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Cartoon---Money Can't Buy Happiness

    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted-plus Testimonial

        Orix-Beyond Comedy?

            Foundation Celebrates Lessors' Generosity

                Weekly Bulletin Board Report 10/15/03

                    AOL Version 9 Review

                Beige Report To Be Issued Today

            News Briefs---

     Sports Briefs---

This Day in American History

Salesman Pay Survey---Tomorrow



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Cartoon---Money Can’t Buy Happiness





Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted—plus Testimonial


“Good morning- I hope all is going well for you.


“I want to thank you. After leaving Jim Lahti and Rick Galtelli at Affiliated in Texas, I moved to Phoenix. I posted a job search on your site, and Rick Wilbur with Media Capital contacted me; now I'm back in the leasing fold.


“Thank you.


“I'm not sure though how to remove my job post, and I keep getting contacted by other local firms. It's very gratifying, but I'm happy where I am. If you could remove it, I would be grateful.


“And thanks again,”


Rustyn Rose

3417 S. 73rd Lane

Phoenix, AZ 85043




Sales: Atlanta, GA. 15 Yr extensive small & mid-ticket leasing. Strong book of business & vendor/direct base. Strong closing, structuring, communication, negotiation & nat'l program skills w/ following in key


Sales: Atlanta, GA. Consistent top performer, results oriented with outstanding sourcing, structuring and negotiation skills. Direct& vendor development sales. Mid-market and above - Customers throughout Southeast. email:


Sales: Atlanta, Ga.

Polished, self starting professional with 10 years of leasing and 20 years of sales experience seeking leasing position. email:


Sales:Austin,Texas 24yrs equip leasing sales, vendor/direct, leasing high- tech to rolling stock. HP12C/17B. Small- Mid Ticket. Seeking Texas territory which can be covered from Austin home-base.


Sales: Bakersfield, CA.

I have an extensive sales and management background in equipment leasing. My work history exhibits my major strength in small ticket equipment leasing. email:


Sales: Orange County, CA.

Skilled deal-closer at above-average rates. Entrepreneurial. Accomplished lease- structurer specializing in transportation. Exp. in direct/captive & syndicator environments servicing vendors, brokers, & end-users.


Sales: Orange County, CA. 20 yrs. in leasing. Skilled, persistent marketing rep. Great closer on deals from $100K to $5MM. Looking for middle market company.




Sales: Chicago, IL. Equipment leasing professional with 25+ years experience in sales, sales management and debt placement. Excellent communication skills, strong credit & financial understanding.


Sales: Chicago, IL. 12+ yrs multinational/ national sales & business development. Seeking role with captive lessor or global leasing company. Will relo right opportunity. Experience structuring complex transactions. email:



Sales: Denver, CO.

17 yr sales expr. in leasing sales (territory, NationalAccts., sales mgt) looking to bring experience to s sales/sales mgt role. Successful, accountable, ethical, aggressive, results.


Sales: Denver, OR.

Broker representative: Seek employment or partnership w/estab. finance group. Prior engineer making career change. Have pursued extensive self-education/ formal training.



Sales: Denver CO.

Experienced Equipment Leasing Broker looking for a in house leasing company. Can bring a book of business with me or develop new territory where needed. email:

Sales: Detroit, MI. 16-year lease veteran looking for opportunity in the Detroit area. Ability to bring on new accounts and manage existing base. Up to 60% travel acceptable.



Sales: Port St. Lucie, Southeast, FL.

Highly experience in middle market leasing sales. Consistent producer, strong credit, organizational and territory management skills. Seek position with bank related or captive organization.


Sales: Stuart, Fl. 17 years exp. leasing in small ticket and large ticket, portfolio management exp. along with sales management and administrative background, strong sales and marketing skills. email:



Sales: Hartford, CT. 10+ yrs leasing sales exp.; multi-industry, small-large ticket, Direct, Vendor, and Captive exp. Seeking sales position with captive or independent company with equity investment capability.


Sales: Jacksonville, FL.

Seasoned equipment leasing professional, with over 10 years of experience, looking for position in business development in Northern Florida territory.




Sales: Prairie Village, KS Have substantial deal flow and database of broker referral sources. Generated and closed over $22M LY. Seeking exclusive relationship w/direct founder.



Sales: Louisville, KY

I have been in leasing/financing of construction, machine tool, and mfg equipment for 20+ years. Traveled KY, IN, OH and TN.


Sales: Minneapolis, MN. 10+ yrs Equipment Leasing in Upper Midwest. Investment Grade Database. Previous vendor/small/middle market exp. Super Trump, 17B & account database exp. email:


Sales: Mission Viejo, CA

Account Sales Executive with 10 years of leasing experience looking for company to bring existing customer base.



Sales: Central, NC.

7 yrs.equip leasing &finance; specialist in heavy construction equip for 2-top-5- specialty finance/lease companies, NC &VA territories. $10-15MM annual funding. Downsized in 2002, now independent broker with varied customer base. email:


Sales: Greensboro, N.C. Seeking direct & broker sales w/major finance

e companies in NC or southeast market. Small to mid-ticket range. Stable &family oriented. Will have series 6,63,65 license shortly.


Sales: Princeton, NJ: Regional Sales Manager: Last 15 years with captive. Knowledgeable in all aspects of leasing. Application to funding. Worked with 25 salespeople - east coast.



Sales: Philadelphia , PA Seeking an open opportunity to advance in the automotive, commercial leasing & finance industry......... email:


Sales: Phoenix, AZ. 20-year veteran with multiple industry experience, solid closing skills, middle-market database, sourcing direct/vendors. Seeking direct/vendor/ captive lessor with direct funding & equity infusion capabilities. email:

Sales: St. Louis, MO

Proven equipment finance sales professional looking for a new challenge which rewards success. Equipment type and location open provided you want business.


Sales: San Bernardino, CA.

Account executive w/4 years exp. in small ticket &lower end middle market lease transactions, Outstanding ACT database compiled of over 500 vendors. Seeking a career driven position w/a reputable lessor email:



Sales: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

10+ yrs in middle market leasing. Seek direct lessor only. Transaction size from $500M to $10.0MM. Client base: printing, food, retail, hvy manufacturing.


Sales: Tampa, FL. 27 years experience. Very adept in bank lease programs and direct sales in MM/LT. Looking to re- enter the industry. Will relocate to Texas. Hungry. email:


83 Job Wanted ads at:


To post a free “Job Wanted” ad, please go here:





Orix—Beyond Comedy?


Leasing News has contacted the Orix PR department. We don't expect an answer back from them regarding the following stories:


Here are what readers have to say:



















(973) 983-1000, EXT. 219







The rag tag Battle Star Galactica of leasing...

The Palitz family went where no one wanted to go...



There were a number of decisions made over the years that led to the current



1) The decision to hire "cronies" over qualified people... to avoid fees.


2) The decision to hire "bank" leasing reps a couple of years ago who had a

tendency to work the "credit team" side of the deal rather than the

"customer side" in "storied credit" situations. They were used to "selling

rate" and it was a tragic mistake made by the big ticket side...


3) The decision to close so many offices and consolidate operations to



There are several external pressures that had a tremendous impact:


1) 9-11 had a direct impact on ORIX USA as they had many offices in the



2) The Japanese economy...


3) Some top managers were recruited away at crucial times.







I regularly receive your newsletter via e-mail and have enjoyed the variety

and candor of your postings. However, I must take offense at parts of the

recent article you published concerning Orix USA (Orix USA

Floundering-Holmes Going, Going....). In this piece you state, "The current

failing at ORIX reportedly are not Holmes's fault. The Credit Alliance

portfolio is losing big money, the original Palitz brothers had a way of

moving money around to make the company look good on paper and after they

sold and left the problems didn't surface until the economy took a dive." I

feel compelled to add some counterbalance to that overly broad assessment.


Since it has been almost 8 years since I left Orix, I am not well versed in

their current internal problems. I do know however, what the company's

business was like during my 16 year tenure at the firm as one of their top



The Palitz family was brilliant in their appreciation and

understanding of companies like Credit Alliance and the role they played in

the marketplace. When banks or other monolithic financial institutions

turned their backs on the middle market and some of the so-called "dirty"

industries like construction, waste, and transportation, Credit Alliance and

Leasing Service were there to offer a valuable service to the core

industries of America. Perhaps we weren't the cheapest rate in town, but we

were one of the most innovative and flexible groups around. We didn't

credit score people or companies to determine their creditworthiness, rather

we looked at what they were buying, their payment history on similar debt,

and what type of character they possessed. Yes, we actually got to know

our customers first hand in order to determine if they were "good guys" or

"bad guys". Sounds overly simplistic to some, but it worked!


My guess is that the problems began to develop when the decision was made to eliminate

many offices and the hard working employees who serviced those regions. The

formula for success implemented by the Palitz family and its successors was

undone by the lack of hands-on direct contact with their customers. Back

then our customers paid us before they paid almost anyone else because they

knew that they had a relationship with myself or others in the company.

They would not take the chance that they would jeopardize that relationship

through default.


In addition, I find it hard to fathom that the problems you say are

surfacing now once the economy took a dive were left behind by the Palitzes.

If memory serves me they were out of the Credit Alliance picture by the late

80s. I know I had a hard time structuring any deals that went beyond 60

months so I doubt that any of the deals they were responsible for extended

this far into the future. It bothers me that people outside the group would

feel comfortable criticizing an organization that had an excellent

reputation during its heyday and which, in essence, is no longer around to

defend itself.



Yours truly,


Tom Tornee'


Sales Manager

North Fork Equipment Leasing

99 Jericho Turnpike

Jericho, NY 11753


516-333-5033 fax





In a recent article concerning the rumors around Jay Holmes at Orix, you

made reference that the Palitz brothers had moved money around and that had

cause some of the losses when the economy had problems. I would like to

point out that the Palitz brothers retired from Orix 15 years ago. Since

most deals they did were under 5 year transactions, I don't think anything

they did would have much effect of the losses taken in the past 5 to 10



By the way, I certainly enjoy being one of your



Mike Leonard






Both Mike Leonard, who was manager of the Atlanta Transportation

Division, and Tom Tornee, who was a salesman in upstate New York, are

good guys. I agree with the essence of what both have told you. I

thought that your critique on the Palitz brothers was overdone.


While they were gone for years before the problems hit ORIX, the ORIX

management was primarily trained by the Palitzes. Any tricks of the

trade that the Palitzes knew about were passed on to the management. I

think, however, that the Palitzes should take no hit on the problems at

ORIX. I believe that Jay Holmes was never interested in fixing ORIX,

but rather remaking it in his image. That is why he let go all the old

ORIX managers, changed the name, closed every office and re-made the

company in Atlanta. Why, for instance, would he start a municipal

leasing operation, when they did not need tax shelter? How did he think

that his "bigger deals, better credits and higher rate" approach work,

and did he think it was a unique business model? My opinion? With

the Japanese economy in a serious state, I think Holmes pushed the right

buttons to force the Japanese to protect their foreign crown jewel,

Credit Alliance. Jay's approach was heavy-handed and he had his mind

set on what he wanted to do and nothing was going to stop him.



( name with held )


I agree current management needs to take the rap, should Jay be

the fall guy, who is really pulling the strings. ORIX Sato or Moss?


You have stirred up a hornets nest. One thing to expect, the Teflon Don

(Gary Gussoff) will survive.


(name with held )




#### Press Release ##########################



Foundation Celebrates Lessors’ Generosity



James R. Renner, Chairman of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation announces awards

and special recognition to several of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation's largest corporate and individual donors, including:


Individual Benefactors, for donating $1,500 or more in a personal contribution:

James S. Beard

Edward A. Dahlka, Jr.

Rodney Darensbourg

Chip Leas

Michael A. Leichtling

James H. Possehl

James R. Renner

Robert Rinek

Matthew D. Shieman and

Rudolph Trebels


Corporate Sustainers, donating $5,000 or more:

Bay4 Capital, LLC


First American Equipment Finance

GE Commercial Finance

HPSC, Inc.

Key Equipment Finance

Leaf Financial Corporation

US Bancorp Equipment Finance


Corporate Sponsors, donating $10,000 or more:

American Express Business Finance

DeLage Landen Financial Services

Siemens Financial Services, Inc.


Jim Renner was pleased to induct three new companies into the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation's Founder group. Founders are companies and individuals donating $25,000 or more to support the research endeavors of the Foundation.

2003 New Founders are:

Caterpillar Financial Services

Republic Financial Corporation and

Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, Inc.


Recognition was given to outgoing Foundation Trustees, Robert Knapp of Siemens Financial Services and Lou Vigliotti of GE Capital Markets Services for their years of service on the Board of Trustees. Incoming Trustees are Rodney W. Darensbourg, UPS Capital Corp., Paul W. Frechette, Key Equipment Finance and Michael Sheehan, American Express Business Finance Corp.


Special recognition was given to outgoing Trustee and Foundation Founder, Paul S. Gass. Fourteen years ago, Paul made a very large personal contribution to create the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation. Paul served as Chairman of the Foundation for 11 years, and was highly successful in securing thousands of dollars in donations to the Foundation.


For more information on the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation, visit


### Press Release ##############################




Weekly Bulletin Board Report 10/15/03




I am the CFO for ********., a small plastic manufacturer located in ***** CA. We were looking for equipment financing and paid a $4,000.00 refundable deposit to *******, for the purpose of securing financing. The Managing Director is ***** Since we sent the check on June 18, 2003, little was done and no financing has been secured for us. Many request to return our refund had been ignored. We are quite sure this company is set up to deceive companies desperate for financing and we want companies out there to be aware of this dishonest company. I also welcome whatever help or advice you can offer.


(We have asked him for a copy of any commitment letter or anything he signed, plus

a copy of the cancelled check. The leasing company in questions appears not to belong

to any leasing association, no web site, nothing in the Better Business Bureau, and

depending on the documents, this may be another company burned in our industry.)





A complaint about NorVergence , with accusations against the vendor

who belongs to the Equipment Leasing Association and the person in charge

of bank relations is the president of the Eastern Association of Equipment

Leasing. We are presently looking into the complaint and the accusations

made. It is not fair to repeat them as we do not know if they are true

or not true.


“NorVergence(NorV) is Drastically Reducing Telecommunications Costs for the Small to Medium Enterprise business.


“NorVergence is a $150,000,000 Business Equipment and Systems Engineering Company with 38 offices Nationwide, over 1,200 employees and Engineers from some of the top technology firms in the world including: Nortel, Lucent, Cisco and IBM. The company is Drastically Reducing Telecommunication's Costs for the Small to Medium sized Enterprise.


“The NorVergence MATRIX Phone System was engineered and designed based on the latest Next Generation Network Technologies from the Fortune 500 in early 2000. The company was then founded after a year of NDA Development in 2001 by Peter J. Salzano Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. NorVergence is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. Strategic Technology Solutions Providers include: Nortel Networks, Lucent, Cisco and IBM. The Company is backed by Private Venture Capitalists.”


A complaint was posted on the internet, and we do not print it, however

here is the address provided to us:


Here is the web address for NorVergence with full information about the company

and their “partners” :




The rest of the story regarding the Major Recreational Vehicle dealer finds us through the Internet with a complaint about a “broker” representing himself as a “funder,”

and not returning a deposit to a customer.

In investigating this, the “broker” is a member of a leasing association,

has completed several leases with the dealer, has two pending, and

the one in question has been turned down several times, which he

states the RV dealer was aware.

We suggested they contact us if the “advance rental” is not returned

to their customer, and to utilize the National Association of Equipment

Leasing Broker web site to find a broker who would undertake these

assignments. We told this to the broker who said his accountant was

out, but he would send the check right away.


Almost thirty days later, the vendor called and said the applicant still

did not have the check. He said the broker told him he mailed the check

several weeks ago. Leasing News contacted the broker and asked him to

put a stop payment on the check and issue a new one by one day delivery.

The broker said he would mail a new check. We told him if he did not

send by one day delivery with a fax copy of the express form and check,

we would print the complaint.


Fifteen minutes by fax we received a copy of the express form and check,

with the fax addressed to “San Jose Police Department.”


The next day the vendor called to say the check was received. I told him

if it bounced, we would ask for a cashier check. The vendor said he still

had two deals pending with the broker, and hoped they would go through.

He said he had no where else to go with these deals, plus the broker

had the advance rentals.




An attorney sent us an e-mail regarding the same person/company

mentioned in three, stating the party was to send a check, but did

not. We asked him to document the complaint, and we would follow-up

with it. We advised to do quickly as it appears the “super broker”

is having “cash flow” problems and reminds us of MSM---where

we were able to get $80,000 back in advance rentals, but when

they filed bankruptcy, owed $1.1 million in advance rentals,

according the disclosure to the courts.




Super Broker in Florida

“ They refused to give back the commitment fee on all three deals I had with

them and all of them have sought attorneys to get their money back and the

owner ******* is refusing contact. He approved these deals 2 months

ago and always found reasons not to doc the deals. For the last 30 days, he

has been avoiding the lessees and me.”

We asked for specifics so we could contact the “super broker,” who we

have received complaints about before. None has been received since the

beginning of September. This will now go into abeyance.




Same Super Broker


A broker on the West Coast sent us this e-mail: “You recently posted that you were working on some complaints regarding a "South Florida" Broker/Lessor and

until you had all the facts from both sides, but you weren't going to name any names on the web site. I'd like to ask you if by any chance is the company you are investigating ***** “


(The answer was “yes.”)


“I'm now ready to issue a complaint regarding *************** Before I

do this officially with you, I wondered what the protocol is. I never got anywhere, and my customer is now at the end of his rope. Excel won't return my calls or emails. Once I complain through YOU, what happens next? I'll await your reply. It's unfortunate. I was hoping to avoid this.”


(We received about 25 pages by fax from this incident going on since June with

a commitment letter that said the money would returned if there was no approval;

but there was a page of a signed lease contract. It seemed he had signed a lease

contract and one of the terms of the contract had not been fulfilled. We asked

for a full copy of the lease contract as it would supercede the commitment letter,

and if so, this would then be a “civil dispute” in our view. And perhaps that

is what happened to the first three complaints. The procedure is the commitment

letter and then a signed lease contract. Clever.)




AOL Version 9 Review


by Kit Menkin



Wow! Two things, if you don’t have a T1 connection or cable, this

will be a very long download. Two, it is definitely worth it.


The spam reporting works. The new layout is terrific. The features

are many. And bringing to your attention two free software downloads

is very beneficial.


The Spyware---Search and Destroy gets rid of programs in your registry and elsewhere

that you may not be aware.


The Ad-Aware is also very good.


There are a lot of other features, but let me tell you. AOL on Broadband is fantastic.

For some reason, the mail sometimes freezes, but nothing is lost. Perhaps there

are still a few glitches, but overall, the “delete spam” feature gives the user

a lot of release of hostilities. In the near future, AOL users will learn if it really works.





Beige Report To Be Issued Today


Commonly known as the Beige Book, this report is published eight times per year. Each Federal Reserve Bank gathers anecdotal information on current economic conditions in its District through reports from Bank and Branch directors and interviews with key business contacts, economists, market experts, and other sources. The Beige Book summarizes this information by District and sector.





News Briefs



Fed looks likely to keep rates low


Intel Third-Quarter Earnings Double


Improved Market and Cost-Cutting Lift Merrill Lynch Profit


Southern California Hit by Transport, Grocery Strikes


Study Says Making Cars Lighter Would Cost Lives


EBay expands fraud protection for some sellers


Potential Seen in Hawaii-Made Chocolate


Pizza Hut to serve up slices of healthier pie




Sports Briefs---


Fan Blows It in Windy City


Yankees Top Red Sox to Take ALCS Lead


Sapp fined $50,000 by NFL


Take me out to the SBC Park?


Six weeks in, seasons appear lost for Raiders and 49ers





This Day in American History


    1565-Florida: the French surrendered under the terms of a truce that guaranteed them amnesty to Pedro Menendez de Aviles, the Spanish navigator, who had captured the French Huguenot colony at Fort Caroline, near present-day Jacksonville, FL. However, after they surrendered, Mendendez hanged them, putting a sign over the bodies that read: “ I do this not to Frenchmen but to Lutherans.” In 1568, the fort was recaptured by a Huguenot corsair, Dominque de Gourges, who took his revenge by killing all his prisoners. His sing read: “I do this not to Spaniards...but as to traitors, robbers, and murderers.”

    1790 -Ann Teresa Mathews (aka Mother Bernardina) and Frances Dickinson founded a convent of Discalced Carmelites (a contemplative working order) in Port Tobacco, Maryland. It was the first Catholic convent founded in the United States.
    1840 -In Melville, Missouri, the Evangelical Synod of North America was founded. It later became one of the branches of today's United Church of Christ.
    1858-Birthday of John L. Sullivan, boxer born at Roxbury, MA “ The Great John L” was one of America’s first sports heroes. He captured the world’s bare-knuckle heavyweight championship on Feb 7, 1882, and went six years without defending the tile. He won the last bare-knuckle fight in 1889 and then lost the title to James J. Corbett in 1892. This was the first fight in which the boxers used gloves and were governed by the Marquess of Queensberry rules. Died at Abindon, MA, Fe 2, 1918.

    1863-The C.S.S. Hunley, the first successful submarine, sinks during a test run, killing its inventor and seven crewmembers. Horace Lawson Hunley developed the submarine from a cylinder boiler. It was operated by a crew of eight--one person steered while the other seven turned a crank that drove the ship's propeller. The Hunley could dive, but it required calm seas for safe operations. It was tested successfully in Alabama's Mobile Bay in the summer of 1863, and Confederate commander General Pierre G.T. Beauregard recognized that the vessel might be useful to ram Union ships and break the blockade of Charleston Harbor. The Hunley was placed on a railcar and shipped to South Carolina. The submarine experienced problems upon its arrival. During a test run, a crewmember became tangled in part of the craft's machinery and the craft dove with its hatch open; only two men survived the accident. The ship was raised and repaired, but it was difficult to find another crew that was willing to assume the risk of operating the submarine. Its inventor and namesake stepped forward to restore confidence in his creation. On October 15, he took the submarine into Charleston Harbor for another test. In front of a crowd of spectators, the Hunley slipped below the surface and did not reappear. Horace Hunley and his entire crew perished. Surprisingly, another willing crew was assembled and the Hunley went back into the water. On February 17, 1864, the ship headed out of Charleston Harbor and approached the U.S.S. Housatanic. The Hunley stuck a torpedo into the Yankee ship and then backed away before the explosion. The Housatanic sank in shallow water, and the Hunley became the first submarine to sink a ship in battle. Unfortunately, its first successful mission was also its last--the Hunley sank before it returned to Charleston, taking yet another crew down with it. The vessel was raised on August 8, 2000, and will now reside in an exhibit at the Charleston History Museum.

    1878- Edison starts the General Electric Company: this day he opened the doors to the Edison Electric Company at 65 Fifth Avenue, New York City.Three thousand shares with a par value of $100 each were issued for the express purpose of financing Thomas Alva Edison’s work on the incandescent lamp. J.P. Morgan and his friends were enthusiastic investors. Though commercial electric light had eluded inventors for over fifty years, Edison had vowed that he would create the first incandescent lamp, and as important, build a plant to support the electricity

to run the lights. He quickly made good on his promise. His company was soon flush with profits, and competitors hoping to cash in on the burgeoning market were springing up everywhere. Reportedly learning quickly from his investors, Edison adopted the aggressive tactics of vertical integration, buying his rivals and transforming his company into a model modern enterprise, re-christening it : the General Electric Company.

    1892- by Presidential Proclamation 1.8 million acres of Crow Indian reservation were opened to settlers. The government had induced the Crow to give up a portion of their land in the mountainous western area in the state of Montana, for which they received 50 cents per acre.

    1900- Pentecostal evangelist Charles Fox Parham opened Bethel Bible Institute in Topeka, Kansas. It was here on January 1, 1901 that the first Christian in modern times was reported to have spoken in tongues: student Agnes Ozman.

    1904- birthday of Marty Mann, American social activist and author was born at Chicago, IL. She was founder in 1944 of the National Committee for Education on Alcoholism and author of A New Primer on Alcoholism. She died at Bridgeport, CT, July 22, 1980.

    1909-The first apartment house to occupy a square city block was the Belnord Apartment House, a 12-story building in New York City. It was bounded by 86th street on the south, 87th street on the north. Broadway on the west and Amsterdam Avenue on the east. At the time, it was the largest apartment house in the world. Its area was 64,614 square feet with an interior court of 22,033 square feet. It contained six separate passenger elevators and 178 suites, each with 7 to 11 rooms and two to four baths. Every room was an outside room. Annual rentals ranged from $2,100 upwards. Philip Hiss and H. Hobart Weekes were the architects.

    1915-Birthday of pianist Nellie Lutcher, Lake Charles, LA.

    1916—Trumpet player Al Killian Birthday

( trumpet player with Basie ’40-’44, Ellington ’47-‘50

    1918-The leading film studios announce they will stop releasing films temporarily because of the influenza epidemic. Many theaters had been closed by cities throughout the country to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Two years earlier, New York City had banned children from theaters in an attempt to halt the spread of polio.

    1925-Birthday of guitarist/singer Mickey Baker ( Mickey & Sylvia), Louisville, KY

    1946 - With two outs, and St. Louis Cardinals’ Enos Slaughter on first, Harry Walker hit a line drive to left-center. Slaughter got an early jump as Boston Red Sox pitcher Bob Klinger failed to hold him on the bag. Leon Culberson (in center) bobbled Walker’s single and shortstop Johnny Pesky hesitated on the cutoff (checking the runner on first instead of throwing home). Ignoring third base coach Mike Gonzalez, Slaughter rounded third and scored. Pitcher Harry Brecheen shut down the Red Sox in the ninth and St. Louis won the game, 4-3, and the World Series, four games to three. The ’46 Series will always be remembered in Red Sox lore as the one in which “Pesky held the ball.”

    1947---Top Hits

I Wish I Didn’t Love You So - Vaughn Monroe

Feudin’ and Fightin’ - Dorothy Shay

Near You - The Francis Craig Orchestra (vocal: Bob Lamm)

Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) - Tex Williams

    1950- the first radio paging service was instituted in New York City area by Aircall The first call was for a doctor who was on a golf course 25 miles away. Subscribers equipped with six-ounce Aircall pocket radio receivers could hear their call numbers repeated in numerical sequence on the air at least once per minute within a 30-mile area.

    1951- “I Love Lucy” premiers on television.. This enormously popular sitcom, TV’s first smash hit, starred the real-life husband and wife team of Cuban actor/bandleader Desi Arnaz and talented redheaded actress/comedienne Lucille Ball. They played Ricky and Lucy Ricardo, a New York bandleader and his aspiring actress/home­maker wife who was always scheming to get on stage. Costarring were William Frawley and Vivian Vance as Fred and Ethel Mertz, the Ricardos’ landlords and good friends who participated in the escapades and dealt with the consequences of Lucy’s often well-intentioned plans. Famous actors guest-starred on the show, including Harpo Marx, Rock Hudson, William Holden, Hedda Hopper and John Wayne. This was the first sitcom to be filmed live before a studio audience, and it did extremely well in the rat­ings both the first time around and in reruns. The last telecast ran Sept 24, 1961.

    1955- “Fury” premiers This popular series starred Bobby Diamond as Joey Newton, an orphan living on the streets. He is relocated to a ranch owned by recent widower Jim Newton (Peter Graves), who eventually adopts Joey. Joey’s friend is a black horse given to him by Newton, called Fury. Also featured were William Fawcett, Roger Mobley and Jimmy Baird. In syndication, the series was retiled “Brave Stal­lion.”

    1955—Top Hits
Love is a Many-Splendored Thing - The Four Aces
Autumn Leaves - Roger Williams
Black Denim Trousers - The Cheers
The Cattle Call - Eddy Arnold

    1959 - Van Johnson was originally slated to play Eliot Ness, but he backed out in a dispute over money the weekend before filming was to begin. Robert Stack was hastily recruited for the starring role in "The Untouchables" on a Sunday morning. He was fitted for costumes in the afternoon, and started filming the first episode, "The Empty Chair", on Monday morning. "The Untouchables", with the chatter of machine-gun fire and the squeal of tires on the streets of Chicago, began a four-year run this day on ABC-TV. With Stack, as G-man Ness, were Nick Georgiade (as Enrico Rossi), Jerry Paris (as Martin Flaherty), Abel Fernandez (as William Youngfellow), Anthony George (as Cam Allison), Paul Percerni (as Lee Hobson), Steve London (as Agent Rossman) and Bruce Gordon (as Frank Nitti). The unforgettable narrator was radio’s famous Walter Winchell.

    1963---Top Hits

Sugar Shack - Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs

Be My Baby - The Ronettes

Cry Baby - Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters

Talk Back Trembling Lips - Ernest Ashworth

1964 - For St. Louis, it was the first time a Cardinal team had appeared in the World Series since 1946 (see above), and the first of three Series appearances in the 1960s. For the Yankees, it was their last Series appearance for 12 years, and the last hurrah in a long string of Fall Classics for legendary players Whitey Ford and Mickey Mantle. The Cards won the Series in seven games, with Bob Gibson’s complete game, nine strike-out performance in game seven. Lou Brock’s fifth-inning home run triggered a second 3-run inning and a 6-0 lead for Gibson. Mickey Mantle, Clete Boyer, and Phil Linz homered for New York, but it wasn’t enough. The Cards won the game, 7-5, and the series, four games to three.

    1966-A bill creating the Department of Transportation, the 12th Cabinet department , was signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

    1966- Bill Russell made his debut as the first black coach in the NBA as his Boston Celtics defeated the San Francisco Warriors, 121-113, at Boston Garden. Russell served as the Celtics’ player-coach for three seasons and won two NBA tittles.

    1971 - Rick Nelson was booed off the stage when he didn’t stick to all oldies at the seventh Annual Rock ’n’ Roll Revival show at Madison Square Garden, New York. He tried to slip in some of his new material and the crowd did not approve. The negative reaction to his performance inspired Nelson to write his last top-40 hit, "Garden Party", which hit the top-ten about a year after the Madison Square Garden debacle. "Garden Party", ironically, was Nelson’s biggest hit in years, “...If you gotta play at garden parties, I wish you a lotta luck; But if memories were all I sang, I rather drive a truck.”

    1971---Top Hits

Maggie Mae/Reason to Believe - Rod Stewart

Superstar - Carpenters

Yo-Yo - The Osmonds

How Can I Unlove You - Lynn Anderson

    1968-Wyomia Tyus becomes the first person to win a gold medal in the 100 meter race in two consecutive Olympiads.

    1972- Jackie Robinson threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the second game of the World Series commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of his becoming the first African-American to play in modern Major League Baseball. (Blacks

played with white baseball players after the Civil War, during reconstruction.)

    1973 - “Sweet dreams.” Tom Snyder would use this phrase to close his late-night show, "Tomorrow", which debuted on NBC-TV this night. Tom would yuk it up with some of TV’s most interesting chatter -- right after the "Tonight" show. NBC would later add critic Rona Barrett to the show. "Tomorrow" ran until January of 1982.

    1974- Watergate trial begins. The eyes of the world were focused on the United States as the trial of H.R. Haldeman, John Erlichman, John Mitchell, Robert Mardian, and Kenneth Parkinson began. Nixon had resigned, and the Watergate co-conspirators had to answer to the court for their alleged involvement in the break-in and cover-up. The trial lasted until January 1,     1975. The defendants were sentenced in February 1975.

    1977- Debbie Boone's "You Light Up My Life," goes #1 & stays #1 for 10 weeks.

    1979---Top Hits

Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson

Rise - Herb Alpert

Sail On - Commodores

Last Cheater’s Waltz - T.G. Sheppard

    1986-Trailing 3-0, Ray Knight of the New York Mets keyed a three-run rally in the ninth inning to tie the score in the sixth game of the National League Championship Series against the Houston Astros. The Mets won the game, 7-6, in 16 innings, to win the longest postseason game ever and the series as well (4 hours and 42 minutes) in the sixteen innings at the Astrodome.

    1986- After being down three games to one in the ALCS, the Red Sox pull off one the greatest comebacks in playoff history by defeating the California Angels 8-1 to win the American League pennant.

    1987—Top Hits
Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
Lost in Emotion - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
Carrie - Europe
The Way We Make a Broken Heart - Rosanne Cash

    1987-The National Football League Players Association ordered its members to return to work without a contract, effectively ending a 24-day strike against the NFL. The players reported after the owners’ deadline and were told they would not play or be paid for the upcoming Sunday’s game.

    1988 - "Red Red Wine", by UB40, was the first reggae hit to make it to number one in the U.S. From the album "Labour of Love", "Red Red Wine" was #1 for only one week, but turned out to be UB40’s signature song.

    1988-Kirk Gibson hit a two-run, pinch-hit home run with two out n the bottom of the ninth inning to give the Los Angeles Dodgers a 5-4 win over the Oakland A's in the first game of the world Series. Gibson, hampered by a strained left knee, hobled around the bases pumping his arm in jubilation. The Dodgers won the Series, four games to one.

    1989- Wayne Gretsky passes Gordie Howes as NHL's all time top scorer

    1991-After three days of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on charges of sexual harassment made against Judge Clarence Thomas by a former aide, Anita F. Hill, the Senate confirmed Thomas as the 106th US Supreme Court Justice with a 52-48 vote. The vote was the closed for a 20th-century justice and made Thomas, who would replace retired Justice Thurgood Marshall, the second African American to sit on the Supreme Court.

    1993—Top Hits

Dreamlover- Mariah Carey

Right Here (Human Nature)/Downtown- SWV

The River Of Dreams, Billy Joel

Whoomp! (There It Is)- Tag Team

    1998-Top Hits

One Week- Barenaked Ladies

The First Night- Monica

I Don t Want To Miss A Thing- Aerosmith

How Deep Is Your Love- Dru Hill Featuring Redman



World Series Champions This Date


1917 Chicago White Sox

1923 New York Yankees

1925 Pittsburgh Pirates

1946 St. Louis Cardinals

1964 St. Louis Cardinals

1970 Baltimore Orioles





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