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Monday, September 27, 2021

Today's Leasing News Headlines

North Mill Enters Mid-Ticket Financing Space to $1 Million
    and Increases Application Only Program to $250K
Ken Greene Leasing & Finance Observations
    New Disclosure Laws on “True Leases”
Leasing Industry Ads
    Growing Senior Sales Team Now!
41 New CLFP's Bringing Total to 1066
    Africa, Australia, Canada, India, United States
CLFP Companies with More than 2 Members
    1,066 Total CLFP's
The US Digital-Only Banking Revolution
    Predicted to Win 7 out of 10 Accounts
ELFA Reports August New Business Down 14%
    Compared to July, but up from August 2020
Top Ten Leasing News
    September 20 to September 24
Brean Capital Closes $50.0 Million
    Senior Note Financing
Hound/Mixed Breed
    New York City, New York  Adopt-a-Dog
Tandem Finance 2021 Summer Summit
    Group Photo in Linkedin
News Briefs---
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla predicts normal life will return
    within a year and adds we may need annual COVID shots
U.S. court upholds hospital employee COVID-19
    vaccine rule in test case
Intel Starts Construction of Two Arizona
    Computer Chip Factories
UPS hiring 100,000 temporary workers
    for holiday shipping season
Badolato: The story of how a small town
    opened Italy’s doors to refugees
Texas governor to Border Patrol agents
    under investigation: ‘I will hire you’

You May have Missed---
Burglars suspected of using signal jammer
    to fool San Jose man's Nest security camera

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######## surrounding the article denotes it is a “press release,” it was not written by Leasing News nor has the information been verified. The source noted. When an article is signed by the writer, it is considered a “byline.” It reflects the opinion and research of the writer.


#### Press Release #############################

North Mill Enters Mid-Ticket Financing Space to $1 Million
and Increases Application Only Program to $250K

NORWALK, CT – North Mill Equipment Finance, LLC, a leading commercial equipment lessor located in Norwalk, Connecticut, announced that it has entered the mid-ticket financing sector by offering referral agents the opportunity to finance up to $1 million for their customers through the company’s Application Plus program.  Additionally, North Mill has enhanced its Application Only solution by extending the maximum amount financed from $150k to $250k.  Both changes are now in effect.

David C. Lee, Chairman and CEO, North Mill, said, “North Mill is in a steady state of product development and operational improvement in support of the broker channel.

“As an organization that considers referral partners an extension of our team, we regularly solicit their feedback. They requested we finance larger-sized transactions through both our Application Only and Application Plus programs and we responded in kind.”

Both enhancements, coupled with the lowering of the company’s buy rates earlier this summer, position North Mill as a one-stop-shop lender.  “We expect to see relationships deepen even further with those referral partners who consider North Mill their primary go-to-lender.” 

North Mill offers brokers two primary financing arrangements:  Application Only and Application Plus.  The former is an ideal solution for customers looking for turn-around financing that does not require considerable documentation and/or time to process.  As the company’s most popular financing arrangement, the expansion to $250k will make the program that much more appealing.  What has not changed are the Application Only guidelines. Simple and fast, all that’s needed upon submission are a credit application and an invoice for the equipment being financed.

The increase in the Application Plus program to $1 million opens new opportunities for referral partners as they enter a market they’ve never had access to through North Mill -- the mid-ticket financing space.  Given that the company’s average deal size continues to expand and the number of Application Plus transactions continues to rise, the new parameters are expected to usher in a new set of customers seeking larger-ticket financing to acquire the capital necessary to operate their businesses.  As a fully-underwritten mid-ticket program, submission requirements for North Mill’s Application Plus program remain largely the same -- documentation such as bank statements, tax returns and personal financial statements from owners are required.

About North Mill Equipment Finance
North Mill Equipment Finance, a Monitor 100 company, originates and services small to mid-ticket equipment leases and loans, ranging from $15,000 to $1,000,000 in value.   A broker-centric private lender, the company handles A – C credit qualities and finances transactions for a large number of asset categories including construction, transportation, vocational, medical, manufacturing, printing, franchise, and material handling equipment. North Mill is majority owned by an affiliate of WAFRA Capital Partners, Inc. (WCP).  The company’s headquarters is in Norwalk, CT, with regional offices in Irvine, CA, Dover, NH, Voorhees NJ, and Murray, UT. For more information, visit

##### Press Release ############################


Ken Greene Leasing & Finance Observations
New Disclosure Laws on “True Leases”

By Ken Greene
Leasing News Legal Editor

This column will examine the rules and regulations that govern “operating” leases (or “true” leases) in California, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. As I mentioned in the first segment, some of these laws have passed, some are pending, and some are awaiting public comment for possible modifications. But the deadlines are approaching for compliance, so I will tackle this problem based upon what has been more or less confirmed by the regulatory bodies as “final” and do my best to work around those rules that are in a state of flux.

The operating lease disclosure rules appear to be final. They were a byproduct of substantial lobbying by the major leasing associations, and, consequently, are very favorable to the equipment finance industry, at least those who still do true leases.

The good news, which is unlikely to change when the modification and review processes are concluded, is that none of these four states, or any other (to the best of my knowledge), require the statutory disclosures in the context of a true or operating lease. For the sake of clarity, a true/operating lease is defined in California as one in which “the financer does not select, manufacture or supply the goods to be leased.”  We also know that a true lease cannot not include a bargain purchase option, usually considered to be anything equal to or less than ten percent of the original equipment cost. Finally, the IRS looks at the economic life of the equipment as another factor in determining whether a lease is an operating lease or a capital lease. If the economic life of the leased equipment is much shorter than the term of the lease, such that there is no meaningful residual, the agreement will probably be deemed a loan, sometimes called a lease intended as security, or a capital or finance lease, but not a true lease. A good example would be a sixty-month lease of a laptop with an FMV purchase option. In all likelihood, the laptop will be worthless after five years, with no meaningful residual, and will thus be considered “owned” by the lessee, and the agreement a loan rather than a lease.

This distinction has always been significant in the context of battles between lien creditors, tax ramifications, and in court, particularly bankruptcy courts. Now, with the new mandatory disclosure laws in place, it is even more important because an agreement, even if it is denominated a lease, and, beyond that, has a recital that the parties agree that the contract is a lease, may in fact be more of a loan than a lease. If so, the lease exemptions will not apply, and you will need to include the same type of disclosures as lenders. Failure to do so could lead to harsh penalties.

New York exempts “a lease as defined in Section 2-A-103 of the Uniform Commercial Code. New York Financial Services Law Section 802(e) (2019). Article 2 of the Commercial Code in most states (Division 10 in California) contains the laws which deal with personal property leases. Secured obligations and security interests in general (including those that attach to leases intended as security, or those leases which are judicially recharacterized as loans because they fail the “lease test”) are generally deal with in Article 9.

There are a few different components to the definition of a lease found in the Uniform Commercial Code Section 2-A-10: (2012)

New Jersey’s bill would also exempt true leases. “This act shall not apply to . . .  a commercial equipment lease or loan financing agreement entered into pursuant to chapter 2A or chapter 9 of Title 12A of the New Jersey Statutes. Senate Bill 233, Section 7(a)(3). (2020) I must confess to surprise at the New Jersey statute including exemptions for “loan financing agreements” under what is essentially their Commercial Code Article 9. But there is it, verbatim, in black and white. I wonder if this will change before the law takes effect (145 days following the date of enactment).

The new Connecticut bill would similarly exempt true leases. General Assembly Committee Bill No. 745 Section 2(5). (2021) It is very similar to the New York law.

Kenneth Charles Greene
Law Office of Kenneth Charles Greene
Suite 208
5743 Corsa Avenue
Westlake Village, CA 91362
Tel: 818.575.9095
Fax: 805.435.7464

Ken Greene Leasing & Finance Observations


Help Wanted Ads


41 New CLFP's Bringing Total to 1,066
Africa, Australia, Canada, India, United States

The CLFP designation identifies an individual as a knowledgeable professional to employers, clients, customers, and peers in the equipment finance industry. There are currently 1,066 active Certified Lease & Finance Professionals and Associates in the United States, Canada, India, Africa and Australia.

Krishna Agrawal, CLFP – Relationship Manager, City National Bank

Parker Anderson, CLFP – Sales and Customer Advocate, Channel Partners Capital

Christina Campos, CLFP – Chief Credit Officer, VP of Credit, Lease Corporation of America

Chelsea Ciufo, CLFP – Assistant Vice President, Project Manager, First American Equipment Finance

Sean Cokeley, CLFP – Director of Credit, Navitas Credit Corp.

Lorenzo DeStefanis, CLFP – President, Allied Capital Group, LLC

Laura Dodson, CLFP – Head of Portfolio Management, Truist Equipment Finance

Jennifer Dubinsky, CLFP – Director of Accounting and Finance, Orion First Financial LLC

Austin Eames, CLFP – Account Manager – Regional Captive Group, Key Equipment Finance

Brock Edwards, CLFP – VP, Commercial Bank Equipment Finance, Key Equipment Finance

Marcus Frederickson, CLFP – Business Development, KLC Financial, Inc.

Chelsea Galantini, CLFP Associate – Program Manager, First American Equipment Finance

Judy Garner, CLFP – Funding Director, Navitas Credit Corp.

Kaelyn Green, CLFP – AVP of Client Services, Orion First Financial LLC

Luke Grittner, CLFP – Director of Sales, Channel Partners Capital

Gary Hanson, CLFP – Vice President of Sales, Lease Corporation of America

Bryce Hentges, CLFP – Account Manager, Channel Partners Capital

Shannon Hoffman, CLFP – Documentation Assistant Team Leader, Lease Corporation of America

Brylee Horning, CLFP – VP, Human Resources & Compliance, Orion First Financial LLC

Trent Iverson, CLFP – Underwriting Analyst, Channel Partners Capital

Sean Kilfoyle, CLFP – Vice President, Capital Markets, Key Equipment Finance

Kevin McKenna, CLFP Associate – Global Management Program, DLL

Carrie McKernan, CLFP – Documentation Team Leader, Lease Corporation of America

Violeta Misajlovich, CLFP – Customer Service Team Leader, Lease Corporation of America

Kevin Nash, CLFP – Vice President – Equipment Finance Officer, Key Equipment Finance

Peter Nguyen, CLFP – Senior VP, Business Development, Strada Capital Corporation DBA Mazo Capital Solutions

Douglas Pearce II, CLFP – Assistant Vice President, Key Equipment Finance

Connor Petersen, CLFP – Commercial Credit Manager, Key Equipment Finance

Shannon Prange, CLFP – VP Portfolio Management, Orion First Financial LLC

Emiley Purvis, CLFP – Lead BPU Specialist, Key Equipment Finance

Jeffrey Richeson, CLFP – Credit Manager, Smarter Equipment Finance

Kimberlee Riggs, CLFP – VP of Business Development, Orion First Financial LLC

David Sable, CLFP – Vice President, Program Manager, First American Equipment Finance

Alison Sauter, CLFP – Vice President, Senior Manager, TD Equipment Finance, Inc.

Adrienne Sharma, CLFP – Funding Manager, Channel Partners Capital

Mary Sharp, CLFP – Senior Account Manager, Originations, Key Equipment Finance

Mark Sheehan, CLFP – VP National Accounts & Syndications, Lease Corporation of America

Travis Soto, CLFP Associate – Chief Financial Officer, Lease Corporation of America

Kalah Sprabeary, CLFP – Owner & President, JADCO Holdings, Inc. dba HUB Funding Solutions

Tammy Trador, CLFP – Assistant Controller, Lease Corporation of America

Ryan van de Boogaard, CLFP – Commercial Vendor Leasing Manager, Key Equipment Finance


Lorenzo DeStefanis, CLFP, President, Allied Capital Group, LLC., self-studied and reflected on his attainment of the designation. He commented: “The CLFP designation is the highest professional recognition in the equipment lease and financing industry. The CLFP designation represents the standard of excellence in our profession, and I am very proud to be able now to carry the CLFP prestigious title.

“I am grateful to the CLFP Foundation to have given me the opportunity to take my professional knowledge and skills to the next level, and I would strongly recommend anyone in the commercial financing industry that takes his/her carrier and professional development seriously, to pursue the CLFP designation and join the family!”

About Academy

If you are interested in attending, please contact Reid Raykovich, Executive Director:



CLFP Companies with More than 2 Members
1,066 Total CLFP's

Name Count
First American Equipment Finance, a City National Bank Company 148
U.S. Bank Equipment Finance 53
Ascentium Capital LLC 51
Key Equipment Finance 36
Financial Pacific Leasing, Inc., an Umpqua Bank Company 30
Stearns Bank NA-Equipment Finance Division 27
Amur Equipment Finance 25
DLL 23
Oakmont Capital Holdings 23
AP Equipment Financing 20
Arvest Equipment Finance 20
The Huntington National Bank 20
KLC Financial, Inc. 16
Orion First Financial LLC 15
Channel Partners Capital 13
ECS Financial Services, Inc. 13
1st Source Bank 12
Ivory Consulting Corporation 12
Stryker 12
IDS 11
Lease Corporation of America 11
Navitas Credit Corp. 11
Odessa 11
Canon Financial Services, Inc. 10
Fleet Advantage, LLC 10
Wintrust 10
Great American Insurance 9
North Mill Equipment Finance 9
BMO Harris Equipment Finance Company 8
LTi Technology Solutions 8
Truist 8
Alliance Funding Group 7
BancorpSouth Equipment Finance 7
Beacon Funding Corporation 7
Celtic Commercial Finance 7
Northland Capital Financial Services, LLC 7
BankFinancial, NA 5
CoreTech Leasing, Inc. 5
First Foundation Bank 5
GreatAmerica Financial Services 5
Univest Capital, Inc. 5
Balboa Capital Corporation 4
Cisco Systems Capital Corporation 4
Commerce Bank 4
ENGS Commercial Finance Co. 4
Global Financial & Leasing Services LLC 4
Hanmi Bank 4
NCMIC Finance Corporation 4
Quality Leasing Co., Inc. 4
UniFi Equipment Finance, Inc. 4
Bank of the West 3
Commercial Capital Company, LLC 3
Falcon Leasing 3
First Commonwealth Bank 3
First National Capital Corporation 3
Northteq, Inc. 3
Providence Capital Funding, Inc. 3
Taycor Financial 3
Western Equipment Finance 3
American Equipment Financial Services 2
Anastasia Jellum, P.A. 2
Bryn Mawr Equipment Finance, Inc. dba Bryn Mawr Funding 2
BSB Leasing, Inc. 2
City National Bank 2
Customers Bank Commercial Finance 2
Dakota Financial, LLC 2
Dell Financial Services 2
Diversified Capital Credit Corporation 2
First Utah Bank 2
FirstLease, Inc. 2
FSG Capital, Inc. 2
Geneva Capital, LLC 2
Hitachi Capital America Corp. 2
Innovation Finance 2
Koala Capital Group, LLC 2
Macquarie Group 2
Madison Capital LLC 2
Maxim Commercial Capital, LLC 2
Meridian Equipment Finance 2
NetJets 2
NewLane Finance 2
Northpoint Commercial Credit, LLC 2
OnPoint Capital, LLC 2
Pacifica Capital 2
Padco Financial Services, Inc. 2
Patriot Capital Corporation a Division of State Bank & Trust Company 2
Smarter Equipment Finance, LLC 2
Strada Capital Corporation DBA Mazo Capital Solutions 2
Takeuchi Financial Services 2
Tamarack Technology, Inc. 2
TD Equipment Finance, Inc. 2
TopMark Funding 2
VFI Corporate Finance 2



The US Digital-Only Banking Revolution
Predicted to Win 7 out of 10 Accounts

* This chart and data were pulled from The US Digital-Only Banking Revolution by Insider Intelligence. Purchase the report below for $995 for immediate access.

Digital-only banks will win more than seven out of every 10 accounts opened online in 2021. They aren’t passively riding the wave of digital adoption. Instead, digital banks are driving customers to their ranks, from awareness to account opening, with digitally native marketing strategies and value propositions. They’re closing the deal with streamlined account opening flows.

The ranks of digital-only bank account holders will swell to 53.7 million in 2025, up from 29.8 million this year, per Insider Intelligence forecasts. To put that figure in perspective, Bank of America and Citibank combined had only 45.3 million active mobile users in Q2 2021. For context, Citibank reported user numbers for North America, while Bank of America reported broadly.

Source: Insider Intelligence

Full Report: The US Digital-Only Banking Revolution
$995 USD



ELFA Reports August New Business Down 14%
Compared to July, but up from August, 2020

(Chart: Leasing News)

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association Monthly Index found new business volume for August was $8.5 billion compared to $9.9 billion in July. It was up from August, 2020 at $7.0.

click to make larger
(Chart: ELFA)


Separately, the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation’s Monthly Confidence Index (MCI-EFI) in September is 60.5, was also down from the previous month index of 66.6.

(Chart: ELFF)

ELFA August Monthly also noted:
Receivables over 30 days were 1.8 percent, down from 1.9 percent the previous month and down from 2.4 percent in the same period in 2020. Charge-offs were 0.23 percent, up from 0.18 percent the previous month and down from 0.75 percent in the year-earlier period.

Credit approvals totaled 76.3 percent, down from 76.5 percent in July. Total headcount for equipment finance companies was down 14.1 percent year-over-year, a decrease due to significant downsizing at an MLFI reporting company.

click to make larger

click image to make larger

click image to make larger

click image to make larger
(Chart: ELFA)

ELFA President and CEO Ralph Petta said, “August data show some softness in equipment demand resulting from a mix of summer doldrums, continued supply chain disruptions and lingering pandemic-related woes. Business optimism, which peaked earlier in the summer, also has waned somewhat. However, when compared to where the economy and equipment finance business were a year ago, with the COVID-19 virus raging throughout the country, August new business volume is wholly acceptable.”

Jeffrey Hilzinger, President and CEO, Marlin Capital Solutions, said, “2021, while much better than 2020, continues to be a challenging period for the equipment finance industry. While demand for equipment remains strong, August was the second consecutive month of reduced origination volume for the industry. Supply chain issues continue to be a key driver underlying this trend and seem to have worsened in recent months. On the positive side, approval rates have remained at pre-COVID levels and portfolio delinquencies and charge-offs remain at historically low levels.”

View the full list of participants

  • Bank of America Global Leasing
  • Bank of the West
  • BB&T Bank
  • BMO Harris Equipment Finance
  • Canon Financial Services
  • Caterpillar Financial Services
  • CIT
  • Citizens Asset Finance
  • Dell Financial Services
  • DLL
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • First American Equipment Finance, a City National Bank
  • Company
  • Frost Equipment Leasing and Finance
  • GreatAmerica Financial Services
  • Hitachi Capital America
  • HP, Inc.
  • HPE Financial Services Company
  • Huntington Equipment Finance
  • John Deere Financial
  • Key Equipment Finance
  • LEAF Commercial Capital Inc.
  • M&T Bank
  • Marlin Capital Solutions
  • Merchants Bank Equipment Finance
  • PNC Equipment Finance
  • Societe Generale Equipment Finance
  • Siemens Financial Services
  • Stearns Bank
  • Stonebriar Commercial Finance
  • TCF Capital Solutions, a division of TCF National Bank
  • TD Equipment Finance
  • TIAA Commercial Finance, Inc.
  • US Bancorp Business Equipment Finance
  • Volvo Financial Services
  • Wells Fargo Equipment Finance


Top Ten Leasing News
September 20 to September 24

(Top stories opened by readers)

(1) No Longer taking Broker/Discounting Business
plus Leasing Companies Out of Business

(2) New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
and Related Industries

(3) The New Disclosure Laws
By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney

(4) License and Registration United States
By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney
New Disclosure Laws Pt. 1 (Revised)

(5) Electric Vehicle Production Photo in Germany

(6) 32nd Annual Equipment & Vehicle Show
By Edward P. Kaye, Esq.

(7) Don't Say "No" to Challenged Credit
Maxim Commercial Capital

(8) Pinnacle Financial Partners Forms
First Dedicated Equipment Finance Team

(9) Why I Became a CLFP
Terey Jennings, CLFP, Financial Pacific

(10) Subway: Sales Skyrocketed
  after Unprecedented Menu Update
The chain experienced its best month since 2013



##### Press Release ##########################

NEW YORK, NY – Brean Capital, LLC, a leading capital markets and investment banking firm, announced the closing of a $50.0 million senior corporate note financing provided by a prominent U.S.-based institutional investor. The transaction was assigned a BBB+ rating by a nationally recognized statistical ratings organization. The company intends to use the proceeds from the issuance to finance growth and for general working capital purposes.

Rob Fine, Chief Executive Officer at Brean Capital, said, “We’re thrilled about the transaction, as we believe it’s a strong endorsement by the institutional investor community of our strategy and growth plans for 2021 and beyond.

 “This financing increases our financial flexibility, helps fund our continued growth and allows us to better serve our institutional clients in a broader array of asset classes and markets. Brean is very well positioned and capitalized for the future in the markets we serve.”

About Brean Capital

Brean Capital is a leading, independent investment bank. For more than 40 years, the Firm has focused on delivering high-quality investment ideas and investment banking services to institutional investors and corporate clients. Our services include fixed income strategy, corporate finance and advisory investment banking. Our fixed income business provides sales, trading, and banking services on a wide range of mortgage and asset-backed, US Treasury and government agency securities, structured products, loans, corporate bonds and municipal securities. Our investment banking practice specializes in capital raising and advisory services with a focus on private placements, securities underwriting and merger and acquisition-related services to corporate clients. For more information, please visit:

### Press Release ############################


Hound/Mixed Breed
New York City, New York  Adopt-a-Dog

2 Years Old
Medium Size

Sunset was rescued from Puerto Rico, though much of her past is a mystery to us. This sweet lady is incredibly nervous and is still taking some time to settle in. It does take a little bit of time for her to warm up to new people but when she does, you've gained an incredibly loyal and loving companion. Sunset's whole body wags and wiggles when her people come to visit her and she'll get zoomies to match even the most playful of pups! Sunset's signature move is rolling over for belly rubs and pawing for more when you stop!

Sunset will need a quiet and low-traffic home to help her come out of her shell, but we're certain with the right family she'll blossom and make a wonderful companion. Unfortunately, she's not yet mustered up the courage to go out on walks, but she seems to be completely weewee pad trained, much to our surprise! A quiet neighborhood outside of the city, or even having a small yard would likely do wonders for her progress into becoming a "normal" dog. Sunset definitely warms up more quickly to women, so it's possible that men in the household will need to put in a bit more work (read: a lot more treats) to earn her friendship.

Sunset LOVES other dogs, big and small, and is very attentive when it comes to listening to other dogs' cues. She can sometimes get overwhelmed when a dog comes on too strongly or plays too rough - but she'll just retreat as she's an introvert at heart. She's shown a curiosity in cats, but has been too nervous to say hello and would likely be avoidant of them in a home. Because Sunset can be a little skittish at times, a home with older or very calm children would be best, she is a gentle sweetheart. We know Sunset is a little bit of a project, but this girl has proven to be a lovebug to those who have earned her trust. Contact Animal Haven for more information on this special girl!

Things to know about me: Older Kids Only

Animal Haven
200 Centre Street
New York, NY  10013
(Corner of Hester Street)

By Appointment Only.
Appointments available Tuesday-Friday.
Walk-in appointments cannot be accommodated.

To schedule an appointment, please view our available animals here and submit an adoption inquiry for any animal you may be interested in! An adoptions counselor will then get back to you to schedule an appointment to meet the animal! Please visit our adoption process page for more information:


Tandem Finance 2021 Summer Summit
Group Photo in Linkedin


News Briefs---

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla predicts normal life will return
     within a year and adds we may need annual COVID shots

U.S. court upholds hospital employee COVID-19
vaccine rule in test case

Intel Starts Construction of Two Arizona
Computer Chip Factories

UPS hiring 100,000 temporary workers
for holiday shipping season

Badolato: The story of how a small town
opened Italy’s doors to refugees

Texas governor to Border Patrol agents
under investigation: ‘I will hire you’



You May Have Missed---

Burglars suspected of using signal jammer
to fool San Jose man's Nest security camera




Sports Briefs---

United States reclaims Ryder Cup
hands Europe its worst loss in 19-9 victory

Justin Tucker's NFL-record 66-yard field goal
in final seconds lifts Ravens, stuns Lions

Giants lose to Falcons on another heartbreaking
last-second field goal

Oregon Ducks gain ground in polls
after beating Arizona to open Pac-12 play

Stanford unable to complete comeback,
falls to UCLA 35-24

Warriors' Andrew Wiggins can't play home games
without vaccine, says SF Dept. of Public Health

A's season-ticket holders upset over
team's price-hike pitch for 2022

Unmatched: Uncanny Cardinals come back,
overpower Cubs for club-record 15th consecutive win

Sweet 16: Cardinals capitalize on Cubs' gifts, dodge drama
in ninth for 4-2 win, their 16th consecutive


California Nuts Briefs---

Bay Area woman accused of starting Shasta County fire
     may be serial arsonist



“Gimme that Wine”

New study confirms less water usage
    in vineyard can result in better grapes

Troon Vineyard Bottles World’s First Wines
with Regenerative Organic Certification

Sonoma County Wine Auction raises $1.7 million

Sonoma State University Wine Business
Institute Celebrates 25 Years

Smoke damaged wine grapes included
in $28.6 billion disaster aid bill

Wine Institute Applauds House Passage
of Critical Wildfire, Drought Relief

The varied architecture of Napa Valley’s wine country

Free Wine App

Wine Prices by vintage


This Day in History

    1514 - The Spanish crown granted explorer Juan Ponce de Leon the title Military Governor of Bimini (an island in the Bahamas) and Florida. With this title and the implied permission it contained to colonize those regions, Ponce de Leon sailed for Florida in 1521.
(Lower half of: )
    1722 - Birthday of Samuel Adams (d. 1803), Boston.  Revolutionary War leader and Massachusetts state politician, cousin to President John Adams. As a delegate to the First and Second Continental Congresses, Adams urged a vigorous stand against England. He signed the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation and supported the war for independence. Adams served as lieutenant governor of Massachusetts under John Hancock from 1789 to 1793 and then as governor until 1797.
    1777 – British Gen. Howe occupied Philadelphia after defeating Gen. Washington in the Battle of Germantown.
    1784 - The Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S. was founded, following the American Revolutionary War, when U.S. Anglicans met in Philadelphia to create a denomination independent from and autonomous of the Church of England. “When the war broke out and independence was declared, a number of the clergy went back to England, leaving their parishes vacant, but many, especially in the southern states, remained and upheld the American cause. A large majority of the laymen were patriots.” Two-thirds of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Episcopalians. The churches, having their support largely withdrawn by the Venerable Society, became very weak. In Massachusetts during the war only two churches were kept open.
    1816 - A black frost over most of New England kills unripe corn in the north, resulting in a year of famine.
    1840  - Thomas Nast (d. 1902) birthday at Landau, Germany.  American political cartoonist best known for his cartoons attacking New York's Tweed ring.  President Lincoln called him “our best recruiting sergeant” for his drawings eliciting support for the Union during the Civil War. Nast invented the donkey for Democrats and the elephant for Republicans.  He died of yellow fever while serving as US Consul in Ecuador.
    1840 - Rear Admiral (Ret.) Alfred Thayer Mahan (d. 1914), America's foremost naval strategist and the world's greatest authority on sea power, was born at West Point, NY.  His father was D. H. Mahan, an eminent Professor of Engineering at the United States Military Academy.  The Navy Department issued this tribute (excerpted) upon his death in 1914:  "Admiral Mahan became famous as an author and historian in the early nineties, when his books…were published…These books were classics…and were widely read throughout the world… In England and Germany…they received the highest commendation, and in every country possessing a navy, they became veritable text books in naval strategy… His death will cause international regret not only because of the high esteem in which he is held in every country of the world interested in naval affairs, but also because of the fact that his death leaves a void among naval and political authorities of the world that no author and writer can fill."      
    1864 - A guerilla band led by William "Bloody Bill" Anderson sacks the town of Centralia, Missouri, killing 22 unarmed Union soldiers before massacring 120 pursuing Yankees. The Civil War in Missouri and Kansas was rarely fought between regular armies in the field. It was carried out primarily by partisan bands of guerilla fighters, and the atrocities were nearly unmatched. In 1863, Confederate marauders sacked Lawrence, Kansas, and killed 250 residents. 
    1904 - Birthday of Frieda Barkin Hennock (d. 1960), Kovel, then in the Russian Empire, now in Ukraine.  She is credited as the most responsible for the creation of public television. An attorney, she was the first woman appointed to the Federal Communications Commission (1948-55). She campaigned hard to get TV channels set aside for educational purposes while the men of the commission thought it nonsense. She wanted a minimum of 500 TV channels set aside for educational purposes and finally got the FCC commissioners to set aside 242, the birth of the PBS network.
    1912 – W.C. Handy publishes “Memphis Blues.” Although others believe it to be the first blues song published, it was not. It was the first blues Handy ever wrote. Many consider it to be the first blues song in history, although due to Handy's problems finding a publisher, it was preceded in print by “Baby Seals Blues” by Artie Matthews, in August, 1912, and “The Dallas Blues” by Hart A. Wand in September of the same year. Handy's song had been released as an instrumental in 1910.
(This is one of my favorite albums of all time:
“Louis Armstrong plays W.C. Handy “
(Whenever I am in San Antonio, Texas, I close this place down and am one of the last to leave. As soon as the conference allows, here I am at the Jim Cullum's Landing:
    1912 – Eddie Plank pitched 19 innings for the Philadelphia Athletics against Bob Groom and Walter Johnson of the Washington Nationals, suffering a 5 - 4 loss when Eddie Collins' wild throw let the winning run score. Johnson relieved Bob Groom at the end of the 9th and pitched 10 innings of scoreless relief.
1916 – The first Native American Day was celebrated, honoring American Indians, when New York’s governor set the second Saturday in May for the observance.  In many parts of the U.S., Native American Day is celebrated on the fourth Friday in September. Although not a national holiday, Native American Day is a time set aside by individual states to honor, recognize, and appreciate the rich cultural heritage and significant contributions of the indigenous people in their respective states.
    1917 – The Red Sox played a benefit game against an American League all-star team and Babe Ruth and Rube Foster combined for a 2 – 0 shutout. This was well before the All-Star Game began in 1933.  The AL squad featured Ty Cobb, Tris Speaker, and Joe Jackson in the outfield. More than $14,000 was raised for the family of sports writer Tim Murnane, who died in February. Murnane had played and managed in Boston in the 19th century. Actress Fanny Brice helped sell programs and former heavyweight champ John L. Sullivan coached 3B for the Sox. Ruth won the fungo hitting contest with a drive of 402 feet, while Joe Jackson had the longest throw at an impressive 396 feet.
1918 - Battle of Cambrai—Saint Quentin. British General Sir Douglas Haig moved his armies toward Cambrai and St. Quentin as part of four major efforts to break the Hindenburg line in the German salient that extended from Verdun to the sea. To the south, the New Zealand and Canadian divisions smashed through the Hindenburg line on Oct 6. German General Erich Ludendorff resigned Oct 16, and the line was taken between Oct 18 and 20.
    1918 - TURNER, WILLIAM B., Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: First Lieutenant, U.S. Army 105th Infantry, 27th Division. Place and date: Near Ronssoy, France, 27 September 1918. Entered service at: Garden City, N.Y. Birth: Boston, Mass. G.O. No.: 81, W.D., 1919. Citation: He led a small group of men to the attack, under terrific artillery and machinegun fire, after they had become separated from the rest of the company in the darkness. Single-handed he rushed an enemy machinegun which had suddenly opened fire on his group and killed the crew with his pistol. He then pressed forward to another machinegun post 25 yards away and had killed 1 gunner himself by the time the remainder of his detachment arrived and put the gun out of action. With the utmost bravery he continued to lead his men over 3 lines of hostile trenches, cleaning up each one as they advanced, regardless of the fact that he had been wounded 3 times, and killed several of the enemy in hand-to-hand encounters. After his pistol ammunition was exhausted, this gallant officer seized the rifle of a dead soldier, bayoneted several members of a machinegun crew, and shot the other. Upon reaching the fourth-line trench, which was his objective, 1st Lt. Turner captured it with the 9 men remaining in his group and resisted a hostile counterattack until he was finally surrounded and killed. 
    1919 – Babe Ruth hit his record 29th home run of the season, his first in Washington.  He thus became the first Major Leaguer to hit one in every park in the league in one season.
    1920 - Birthday of William Conrad (d. 1994) at Louisville, KY.  Actor, best known for his roles in the TV series “Cannon” and “Jake and the Fat Man.” He also was the voice of Matt Dillion, “Gunsmoke” on radio for eleven years,, narrated “Rocky and Bullwinkle,” was outstanding in the movie “The Killers.” Also was a television director for such shows as “Gunsmoke,” “Naked City” and “Route 66.”
    1921 - Birthday of famed comedian Melvin “Slappy” White (d. 1995), Baltimore, MD,+Slappy
    1922 - Birthday of writer Nat Shapiro (d. 1983), New York City, NY

    1923 - Lou Gehrig of the New York Yankees hit the first home run of his career against pitcher Bill Piercy of the Boston Red Sox. On the same date fifteen years later, he hit his 493d and last home run against Dutch Leonard of the Washington Senators.
    1924 - Birthday of bop pianist/composer Bud Powell (d. 1996), Harlem, NYC.
    1925 - In a doubleheader split with the Boston Braves in St. Louis, Cards’ player-manager, Rogers Hornsby, hit his 38th and 39th home runs of the year, along with a single, double, and triple to push his average to .403. In batting practice the next day, Hornsby fouled a ball off his foot splitting his toenail, forcing him out of the lineup for the remainder of the season. The Rajah called reporters into the clubhouse to view his bloody toe, "because some of those in the East may say I'm stallin' because I want to save my .400 average." Hornsby is the only player-manager to win the Triple Crown, which he did by topping .400 for the 3rd time in four years, while his 39 home runs and 143 RBI are National league records. His .756 slugging average was the NL record until topped by Barry Bonds in 2001.
    1927 - Birthday of trumpet player Red Rodney, born Robert Roland Chudnick (d. 1994), Philadelphia, PA
    1928 - For a remarkable 2nd time in five weeks, Lefty Grove struck out three batters on nine pitches, known as a perfect inning. Not until Jim Bunning in 1959, did another American League hurler strike out the side on nine pitches.
    1930 - Hack Wilson of the Chicago Cubs hit two home runs, giving him 56 for the year.
    1931 – Lou Gehrig homered to tie Babe Ruth at 46. Gehrig drove in two runs as he (184) and Ruth (163) combine to drive in 347 runs for the year, the most productive duo in history. Bill Dickey had four hits and ended the year with no passed balls, the only American League catcher to do so, while the Yankees are the only AL team to ever accomplish the feat.
    1931 - The most hotly contested battle for individual honors took place in the race for the National League batting title.  Chick Hafey went into the final doubleheader with the Reds batting .353, four points over Bill Terry. Hafey had only two hits in eight times at bat to drop to .349. Terry got only one hit in four times at bat. The title went to Hafey, .3488 to Terry's .3486. Jim Bottomley, Hafey's teammate, finished at .3481.
    1936 – Denver, CO had 21.3 inches in a 60-hour storm
    1938 - Clarinet virtuoso Artie Shaw recorded the song that would become his theme song. “Nightmare” was waxed on the Bluebird Jazz label.
    1938 - "Thanks for the Memory" was heard for the first time on "The Bob Hope Show" -- on the NBC Red radio network. His first band leader was Skinnay Ennis.
    1939 - Birthday of Kathrynne Ann (Kathy) Whitworth, famed golfer, born Monahans, TX. One of the top golfers of all times, she was the all-time leading money winner on the woman's pro golf circuit when she retired after a 30-years career. She was the first to win more than $1 million in a year. She served as president of the Ladies Professional Golf Association. She won the LPGA player of the year title seven times. Whitworth was inducted into the LPGA Hall of Fame in 1975, the World Golf Hall of Fame and the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in 1982, and the International Women s Sports Hall of Fame in 1984.
    1939 - 140,000 Polish troops are taken prisoner by the German invaders as Warsaw surrenders to the superior mechanized forces of Hitler's army. The Poles fought bravely but were able to hold on for only 26 days. On the heels of its victory, the Germans began a systematic program of terror, murder, and cruelty, executing members of Poland's middle and upper classes: Doctors, teachers, priests, landowners, and businessmen were rounded up and killed. The Nazis had given this operation the benign-sounding name "Extraordinary Pacification Action." The Roman Catholic Church, too, was targeted, because it was a possible source of dissent and counterinsurgency. In one west Poland church diocese alone, 214 priests were shot. And hundreds of thousands more Poles were driven from their homes and relocated east, as Germans settled in the vacated areas. This was all part of a Hitler master plan. Back in August, Hitler warned his own officers that he was preparing Poland for that "which would not be to the taste of German generals"--including the rounding up of Polish Jews into ghettos, a prelude to their liquidation. All roads were pointing to Auschwitz.
    1939 – Major League Baseball’s first day-night doubleheader saw the host Chicago White Sox swept by the Cleveland Indians, 5-2 and 7-5.
    1942 - What was greatly instrumental in World War II was such events like this. The first ship completed in less than two weeks was the “Joseph H. Teal,” built by Henry John Kaiser's Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation at Portland, OR. It made a trial run on September 27, 1942 and was turned over to the Maritime Commission 13 days, 23.5 hours after the laying of the keel. The previous record had been 29 days. Speedy construction of ships was essential to American efforts in World War II
    1942 - Just after leaving CBS radio, Glenn Miller led his civilian band for the last time at the Central Theatre in beautiful Passaic, NJ. Miller had volunteered for wartime duty.
    1942 - MUNRO, DOUGLAS ALBERT, Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Signalman First Class, U.S. Coast Guard Born: 11 October 1919, Vancouver, British Columbia. Accredited to Washington. Citation: For extraordinary heroism and conspicuous gallantry m action above and beyond the call of duty as Petty Officer in Charge of a group of 24 Higgins boats, engaged in the evacuation of a battalion of marines trapped by enemy Japanese forces at Point Cruz Guadalcanal, on 27 September 1942. After making preliminary plans for the evacuation of nearly 500 beleaguered marines, Munro, under constant strafing by enemy machineguns on the island, and at great risk of his life, daringly led 5 of his small craft toward the shore. As he closed the beach, he signaled the others to land, and then in order to draw the enemy's fire and protect the heavily loaded boats, he valiantly placed his craft with its 2 small guns as a shield between the beachhead and the Japanese. When the perilous task of evacuation was nearly completed, Munro was instantly killed by enemy fire, but his crew, 2 of whom were wounded, carried on until the last boat had loaded and cleared the beach. By his outstanding leadership, expert planning, and dauntless devotion to duty, he and his courageous comrades undoubtedly saved the lives of many who otherwise would have perished. He gallantly gave his life for his country. 
    1945 - FIELDS, JAMES H., Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: First Lieutenant, U.S. Army, 10th Armored Infantry, 4th Armored Division. Place and date: Rechicourt, France, 27 September 1944. Entered service at: Houston, Tex. Birth: Caddo, Tex. G.O. No.: 13, 27 February 1945. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty, at Rechicourt, France. On 27 September 1944, during a sharp action with the enemy infantry and tank forces, 1st Lt. Fields personally led his platoon in a counterattack on the enemy position. Although his platoon had been seriously depleted, the zeal and fervor of his leadership was such as to inspire his small force to accomplish their mission in the face of overwhelming enemy opposition. Seeing that 1 of the men had been wounded, he left his slit trench and with complete disregard for his personal safety attended the wounded man and administered first aid. While returning to his slit trench he was seriously wounded by a shell burst, the fragments of which cut through his face and head, tearing his teeth, gums, and nasal passage. Although rendered speechless by his wounds, 1st Lt. Fields refused to be evacuated and continued to lead his platoon by the use of hand signals. On 1 occasion, when 2 enemy machineguns had a portion of his unit under deadly crossfire, he left his hole, wounded as he was, ran to a light machinegun, whose crew had been knocked out, picked up the gun, and fired it from his hip with such deadly accuracy that both the enemy gun positions were silenced. His action so impressed his men that they found new courage to take up the fire fight, increasing their firepower, and exposing themselves more than ever to harass the enemy with additional bazooka and machinegun fire. Only when his objective had been taken and the enemy scattered did 1st Lt. Fields consent to be evacuated to the battalion command post. At this point he refused to move further back until he had explained to his battalion commander by drawing on paper the position of his men and the disposition of the enemy forces. The dauntless and gallant heroism displayed by 1st Lt. Fields were largely responsible for the repulse of the enemy forces and contributed in a large measure to the successful capture of his battalion objective during this action. His eagerness and determination to close with the enemy and to destroy him was an inspiration to the entire command, and are in the highest traditions of the U.S. Armed Forces. 
    1947 - Jazz at the Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, New York City, records “Perdido,” starting series of live jazz record performances.
    1949 – Birthday of Hall of Fame 3B Michael Jack Schmidt, Dayton, OH.  Over 18 seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies, Schmidt was a 12-time All-Star, a three-time winner of the NL MVP award, and he was known for his combination of power hitting and strong defense. As a hitter, he compiled 548 home runs and 1,595 RBIs, and led the NL in home runs eight times and in RBIs four times. As a fielder, Schmidt won the National League Gold Glove Award for third basemen ten times. Schmidt was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1995 and is widely considered to be the greatest third baseman in baseball history.
1952 - "I Went to Your Wedding" by Patti Page topped the charts and stayed there for 10 weeks
    1953 - Top Hits 
“No Other Love” - Perry Como 
“Vaya Con Dios” - Les Paul & Mary Ford 
“Crying in the Chapel” - June Valli 
“A Dear John Letter” - Jean Shepard & Ferlin Huskey
    1954 - "The Tonight Show" premieres on the NBC network. Prior to this, it was a New York-only late-night show with many hosts ranging from early vaudeville comedians to Ernie Kovacs. Steve Allen hosted the late-night program which began as a local New York show on WNBT-TV in June, 1953. “Tonight” became a launching pad for Steve and hundreds of guests, including Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. Skitch Henderson and orchestra provided the music. Ernie Kovacs was the host from 1956 until 1957. Steve Allen served as host from 1954-57. He followed the format of an opening monologue, games or segments from the studio audience, played his piano, and then did interviews behind a simple desk and couch set. Jack Paar hosted from 1957-62 and many a night I did not go to bed until after it was over, including when Johnny Carson reigned as the king of comedy from 1962-92, quite a long run. Comedian Jay Leno, twice around Conan O’Brien, has been followed by current host Jimmy Fallon.
1957 - In a desperate move, New York City Council President Abe Stark says the Brooklyn Dodgers should be urged to enlarge and modernize Ebbets Field. At the base of the right field wall at Ebbets Field, there was a sign that read “Hit Sign, Win Suit…Abe Stark.”  In the meantime, Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley says he will waive the oil rights to Chavez Ravine, the site of to-be-built Dodger Stadium in LA.  Separately, owner Paul I. Fagan agrees to rent Seals Stadium in San Francisco to the Giants until Candlestick Park is ready. Fagan will pay $125,000 in annual taxes, in exchange for the parking concession, against 5 percent of the gross revenue.
1958 - Hurricane Helene passed just off the North Carolina coast. Wilmington had a wind gust of 135 mph. and recorded 8.9 inches of rain. Cape Fear was battered by sustained winds of 125 mph with gusts to 155 mph. The eye remained 20 miles offshore and thus tides were not excessive. Total damage was 11 million.
    1961 - Top Hits 
“Take Good Care of My Baby” - Bobby Vee 
“The Mountain's High” - Dick & DeeDee 
“Crying” - Roy Orbison 
“Walk on By” - Leroy Van Dyke
    1961 – Sandy Koufax fanned seven Phillies to set a NL record for strikeouts in a season: 269. This surpassed Christy Mathewson’s 267, which was accomplished in 367 innings pitched, as opposed to Koufax's remarkable 255. After years of wildness and ineffectiveness, this is Koufax’s first of dominance that will take him through the 1966 season and into the Hall of Fame.
    1962 - After a concert that featured folk music at Carnegie Hall, The New York Times gave a glowing review in a story about "Bob Dylan: A Distinctive Folk Song Stylist."
    1963 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Blue Velvet," Bobby Vinton. The song comes from a Vinton album in which all the songs have the word "blue" in their titles.
    1964 - The Warren Commission issued a report stating that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Nov 22,1963. Congress reopened the investigation and, in 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations issued a report stating a conspiracy was most likely involved. The Warren Report stated there was no conspiracy, either domestic or international, in the assassination, and that Lee Harvey Oswald alone was responsible for it. The report found also that Jack Ruby, convicted murderer of Oswald, had had no prior contact with Oswald.
    1964 - California surf-rock band, The Beach Boys, make their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show singing "I Get Around.”
    1966 - In San Francisco, the Four Tops with Johnny Talbot and De Thanks opened at Fillmore Auditorium.
    1969 - Santana's self-titled debut album enters the LP chart. The double-platinum album contains the top-10 hit, "Evil Ways."
    1969 - CCR's "Green River" peaks at #2 on the singles chart.
    1970 - “Round and round and round it goes and where it stops, nobody knows.” Ted Mack said, “Good night from Geritol” for the last time. After 22 years on television, the curtain closed on "The Original Amateur Hour" on CBS. The show had been on ABC, NBC, CBS and originated on the Dumont Television Network.
    1970 - Afternoon highs of 103 degrees at Long Beach, CA, and 105 degrees at the Los Angeles Civic Center were the hottest since September records were established in 1963. Fierce Santa Ana winds accompanying the extreme heat resulted in destructive fires.
    1973 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "We're an American Band," Grand Funk. The single is pressed on gold-colored vinyl.
    1973 – The Angels’ Nolan Ryan fans 16 in 11 innings, beating the Twins, 5 – 4, giving him 383 for the season, enabling him to surpass the Major League record set by Sandy Koufax in 1965. Ryan opts to skip his next start, thus passing on a shot at 400 K's.
1975 - "I'm Sorry" by John Denver topped the charts and stayed there for a week.
    1977 - Top Hits 
“Best of My Love” - Emotions 
“Don't Stop” - Fleetwood Mac 
“Keep It Comin' Love” - KC & The Sunshine Band 
“I've Already Loved You in My Mind” - Conway Twitty
    1979 - Blondie release "Eat To The Beat." The LP contains the single "Dreaming."
    1980 - Paul Simon's "Late in the Evening" peaks at #6 on the pop chart.
    1980 - David Bowie's "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps" peaks at #12 on the LP chart.
    1984 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Let's Go Crazy," Prince & the Revolution. The song is the second No. 1 hit from Prince's film "Purple Rain."
    1985 - Hurricane Gloria passed over the Hatteras Weather Service office on the outer banks. Gloria then raced north-northeastward and made landfall near Fire Island and then crossed Connecticut coastline very close to Bridgeport, CT. Winds gusted to 115 mph on Long Island, 109 at Chatham, MA and 100 mph at the Blue Hill Observatory in Milton, MA. 8 fatalities occurred and total damage was around $1 billion. Many people in Connecticut were without power for up to 2 weeks.
    1985 - A record early season snowstorm struck the central high plains with up to 19 inches of snow along the Colorado Front Range and as much as a foot of snow in the plains. Denver had a morning low on the 28th of 17, the lowest ever for September. Grand Island, NE had 2 inches of snow on the 28th, the earliest ever on record a record early season snowstorm struck the central high plains with up to 19 inches of snow along the Colorado Front Range and as much as a foot of snow in the plains. Denver had a morning low on the 28th of 17, the lowest ever for September. Grand Island, NE had 2 inches of snow on the 28th, the earliest ever on record
    1986 - Lionel Richie's "Dancing on the Ceiling" was the #1 U.S. LP. The tracks: "Dancing on the Ceiling", "Se La", "Ballerina Girl", "Don't Stop", "Deep River Woman", "Love Will Conquer All", "Tonight Will Be Alright", "Say You, Say Me" and "Night Train (Smooth Alligator)". "Dancing on the Ceiling" was the number one album for two weeks.
    1986 - The Beatles' "Twist and Shout" re-enters the pop singles chart after being heard in the films "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Back To School."
    1986 - "Walk This Way" by Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith peaks at #4 on the singles chart.
    1989 - Freezing temperatures were reported in the Great Lakes Region and the Ohio Valley. Houghton Lake, MI reported a record low of 21 degrees. Thunderstorms in the western U.S. produced wind gusts to 50 mph at Salt Lake City, UT, and gusts to 58 mph at Cody, WY.
    1996 - Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants stole his 40th base of the year in a game against the Colorado Rockies to become only the second player in Major League history to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in the same season. Jose Canseco, the original member of the 40-40 club, achieved the feat in 1988. Bonds finished the year with 42 home runs and 40 steals.
    1999 - Tiger Stadium closed after 87 years as home of baseball's Detroit Tigers.  The Tigers are the longest-surviving of the original American League teams from 1901 that has not moved from its charter city.
    2000 - The United States Olympic team, managed by former Dodger skipper Tommy Lasorda, stuns the world beating the much-favored Cuban team to win the country's first gold medal in its national pastime. Ben Sheets ends Cuba's 21-game Olympic winning streak with 4-0 shutout.
    2003 - Cubs' slugger Sammy Sosa blasts his 40th home run to establish a National League record by reaching the plateau for the sixth consecutive season. The Chicago right fielder, who had previously been tied with Ralph Kiner and Duke Snider, needs another season of at least 40 homers to equal Babe Ruth's Major League mark of seven seasons set from 1926 to 1932.
    2012 - Curiosity, the Mars rover, discovered what could be determined as direct evidence of a fast-moving stream bed, a prior water source, on Mars.
2018 – Senate confirmation hearings into alleged sexual assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh included his and accuser Christine Blasey Ford testimonies. Kavanaugh was eventually confirmed as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.



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