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Pictures from the Past--Debbie Monosson

    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted--Sales/Testimonial

        ELA Leasing Tax Shelters

            Cristo Colombo---This Day in American History

                Bob New New Ad

                    Teichman UAEL San Jose Regional Conference

                Cartoon-Gary Gussoff new Orix "Chief of Staff"

            News Briefs---

        Sports Briefs----

    "Gimme that Wine"

This Day in American History


This Border ##### Denotes Press Release (Not Written By Leasing News)

--------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Pictures from the Past---Debbie Monosson


One of our favorite people, always outspoken, always truthful,

always helpful: Debbie Monosson, president of Boston Financial

& Equity Corporation.


The picture was taken at a Western Association of Equipment Leasing Conference in San Diego, “many years ago,” she says.


If any reader can identify the two men standing with Debbie,

please let us know.







Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted---Sales/Testimonial



Saul Sloman at told us he found a job through

our classified at Enterprise Funding Group.


Here was his ad:


Sales: Atlanta, Ga.

Polished, self starting professional with 10 years of leasing and 20 years of sales experience seeking leasing

position. email:




Sales: Atlanta, GA. Consistent top performer, results oriented with outstanding sourcing, structuring and negotiation skills. Direct& vendor development sales. Mid-market and above - Customers throughout Southeast.


Sales: Atlanta, GA. 15 Yr extensive small & mid-ticket leasing. Strong book of business & vendor/direct base. Strong closing, structuring, communication, negotiation & nat'l program skills w/ following in key markets. email:


Sales:Austin,Texas 24yrs equip leasing sales, vendor/direct, leasing high- tech to rolling stock. HP12C/17B. Small- Mid Ticket. Seeking Texas territory which can be covered from Austin home-base.



Sales: Bakersfield, CA.

I have an extensive sales and management background in equipment leasing. My work history exhibits my major strength in small ticket equipment leasing. email:


Sales: Chicago, IL. 12+ yrs multinational/ national sales & business development. Seeking role with captive lessor or global leasing company. Will relo right opportunity. Experience structuring complex transactions. email:


Sales: Chicago, IL. Equipment leasing professional with 25+ years experience in sales, sales management and debt placement. Excellent communication skills, strong credit & financial understanding.


Sales: Denver CO.

Experienced Equipment Leasing Broker looking for a in house leasing company. Can bring a book of business with me or develop new territory where needed. email:


Sales: Denver, CO.

17 yr sales expr. in leasing sales (territory, NationalAccts., sales mgt) looking to bring experience to s sales/sales mgt role. Successful, accountable, ethical, aggressive, results.


Sales: Denver, OR.

Broker representative: Seek employment or partnership w/estab. finance group. Prior engineer making career change. Have pursued extensive self-education/ formal training.



Sales: Detroit, MI. 16-year lease veteran looking for opportunity in the Detroit area. Ability to bring on new accounts and manage existing base. Up to 60% travel acceptable.


Sales: Stuart, Fl. 17 years exp. leasing in small ticket and large ticket, portfolio management exp. along with sales management and administrative background, strong sales and marketing skills. email:


Sales: Jacksonville, FL.

Seasoned equipment leasing professional, with over 10 years of experience, looking for position in business development in Northern Florida


Sales: Orange County, CA. 20 yrs. in leasing. Skilled, persistent marketing rep. Great closer on deals from $100K to $5MM. Looking for middle market company.



Sales: Orange County, CA.

Skilled deal-closer at above-average rates. Entrepreneurial. Accomplished lease-structurer specializing in transportation. Exp. in direct/captive & syndicator environments servicing vendors, brokers, & end-users.



Sales: Hartford, CT. 10+ yrs leasing sales exp.; multi-industry, small-large ticket, Direct, Vendor, and Captive exp. Seeking sales position with captive or independent company with equity investment capability. email:



Sales: Louisville, KY

I have been in leasing/financing of construction, machine tool, and mfg equipment for 20+ years. Traveled KY, IN, OH and TN.



Sales: Prairie Village, KS Have substantial deal flow and database of broker referral sources. Generated and closed over $22M LY. Seeking exclusive relationship w/direct founder.


Sales: Mission Viejo, CA

Account Sales Executive with 10 years of leasing experience looking for company to bring existing customer base.


Sales: Minneapolis, MN. 10+ yrs Equipment Leasing in Upper Midwest. Investment Grade Database. Previous vendor/small/middle market exp. Super Trump, 17B & account database exp. email:


Sales: Philadelphia , PA Seeking an open opportunity to advance in the automotive, commercial leasing & finance industry......... email:


Sales: St. Louis, MO

Proven equipment finance sales professional looking for a new challenge which rewards success. Equipment type and location open provided you want business.


Sales: Tampa, FL. 27 years experience. Very adept in bank lease programs and direct sales in MM/LT. Looking to re- enter the industry. Will relocate to Texas. Hungry. email:


Sales: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

10+ yrs in middle market leasing. Seek direct lessor only. Transaction size from $500M to $10.0MM. Client base: printing, food, retail, hvy manufacturing.


Sales: Greensboro, N.C. Seeking direct & broker sales w/major finance companies in NC or southeast market. Small to mid- ticket range. Stable &family oriented. Will have series 6,63,65 license shortly.



Sales: Central, NC.

7 yrs.equip leasing &finance; specialist in heavy construction equip for 2-top-5- specialty finance/lease companies, NC &VA territories. $10-15MM annual funding. Downsized in 2002, now independent broker with varied customer base. email:


Sales: Port St. Lucie, Southeast, FL.

Highly experience in middle market leasing sales. Consistent producer, strong credit, organizational and territory management skills. Seek position with bank related or captive organization.


Sales: Princeton, NJ: Regional Sales Manager: Last 15 years with captive. Knowledgeable in all aspects of leasing. Application to funding. Worked with 25 salespeople - east coast.




Sales: San Bernardino, CA.

Account executive w/4 years exp. in small ticket &lower end middle market lease transactions, Outstanding ACT database compiled of over 500 vendors. Seeking a career driven position w/a reputable


Sales: Phoenix, AZ. 20-year veteran with multiple industry experience, solid closing skills, middle-market database, sourcing direct/vendors. Seeking direct/vendor/ captive lessor with direct funding & equity infusion capabilities. email:

full listing at:





### Press Release ##########################


ELA Comments on Senate Finance Committee's

October 21 Hearing on Tax Shelters

Arlington, VA - - Yesterday's Senate Finance Committee

Hearing "Tax Shelters: Who's Buying, Who's Selling, and What's the

Government Doing About It?" included testimony from an anonymous witness

who used the term leasing to describe a broad financial structure which

included leasing, loans, and other financial instruments. While LILO

transactions used leases in the structure, they are not similar to the

thousands of leases done every day which allow businesses to acquire

productive assets.

LILO transactions ceased when the Treasury Department issued the first

of its revenue rulings on the product back in March 1999 (revenue ruling

99-14), which was subsequently followed by final section 467 regulations

and revenue ruling 2002-69.

The anonymous witness went beyond his level of expertise in stating that

the codification of an "economic substance doctrine" as approved by the

Senate Finance Committee would not impact the transactions most commonly

used in the equipment leasing business. This statement is not accurate.

Codification of an "Economic Substance Doctrine" would lead to

confusion, uncertainty and reduce the availability of capital for the 8

out of 10 companies that regularly use leasing to acquire productive


The witness further claimed that the Equipment Leasing Association's

(ELA) opposition to codification was to protect LILO type transactions.

This is wrong on its face. LILO transactions have already been shut

down. At no point in the hearings was the important fact that the

current process of addressing alleged tax abuses has been used to end

LILO transactions.

The witness also equated LILO transactions with a common transaction

used by many government bodies, hospitals, and universities to acquire

technology or technology-based equipment, the QTE (qualified technology

equipment). Congress specifically provided for the QTE transaction in

the 1984 tax act to promote the acquisition of technology by tax-exempt,

as well as taxable entities.

Testimony also made reference to a transaction structure known as the

"Lease to Service Contract" as an abusive transaction. In fact, the

structure has been used for a long time to enable tax-exempt entities

such as hospitals, education and environmental entities to acquire

financing for and use of equipment. Under the transaction, an initial

lease of property is undertaken for a certain term. At the end of the

lease term, several options exist to allow the entity to continue to

have the benefit of the property under a service contract with another


The service contract model is based on a privatization arrangement

commonly used and not regarded as abusive.

This transaction has its origin in the 1984 tax bill which established a

different depreciation schedule for tax exempt use property and incented

companies to use short lease terms.

While equipment leasing companies are primarily in the business of

providing capital and asset management services for business and

government entities, they become concerned when broad-based attempts to

legislate the difference between tax strategy, including the use of

incentives for investing in productive assets, and tax system abuse are


The introduction of broad-based conceptual language into law can only

introduce uncertainty and confusion about the use of traditional

elements in the tax code, such as depreciation and interest deductions.

ELA agrees with the Bush Administration's position that "economic

substance" should not be codified, but should be dealt with to rulings,

regulations and the audit process.

"ELA applauds the Senate Finance Committee for holding today's hearing,

and stands ready to work with Congress and the Administration to address

legitimate concerns in this area, but we don't understand the purpose

for giving such prominence to testimony on a transaction that is no

longer being done and has not been done for more than four years. Two

revenue rulings by the Treasury have been issued regarding this type of

structure. We don't understand the need for anonymity and don't

understand why we are hearing this testimony now," said ELA president

Michael J. Fleming, CAE.

Sen. Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Baucus (D-MT) are working to recognize the

long tradition that equipment leasing has played in allowing businesses

and government to acquire the most effective and efficient equipment

that they need to do their jobs. This year alone, equipment leasing will

allow companies to acquire $208 billion in equipment they need. Today,

thousands of equipment leasing transactions will be conducted enabling

US small businesses to make the capital investments necessary to compete

in the marketplace. Every $1 billion invested in equipment creates an

estimated 30,000 jobs.

# # # #

About The Equipment Leasing Association

Organized in 1961, the Equipment Leasing Association (ELA) is a

non-profit association representing companies involved in the dynamic

equipment leasing and finance industry. ELA's mission is to promote the

leasing industry as a major source of funds for capital investment in

the United States and abroad. ELA maintains an informational portal for

financial decision-makers to learn more about leasing and find a leasing

company at Headquartered in Arlington,

Va., ELA has more than 800 member companies and a staff of 25

professionals. Equipment leasing was reported to be a $208 billion

industry in 2003. Visit ELA online at


### Press Release #############################




Cristo Colombo---This Day in American History


When we don’t send out the news, it generally is because we believe

there is not enough equipment leasing news fit to print. We try to

have a minimum of “press releases.”


Several readers have requested us to let them know when there is

not an edition, and others have said they miss “The Day in American

History.” Not everyone reads this “feature,” but it does have a following.


So to satisfy the requests, recently I sent out the e-mail there would be

no regular edition, but here is “The Day in American History.”


Little did I realize the reaction to the “Christopher Columbus” date of

October 13. Several readers asked to be unsubscribed, and I received

e-mail calling me a “liberal Democrat, “ “right wing American fanatic,”

and a few other things. I asked if I could quote them. Several did not

respond, and the rest said “no,” except for Frank Frontario.


“If necessary yes. But I consider the issue settled for this year.


“I am elated that more than one reader expressed their distaste with the view

of history you decided to reprint. We do not deny that this account of the

conditions and treatment of the Native Indians was not done but that this

newsletter is not the format to be making controversial social comment of

this type. It offended me enough to respond.”


Here is his original e-mail:


“Let me be the first or hopefully one of may to express my displeasure with

the distorted, slanted, agenda based description of Christopher Columbus you

printed in your newsletter today. I was disappointed that you would print

something like that to represent the true meaning of Columbus Day and

Columbus's voyage of discovery to the Americas. The fact that he was very

popular and that the District of Columbia was named in his honor takes into

account life as it existed in this period of history.


“If it were not for the true purpose of your newsletter I would probably

cancel forever.”



Frank L. Frontario


(Thank you for your opinion. You are entitled to make it and both appreciate

receiving it, plus allowing us to print it. editor )


The next day I made mention in “This Day in American History.”


Several readers yesterday asked to be removed because they did not

like what I wrote about Christopher Columbus. At their request,

they were removed from the mailing list. I did collaborate the

statement with the book to read:


I love our country, but certainly am embarrassed and ashamed about

some of our history. We should be proud of our growth and improvement, and what makes us “people.” It is time to recognize the dark side. The facts are Columbus landed in the central islands and never set foot upon the main American continent. In addition, he came back on his second trip with an army of 1700 soldiers, captured native Indians as slaves, sent them back to Europe in thousands, committed genocide, wiping out entire culture and lives, committed many atrocities recorded by histories, and written about in books.

Factually the trip was not dangerous and the seas calm and even, not “a dangerous voyage” across "shore less seas," according to the ships logs. It is also a fallacy that people believed the world was flat. They had made maps and talked about the rotation around the sun. His trip was to find gold and riches. Columbus first trip was a landing at the Bahamas (probably the island of Guanahani), which he renamed El Salvador and claimed in the name of the Spanish crown

Another fact: none of the pictures that survive are of Columbus. They were all painted after his death, many by artists who never met him. He was not a very nice guy, to say the least. The only offsetting comment might be is that all the other countries of Europe raided the islands and later the continent to bring back slaves to Europe. It is time we recognize this man for what he was, not what misinformation has been passed in the 19th century as a myth. Columbus did not discover the United States. He also did not die penniless, but quite the opposite, he left a large estate as a very rich man. Columbus and his heirs were wealthy way beyond their means, due to the discovery. Reports that he died “penniless” are incorrect.

Here is a little known fact, Dutch sailor Piet de Stuini, or DeStynie, persuaded Columbus to change the log and make it seem that October 12th was the date of the first New World landing. The real date, October 13th, might have caused superstitious fear in the other sailors or in the potential investors in later voyages. This change was detected by an Italian history study group named the Colombiani.

a more definitive book, by the same author:


Here are responses from other readers:



It’s about time the truth about Columbus was told and I applaud you for doing so. Too bad some people want to believe fairy tales and ignore the facts of history.


The colonialization of this hemisphere as well as everywhere else in the world where Europeans set foot is a disgrace, actually that word is mild when you consider the heinous deeds committed, and especially when you consider how wrapped up the organized church was in the whole affair. For the record, I am a white male...


“You can quote me, and the white male thing was only to state that I have no agenda or axe to grind. my three kids have all attended public schools and I believe the three R's are being taught. What I really see missing is parental involvement. Although we pay teachers to teach our children in school, it is mistake to think that the responsibility for their education lies anywhere but with the parents. We must challenge them to think and use the knowledge gained from school education rather than just going through the motions. Also, there is the issue of example; I heard a very wise man say that "your children may not always do what you tell them to do, but they will not fail to imitate your behavior". Sobering thought.”


Michael Helm




“Sorry if you are going to lose any readers over what you said of Christopher



“If the facts are as you state them, then my former high opinion of

Christopher Columbus must be modified to fit the facts.


“The truly big problem in the country now is that people can't speak the

facts or support their views with the facts without being labeled a bigot or

a racist etc.


“It seems now that people only want to hear the facts if they agree with

them. But after all the facts are the facts regardless of whether we like

them or not.


“Where has freedom of speech gone?










PHONE: 215-717-3393

FAX: 215-569-0675





See our history and profile on:




Oh, for *****'s sake, you don't have to apologize or even explain your

comments. I have no patience with folks who, because they disagree with an

opinion, feel they must strike back by saying "I won't listen to your

station aaanny more" or "Take me off your list; I simply don't want to be

confronted ever again with any opinion with which I disagree!"


Bob Kieve



Bob New New Ad

Sweat Equity

One of the oldest, active members of the leasing community (1957) is retiring .

Bob New is looking for a vehicle and/or equipment leasing sales person or middle manager who would like an opportunity to eventually have his own business in return for some sweat equity.

It would be helpful if this person could bring his own sources of leasing business.

This is a great opportunity for a young entrepreneur.

Please e-mail: Bob New ( ) or call him at 818-247-3330


I saw the response to your kind notice to my interest in finding a possible acquisition partner. I also received the copy of e-mail indicating that Kenneth Kepp's e-mail failed to reach me. I have a new e-mail address which is and my phone number is 818-247-3530. Making a good think hard to find on my part is surely not good business.


Please accept my apologies for providing inadequate information as to where I can be reached. Thank you again for your kind help.

Bob New






Teichman to Report on the UAEL San Jose Regional Conference


Meet United Association of Equipment Leasing CEO Joe Woodley




3:30pm to 7:30pm at Napredak Hall, 770 Montague Expressway, San Jose

( 1 1/2 blocks off Highway 880.)

Two Separate Sessions

Venture Leasing

4:30pm to 5:30pm


Peter Eaton, Pentech Financial

John Pritchard, Vencore Solutions

Russ Wilder, Atel Leasing




6:00pm to 7:00pm


"Decision Not Based on Credit Scoring"

(also known as "Story Credits" or "Cash Flow Analysis."




Peter Eaton ( does story credits $250,000 minimum)

Doug Houlihan, Allegiant-Partners ($30,000 +)

Archie Julian, Dumac Leasing (Exchange Bank)

Open to All

Host: Kit Menkin, American Leasing

$15.00 800-727-3844


Bob Teichman, CLP,Teichman Financial Training, is a long time

director of UAEL, active in the Certified Leasing Professional

program, and one of the original directors of Leasing News Advisory

Board. We don’t have a current picture of Bob, but here is one that might

be appropriate for Halloween:





Cartoon---- Gary Gussoff new Orix “Chief of Staff”







News Briefs----


Wells Fargo,US Bancorp, Bank One Profits Rise

US Bancorp Chief Executive Jerry Grundhofer in a conference call said the Minneapolis-based bank is improving loan credit quality and maintaining "disciplined cost control."

He said commercial loan demand is weak, but "there are signs among our commercial customers that they are feeling better about the direction and sustainability of the economic recovery."



Nikkei Ends Below 11, 000, Banks Hit


Amazon Swings to Profit in Third Quarter





Sports Briefs---


Yankees 6, Marlins 1/Rain Doesn’t Delay Win



Agent: Gruden ignores abilities of Keyshawn


Bucs place Kelly on IR; sign Poteat


Rams hit the road in a test of mettle


Broncos Place QB Beuerlein On Injured Reserve,1413,36~102~1710371,00.html,1413,36~86~1712315,00.html


Fans Don’t Believe It? Erickson Keeps SF Kicker


Titans QB McNair's weapon/DUI case to go to grand jury


Al Davis: Game Within a Game





"Gimme that Wine"


(This is a new feature, and may run daily, or from time-to-time, as news suggests.

It does not replace “California Nuts Briefs.” The title is from an old song. Perhaps

the best rendition was by “Lambert, Hendricks & Ross” There have been other



But I like the lyrics, so thus the title of this new feature:


Bottles That Come With a Résumé


Arizona/Utah No Ship Interstate Wine


Walla Walla has a crush on wine school


--------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------


This Day in American History


     1721- Unofficial Birthday of Peyton Randolph, first president of the Continental Congress, died 1775, October 22.

     1836- Sam Houston inaugurated as first elected president of Republic of Texas

     1844 -The "Great Disappointment" began when this latest date, set for the return of Christ by religious leader William Miller, passed without event. Over 100,000 disillusioned followers returned to their former churches, or abandoned the Christian faith altogether.

     1875- Sons of the American Revolution organized.

     1883-The Metropolitan Opera House opened in New York City with Charles Francois Gounod’s “Faust,” sung in Italian. Anjugusto Vianesi was the conductor. Faust was sung by Italo Campanini, Mephistopheles by Franco Novara, Valentin by Giuseppe Del Pente, Wagner by Ludovico Contini, Siebel by sofia Scalchi, Marthe by Louise Lablache, and Marguerite by Christine Nilsson. Admission was priced at $6 for the orchestra stalls, $3 for the balcony, and 42 for the family circle.

     1898-Birthday of composer-pianist Ralph Yaw, Enosburg Valls, VT, arranged 40 originals for Stan Kenton.

     1903-Birthday of George Beadle, born on a farm near Wahoo, NE, Beadle began his pro­fessional career as a professor of genetics at Harvard, eventually becoming president of the University of Chicago. Dr. Beadle won many international prizes, including the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1958 for his work in genetic research, as well as the National Award of the American Cancer Society in 1959 and the Kimber Genetica Award of the National Academy of Science in 1960. Beadle demonstrated how the genes control the basic chemistry of the living cell. Because of his work, he has been termed “the man who did most to put modern genetics on its chemical basis.” Beadle died June 9,1989, at Pomona, CA.

     1906- Race riot for four days in Atlanta, Georgia, ten blacks and two whites

were killed. Historians state racism prevailed until Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the late 1950’s (that is another story ).Lynchings of Americans was common, in the 20th century from seventy-five to one hundred per year, and it appears until the late 1920’s, when it became less than 25 known lynchings per year. In 1922, an anti-lynching bill was filibustered in the US Senate.

     1913 -- Action/war photographer Robert Capa ( real name Andre Friedmann) born Budapest, Austro-Hungary. Instrumental in forming photographer- owned outfit (Magnum) to aid photographers and distribute their work cooperatively. Capa took some of the most famous war photos ever, including anarchists & Republicans during the Spanish Revolution of 1936. Shortly after taking this photograph, Capa, who had taken numerous famous photos of D-Day in World War II, stepped on a land mine and was killed in Vietnam, May 24, 1954.

     1918 -- Flu epidemic strikes one fourth of all Americans, killing 200,000 in the month of October alone, killing 675,000 in the United States alone.

      1922-The passage of the anti-protectionist Underwood-Simmons Act took a bite out of the nation's pocketbook. To compensate for the lost income, Congress passed the Revenue Act on, mandating the first tax on incomes over $3,000.

     1928 -- President Herbert Hoover speaks of "American system of rugged individualism". "We in American today are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before in the history of any land. The poorhouse is vanishing from among us. We have yet reached the goal, but, given a chance to go forward with the policies of the last eight years, we shall soon with the help of God be in sight of the day when poverty will be banished from this nation." In November he would be elected in a Republican landslide with 444 electoral votes to Alfred E. Smith 87: 21,392,190 votes to 15,016,433 for Smith. In congressional elections the Republicans increased their majorities in both houses, leading in the Senate 56-39 with one seat going to a minor party, and controlling the House 267-167, with one seat held by a minor party.

     1928-Composer/arranager/pianist Clare Fisher Birthday

     1934-Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd is shot by FBI agents in a cornfield in East Liverpool, Ohio. Famed agent Melvin Purvis asked the dying man, "Are you Pretty Boy Floyd?" to which he replied, "I am Charles Arthur Floyd. You got me this time." Floyd, who had been a hotly pursued fugitive for four years, used his last breath to deny his involvement in the infamous Kansas City Massacre, in which four officers were shot to death at a train station. He died shortly thereafter.

     1936-First commercial flight from mainland to Hawaii. United Air Lines

that also won the mail contract. It was over a fifteen hour trip from

the mainland. In 1941, Hawaiian Airlines, now Aloha

Airlines, started a regular service to the mainland from Oakland, California.

     1946, Aloha Airlines started regular travel. In the early 1950’s, it was

down to a twelve hour flight.

     1937- Benny Goodman records “Pop Corn Man,” (V ). A real rarity. Only 10 original 78’s remain after a mysterious “recall”

     1938- Chester Floyd Carlson, a research physicist from New York City, made the first electro photographic image on wax paper pressed against an electrostatically charged, sulfur-coat zinc plate dusted with fine dark powder. He went on to develop Xerography, the process of making dry paper copies based on the principles of photoconductivity and electrostatics. He patented it on October 6,1942, calling it xerography. He failed to interest companies in producing copy machines until 1947, when the Haloid Company of Rochester, New York, licensed the process. The company, which later changed its name to Xerox, introduced its first copy machine in 1958.

     1946-Top Hits
Five Minutes More - Tex Beneke
To Each His Own - Eddy Howard
South America, Take It Away - Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters
Divorce Me C.O.D. - Merle Travis

     1950-Charles Cooper becomes one of the first Blacks to play in an NBA game

( for the Boston Celtics).

     1952- The complete Jewish Torah was published in English for the first time. A collection of oral and written commentary (dating 200 BC to AD 500) on the first five books of the Old Testament, the Torah comprises the basic religious code of Judaism
     1954—Top Hits
Hey There - Rosemary Clooney
I Need You Now - Eddie Fisher
If I Give My Heart to You - Doris Day
I Don’t Hurt Anymore - Hank Snow
     1955-The first post office manned by Blacks opens in Atlanta, GA.

     1959- Under intense public pressure and the Massachusetts Committee Against Discrimination investigation, the Red Sox become the last club to integrate. Fourteen years after the club passes on Jackie Robinson despite a successful tryout in 1945, Elijah 'Pumpsie' Green pinch runs and plays shortstop to become the first black to play for the Red Sox.

     1961-The Supremes become the first all-female group to score a No. 1 album, with Supremes a Go-Go. Members Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, and Florence Ballard met as teenagers in the housing projects of Detroit. When several male friends, including future Temptations members Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams, formed a singing group called the Primes, the girls dubbed their own group the Primettes. The Primettes signed with Motown records in 1961. The label immediately changed the group's name to the Supremes. After several years of releasing flops, the Supremes scored their first hit in 1964 with "Where Did Our Love Go," which sold two million copies. They followed up with numerous other hits, including "Stop! In the Name of Love!" and "Back in My Arms Again." Their growing popularity corresponded with the rise of the civil rights movement, and the group came to symbolize strong, independent black women. They appeared regularly on major national TV shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show and The Tonight Show.

     1961- Defensive back Erich Barnes of the New York Giants tied an NFL record by returning an intercepted pass 102 yards for a touchdown in the Giants’ 17-16 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

     1962 -Pacific Science Center opens at Seattle Center

     1962-President John F. Kennedy, in a nationwide television address Oct 22, 1962, demanded the removal from Cuba of Soviet mis­siles, launch equipment and bombers, and imposed a naval “quar­antine” to prevent further weaponry from reaching Cuba. Kennedy charged the Soviet Union with subterfuge and outright deception in what he referred to as a "clandestine, reckless, and provocative threat to world peace." He dismissed Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko's claim that the weapons in Cuba were of a purely defensive nature as "false." Harking back to efforts to contain German, Italian, and Japanese aggression in the 1930s, Kennedy argued that war-like behavior, "if allowed to grow unchecked and unchallenged, ultimately leads to war." The president outlined a plan of action that called for a naval blockade to enforce a "strict quarantine on all offensive military equipment under shipment to Cuba." He also issued a warning to the Soviets that the United States would retaliate against them if there was a nuclear attack from Cuba, and placed the U.S. military in the Western Hemisphere on a heightened state of alert.

On Oct 28, the USSR announced it would remove the weapons in ques­tion. In return, the US removed missiles from Turkey that were aimed at the USSR.

     1962—Top Hits
Monster Mash - Bobby “Boris” Picket
Do You Love Me - The Contours
He’s a Rebel - The Crystals
Mama Sang a Song - Bill Anderson

     1966-Microsoft launched Expedia, an online travel service, on this day in 1996. The service allowed travelers to find the lowest listed airfares and make plane and hotel reservations. The company hoped to take advantage of the estimated $3 billion in online ticket sales expected to be spent yearly by 1999.
     1970—Top Hits
I’ll Be There - The Jackson 5
Green-Eyed Lady - Sugarloaf
All Right Now - Free
Sunday Morning Coming Down - Johnny Cash
     1963-225,000 boycott Chicago schools to protest segregation

     1971 - Folk singer Joan Baez received a gold record for her hit, "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down". It turned out to be her biggest hit, peaking at #3 on the charts (October 2, 1971).

     1974 Two very well-known outfielders are traded for one another as the Giants send Bobby Bonds to the Yankees for Bobby Murcer. Considered to be the biggest one-for one trade in baseball history, the swap of the next 'Willie Mays' (Bonds) for the next 'Mickey Mantle (Murcer) marks the first time two $600,000 players have been exchanged.

     1975-The World Football League, a 10-team enterprise, struggling through its second season, suspended operations and disbanded prior to the 12th week of a 20-week schedule.

     1975 - Cincinnati Reds manager Sparky Anderson said, “We were the best team in baseball, but not by much.” The World Series featured five one-run victories, two in extra innings and three on game-ending hits. In six of the seven victories, the winner trailed; four times the winning run came in the final inning. And 13 times, the score was either tied or the lead reversed. And in the seventh, played this day, a ninth-inning RBI single by Joe Morgan gave the Reds a 4-3 victory over the Boston Red Sox and the title. It was the first title for the Reds in 35 years.

     1978---Top Hits
Kiss You All Over - Exile
Hot Child in the City - Nick Gilder
Reminiscing - Little River Band
Tear Time - Dave & Sugar

     1986 - U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on this day, but wrote his last name first. The signing, however, remains legal.

     1986 -- Jane Dornnacker WNBC-AM NYC helicopter traffic reporter dies doing a live traffic report as her copter crashes.

     1986—Top Hits
When I Think of You - Janet Jackson
Typical Male - Tina Turner
True Colors - Cyndi Lauper
Just Another Love - Tanya Tucker

     1988 - Phil Collins’ remake of the Mindbenders’ "Groovy Kind of Love" was the number one U.S. single. It was parked at the peak of the pops for two weeks.

     1991- General Motors announces nine month loss of $2.2 billion. This

was big news then, but nothing compared to the staggering losses of Enron, Worldcom, and others in 2002.

Top Hits---1993

Dreamlover- Mariah Carey

Just Kickin It- Xscape

I d Do Anything For Love (But I Won t Do That)- Meat Loaf

All That She Wants- Ace Of Base

     2000 -In Game 2, the Yankees extend their World Series winning streak to 14 consecutive games defeating the Mets, 6-5 in a game which is overshadowed by Roger Clemens throwing the barrel of a shattered bat Mike Piazza as the Met catcher runs to first. The eagerly awaited at bat, due to the Rocket's beaning of the Mets' superstar in July, results in the two players confronting one another and the emptying of both benches.

     2002- Giant P.A. announcer Rene Brooks-Moon become the first woman to announce a World Series. Her scorecard from Game 4 is being sent the Hall of Fame.

Top Hits—2002

Dilemma- Nelly Featuring Kelly Rowland

Gangsta Lovin'- Eve Featuring Alicia Keys

Ruff Ryders | ALBUM CUT | Interscope

A Moment Like This- Kelly Clarkson

Hey Ma- Cam'ron Featuring Juelz Santana, Freekey Zekey & Toya



World Series Champions This Date


1972 Oakland Athletics

1975 Cincinnati Reds





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