trip to drop supplies to a battalion of the 77th Division, which had been cut off by the enemy in the Argonne Forest. Having been subjected on the first trip to violent fire from the enemy, they attempted on the second trip to come still lower in order to get the packages even more precisely on the designated spot. In the course of his mission the plane was brought down by enemy rifle and machinegun fire from the ground, resulting in fatal wounds to 2d Lt. Bleckley, who died before he could be taken to a hospital. In attempting and performing this mission 2d Lt. Bleckley showed the highest possible contempt of personal danger, devotion to duty, courage, and valor.
    1918 -GOETTLER, HAROLD ERNEST (Air Mission)  Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: First Lieutenant, pilot, U.S. Army Air Corps, 50th Aero Squadron, Air Service. Place and date: Near Binarville, France, 6 October 1918. Entered service at: Chicago, Ill. Born: 21 July 1890, Chicago, Ill. G.O. No.: 56, W.D., 1922. Citation: 1st. Lt. Goettler, with his observer, 2d Lt. Erwin R. Bleckley, 130th Field Artillery, left the airdrome late in the afternoon on their second trip to drop supplies to a battalion of the 77th Division which had been cut off by the enemy in the Argonne Forest. Having been subjected on the first trip to violent fire from the enemy, they attempted on the second trip to come still lower in order to get the packages even more precisely on the designated spot. In the course of this mission the plane was brought down by enemy rifle and machinegun fire from the ground, resulting in the instant death of 1st. Lt. Goettler. In attempting and performing this mission 1st. Lt. Goettler showed the highest possible contempt of personal danger, devotion to duty, courage and valor.
     1918 - PECK, ARCHIE A.  Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private, U.S. Army, Company A, 307th Infantry, 77th Division. Place and date: In the Argonne Forest, France, 6 October 1918. Entered service at: Hornell, N.Y. Birth: Tyrone, N.Y. G.O. No.: 16, W.D., 1919. Citation: While engaged with 2 other soldiers on patrol duty, he and his comrades were subjected to the direct fire of an enemy machinegun, at which time both his companions were wounded. Returning to his company, he obtained another soldier to accompany him to assist in bringing in the wounded men. His assistant was killed in the exploit, but he continued on, twice returning safely bringing in both men, being under terrific machinegun fire during the entire Journey.
    1920 – Brothers faced each other for the first time in a World Series.  Cleveland's Wheeler Johnston pinch-hits as brother Jimmy plays 3rd base for Brooklyn.
    1921 – The fewest hits in a World Series game as the Yankees, in Babe Ruth’s first Series with them, defeated the New York Giants, 3-0.  The Yanks had 3 hits, the Giants, 2.  All the games were played in the Polo Grounds in Harlem which was shared by these teams until John McGraw of the Giants told the Yanks to leave.  Yankee Stadium opened with the 1923 season.
    1923 – The Majors’ first unassisted triple play was turned by Ernie Padgett of the Boston Braves against the Phillies.
     1926 – Babe Ruth hit three HRs in a World Series game for the Yankees against the St. Louis Cardinals, the first time this had been done.  This was the game sensationalized by Ruth’s supposed promise to a sick boy, Johnny Sylvester, that he would hit two HRs for him, after which the boy miraculously recovered.  The Yankees won the game, 10-5, but the Cardinals won the Series in seven games.
    1927 - The film "The Jazz Singer" starring Al Jolson opened in New York City. It was the first full-length feature film to include spoken dialogue and is regarded as the first "talkie." The film was based on the short story "The Day of Atonement" by Sampson Raphaelson. In reality, “The Jazz Singer” was not a true talkie. There were only 291 spoken words in the landmark film; however, it was the first to integrate sound and this small amount of dialogue into a story through the Vitaphone disk process, and the first to entertain a large audience. The talking part was mostly singing, and it was Al Jolson who made the flick a success, proving to the critics that an all-talking film could work. Because he didn't think the pioneer of talkies would be all the rage, George Jessel actually turned down the starring role; as did Eddie Cantor.  A silent version of the film was released to movie theaters that had not yet popped for the $20,000 or so it cost to rewire their venue. The audience was thrilled with Jolson's sound performance as a cantor's son, Jake Rabinowitz, rejecting the world he came from to become a singer of popular music while changing his name to Jack Robin in the process. Although not jazz as we know it, the songs Jolson sang became part of American music culture: “Toot Toot Tootsie (Goodbye)”, “Blue Skies”, “Waiting for the Robert E. Lee” and, of course, “My Mammy”. For those truly with a need to know, Neil Diamond did not audition for Jolson's part when finding out that Jessel had turned it down. Diamond performed in a remake of “The Jazz Singer” in 1980. As Jolson said, "Wait a minute, wait a minute, you ain't heard nothin' yet!" Maybe, through the wonders of modern technology, we could hear Jolson and Diamond together, in concert. That would be the Mammy of all jazz singin': "Mammy, how I love you, how I love you, my dear old mammy!"
    1927 – “Holy Toledo!”  Long-time A’s and Raiders broadcaster Bill king was born in Bloomington, IL.  King passed in 2005.
    1930 - William Faulkner's novel “As I Lay Dying” is published.
    1938 – The Yankees’ Lefty Gomez sets a World Series record of winning six games without a loss.  A seven-time All-Star and member of 5 World Series champs, Gomez was elected to Baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1972.
    1941 - On Columbia Records, Claude Thornhill and his orchestra recorded "Autumn Serenade".
    1941 - A tornado hit Kansas City, MO leaving 4 dead and causing $250,000 damage.
    1943 – An original Bond girl, actress Britt Ekland was born.
    1945 - Major General Keller E. Rockey, Commanding General, III Amphibious Corps, accepted the surrender of 50,000 Japanese troops in North China on behalf of the Chinese Nationalist government.
    1945 – Chicago tavern owner "Billy Goat" Sianis buys a seat for his goat for Game 4 of the World Series between the Cubs and Tigers.  He was escorted out, casting the goat curse on Cubs.  As of 2014, this is the last appearance for the Chicago Cubs in the Fall Classic. Having last won the Series in 1908, the Cubs own the dubious record of both the longest league pennant drought and the longest World Series drought in history.
     1947 - Bob Weir (Robert Hall) of the Grateful Dead is born in San Francisco.
    1948 - In Game 1 of the Fall Classic at Braves Field, Boston manages only two hits, but Johnny Sain beats Bob Feller and the Cleveland Indians, 1-0. 'Rapid Robert' appears to have picked off Phil Masi at second but umpire Bill Stewart says safe, and Tommy Holmes follows with a single which scores the game's only run.
    1949 - American-born Iva Toguri D'Aquino, convicted of being Japanese wartime broadcaster Tokyo Rose, was sentenced in San Francisco to 10 years in prison and fined $10,000. Though forced to broadcast to the troops, she claimed that she, with the help of American POWs assigned to the radio broadcasts, made herself and her words purposefully ridiculous. She had refused to give up her American citizenship, despite pressure and even punishment from the Japanese who forced her into the broadcasting role. In the 1970s, a public campaign brought to light the testimony of the POWs who worked with her and supported her story. The testimony of the witnesses against her was questioned. Eventually she was pardoned by President Gerald Ford. After her imprisonment, she returned to Chicago where her family owned a store. She continued to work at the store into her eighties.
    1949 – CBS CEO Les Moonves born in NYC.
    1951 – In a night assault, Hill 931, the highest peak at Heartbreak Ridge, was secured by troops of the 2nd Infantry Division's 23rd Infantry Regiment after bitter fighting.
    1952 - The battle for White Horse Mountain in the Chorwon Valley took place. The defending Republic of Korea 9th Infantry Division inflicted 10,000 casualties in fierce combat with the attacking Chinese 38th Army at a cost 3,500 ROK casualties. During the battle, the ROK forces launched nine separate attacks against the communists.
    1954 - Top Hits
“Hey There” - Rosemary Clooney (George’s aunt)
“I Need You Now” - Eddie Fisher
“If I Give My Heart to You” - Doris Day
“I Don't Hurt Anymore” - Hank Snow
    1955 - Billboard reports major Hollywood studios are getting into the rock ‘n’ roll film biz. Twentieth Century-Fox with "Do Re Mi," starring Fats Domino, Jayne Mansfield and Little Richard and another project called "Cool it, Baby." Paramount has "Lonesome Cowboy," with Elvis Presley as the star. (The film is never made.)
    1955 – LSD is legalized in the US.
    1956 - "Love Me Tender" sung by Elvis Presley is released.
    1956 – Dr. Albert Sabin discovers the oral vaccine for polio.  Before this, we all lined up in the nurse’s office to get our polio shots.
    1958 - Billboard story claims that "payola, that under-the-turntable device whereby record companies win plugs and influence disc jockeys, is fast growing into a monster that may yet destroy its creators. According to key record execs, jockey payola is so widespread that it's no longer possible to measure its effectiveness." There is no mention of Alan Freed, whose career…and life…will shortly be killed by payola scandal.  Remarkably, Dick Clark and others skated.
    1958 - Conway Twitty's "It's Only Make Believe" enters the pop charts at #47. It will be Number One in both the U.S. and U.K.
    1958 – US nuclear submarine Seawolfe remains a record 60 days under the North Pole.
     1959 - The largest crowd ever to attend a major league game, 92,706 fans at the LA Memorial Coliseum, watch a nail biter as White Sox hurler Bob Shaw beats Sandy Koufax and the Dodgers, 1-0 in Game 5 of the Fall Classic.
    1959 – One of sports’ best nicknames was born.  Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd was born in Meridian, MS where beer is referred to as oil.  He pitched for several teams, mostly with the Red Sox. 
    1961 - JFK advised Americans to build fallout shelters from atomic fallout in the event of a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union.
    1962 - Robert Goulet stepped out of the role of Sir Lancelot after singing/acting the part since 1960. The fabulously successful Broadway musical, “Camelot”, also starred Richard Burton as King Arthur and Julie Andrews as Queen Guinevere.
    1962 - Top Hits
“Sherry” - The 4 Seasons
Monster Mash - Bobby “Boris” Picket
“Let's Dance” - Chris Montez
“Devil Woman” - Marty Robbins
    1963 - The Dodgers complete a four-game World Series sweep of the Yankees as Sandy Koufax wins his second game, 2-1. Frank Howard leads the offense with a home run and a single and New York's first baseman Joe Pepitone's error (loses a thrown ball in white-shirted crowd) leads to the decisive run in the seventh inning. 
    1963 – Actress Elizabeth Shue (”Adventures in Babysitting”, “Cocktail”, “CSI”) was born in Wilmington, DE.
    1965 - Gary Lewis and the Playboys enter the studio to record two of their biggest hits, "She's Just My Style" and "Sure Gonna Miss Her".
    1965 - Sandy Koufax declines to pitch the first game of the World Series against the Twins because game is scheduled on Yom Kippur, the most sacred of the Jewish holidays. As the Dodgers’ southpaw attended shul and fasted on the Day of Atonement, his teammates lose to Minnesota, 8-2.  The Dodgers came back to take the Series in seven games.  After Koufax was beaten in game 2, giving the Twins a 2-0 lead, Claude Osteen brought the Dodgers back by winning game 3 and turning the Series around.  Koufax shut out the Twins in game 5, then returned on two days’ rest to three-hit and shut out the Twins in the deciding game 7.  This remains as an historic pitching feat in World Series history.
    1966 - At the age of 20, Jim Palmer becomes the youngest player to pitch shutout in World Series as the young Oriole hurler blanks Sandy Koufax and Dodgers, 6-0. It will be Koufax's last major league appearance.
    1966 - The state of California declared LSD a controlled substance, which made the drug illegal. In response to the criminalization of psychedelics, San Francisco hippies staged a gathering in the Golden Gate Park panhandle, called the Love Pageant Rally. As explained by Allan Cohen, co-founder of the San Francisco Oracle, the purpose of the rally was twofold:  to draw attention to the fact that LSD had just been made illegal, and to demonstrate that people who used LSD were not criminals, nor were they mentally ill. The Grateful Dead played, and some sources claim that LSD was consumed at the rally. According to Cohen, those who took LSD "were not guilty of using illegal substances...We were celebrating transcendental consciousness, the beauty of the universe, the beauty of being.”
    1966 – Detroit’s Fermi 1 nuclear reactor partially melts down.
    1967 - Hippies blocked the intersection of Haight and Ashbury streets to celebrate the "Death of Hip," another in the series of Digger pageants that played out on the streets of the Haight Ashbury and the City. This one occurred one year to the day from that of the Love Pageant Rally…from The Diggers
    1969 - For the first time in Beatles history, a George Harrison song gets the A side of a 45. "Something" backed with Lennon and McCartney's "Come Together" will reach Number One next month.
    1970 - Top Hits
"Cracklin' Rosie," Neil Diamond.#1
“Ain't No Mountain High Enough” - Diana Ross
“Lookin' Out My Back Door/Long as I Can See the Light” - Creedence Clearwater Revival
“Candida” - Dawn
“There Must Be More to Love Than This” - Jerry Lee Lewis
    1973 - Rebecca Lobo’s birthday in Hartford.  U.S. basketball player and ESPN host.  She led her University of Connecticut team to a perfect 35-0 record and the NCAA title while she was winning a Phi Beta Kappa key for herself with a 3.6 grade average.   She was an outstanding center-forward for the New York Liberty pro women's basketball team. Unfortunately, her career was shortened because of an injury. She stands 6'4" and usually weighs about 180.
    1973 - The Doobie Brothers' "China Grove" peaks at #15 on the singles chart while Paul Simon's "Loves Me Like A Rock" peaks at #2.
    1973 - Cher's "Half-Breed" hits #1
    1976 - Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots receive a gold record for one of the more bizarre novelty hits of the decade, "Disco Duck." In December, it will become only the fourth single ever to be certified platinum.
    1976 – President Gerald Ford declares that there is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.
    1978 - Top Hits
“Kiss You All Over” - Exile
“Hopelessly Devoted to You” - Olivia Newton-John
“Summer Nights” - John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John & Cast
“Heartbreaker” - Dolly Parton
    1978 - The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger apologizes to activist Jesse Jackson, who raised a public outcry over the lyrics of the Stones' recent song "Some Girls," specifically the line "black girls just want to get ------ all night." Jagger refuses calls to change the lyrics.
     1979 - Robert John's "Sad Eyes" hits #1
    1979 - The Eagles' "Heartache Tonight" is released.
    1979 - Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" is released.
    1979 - Van Halen's "Beautiful Girls" peaks at #84 on the singles chart.
    1979 – Pope John Paul II is the first Pope to visit the White House.
    1980 - In the 163rd game of the season, the Astros beat the Dodgers, 7-1, to capture the National League West division as Houston wins its first title in the franchise's 19-year history. The Dodgers had swept a season-ending three game series with the 'Stros (3-2, 2-1, and 4- 3) making the one-game play-off necessary.
    1984 - The temperature at Honolulu, Hawaii, reached 94 degrees to establish an all-time record at that location.
    1984 - David Bowie's "Tonight" album hits #11 on the chart.
    1985 - Pitcher Phil Niekro of the New York Yankees won the 300th game of his career, shutting out the Toronto Blue Jays, 8-0, on the last day of the regular season. The knuckleballing Niekro, nicknamed “Nucksie” finished his career in 1987 with 318 wins, and he is the only knuckleballer to win at least 300 games.  Niekro was elected to Baseball’s hall of Fame in 1997.
    1985 - A tropical wave, later to become Tropical Storm Isabel, struck Puerto Rico. As much as 24 inches of rain fell in 24 hours, and the severe flooding and numerous landslides resulting from the rain claimed about 180 lives.
    1986 - Top Hits
“Stuck with You” - Huey Lewis & The News
“Friends and Lovers” - Gloria Loring & Carl Anderson
“When I Think of You” - Janet Jackson
“Always Have Always Will” - Janie Frickie
    1987 - The heat continued in the west with highs of 85 at Astoria, OR, 102 at Sacramento, CA. Temperatures at Tucson reach 101 equaling the all-time October high.
    1989 - Temperatures soared into the 90s across southern Texas. Afternoon highs of 93 degrees at Houston, and 96 degrees at Austin and Corpus Christi, were records for the date. Beeville was the hot spot in the nation with an afternoon high of 101 degrees.
    1990 - Neil Young and Crazy Horse's reunion album "Ragged Glory" LP peaks at #31.
    1991 - Elizabeth Taylor married for the 8th time to a construction worker named Larry Fortensky. The wedding was held at Michael Jackson's estate in California.
    1991 - University of Oklahoma professor Anita F. Hill, former aide to U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, testified before a Senate committee that Thomas sexually harassed her and the allegations nearly undid Thomas' nomination to the High Court.
    1991 – The Baltimore Orioles played their last game at Memorial Stadium, against the Detroit Tigers.  Their new and current home, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, opened for the 1992 season.
   1996 – The New York Jets’ Nick Lowery tied the NFL record of Jan Stenerud by kicking 6 field goals in one game.
   1996 – Bob Dole and Bill Clinton engage in the first Presidential Debate.  Clinton won re-election in November, 1996.
   2000 – “CSI: Crime Scene Investigations” premiers on TV. CBS's consistently top-rated mystery drama focuses on the Las Vegas Police forensics team lead by preternaturally calm Gil Grissom (William Petersen). “CSI” bring science to the foreground with close-up looks at technology and lab techniques. Opening theme: "Who Are You" by The Who. In Season 10, D.B.Russell, played by Ted Danson, comes to the team after heading the Seattle Crime Lab. The show spawned equally successful spin-offs: “CSI: Miami” and “CSI: New York.”

    2001 - With the club's 116th win, the Seattle Mariners tie 1906 Cubs as the winningest team in major league history. Bret Boone's 37th home run of the season and the shut out pitching of five Seattle pitchers proves to be the difference in the 1-0 historic wins over the Rangers.
    2001 - At Camden Yards in front of a full house including Orioles notables Frank Robinson, Jim Palmer and Earl Weaver as well as Commissioner Bud Selig and former President Bill Clinton, Cal Ripken plays his 3,001st and final game. After a hitless night for 41-year-old, the final out of the 5-1 loss to Red Sox is made as Cal watches from the on deck circle.
    2003 - Defeating the A's, 5-4, the Red Sox become the seventh team to win the last three games to win a best-of-five playoff series. Other teams to overcome an 0-2 deficit include the 1981 Dodgers (Astros-NLDS), 1982 Brewers (Angels-1982), 1984 Padres (Cubs-NLCS), 1995 Mariners (Yankees-ALDS), 1999 Red Sox (Indians-ALDS), and the 2001 Yankees (A's-ALDS).
    2005 - Reds' outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. (.301, 35 HR, 92 RBI) and Yankee first baseman/DH Jason Giambi (.271, 32, 87) are voted the Comeback Players of the Year in their respective leagues. For the first time, the winners of the award are determined by the fans voting on
    2007 – Jacob Lewis completes the first human-powered circumnavigation of the globe.

World Series Champions This Date
    1936 New York Yankees
    1941 New York Yankees
    1947 New York Yankees
    1963 Los Angeles Dodgers




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