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Classified Ads---Sales Managers

    Cartoon---Fred Van Etten Walks His Dog

        Commercial Money Center --Up-date


                UAEL Southern California - December 4

                    EAEL - December 8th

                UAEL S.F.Bay Area - December 10
          UAEL Chicago Area Regional Group Party - December 18

            Two Versions of Leasing News

        Streamlined Sales Tax Update - Phoenix Meeting Report

    News Brief---

Sports Briefs---

    California Nuts Brief---

        "Gimme that Wine"

This Day in American History

This Border ##### Denotes Press Release (Not Written By Leasing News)


Accounting Mgr/Bookkeeper: Will implement and monitor stringent financial policies, procedures and internal controls. Must have full understanding of the leasing operation to include income recognition, amortization, forecasting and budgeting. Exp with Lease Plus preferred. Have at least 5 years exp. in the small ticket leasing industry. BA in Accounting preferred. email:

About the company: Five Point Capital, Inc. is a rapidly growing San Diego based national equipment finance company. We are continually looking to add talented people to our growing force who have the same ambitions and drive to make Five Point Capital #1 in our industry.





Classified Ads—Sales Manager

“Please remove my "ad" from the sales manager category.

I have joined Pacifica Capital. A news release will be forthcoming. Thank

you for your support and help.

“Thanks to Leasing News I received several inquiries to my ad under your

"jobs wanted" category in the sales management segment. In fact I was

overwhelmed by the number of business development opportunities and activity

in the marketplace overall. My sense is that this is an indicator that many

firms are "gearing up" or positioning.

“My relationship and history with Pacifica Capital extends to the firm's

founding in 1984. As you know the company has a reputation for its integrity

and ability to sustain relationships long term. I feel extremely fortunate

to have joined a group of friends I have known for many years.

“Thanks again for your help Kit”.

Russ Munson

Huntington Beach

Sales Manager ads

Sales Manager: Atlanta, GA

30 years in transportation Finance with strong management/ sales background. Represented company on national & region markets. Started two successful operations- produce profits and growth.


Sales Manager: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

Domestic-int'l exp. Small to middle ticket. 24 yrs with Fortune 500 firms(2). Consistently achieves margin/ volume goals. Email:

Sales Manager: New York, NY

I have over 25 years owning an independent leasing company that specialized in truck leasing. Tow trucks, Limos, ambulances, tractors, etc..

Sales Manager: Pennsauken, NJ.

17 Years Leasing in all capacities from CSR and Collections to National Sales Management and Vice President Vendor Development. Exceptional People Skills. Many industry references. email:

Sales Manager: Portland, OR. 18+ yrs w/ bank leasing company. Supervised 14- 20 sales people. Willing to relocate for the proper position.

Sales Manager: Seattle, WA

Senior level sales professional w/ (20) plus experience in mid market financing & leasing. The last (8) plus years being self employed in middle market brokerage.

    Full List at:

     Post a Job Wanted:





Cartoon---Fred Van Etten Walks His Dog






Senior Credit Analyst: Will be responsible for credit investigation, analysis and have the ability to assess the creditworthiness of our clients. Must have superb quantitative analytical skills and 2 yrs. exp in the small ticket leasing industry.

About the company: Five Point Capital, Inc. is a rapidly growing San Diego based national equipment finance company. We are continually looking to add talented people to our growing force who have the same ambitions and drive to make Five Point Capital #1 in our industry.






Commercial Money Center --Up-date


The officers of this company are back in business while the "disputes" continue

among insurance companies, banks, vendors, lessees, and perhaps only the attorneys are being remunerated.


Of all the companies on the Leasing News "The List," CMC receives the most inquiries as to what is happening. They come from vendors who think they may get paid, even though their claim is three years old. Others where the equipment was delivered and the lessee making payments, but they are not lessee seeking the release of a lien or complaining that two, and sometimes three different banks are claiming they owe the purchase option...The problems are numerous.


The class action suit continues against CMC for not having a California Finance Lender's License. If the attorneys can prove its significance, the transactions may be illegal and the insurance companies will have to step up to the plate to pay off the claimants. In the meantime, the dividing of what is left on the carcass continues



(10/2003) Ameriana said it will write off two lease pools in the third quarter, an action that will reduce the quarter's net income by approximately $2,784,000 or $0.88 per diluted share. Heretofore, Ameriana had established reserves against these lease pools equal to approximately 58% of the approximately $10,900,000 that currently remains outstanding. Note: NetBank and others have taken over certain aspects of the defaulted portfolio, as reported earlier, and suits with the insurance agency surety continue, while the class action suit continues taking depositions, while the former officers have started new leasing and finance ventures.


 (3/2002) Court filing agreements 03.htm#cmc


 (3/2003) Netbank Lakeland settle BK for portfolio March%202003/03-12-03.htm#new


(3/2003) CMC attorney withdraws, not getting paid


 (3/2003) Class action lawsuit regards not being licensed in California for lease financing


12/2002---Commercial Money Center Bankruptcy Docket for case 02-09721


 (12/2002) Ameriana Bancorp to Boost Reserves 4Q re: Commercial Money Center (Nasdaq: ASBI) announces that it will set aside additional reserves of up to $5.6 million in the Company's fourth quarter ending December 31, 2002. This action will reduce fourth quarter after-tax net income approximately $3.4 million or $1.08 per share, resulting in a net loss for both the quarter and full year. In 2001, Ameriana reported net income of $1,216,000 or $0.39 per diluted share for the fourth quarter and full-year net income of $3,800,000 or $1.21 per diluted share. Approximately $4.7 million of the additional reserves to be set aside pertain to Ameriana's investment in a pool of leases acquired from the Commercial Money Center ("CMC"), a now- bankrupt equipment leasing company. Ameriana originally purchased two separate pools of equipment lease receivables totaling $12,000,000 from CMC in June and September 2001, of which approximately $10,900,000 currently remains unpaid. Each lease in the pools was backed by a surety bond issued by one of two insurance companies rated at least "A" by Moody's Investors Services. The bonds guaranteed payment of all amounts due under the leases in the event of default by the lessee. Each pool was sold under a Sales and Service Agreement by which the insurers serviced the leases. In each case, the insurers assigned their servicing rights and responsibilities to Commercial Servicing Corporation, an affiliate of CMC, which also has filed bankruptcy. When the lease pools went into default earlier this year, one insurer made payments for several months under a reservation of rights while the other refused to make any payments. Both insurers now claim they were defrauded by CMC and are denying responsibility for payment. Ameriana is one of a number of financial institutions around the country that purchased interests in lease pools from CMC. All of the CMC lease pools are in default and in litigation. The Federal Panel on Multi-District Litigation has taken control over most of the federal actions involving the insurers of the lease pools and has assigned them to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division, for consolidated pre-trial purposes. (NetBank has $80 million as part of the suit, among others.)


 (10/2002) Deadline for filing for claims for Commercial Money Center has been extended since the proceedings were converted to a Chapter 7. The CURRENT attorney is Bradley Shraiberg and his phone number is 561.395.0500. He is the contact until a further motion is filed to have him removed (he said for geographical reasons, as it is now moving to the Southern District of California Bankruptcy court in San Diego .) (Read about CMC)


(6/2002) files voluntary bankruptcy, #11, in Florida, all hell breaks loose (5/2002) Gets worse, officers may go to jail


(4/2002) Many, many complaints; reports of leases where equipment never existed, paying for leases that do not exist, much behind the scenes on the reputation of the founders, lawyers having a field day, San Diego FBI investigating all.


(3/2002) Throws in the towel, 128 employees out of work, Dir. of Marketing Bill Hanson not paid, goes back to work for himself, bringing Gil Evans and his son Ty with him. closes door, leaving many unpaid bills and questions, especially about Kiosk leasing.


 (2/2002) Returns $1.2 Million to Date admit many complaints by applicants, vendors, and brokers. Fails to secure insurance line of credit after September 11th


  Here are links to the full story:







UAEL Southern California Xmas Party December 4


Tis the Season ...

Mingle & Jingle at our 2nd Annual United Association of Equipment Leasing Southern California Holiday Cocktail Party & Charity Event


Date: Thursday, December 4, 2003


Time: 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM


Location: Café Tu Tu Tango

20 City Blvd West

Orange, CA 92868

                       (714) 769-2222



Details: Menu: Hors d'oeuvres, Dessert, No-Host Bar

Entertainment: Salsa Dancers will spice up this holiday party!

Charity Event: Join us and bring an unwrapped toy that will be donated to Fire Station #1, Fountain Valley, CA. (Information to follow)


Cost: $15.00 UAEL Member "Early Bird" Ticket

$17.50 Non-UAEL Member "Early Bird" Ticket

** Ticket Prices after 11-10-03: $25.00**


Reserve your ticket today by emailing Gina Iacono at


A special Thank You to Bank Of The West, Financial Pacific Leasing, Orion Financial Services, PFF Bank & Trust and Santa Barbara Bank & Trust for your contribution and support!


Event hosted by UAEL Southern California Regional Committee

Barbara Griffith, Tom Mulally, Mohammed Ahsan, Russ Munson, Larry Turner, Gina Iacono




EAEL December 8th


The Eastern Association of Equipment LeasingEAEL is celebrating the holiday season at Mangia's, Monday, December 8, 2003 from 7 to 10:00PM with an Antipasto dinner buffet.


For additional information contact the EAEL office at 914 381 5830 or





UAEL San Francisco Bay Area Xmas Party- December 10


Northern California United Association of Equipment Lessors look for

a Christmas party on 12/10/03 in Walnut Creek at McCovey's from 4-6.

Food compliments of Paul Knowlton, Bank of Walnut Creek, and a no host bar.

They have a lot of money for leases and for a party, so this will be a good one to attend.

More information to follow, but please save the date.


UAEL Chicago Region Christmas Party-December 18th

Tis the season,,,.The Chicago Area's Regional United Association of Equipment Leasing Group, would like to cordially invite you to a annual Celebration of the Season. This year partake of authentic Greek Cuisine at the wonderful Santorini Restaurant located in Chicago's Greektown.

Santorini Greek Restaurant
800 West Adams
Chicago, IL 60606

Come join us to meet and greet other local UAEL members to celebrate the joy of the season. Seating is limited.

Make your reservations today. Credit card payments accepted through UAEL Secured website only


$65.00 per person. Dinner menu includes: Taramosalata, Tirolafteri, Calamari, Rice, Saganaki, Lamb Kebobs, 1/2 Roasted Chicken, Vegetables, Greek Style Potatoes, Baklava, Galaktobouriko, Coffee, & Premium Bar

You need to register by 12/10/03
(note space not reserved until payment made)

Visit or contact: Bill Griffith at 312-263-6096 = Fax: 312-263-3229 Email:

Here is the flyer meant for print, as it is a very long download :





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If you have not had a prior trial, get 30 days for free and then see if you want to keep the HTML version. Classified ads and subscriptions help support the operation of Leasing.







Streamlined Sales Tax Update - Phoenix Meeting Report


           by Dennis Brown, Equipment Leasing Association


The Streamlined Sales Tax Project (SSTP) met in Phoenix on Monday, November 17 and Tuesday, November 18 followed by Streamlined Sales Tax Implementing States (SSTIS) on Wednesday, November 19. The next SSTP meeting is scheduled for January in San Diego at a location soon to be announced.


This update will cover:


* Why Should I Attend These Meetings?

* Digital Equivalent of Tangible Personal Property

* Origin To Destination Sourcing

* Software Certification Process Accelerated

* Certified Service Provider Request for Proposal

* Compliance Time and Work Schedule


Why Should I Attend These Meetings?


This meeting was a reminder of the importance of being involved in this process. Our participation enabled leasing to analyze a well-intended proposal from associates at the session and cooperatively arrive at a process to reach solutions. Another industry not in attendance was less fortunate when a change in their industry definition was thrown on the table in a spur-of-the-moment fashion. Several of us spoke to the unfairness of changing an industry definition without prior notification to impacted companies or timely review of the consequences. The same can happen to any industry not in attendance whether or not SSTP has examined you in the past.


Delegates to Implementing States offer amendments to definitions and rules in the Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement (SSTA). In this case, the industry targeted by the proposal had cause to feel secure as their definition was approved last year and no issues on the agenda impacted them. The impromptu amendment would have disregarded established procedures by circumventing review by the Streamlined Sales Tax Project and move to immediate revision of the Sales and Use Tax Agreement. Due process prevailed with the proposed amendment routed to SSTP. The lesson to other industries is the need to attend these meetings.


Digital Equivalent of Tangible Personal Property


The multiyear saga of seeking to define the Digital Equivalent of Tangible Personal Property will move into another year. Attempts to write one all encompassing digital equivalent definition has been the mental equivalent of stapling Jell-O to the ceiling. The private sector recommended and the public sector agreed to at least temporarily shift to replicating current practice. If a state wants to tax something they can do so by specific statute unless SSTIS has adopted a uniform definition for that item.



Although state specific definitions may run counter to the spirit of Streamline, molding one massive definition covering every aspect of digital property in the modern economy will keep the private and public sector locked in debate for years to come. In an effort to create a launch pad for this alternative approach a working group of business offered the following premise:


"As under current law (but for the three "gross receipts tax" states), electronically delivered items would not be taxable unless specifically taxed by a state. If a state wished to impose tax on a specific electronically delivered item, it could do so by using its own self-crafted definition unless the Governing Board had adopted a definition for that item, in which case a tax imposition on that item would have to use the Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement (SSTA) uniform definition. The business community will work with the SSTP for specific items that the states want or the business community wants uniformly defined (as granular as possible): the business community is willing to accept the administrative burdens caused by the existence of different definitions among the states for items for which a uniform definition has not been adopted."


Using the above statement as a starting point, Arthur Rosen of McDermott, Will & Emery represented a coalition whose members, among others, will participate in the process of developing definitions.


Origin To Destination Sourcing


A delegation of Kansas state legislators joined the Kansas Department of Revenue in seeking ways to alleviate burdens created by a sudden shift from origin to destination sourcing when the state adopted Streamline. Local governments including Round Rock, Texas, offered similar comments. In one respect, it demonstrated how the surprising success in gaining state enactment has run ahead of implementing existing technology intended to drive the system.


Kansas has 750 tax jurisdictions that are now experiencing shifts in revenue. The sales tax receipts shifting out of a retail center to neighboring locales is of immediate concern with the offsetting influx of tax receipts from destination sourcing more elusive to calculate at this point. Collection of sales tax from Internet transactions is too distant to offer immediate assistance.


Suggestions of amending the Agreement to allow some form of intrastate origin sourcing combined with destination sourcing only on interstate sellers was not a viable option. Aside from the unfairness of placing compliance only on out of state businesses, the Interstate Commerce Clause would forbid it in an interstate agreement.


Kansas legislators expect to enact a tax credit to assist small business acquire computers, software and other assets deemed essential to compliance. Constructive options examined by other origin states were also mentioned as helpful in the transition. These included various sales tax revenue sharing plans on a multi-jurisdictional basis; one rate per state with benefits directed to local government, delayed implementation and increased vendor allowances.


The zip code database needed for retailers to fully operate under the system was not in place when Kansas shifted from origin to destination sourcing. This prevented retailers from accessing information needed for implementation. The Kansas Department of Revenue is moving expeditiously to launch this component of the system. In follow-up discussions, the Equipment Leasing Association joined others in pledging to assist Kansas during the period of transition.


Software Certification Process Accelerated


The contracting authority for certification of software and similar administrative functions needed for system implementation faced delay because it fell under authority of a Governing Board not yet formed. Amending SSTIS Rules of Procedure broke this logjam.


The range of action taken included clarifying that SSTIS by super majority may amend the Agreement until formation of the Governing Board. To help speed the process to that point, SSTIS will form a committee to manage the issuance of an RFP to software firms wanting to be a Certified Service Provider (CSP). Once the Governing Board is formed, SSTIS will become an advisory committee to the Governing Board for a period of time.


These actions were seen as enabling certification of needed technology to catch up with the surprising pace of state adoptions. The tentative schedule for this process appears next.


Certified Service Provider Request for Proposal


March 1, 2004

Issue Request for Proposal


March 8, 2004

Submit questions for Pre-proposal Conference


March 15, 2004

Pre-proposal Conference


March 22, 2004

Post answers to questions


May 1, 2004

Proposal due date


June 1, 2004

Evaluation committee completes review


June 2004

Contracts awarded


July 2004-December 2004

Certification of contractors


Compliance Time and Work Schedule


Sections 801 and 802 of the Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement provide for a Certificate of Compliance that states will file with Implementing States to assert they have reached substantial compliance with each provision of the Agreement. If a state fails to adopt a provision such as the lease definition a Certificate of Compliance should not be submitted until this nonconformity is rectified. It is this assurance of provisions being adopted that the business community strives to obtain but the varied modes of attaining compliance make it difficult to verify. Members of the private sector can join the Council On State Taxation (COST) in examining state compliance by contacting Steve Kranz of COST at


The following Compliance time and work schedule has been laid out for reviewing compliance:


November 2003

Approve compliance document


December 2003

State and business contacts meet to review state law





Senior Funding/Doc Specialist: Will produce accurate documentation and provide support as the contact between our sales force, vendors and banks. Ensure doc requests are completed in an accurate and timely manner. Must be detail oriented and have at least 2 yrs exp, small ticket leasing industry preferred.

About the company: Five Point Capital, Inc. is a rapidly growing San Diego based national equipment finance company. We are continually looking to add talented people to our growing force who have the same ambitions and drive to make Five Point Capital #1 in our industry.






News Brief---


Economists see good holiday season, strong growth in 2004 but only slow jobless improvement






Sports Briefs---


K. Johnson says he would still play for Buccaneers


NFL says officials incorrectly failed to restart clock in Seahawks- Ravens game


Martz insists that Bulger is his QB


Donovan glows under spotlight


USC Trojans Under Coach Pete Carroll Rank Number Two





California Nuts Brief----


Schwarzenegger seeks $1.9 billion in immediate budget cuts






"Gimme that Wine"



Warning to NZ wine industry,2106,2737106a6008,00.html


Win a Beaujolais Nouveau Bash With Duboeuf


Galante Picks Cabernet Until November 15 (also own Casanova Restaurant

in Carmel, California )





Senior Funding/Doc Specialist: Will produce accurate documentation and provide support as the contact between our sales force, vendors and banks. Ensure doc requests are completed in an accurate and timely manner. Must be detail oriented and have at least 2 yrs exp, small ticket leasing industry preferred.

About the company: Five Point Capital, Inc. is a rapidly growing San Diego based national equipment finance company. We are continually looking to add talented people to our growing force who have the same ambitions and drive to make Five Point Capital #1 in our industry.





This Day in American History


November 25, 1924—Birthday of alto player Paul Desmond (Paul Emil Brentenfield)

         1602-Explorer Sebastián Vizcaíno gave Santa Catalina Island its present name.

In 1542, Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, the first European explorer to encounter the island, referred to it as San Salvador. When Vizcaíno sheltered on the island in 1602 he renamed it Catalina, in honor of the feast day of Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

        1715-An English patent was granted to a resident of America, to “Thomas Masters, Planter of Pennsylvania, for an invention found out by Sibylla his wife for cleaning and curing the Indian Corn growing in several colonies in America.” Sybilla, who divided her time between England and the United States did not receive English Patent #401 for her machines and methods for preparing Indian corn. It went to her husband Thomas because of the strictures against women. The patent documents clearly state Sybilla invented the process and her signed drawings show the method of operation. She also invented a method for using palmetto leaves to make hats, the patent again going to her husband, who formally acknowledged her as the inventor. On July 15, 1717, the State of Pennsylvania granted Sybilla patent rights in her own name.

        1742- In New York, David Brainerd, 24, was approved as a missionary to the New England Indians by the Scottish Society for the Propagating of Christian Knowledge (SPCK). Brainerd worked heroically from Apr 1743 to Nov 1746, before advancing tuberculosis forced him to relinquish his work. (He died in October 1747.)

         1783-Although Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown in the Fall of 1781 marked the end of the Revolutionary War, minor battles between the British and the colonists continued for another two years. Finally, in February of 1783 George III issued his Proclamation of Cessation of Hostilities, culminating in the Peace Treaty of 1783. Signed in Paris on September 3, 1783, the agreement--also known as the Paris Peace Treaty--formally ended the United States War for Independence. The news was sent by ship, preparations made, and this day, Britain evacuates NY, their last military position in US. This was a great day of celebration in the city. By this time some 100,000 Loyalist had fled. Also known as Tories, they had suffered various penalties for their loyalty to the Crown, including confiscation of property, removal form public office, and punitive taxation. Probably no more than 10% of the colonials were Tories, who were generally well-do-do, engaged in commerce or the professions, or public officials. Many fled to Canada, some to England.

        1832-Birthday of Mary Edwards Walker, American physician and women’s right leader, born at Oswego, New York. She was the first female surgeon in the US Army (Civil War).

She spent four months in Confederate prison. The first and only woman to ever receive the Medal of Honor ( November 11,1865). Two years before her death, on June 3, 1916, a government review board asked that her award be revoked. She continued to wear it, in spite of official revocation, until

her death February 21,1919 at Oswego. On June 11, 1977, the secretary of the army posthumously restored the Medal of Honor to Dr. Walker.

         1835-Birthday of American financier, philanthropist, and benefactor of more than 2,500 libraries, born at Dunfermline, Scotland. Carnegie Hall, Carnegie Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace are among his gifts. Carnegie wrote in 1889, “Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community...The man who dies disgraced.” Carnegie died at his summer estate, “Shadowbrook, MA., Aug 11,1919 (Coda: There was no income tax deduction or financial purposes at the time for his gifts.)

        1846-Birthday of Carry Amelia Moore Nation, American temperance leader, famed as hatchet-wielding smasher of saloons, born at Garrard County ,KY. This American temperance leader would take a band of women into a saloon and destroy it with her hatchet. Some had concerns over her sanity and there were many public comments on her emotional instability. She was NEVER - NEVER a leader in the women's temperance movement – and history viewed her as a loose cannon. Nation -- a 6-foot-tall Kansan who believed God wanted her to stamp out demon rum -- and her fellow crusaders knew the value of publicity. Leigh Weimers relates this story of her visit in 1903 to San Jose. Nation's advance man G.R. Ray offered money to local saloonkeepers if they would allow Nation in their premises (a photo op, even then). So, following a public lecture at which she railed against alcohol, Nation entered the Auzerais Hotel saloon where, Douglas notes, ``she exhibited her disdain for liquor by knocking the glasses of whiskey from the hands of some of the men.'' Then, followed by a crowd of onlookers, she headed for the nearby Louvre saloon, where owner Louis Hobbs was waiting.

Hobbs hadn't taken the advance man's money. He broke through the crowd, cursed Nation and punched Ray, bloodily breaking his nose. The crowd broke up the Louvre. Nation got the publicity, but not the cash support she was after. ``It appears that the crowds were more concerned with causing trouble than with hearing her message,'' writes Douglas. And Nation left town, as unsuccessful in altering people's desire to alter their moods as everyone has been before or since. Died at Leavenworth, KS, June 9, 1911.

        1849-Franklin A. Buck wrote to his sister "to turn around and go right back again like some persons who have been here and gotten homesick." Just twenty years old, Buck left his job in New York and set sail for California the previous January. The young man was one of 40,000 people who traveled to California by sea during the gold rush of 1849. He arrived in the boom town of Sacramento City in October. With partners, Buck opened a supply store. Business was brisk.

( lower half of: )

        1862-A sarcastic President Lincoln wires General George McClellan: "I have just read your dispatch about sore tongued and fatiegued [sic] horses. Will you pardon me for asking what the horses of your army have done since the battle of Antietam that fatigue anything?" Lincoln was nearly out of patience with McClellan. The president had ordered him to pursue Confederate General Robert E. Lee into Virginia after Antietam on September 17, but McClellan dallied for more than a month. A little over a week after sending this message, Lincoln replaced McClellan with Ambrose Burnside.

        1863- The place was a small ridge overlooking Chattanooga, Tennessee.  From the one-thousand foot heights of Missionary Ridge Confederate General Braxton Braggs' soldiers trained their artillery on the city below.  Major General Ulysses S. Grant and his men had pitched their tents there, and now the soldiers were at the mercy of those relentless cannon.  Trapped and faced with starvation and annihilation, the Union troops had lost so many horses that they couldn't even mount an artillery battery in their defense.

It was a frustrating feeling of helplessness and imminent disaster, compounded by the winter drizzle and ominous skies.  Major General William Sherman had mounted an attack to the right and was quickly stalled.  Under pressure of the enemy he requested a feint elsewhere to relieve his embattled troops.  It wasn't intended to be a major offensive, such was an improbable military operation.  The reserve troops were simply to attack the center of the Confederate lines at the base of Missionary Ridge to draw attention away from Sherman.

The battle for the gun pits was furious, soldiers fighting hand-to-hand and engaging each other with bayonet.  As the Confederate soldiers were slowly defeated and the young Union soldiers gained control of the gun pits, they found themselves trapped at the base of the ridge by the cannon mounted above them.  Their brief victory had turned into a nightmare of death.  Watching from a distance General Grant's worst fears materialized as the withering fire threatened to destroy his valiant soldiers.  "Pull back," he probably thought to himself, "retreat...get out of there before it is too late."

No thought had been given to attacking Missionary Ridge that day, Grant knew it would be suicidal.  The move to the gun pits at the base of the ridge had simply been a token attack, designed to divide the enemy forces and provide some relief for Sherman's embattled soldiers.  Yet suddenly, without orders, the 18,000 young men trapped in the gun pits rose to their feet and began to assault the enemy entrenched on the 1,000-foot slope.  Angry at the suicidal offensive, Grant asked, "Who ordered those men up the ridge?"  A subordinate replied that the attack had commenced without order.  Chomping his traditional cigar and fearful of the worst Grant replied, "Well, it will be all right if it turns out all right."

Among the units advancing on the entrenched Confederate soldiers that day was the 24th Wisconsin Infantry.  The unit detailed to advance the colors was led by an 18-year old First Lieutenant named Arthur MacArthur.  When the soldier assigned to carry the battle flag of the 24th Wisconsin fell to an enemy bayonet, another soldier rushed forward to hoist the flag.  The roar of cannon fire filled the ridge and the second color bearer fell, decapitated by a cannon ball.  Bloody and wounded, Arthur MacArthur retrieved the colors himself.  Raising the already battle-scared flag high he turned to his troops with the shout "On Wisconsin!" and proceeded up the ridge.  As MacArthur reached the summit he firmly planted the staff of the flag in the ground.  Below him the advancing soldiers saw their flag, battered and scarred, waving in the breeze at the top of the precipice.  Their hearts filled with inspiration they surged forward, doing the improbable, achieving victory at Missionary Ridge.

        1865---the 7th National Woman's Rights Convention was held in New York City chaired by Lucy Stone. The progress report, made only EIGHT years after the first call for women's rights in the history of this nation in 1848, is startling. In her address Lucy Stone said:

"Our first effort... where a few women were gathered, who had learned woman's rights by woman's wrongs...

"Never before has any reformatory movement gained so much in so short a time. When we began, the statute books were covered with laws against women... Now almost every Northern state has more or less modified its laws... "

        1865- Kate Gleason birthday, extraordinary businesswoman who as a salesperson in the late 1800's did the unthinkable: actually traveled by herself to sell her father's tool making products, even to Europe. When automobiles became the rage, Gleason turned her sales abilities to Detroit and she was so successful that she became the first woman member of several engineering groups. Later she became the president of a bank, turned a bankrupt tool making business into profit, and went into real estate, building and restoring housing areas. One of her plans

included building low-cost homes in Sausalito, California. She developed several resort areas including Beaufort, SC.

       1876- U.S. troops under the leadership of General Ranald Mackenzie destroy the village of Cheyenne living with Chief Dull Knife on the headwaters of the Powder River. At dawn, Mackenzie and over 1,000 soldiers and 400 Indian scouts opened fire on the sleeping village, killing many Indians within the first few minutes. Some of the Cheyenne, though, managed to run into the surrounding hills. They watched as the soldiers burned more than 200 lodges--containing all their winter food and clothing--and then cut the throats of their ponies The attack was in retaliation against some of the Indians who had participated in the massacre of Custer and his men at Little Bighorn. Although the Sioux and Cheyenne won one of their greatest victories at Little Bighorn, the battle actually marked the beginning of the end of their ability to resist the U.S. government. News of the massacre of Custer and his men reached the East Coast in the midst of nationwide centennial celebrations on July 4, 1876. Outraged at the killing of one of their most popular Civil War heroes, many Americans demanded an intensified military campaign against the offending Indians.

        1884-Evaporated milk was produced by John B. Meyenberg of St. Louis, MO, who received a patent for an “apparatus for preserving milk.” Evaporated milk is milk from which approximately 60 percent of the water has been removed by evaporation, which gave it a longer shelf life and less weight

in transportation.

        1895- Helen Hooven Santmeyer birthday, author of And Ladies of the Club. When her book became famous, she was 92 and living in a nursing home. Her longtime companion, Mildred Sandoe, was also living in the same home. Santmeyer had written three books while young but became a librarian in her beloved small Ohio town instead.

        1897-Birthday of piano player extraordinaire Willie “The Lion” Smith, Goshen, NY.

        1909- the "Uprising of the Twenty Thousand," the strike of more than 25,000 women of the International Ladies' Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) that called for higher wages and better working conditions.

       1910-Birthday of alto sax player Willie Smith, born Charleston, SC.

       1914-Birrthday of Joseph Paul (Joe” DiMaggio, baseball Hall of Fame outfielder, born at Martinez, CA. In 1941, he was on “the streak,” getting hits in 56 consecutive games. He was the American League MVP for three years, was the batting champion in 1939 and led the league in RBIs in both 1941 and 1948. DiMaggio was married to actress Marilyn Monroe in 1954. He died at Harbour Island, Florida March 8, 1999.

       1915-Birthday of reedman Gus Bivona, born New London, CT.

         1919-Birthday of singer Joe “BeBop” Carroll, Philadelphia, P

        1924—Birthday of alto player Paul Desmond (Paul Emil Brentenfield)

        1927-Birthday of pianist/arranger Dick Wellstood, Greenwich, CT,,508612,00.html

       1928-Birthday of singer Etta Jones, Aiken, SC

       1931-Birthday of cornet player Nat Adderley, Tampa, FL, Died Jan. 1,2000.

       1941-Stan Kenton opens at Hollywood Palladium for five weeks. He had arrived!!!

        1947- Film industry executives announce that 10 directors, producers, and actors who have refused to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) will be fired or suspended. The HUAC hearings were part of the "Red Scare" of the late 1940s and 1950s, during which Senator Joseph McCarthy and others hounded alleged communists, making unsubstantiated allegations against many innocent citizens and damaging many lives. Starting in the fall of 1947, HUAC held hearings to investigate rumored communism in the film industry. Numerous actors and executives, including Ronald Reagan, Robert Montgomery, Gary Cooper, and Walt Disney, testified. Some actors named others who allegedly belonged to the Communist Party. The hearings raised deep concerns about civil rights and freedom of expression, and some actors, including Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and Gene Kelly, protested the hearings. Others refused to testify against their colleagues. Unfortunately, refusing to testify destroyed the careers of many actors, screenwriters, and others who were "blacklisted" (prohibited from working in the industry). The "Hollywood Ten," who refused to testify about their political affiliations, were not only fired or suspended without pay but also jailed and fined for contempt of Congress. Eventually, some 300 people were blacklisted, some on very slight evidence, and many careers were ruined. In fear for his career, Humphrey Bogart called his earlier protest against the HUAC hearings "ill-advised and even foolish." Among those named as communists were Dashiell Hammett, Lillian Hellman, Dorothy Parker, and Lloyd Bridges. Some blacklisted writers and directors were able to work in Hollywood under pseudonyms in later years-in fact, "Hollywood Ten" screenwriter Dalton Trumbo won an Oscar for his script for The Brave One, written under the pseudonym Robert Rich.

       1948---Top Hits
Buttons and Bows - Dinah Shore
On a Slow Boat to China - The Kay Kaiser Orchestra (vocal: Harry Babbitt & Gloria Wood
Hair of Gold, Eyes of Blue - Gordon MacRae
One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart) - Jimmy Wakely

        1949 - "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" appeared on the music charts and became THE musical hit of the Christmas season. Although Gene Autry’s rendition is the most popular, 80 different versions of the song have been recorded, with nearly 20,000,000 copies sold.

        1951-Birthday of sporstcaster, Pro Football Hall of Fame coach, Joe Jackson Gibbs, Mocksville, NC.

        1955 - Following a summer at the top of the American pop charts, "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley and His Comets became the #1 song in Great Britain.

        1956---Top Hits

Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley
Cindy, Oh Cindy - Eddie Fisher
Hey! Jealous Lover - Frank Sinatra
Singing the Blues - Marty Robbins

        1955- The Interstate Commerce Commission bans racial segregation in all facilities and vehicles engaged in interstate transportation., meaning buses and terminals. On December 1, Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat in Atlanta, GA, citing this ban on racial segregation. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. joins her boycott and US history is changed from that date and act.
    1957- President Eisenhower suffers a mild stroke, impairing his speech

        1960 - Radio actors were put out of work when CBS radio axed five serials (soap operas) from the airwaves. We said so long to "The Second Mrs. Burton" (after 14 years), "Young Doctor Malone", "Whispering Streets" (after 8 years), "Right to Happiness" (after 21 years) and "Ma Perkins" (after 27 wonderful years.) In 1940, the high point for these radio programs, there were as many as 45 on the air each day!

        1960-Birthday of Amy Grant gospel singer (Glory of Love, Baby Baby)
    1960-Birthday of John F Kennedy Jr lawyer, son of JFK. He and his wife along

with some friends died in a plane crash in 1999.

           1963-President John F. Kennedy laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.

        1963-Birthday of former football player Bernie Joseph Kosar, Jr., born Boardman, OH/

         1964---Top Hits
Baby Love - The Supremes
Come a Little Bit Closer - Jay & The Americans
Ringo - Lorne Greene
I Don’t Care (Just as Long as You Love Me) - Buck Owens

        1965-Birthday of football player Cris Carter, Troy, OH.

        1972---Top Hits
I Can See Clearly Now - Johnny Nash
I’d Love You to Want Me - Lobo
Summer Breeze - Seals & Crofts
She’s Too Good to Be True - Charley Pride

          1973-Presendital order requiring a cutback from the 70 mile-per-house speed limit. the 55 mile-per hour National Maximum Speed Limit (NMSL) was established by Congress in January, 1974 (PL-93-643). The National Highway Traffic Administration reported that “analysis of available date shows that the 55pmh NMSL forestalled 48,310 fatalities through 1980. There were also reductions in crash-related injuries and property damage. Motor fuel savings were estimated at 2.4 billion gallons per year.

Notwithstanding, in 1987, Congress permitted states to increase speed limits on rural interstate highways to 65 miles per hour. There are several states, Northwest, where the posted speed

is higher.

        1980---Top Hits
Woman in Love - Barbra Streisand
The Wanderer - Donna Summer
Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
Lady - Kenny Rogers
    1980-Roberto Duran quit fighting with 16 seconds left in the eighth round, saying, “No mas, no mas ( No more, no more),’ allowing “Sugar” Ray Leonard to regain the WEBC welterweight title.

        1984 - The ‘Golden Bear’, Jack Nicklaus, sunk an 8-foot birdie putt on the last hole to win the second Skins Game -- for $240,000. He beat Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player (the 1983 winner).

        1986 - Don Shula of the Miami Dolphins ended speculation about his possible move to another NFL franchise by signing with the Dolphins again.

        1988---Top Hits
Bad Medicine - Bon Jovi
Desire - U2
Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley (Free Baby) - Will To Power
I’ll Leave This World Loving You - Ricky Van Shelton

        1990-- NFL's NY Giants & San Francisco 49ers after winning their 1st 10 games both lose, Phil Eagles beat Giants 31-13 & L.A. Rams beat 49ers 28-17

       1995- Whitney Houston's song "Exhale" debuts at the top of the charts. This was the third Houston single to top the charts on the day of its release.

         1996- America Online announced it would sell its WebCrawler search engine to Excite. In return, AOL received some $20 million worth of Excite's stock, increasing its ownership stake in the online directory to twenty percent. The newly formed Excite directory was created in a garage by six Stanford University graduates who borrowed $15,000 from their parents. By 1999, the site was receiving some seventeen million hits per month, and that year, At Home Corp., a cable modem company, purchased Excite for $6.7 billion. @Home went filed bankruptcy in 2002.

        1999 - Five-year-old Elian Gonzalez was found clinging to an inner tube off the coast near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The boy, his mother, stepfather, and eleven other Cubans had boarded a small boat in Cuba and attempted to cross the ocean to the U.S. Elian was one of three to survive (his mother and stepfather both drowned). He lived with relatives in Miami until he was seized by the INS in an early morning raid on April 22, 2000. Jokes on the internet were plentiful with a rifle held at his head. He returned to Cuba with his father on June 28.





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