Ken Greene Leasing & Finance Observations

A State-by-State Analysis of License Requirements for Lenders and Brokers

2022 Highlights and 2023 Predictions

Happy New Year: California CFL Lenders and Originators
   Can Work at Home if Computer/Cellphone are Encrypted

Good News for Brokers Doing Business in Utah

Critical News About Utah and Missouri Disclosure Laws

California Commercial Finance Disclosure Law
Not Enjoined and Now Operative
plus Northteq/Salesforce Rapid Finance Disclosure Direct Forms

Bringing in 2023 through Disclosure Laws Top 10 States to Watch

Utah's Disclosure Laws Soon to Take Effect

Disclosures Laws: Good or Bad?

California DFPI Auditor Says State Bank
  Subsidiaries Need CFL License

Ascentium Alleges Major Kickback Scheme

Caught Sending Unlicensed Broker Deal Cost $75,000

Do I Really Have to Disclose Kickbacks
  Under Several New Disclosure Laws?

“New York State of Mind”
 Completes Disclosure of New Commercial Finance Law

Time to Get Ready for New Utah Disclosure Law

The California DFPI on Steroids!
  Beware Unlicensed Lenders and Brokers

Vendors and Unlicensed Brokers Are Referring
     Deals for Commissions to all States with Licenses

Update on Disclosure Laws from Coast to Coast (July 2022)

Virginia May Be for Lovers, But Not MCA's Part II

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in the New California Financial Law

New York Commercial Finance Bill Dies in Committee

Legally, a Loan Again, Naturally*

California (Finally) Approves Disclosure Regulations

Updates on California and Nevada Commercial Laws

What Happens in Nevada May Not Stay in Nevada Licensing!
How to Register, Rules, Requirements, Advice

The Nevada Law on Being Registered for Financing
  and Leasing Brings Up: Are You Licensed
    to Do Business at a Conference?
By Christopher Menkin and Ken Greene

Missouri's "Show Me the Disclosures" Bill Advances
Are Brokers and Leasing Companies Aloof?

Surprise! Utah Commercial Financial Law to Begin January 1, 2023

Update: When Do the New Commercial Laws Take Effect?

Virginia May Be for Lovers But Not MCA's

More States Get on the Disclosure Bus

Reminder: CFL Transition to NMLS Deadline is Near

Updates: When Do the New Laws Take Effect?

Disclosures Part II

NMLS Reporting Not Applicable to Most CFL Licenses

Transition to NMLS Extension Postponed to March 15, 2022

ELFA Webinar on the New Commercial Disclosure Laws

This Wednesday, Dec. 15, 1-2pm ET
Free ELFA Webinar on Commercial Financing
Oh, No! Disclosure Laws in New York and California

ELFA Free Webinar re: Commercial Financing Disclosure Laws

CFL License Transition to NMLS Instructions Explained

SFNet Writes to California Commission on Fourth Modification

Merchant Cash Agreements: Connecticut and North Carolina

Merchant Cash Advance Agreements
New York and New Jersey

California Was the First State to Go After MCA
  How it All Began/Current Pending Revisions

Recent Proposals:  California, Connecticut New Jersey,
New York with very short note on North Carolina

New Disclosure Laws on “True Leases”

The New Disclosure Laws