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Classified Ads--Sales Managers

             Feds Hold Interest Rates

              Cartoon---Chad Gifford, Fleet Bank

               Municipal Finance 3Q Credit Accelerate Downward

                 Weekly Bulletin Board Complaint Report  10/29/03

                   VC Investing Maintains Steady Pace Q3 2003

                     Leasing Industry Help Wanted

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                             "Gimme that Wine"

                    This Day in American History




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Classified Ads---Sales Managers



Sales Manager: Atlanta, GA

30 years in transportation Finance with strong management/ sales background. Represented company on national & region markets. Started two successful operations- produce profits and growth. 


Sales Manager: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

Domestic-int'l exp. Small to middle ticket. 24 yrs with Fortune 500 firms(2). Consistently achieves margin/ volume goals. email:


Sales Manager: New York, NY

I have over 25 years owning an independent leasing company that specialized in truck leasing. Tow trucks, Limos, ambulances, tractors, etc..


Sales Manager: Orange County, CA. Experienced sales manager. Proven ability to develop high volume vendor, direct or third party business. Seek sales management, program management or senior sales origination role. email:


Sales Manager: Portland, OR. 18+ yrs w/bank leasing company. Supervised 14- 20 sales people. Willing to relocate for the proper position. Or, seeking sales position in current location (13+yrs direct sales).


Sales Manager: Seattle, WA

Senior level sales professional w/ (20) plus experience in mid market financing & leasing. The last (8) plus years being self employed in middle market brokerage.


Job Wanted Postings at:




##### Press Release ##############################


 Feds Hold Interest Rate


The Federal Open Market Committee decided today to keep its target for the federal funds rate at 1 percent.


The Committee continues to believe that an accommodative stance of monetary policy, coupled with robust underlying growth in productivity, is providing important ongoing support to economic activity. The evidence accumulated over the intermeeting period confirms that spending is firming, and the labor market appears to be stabilizing. Business pricing power and increases in core consumer prices remain muted.


The Committee perceives that the upside and downside risks to the attainment of sustainable growth for the next few quarters are roughly equal. In contrast, the probability, though minor, of an unwelcome fall in inflation exceeds that of a rise in inflation from its already low level. The Committee judges that, on balance, the risk of inflation becoming undesirably low remains the predominant concern for the foreseeable future. In these circumstances, the Committee believes that policy accommodation can be maintained for a considerable period.


Voting for the FOMC monetary policy action were: Alan Greenspan, Chairman; Ben S. Bernanke; Susan S. Bies; J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr.; Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.; Edward M. Gramlich; Jack Guynn; Donald L. Kohn; Michael H. Moskow; Mark W. Olson; Robert T. Parry; and Jamie B. Stewart, Jr.




### Press Release ###############################




Cartoon---Chad Gifford, Fleet Bank



### Press Release ######################



Fitch: U.S. Municipal Finance 3Q Credit Trends Accelerate Downward



Fitch Ratings-New York Over the last four quarters, U.S. public finance rating downgrades and Negative Rating Watch and Negative Rating Outlook actions have significantly outweighed positive rating actions, and this negative credit trend seems to have accelerated in the third quarter, according to a new report published today by Fitch Ratings. Fitch reported that third quarter 2003 downgrades in public finance exceeded upgrades by a ratio of 3.1:1, significantly higher than the downgrade to upgrade ratio of 1.3:1 recorded during the three quarters from October 2002 through June 2003.


This trend is consistent with Fitch's finding in its report 'Municipal Default Risk Revisited', dated June 23, 2003, which noted there is often a one- year lag between economic cycles and municipal default rates. 'The somewhat improved economic picture has not yet fully worked its way through the municipal sector' said Michael McDermott, director, Fitch Ratings. 'Fitch believes that a more positive trend in municipal credit quality may be sometime off in the future.'


The new report is the premier edition of Fitch's quarterly publication 'Credit Trends in Public Finance' that will bring together rating changes and rating watch/outlook status over the previous four quarters by Fitch Ratings' public finance department, and provide sector specific commentary on credit issues. The rating data are also put in the context of U.S. economic indicators such as consumption, personal income, employment, new housing starts, and gross domestic product.


'Health care accounted for over one-half the downgrades in the third quarter, and Fitch continues to have concerns in this sector.' said David Litvack, managing director, Fitch Ratings. 'The overall expectation for the tax-backed sector is mixed, with continued pressure expected for states as employment levels are still below levels from February 2001.'


The report 'Credit Trends in Public Finance - Third Quarter 2003' can be found on the Fitch web site at' by linking to the 'Public Finance' sector and clicking on 'Special Reports'.


Contact: Michael McDermott +1-212-908-0605 or David Litvack +1-212-908-0593, New York.



### Press Release #############################




Weekly Bulletin Board Complaint Report  10/29/03


  1. Florida “super broker:” Going to close this file.  It appears all

complaints want to with hold their name, and cannot investigate in

that manner.  Several of the complaints have signed lease contracts, claiming

non-performance, but the contracts are different than the commitment

letter, allowing the lessor to keep all money.  The correspondence claims

not all the conditions were met.  Looks like the only course is “civil action.”

Due to the dollar amount involved, and action to be in Florida, as per

the venue, most likely the applicants will write-off the money ( one

wants to sue the broker in their state.)  Leasing News cannot name

the Florida super-broker at this time due to our policy of “fairness and



2.    Have a very interesting one involving $300,000, from the lessee, a well-respected broker, and attorney regarding a $300,000 California sale/leaseback.  They claim the lease was never consummated, meaning no money was giving to the lessee; in fact, no money was given when the contract was signed ( a condition of the process, the

applicant/broker claim).  The late Terminal Leasing* in New York

evidently sold the signed lease contract to a major bank, who received payments

for two years ( most likely from Terminal) and is suing the lessee for lack of

performance, meaning defaulting on the lease.  The major bank claims a “hell

and high water” clause that the lease was signed, consideration (money for

the contract) was not necessary, venue in New York City, and the lessee is responsible for making the payments. They are suing in Manhattan Federal court. The lessee/applicant disputes the brokers role in the transaction and claims if they lose, the company with 33 employees will be out of business. Leasing News advised that after a search Terminal Leasing was not licensed in the State of California.  We have asked the lessee/applicant

for permission to contact the major bank’s attorney to get their side of the story

so we can print it.


*Terminal Marketing, NY,NY (5/2001) Announcement all assets for sale by creditors on May 31, 2001 at 2:00 p.m (3/2001) Brokers report deals not being funded, commissions not paid, appears out of money.


  1. Three brokers involved (yes, went through three brokers before going to

“super broker )  in a financing commitment letter and return of

$4,000 advance rental deposit (what a mess, one of the broker’s said to

open an “escrow account,” but the applicant was “anxious.”. The commitment letter states the money will be returned, but the Dallas, Texas “super broker” does not respond. This may make the Leasing News Bulletin Board.


  1. $940,000  “operating center” for a pet scan  Ohio firm and Florida  super broker ( not the same as #1 ) has not returned $10,000 “Earnest Money” as outlined in June 25,2003 commitment letter” “In the event Lessor declines the request under the terms and conditions here in the Earnest Money will be refunded in full.”



### Press Release ###########################


Venture Capital Investing Maintains Steady Pace in Q3 2003



Life Sciences Show Continuing Strength


WASHINGTON, D.C.,  -- Venture capitalists invested $4.2 billion in 667 entrepreneurial companies in the third quarter of 2003, continuing the stable pace of investing seen for more than a year according to the PricewaterhouseCoopers/Thomson Venture Economics/National Venture Capital Association MoneyTree Survey.  The third quarter survey results represent a slight decline of 8% of dollars invested and 5% of number of deals compared to the second quarter, but represent a slight up tick from the first quarter of this year.  For five consecutive quarters, beginning with the third quarter of 2002, venture capitalists have invested in the range of $4 billion per quarter, sustaining a healthy pace of investing in new and existing portfolio companies.


Tracy Lefteroff, global managing partner of the venture capital practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said: "We are settling back into a realistic balance between entrepreneurial enthusiasm and venture capital risk. Within this more stable framework, genuine innovation is nurtured to fruition over time, with appropriate levels of investment along the way. At the same time, the renewed activity in the IPO market encourages further confidence in future venture capital investing."


Mark Heesen, president of the National Venture Capital Association, observed: "This ongoing, sustainable investment level continues to support the fact that venture capitalists are back to investing for the long-term at a consistent pace.  Confidence in our market is increasing, but we are pleased that venture capitalists are showing prudence and patience in light of some positive economic signs.  We are not looking for major swings in activity at this point."


Sector And Industry Analysis 


For the first time in seven years, Biotechnology was the number one industry with $873 million, displacing Software as the leading category. Investments in Biotechnology companies increased 31% from the previous quarter and 88% from a year ago. The broader Life Sciences sector, which includes Biotechnology and Medical Devices & Equipment, totaled $1.24 billion, an impressive 30% of all dollars invested, clearly demonstrating that venture capitalists believe that the innovation occurring in these fields will translate into profitable new products and services in the future.


The Software industry was down 11% compared to the previous quarter, dropping it into the number two position with 160 companies receiving $819 million. Telecommunications fell to a five-year low, of $492 million, but remained in third place. Medical Devices with $376 million followed in fourth. Networking also fell to a five-year low with $331 million, finishing fifth.


First-Time Financings 


Despite the perception that the venture environment is growing more receptive to brand new start-up companies looking for initial capital, the percent of first-time financings remained at similar levels seen in recent quarters. A total of 148 companies received their first round of venture capital, representing 22% of all companies. They garnered $766 million, or 18% of all dollars invested. Venture capitalists clearly continue to be discerning regarding new investments.


The ranking of industries receiving first-time venture dollars varied notably from the overall industry rankings. Software companies lead with 38 companies attracting $138 million. Biotechnology was second with 16 companies and $72 million. Medical Devices followed with 15 companies receiving $54 million. However, Telecommunications and Networking both fell well down the list. Only seven Telecommunications companies received first-time financing, nearing an eight-year record low. Also, the number of Networking companies remained depressed, with only six companies getting venture capital for the first time.


Stage of Development 


Venture capitalists continued to put the majority of their money into expansion stage companies, which made up 55% of the dollars invested in the third quarter, or $2.3 billion.  Later stage companies received 22%. And early stage companies received 20% of the dollars invested, or $821 million. Again, these figures were similar to the prior quarter with minor variations.


The number of deals at each stage also held to the general pattern of the prior quarter. A total of 175 early stage companies accounted for 26% of all deals. Later stage companies were 17% and expansion stage companies were about half.


According to Jesse Reyes, vice president at Thomson Venture Economics, "The relatively static distribution of investments across all stages of company development confirms that the venture industry is no longer 'swinging for the fences'. Rather, they are implementing a more conservative strategy that emphasizes longer-term returns. The hurdles venture capitalists have set for initial investing are higher than they were a few years ago. The goal is to increase the odds of harvesting more winners out of their portfolios."


About the PricewaterhouseCoopers/Thomson Venture Economics/National 


Venture Capital Association Money Tree Survey 


The MoneyTree(TM) Survey measures cash-for-equity investments by the professional venture capital community in private emerging companies in the U.S.  The survey includes the investment activity of professional venture capital firms with or without a US office, SBICs, venture arms of corporations, institutions, investment banks and similar entities whose primary activity is financial investing. Where there are other participants such as angels, corporations, and governments in a qualified and verified financing round the entire amount of the round is included. Qualifying transactions include cash investments by these entities either directly or by participation in various forms of private placement. All recipient companies are private, and may have been newly-created or spun-out of existing companies.


The survey excludes debt, buyouts, recapitalizations, secondary purchases, IPOs, investments in public companies such as PIPES (private investments in public entities), investments for which the proceeds are primarily intended for acquisition such as roll-ups, change of ownership, and other forms of private equity that do not involve cash such as services-in-kind and venture leasing.


Investee companies must be domiciled in one of the 50 US states or DC even if substantial portions of their activities are outside the United States.


Data is primarily obtained from a quarterly survey of venture capital practitioners. Information is augmented by other research techniques including other public and private sources. All data is subject to verification with the venture capital firms and/or the investee companies.  Only professional independent venture capital firms, institutional venture capital groups, and recognized corporate venture capital groups are included in venture capital industry rankings.


MoneyTree Survey results are available online at,, and


The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) represents over 450 venture capital and private equity organizations.  NVCA's mission is to foster the understanding of the importance of venture capital to the vitality of the U.S. and global economies, to stimulate the flow of equity capital to emerging growth companies by representing the public policy interests of the venture capital and private equity communities at all levels of government, to maintain high professional standards, facilitate networking opportunities and to provide research data and professional development for its members. For more information visit


The PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Equity & Venture Capital Practice is part of the Global Technology Industry Group, The group is comprised of industry professionals who deliver a broad spectrum of services to meet the needs of fast-growth technology start-ups and agile, global giants in key industry segments: Networking & Computers, Software & Internet, Semiconductors, Life Sciences and Private Equity & Venture Capital. PricewaterhouseCoopers is a recognized leader in each industry segment with services for technology clients in all stages of growth.


PricewaterhouseCoopers ( is the world's largest professional services organization.  Drawing on the knowledge and skills of more than 125,000 people in 142 countries, we build relationships by providing services based on quality and integrity. Unless otherwise indicated, "PricewaterhouseCoopers" refers to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP is a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited.


Thomson Venture Economics, a Thomson Financial company, is the foremost information provider for equity professionals worldwide. Venture Economics offers an unparalleled range of products from directories to conferences, journals, newsletters, research reports, and the Venture Expert(TM) database. For over 40 years, Venture Economics has been tracking the venture capital and buyouts industry. Since 1961, it has been a recognized source for comprehensive analysis of investment activity and performance of the private equity industry. Venture Economics maintains long-standing relationships within the private equity investment community, in-depth industry knowledge, and proprietary research techniques. Private equity managers and institutional investors alike consider Venture Economics information to be the industry standard. For more information about Venture Economics, please visit


SOURCE  National Venture Capital Association 



### Press Release #############################




Leasing Industry Help Wanted



Credit: Well established, highly respected funding source seeks experienced credit officer for unique broker oriented small ticket leasing operation located in San Diego,CA.

About the Company:


Credit: Officer with 1+ yrs. experience. Admin. emphasis, high volume, small ticket leasing, average 100 approvals per month.

About the Company: Anaheim, CA.



Documentation/Credit--customer service, general office, part-time to full-time, computer knowledge necessary, looking for a bright, fun person for small staff in Santa Clara, California fax resume 800-727-3851 or e-mail:

About the Company: American Leasing is a 32 year old lessor/broker with mostly repeat business.

Seeking salesperson with 1+ years experience in the Medical Equipment Leasing industry. Great opportunity for growth. Amazing compensation plan, benefits and 401K plan. Second to none work environment.

About the Company: Anaheim, CA.


Stable funding source seeks experienced leasing representative; book of business required; remote office capability; send resume to and reference leasingnews in subject line.

SALES: Los Angeles, CA. Successful leasing company in business 10+years seeking experienced sales professional in vendor programs.Generous commissions,benefits and growth potential.


Seeks experienced small ticket B2B leasing sales professionals in the western U.S. Very generous commission sharing with salary draw and benefits. Resumes




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News Briefs---


Southern California Fire Up-Date


Consumer confidence, durable goods rebound


Proposed Bank Merger Would Push Technology Envelope


An unlikely candidate to be the guy who sold `The Bank'


This Tyco Videotape Has Been Edited for Content parts of video displayed, editor for jury:


Tobacco Mergers Jolts Small Towns




Sports Briefs---


Niners release K Pochman, sign K Peterson


Vikings waive kicker Cortez


Owners to decide on site of 2008 Super Bowl on Thursday: Arizona?






“Gimme that Wine”


Vintners Hope Smaller Picking Tubs Reap Big Benefits


Camas Prairie Winery


Wineries of Calaveras County




This Day in American History


    1682 -William Penn lands in what will become Pennsylvania. He originally called it Sylvania, but the King changed it to Pennsylvania in granted the charter.

   1815-Birthday of Daniel Emmett DeCatur, creator of words and music for the song “Dixie,” which became a fighting son for Confederate troops and unofficial “national anthem” of the South, born Mt. Vernon, OH, and died there June 28, 1904.

    1837-Birthday of African-American folk artist Harriet Powers, now nationally recognized for her quilts, born in rural Georgia.

    1863-Battle of Wauhatchie (Brown's Ferry) concludes: The troops of Union General Ulysses S. Grant open a supply line into Chattanooga, Tennessee, when they drive away a Confederate attack by General James Longstreet. Although the Confederates still held the high ground above Chattanooga, the new supply line allowed the Union to hold the city and prepare for a major new offensive the next month. After the Battle of Chickamauga in northern Georgia on September 19 and 20, the defeated Union army of General William Rosecrans fled back to nearby Chattanooga. Braxton Bragg's Confederates took up positions along Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge to the east of the city. The Rebel lines made a semicircle around the city, and Confederate guns closed traffic on the Tennessee River. As a result, Union supplies had to come over a rugged mountainous route from the west. This line was vulnerable to a Confederate attack, and it made the Union's hold on Chattanooga tenuous at best. On October 23, Grant arrived as the new commander of all western forces. He immediately ordered two brigades to attack Brown's Ferry, where the Confederates were blocking river traffic to Chattanooga. The Yankees captured the ferry on October 27, then held off a counterattack to maintain control. On the night of October 28, Longstreet mounted a much larger attack to retake the crossing. The Confederates possessed superior numbers but could not pry the Union troops from the river. In the dark, the Yankees held and Longstreet withdrew his forces before dawn. The Union suffered 78 killed, 327 wounded, and 15 missing, while the Confederates suffered 34 killed, 305 wounded, and 69 missing. The Battle of Wauhatchie was one of the few Civil War engagements that took place at night. As a result of the battle, the Tennessee River was reopened for the Union and supplies reached Grant's troops. One month later, Grant drove the Confederates from the mountains around Chattanooga.


    1902 -- Fredric Brown, American writer birthday.. One of the most ingenious American crime, mystery writers, and also wrote science fiction to overcome — as he said — the too real aspect of detective fiction. He also wrote television plays for Alfred Hitchcock series. “Martian Go Home” was one of his best sellers. His other notable novels include Night of the Jabberwock (1951) and The Deep End (1952)

   1921 – Birthday of Bill Mauldin (Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist: [1945, 1959], created G.I. Joe and Willie) Killed in action.

    1922-Composer/arranger/trumpet player Neal Hefti Birthday

   1923 -- "Runnin' Wild" (introducing the Charleston) opens on Broadway.

   1925- tenor saxophone player Zoot Sims born, Inglewood, CA.

   1925- History records “Howard Johnson’s “ as the first franchise chain.

The chain got it s started when Howard Dearing Johnson, the proprietor of a drugstore in Quincy, MA, began making ice cream with a hand-held crank to sell at the soda fountain.  Unable to finance additional restaurants on his own. he began franchising his name and the formulas for his ice cream and other specialties.  The first restaurant to which he granted a franchise, in 1932, was on Cape Cod.  Eventually, the chain had 600 restaurants across the country.  Johnson’s innovations included the use of a central commissary to supply all franchises with food of consistent quality and the sitting of diner along highways.

   1929- Major Stock Market Crash as prices on the New York Stock Exchange plummeted and virtually collapsed four days after President Herbert Hoover had declared “The fundamental business of the country ... is on a sound and prosperous basis.” More than 16 million shares were dumped and billions of dollars were lost. The boom was over and the nation faced nearly a decade of depression. Some analysts had warned that the buying spree, with prices 15 to 150 times above earnings, had to stop at some point. Frightened investors ordered their brokers to sell at whatever price. The resulting Great Depression, which lasted until about 1939, involved North Amer­ica, Europe and other industrialized countries. In 1932 one out of four US workers was unemployed.,,301462,00.html

   1934-Birthday of alto sax player Jimmy Woods, St. Louis, MO

    1936 -- Singer Hank Snow makes his first recordings, "Lonesome Blue Yodel" & "Prisoned Cowboy."

   1953—Top Hits
You, You, You - The Ames Brothers
No Other Love - Perry Como
Oh - Pee Wee Hunt
I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know - The Davis Sisters
   1953-The sale of the St. Louis Browns from Bill Veeck to a group of Baltimore investors was completed, and the American League’s most hapless team became the Orioles.

    1954- Dizzy Gillespie and Roy Eldridge record “Trumpet Kings” album, Verve.

    1956 - John Cameron Swayze and "The Camel News Caravan" were replaced by Chet Huntley and David Brinkley on NBC-TV. The "Huntley-Brinkley Report" clicked so well that the respected newsmen reported nightly until July of 1970. “Good night Chet. Good night David. And good night from NBC News.

    1960 - Cassius Clay won his first pro bout -- over Tunney Hunsaker -- in six rounds in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

    1961 - The top, pop song on the charts belonged to Dion (DiMucci). "Runaround Sue" was in its second week at the tiptop of the top-tune tabulation (it was in the top 40 for three months).

   1961—Top Hits
Runaround Sue - Dion
Bristol Stomp - The Dovells
Big Bad John - Jimmy Dean
Walk on By - Leroy Van Dyke

   1962-Actor Sydney Poitier testifies before the House Committee on Education and Labor, condemning the lack of opportunities for black actors in Hollywood. Poitier was born in 1924 to poor farmers in the Bahamas. He dropped out of school at age 13 and later joined the U.S. Army. After his army stint, he became interested in performing and joined the American Negro Theater. He debuted on Broadway in 1946 and three years later made his film debut in a U.S. Army documentary. By the late 1950s, he was the leading African American actor in the country. In 1964, he became the first African American actor to win the Best Actor Oscar, for his role as a laborer who helps build a chapel in Lilies of the Field (1963). Other films include In the Heat of the Night (1967) and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967). He began directing in 1971 with Buck and the Preacher. In 1992, he won the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award, the first black actor and director to be so honored.

1967-Hair, An American Tribal Love-Rock Musical, opened at the Public Theater in New York City.  The composer was Galt MacDermott.  The musical, which appeared during the Vietnam War, carried an antiwar message and aroused some controversy for its glorification of “hippie” values, including a nude scene at the end of the first act. The production moved to Broadway’s Biltmore Theater in April, 1968.

   1966- formation of the National Organization for Women to "bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society NOW!"

   1969-Historians consider this the day the Internet was created. The first connection on what would become the world wide web was made on this day when bits of data flowed between computers at UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute. This was the beginning of ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet developed by the Depart­ment of Defense. By the end of 1969, four sites were connected: UCLA, the Stanford Research Institute, the University of Cali­fornia, Santa Barbara and the University of Utah. By the next year there were 10 sites and soon there were applications like e­mail and file transfer utilities. The @ symbol was adopted in 1972 and a year later 75 percent of ARPANET traffic was e-mail. ARPANET was decommissioned in 1990 and the National Sci­ence Foundation’s NSFnet took over the role of backbone of the Internet.

  1969—Top Hits
I Can’t Get Next to You - The Temptations
Hot Fun in the Summertime - Sly & The Family Stone
Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley
The Ways to Love a Man - Tammy Wynette

    1970 - Neil Diamond received a nice package: a gold record for the hit, "Cracklin’ Rosie".

   1973 - O.J. Simpson set two NFL records this day. The Buffalo Bills’ star running back ran 39 times for 157 yards -- and he rushed for a total of over 1,000 yards in only seven games.

    1977—Top Hits
You Light Up My Life - Debby Boone
Nobody Does It Better - Carly Simon
That’s Rock ’n’ Roll - Shaun Cassidy
Heaven’s Just a Sin Away - The Kendalls

   1981 - Loretta Lynn received a gold record for her album, "Greatest Hits, Vol. 2".

   1982- Car maker John DeLorean indicted for drug trafficking in a government sting operation; later acquitted

    1983 - After four weeks at #1 on the pop music charts, Bonnie Tyler’s "Total Eclipse of the Heart" slipped to #2 -- replaced by "Islands in the Stream" by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

    1984 - Golfing great Tom Watson won his sixth PGA Player of the Year title; the most won by any golfer since the award was first given in 1948. Jack Nicklaus had accumulated five of those titles.

    1985—Top Hits
Saving All My Love for You - Whitney Houston
Part-Time Lover - Stevie Wonder
Miami Vice Theme - Jan Hammer
Touch a Hand, Make a Friend - The Oak Ridge Boys

    1996-The National Basketball Association got set to launch its 50th anniversary of all time, ten of the 50 spent significant portions of their careers with the Boston Celtics.

    1998 - Hurricane Mitch (Oct 22-Nov 4, 1998), one of the strongest Atlantic storms ever, made landfall, slamming into Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and other Central American countries. The real story was not the wind but the rain. Slow movement of the storm caused heavy rain, resulting in widespread flooding and mudslides. Over 10,000 people were killed, another 10,000 were missing, and some two million people were affected in some way by the storm.

    1998 - The space shuttle Discovery blasted off, returning 77-year-old U.S. Senator John Glenn to space some 36 years after he became the first American in orbit. Glenn was part of a crew of seven astronauts shepherding scientific payloads on the shuttle mission.

      2001 -Commissioner Bud Selig says major league baseball is considering eliminating two teams could by the start of next season. Contraction would include the Montreal Expos and either the Minnesota Twins or the Florida Marlins.




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