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Happy Halloween




Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted-New Version

    Monitor Speaks with New ORIX Prez/CEO Gary Corr

    (We Get Orix Motivational Posters)

        NAELB Atlanta Conference November 7-8

            CIT Top SBA Volume Lender 4th Year in a Row

                Leasing Industry Help Wanted

                    News Briefs---

                Sports Briefs---

            California Nuts Brief---

        "Gimme that Wine"

    Media-Presentation Tips Info from Media Training Worldwide 

This Day in American History



This Border ##### Denotes Press Release (Not Written By Leasing News)




Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted-New Version


These ads are “free” to those seeking employment.  We have many testimonials

that the ads work, not only for sales, but a CFO for a major lessor found

the job through our ad, an attorney in the mid-west, asset managers, and

our goal is to help—including senior management.


This section has been re-designed by Maria Martinez-Wong.  The section

is divided by category, plus is in alphabetical order by city.  The size of

the type has also been increased.  Click on the category, or scroll the entire 87 jobs wanted





Monitor Speaks with New ORIX President and CEO Gary Corr


Orix won’t return Leasing News e-mail or telephone calls, nor

did we get the memo about how Gussoff became “Chief of

Staff.”  .  However, we were able to obtain the collection of

Orix Financial Motivational posters:




**** Announcement **********************************


NAELB Atlanta Conference November 7-8


The Eastern Regional Meeting is almost here.  As of this morning, we have 98

people registered to attend.  There are ten companies exhibiting and looking

forward to meeting with you.  The Exhibiting companies are: ACC Capital

Corp, Colonial Leasing, Creative Capital Leasing Group, Dakota Financial,

LLC, Financial Pacific Leasing Co., Manifest Funding Services, Marlin

Leasing Corp, Republic Leasing Company, Inc., Team Equipment Leasing, and

TimeValue Software (as of 10/29/03). 


These meetings would not be possible without the loyal support of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Broker sponsors that include: President's  Club Sponsors:  ACC Capital Corporation and U.S. Bancorp Manifest Funding Services.  Silver Sponsors:  Financial Pacific Leasing Co., Padco Lease Corp and Pawnee Leasing Corporation.


Now here's what Jerry Christensen has to say about his workshop in Atlanta.


---From The Bank's Point of View


“Having read Gerry Egan's comments on his presentation at the upcoming

Eastern Regional meeting in Atlanta, I wanted to share some of what I have

learned about how brokers can be "more than they are". 


“Gerry's comments hit the nail on the head.  I want to give you information

that you can take home and use in your daily business lives.  The lease

finance world has changed significantly in the past few short years.  It's

going to continue to change.  Banks, be they community, regional, national

or multi-national need to keep growing or they lose market share.  The

equipment lease broker can and should be part of that growth opportunity for

those banks.  The question is....How can the broker community be better

equipped to understand the banks mentality, why bank want to fund leases,

what financial information is used to make decisions and how best to present

a deal to a bank.


“Of course, developing the relationship and ability to have banks want to

deal with you is what comes first.


“During the workshop, I'll give you the information you will need to access

this important capital market.  Other brokers have been very successful in

tapping into the community bank funding market in particular.  I know I

joined the NAELB after attending a workshop in Marina Del Rey in 2002

presented by John Winchester.  John was willing to share his knowledge and

expertise (not to mention documents).  I hope to add to what John started

last year but "From the Banks Point of View".


“I look forward to seeing you' all in Atlanta.”


Jerry Christensen     




Conference Registration Form


 ( Leasing News Senior Advisory Board Director Charlie Lester will be

covering this event for readers.  Always witty, often urbane, he

always gets his facts correct. You can depend on Charlie Lester.)


**** announcement ***********************************




### Press Release ##############################



CIT Small Business Lending Secures Top SBA Volume Lender Ranking for The Fourth Year in a Row



LIVINGSTON, N.J.,  -- CIT Small Business Lending Corporation, a subsidiary of CIT Group Inc. (NYSE:CIT), announced today that it achieved Top Volume Lender status in the country among lenders of SBA 7(a) loans for fiscal year 2003 (October 1, 2002 to September 30, 2003).  The announcement marks the fourth consecutive year that the company has achieved Top Volume Lender status.  The SBA credited CIT with over $753.8 million in 7(a) loan approvals to 1,540 small businesses nationwide.  CIT outpaced its closest competitor by a margin exceeding $275 million.


"We are both honored and proud to be ranked Top Volume Lender for the fourth consecutive year," commented John Canning, President of CIT Small Business Lending Corporation. "This achievement demonstrates our commitment to assisting the nation's small businesses grow and prosper.  Our focus on SBA lending has helped us establish an unparalleled level of success, which has ultimately translated into new jobs, business growth, and a surge for the U.S. economy."


Supporting the company's reach, the SBA has also ranked CIT among the leading lenders in numerous local SBA district offices and as the top volume lender in several districts including: Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, North Florida, Portland and Virginia. Over 80 sales representatives nationwide apply their expertise and knowledge of the local business market to deliver customized financing solutions to help small businesses meet a variety of their needs including commercial real estate purchases and construction, franchise and medical start-ups, and business acquisitions and expansions.


About CIT Small Business Lending Corporation 


CIT Small Business Lending Corporation offers Small Business Administration (SBA) loans to finance business acquisitions, owner-occupied real estate purchases and franchise start-ups through a network of field representatives. The nation's No. 1 SBA lender, CIT Small Business Lending Corporation has been designated a "Preferred Lender" by the SBA and can provide quick credit decisions and loan closings. The company's website and online SBA loan application are located at


About CIT 


CIT Group Inc. (NYSE:CIT), a leading commercial and consumer finance company, provides clients with financing and leasing products and advisory services. Founded in 1908, CIT has nearly $50 billion in assets under management and possesses the financial resources, industry expertise and product knowledge to serve the needs of clients across approximately 30 industries. CIT, a Fortune 500 company, holds leading positions in vendor financing, U.S. factoring, equipment and transportation financing, Small Business Administration loans, and asset-based and credit-secured lending. CIT, with its principal offices in New York City and Livingston, New Jersey has approximately 6,000 employees in locations throughout North America, Europe, Latin and South America, and the Pacific Rim. For more information, visit


SOURCE  CIT Small Business Lending Corporation 



### Press Release ###################################



Leasing Industry Help Wanted


Credit: Well established, highly respected funding source seeks experienced credit officer for unique broker oriented small ticket leasing operation located in San Diego,CA.

About the Company:


Credit: Officer with 1+ yrs. experience. Admin. emphasis, high volume, small ticket leasing, average 100 approvals per month.

About the Company: Anaheim, CA.



Documentation/Credit--customer service, general office, part-time to full-time, computer knowledge necessary, looking for a bright, fun person for small staff in Santa Clara, California fax resume 800-727-3851 or e-mail:

About the Company: American Leasing is a 32 year old lessor/broker with mostly repeat business.

Seeking salesperson with 1+ years experience in the Medical Equipment Leasing industry. Great opportunity for growth. Amazing compensation plan, benefits and 401K plan. Second to none work environment.

About the Company: Anaheim, CA.


Stable funding source seeks experienced leasing representative; book of business required; remote office capability; send resume to and reference leasingnews in subject line.

SALES: Los Angeles, CA. Successful leasing company in business 10+years seeking experienced sales professional in vendor programs.Generous commissions,benefits and growth potential.


Seeks experienced small ticket B2B leasing sales professionals in the western U.S. Very generous commission sharing with salary draw and benefits. Resumes




News Briefs----


Southern California Wildfire –Latest News


Mortgage rates dip this week

Now at 5.94%, down for first time in nearly a month.


Economy Grew at 7.2% Rate in 3rd Quarter, Fastest Since 1984


Some economists say it all depends on the employment picture


Analysis paints harsher picture of Mass. joblessness


Tobacco merger stubs out dreams


Tyco Bonuses Not Recorded, Jury Told


Gateway Pushing 56-inch Rear-Projection TV


Virtual Haunts for Your Inner Goblin





Sports Briefs----


Garcia Won't Play Sunday against the Rams


Favre expects to start despite painful thumb


Fielder's agent says Griese still unproven


Arizona to host 2008 Super Bowl

Tagliabue says Billick replay comments out of line


Pete Carroll Finally Finds a Perfect Fit at U.S.C.





California Nuts Brief----


Talking the talk in Washington

Schwarzenegger has yet to show he can get results






“Gimme that Wine”


There are roughly 3,000 commercial vineyards in the United States and wineries in all 50 states.


Great Screen Savers ( and site )




### Press Release ###################################


Media-Presentation Tips Info from Media Training Worldwide 





 1. Presentation tips


 2. TV Media Tips


 3. Crisis Tips


Speaking/Presentation Tips


1. No, you do not have to start a speech by telling a funny story.


2. In order to relax before speaking, visualize your audience giving you a standing ovation.


3. Never YELL at your audience if you have a microphone.


4. Always use a microphone if you are speaking to more than 15 people.



TV/Media Tips


5.  When listening to a reporter’s question (and you must listen very carefully), don’t think about how your vast database of knowledge can provide 10,000 new facts to answer every nuance of the reporter’s question.


6. Instead, focus on how you can honestly answer the question in a way that allows you to talk about one, two or three of your message points.


7. Do move your hands--whoever told speakers not to use their hands was not given accurate information.


8. When appearing on TV, don’t move your hands above your face, below your chest or wider than your shoulders.



Crisis Communications Tip


9. You can't count on the makeup department at TV stations or networks--they might be busy, at lunch, or in a bad mood. Be prepared to do your own makeup.


10. The more forceful a reporter attacks you with tough questions, the more you should look happy, relaxed, and comfortable when you are responding.




Media Training Worldwide



FREE Media and Presentation Training Products catalog, contact



#### Press Release ##################################



This Day in American History


      Happy Halloween

                 1517- German Augustinian monk Martin Luther, 31, nailed to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg a list of 95 theological points he wished to debate ... and touched off the Protestant Reformation , which lead to seeking of

religious freedom and eventually the founding of the new world, which was

to become the United Colonies ( later changed to the United States.)

               1753-George Washington was sent by Governor Robert Dinwiddie of Virginia to demand French withdrawal from the Ohio territory. Dinwiddie had been impressed by Washington’s achievement as surveyor and fieldsman, and picked him for the commission, although he was only 21 years old.  As adjutant general of the Northern Division, Washington set out from Williamsburg, VA.  With Christopher Gist as his guide, he made observations of French fortifications and estimations about needed English fortifications. During the expedition he kept a journal, which Dinwiddie later obtained and had printed. It indicted French intentions for the territory and attributed to a French office the indiscreet admission that “ was their absolute Design to take possession of the Ohio, and by G---they would do it.”

         1832- American Episcopal scholar George Washington Doane, 33, was consecrated as second Bishop of the Diocese of NJ. Doane is better remembered today as author of the hymn, "Softly Now the Light of Day."

1860- Birthday of Juliet Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA,

Savanaugh, GA.

           1861-Citing failing health, General Winfield Scott, commander of the Union forces, retires from service. The hero of the Mexican War recognized early in the Civil War that his health and advancing years were a liability in the daunting task of directing the Federal war effort. Scott was born in Virginia in 1786. He graduated from William and Mary College and joined the military in 1808, where he had become the youngest general in the army by the end of the War of 1812. During the crisis of 1861, Scott remained at his post and refused to join his native state in secession. President Lincoln asked Scott to devise a comprehensive plan to defeat the Confederacy. Scott's strategy called for the blockading of ports to isolate the South economically, then an offensive down the Mississippi River. In the optimistic early days of the war, this strategy seemed hopelessly sluggish-in fact, critics dubbed it the "Anaconda Plan" after the giant Amazonian snake that slowly strangles its prey. Despite initial criticism, it was the basic strategy that eventually won the war.

          1864- Nevada became the 36th state.  1864-Anxious to have support of the Republican-dominated Nevada Territory for President Abraham Lincoln's reelection, the U.S. Congress quickly admits Nevada as the 36th state in the Union. In 1864, Nevada had only 40,000 inhabitants, considerably short of the 60,000 normally required for statehood. But the 1859 discovery of the incredibly large and rich silver deposits at Virginia City had rapidly made the region one of the most important and wealthy in the West. The inexpert miners who initially developed the placer gold deposits at Virginia City had complained for some time about the blue-gray gunk that kept clogging up their gold sluices. Eventually several of the more experienced miners realized that the gunk the gold miners had been tossing aside was actually rich silver ore, and soon after, they discovered the massive underground silver deposit called the Comstock Lode. The decisive factor in easing the path to Nevada's statehood was President Lincoln's proposed 13th Amendment banning slavery. Throughout his administration Lincoln had appointed territorial officials in Nevada who were strong Republicans, and he knew he could count on the congressmen and citizens of a new state of Nevada to support him in the coming presidential election and to vote for his proposed amendment. Since time was so short, the Nevada constitutional delegation sent the longest telegram on record up to that time to Washington, D.C., containing the entire text of the proposed state constitution and costing the then astronomical sum of $3,416.77.Their speedy actions paid off with quick congressional approval of statehood and the new state of Nevada did indeed provide strong support for Lincoln. On January 31, 1865, Congress approved the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning slavery.

         1893-African-American football player William Henry Lewis named All-American. Harvard's football team featured the first black All-American in the form of William Henry Lewis, who had been an undergraduate at Amherst College. Lewis had initially attended Virginia Normal (now Virginia State), but moved north in 1889. He was voted as Amherst's captain in 1890. Lewis went on to Harvard Law School and continued his football career. He played in the Crimson's 6-0 loss to Yale in 1892, but so impressed Walter Camp that he was named to Camp's All-America squad. The Crimson center rusher was a repeat All-America honoree in 1893. Lewis became assistant district attorney in Boston following graduation.

         1896- Birthday of Ethel Waters. Married when she was 13, Ethel Waters began her singing career at the urging of friends. At age 17 she was singing at Baltimore’s Lincoln Center, billing herself as Sweet Mama Stringbean. Her career took her to New York, where she divided her work between the stage, nightclubs and films. She made her Broadway debut in 1927 in the revue Africana, and her other stage credits included Blackbirds, Rhapsody in Black, Thousands Cheer and Mamba’s Daughters. Her memorable stage roles in Cabin in the Sky and A Member of the Wedding (for which she won the Drama Critics’ Award) were recreated for film.

         1912 - Dale Evans (Frances Butts) (singer, songwriter: Happy Trails to You; actress: The Roy Rogers Show, Roy Rogers movies; wife of ‘King of the Cowboys’ Roy Rogers; died Feb 7, 2001)

         1915 – Birthday of piano player Meade Lux Lewis, Binghampton, NY. Died June 7, 1964.,+Meade+'Lux'

        1922 –Great tenor saxophone player Illinois Jacquet Birthday

       1922-Birthday of saxophonist Ted Nash, Sommerville,MA

        1926 – Because this is Halloween, we record this event: Harry Houdini died on this day of peritonitis. Days earlier, between performances at the Princess Theater in Montreal, Canada, as he relaxed in his dressing room, he was visited by a student athlete from Montreal’s McGill University. The young man asked Houdini if it was true that he could actually withstand punches to the stomach. Houdini replied in the affirmative, but before he could prepare himself for the stunt by tightening his stomach muscles, the student punched the magician several times in his mid-section. Houdini performed that night and several more, then headed for Detroit where he did one show, then collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. At the time, it was assumed that his appendix had been ruptured by the blows from the student. Current medical knowledge leads experts to believe that Houdini already had appendicitis and only thought that the blows to his stomach were the cause of his pain. Magicians and mediums throughout the world still gather on this night, Halloween, to honor the Great Houdini. 1930 - In a rare recording, William ‘Count’ Basie sang with Bennie Moten’s orchestra, "Somebody Stole My Gal", on

        1927- Hoagy Carmichal records a song he just wrong called “Stardust (Gennett 6331)

       1930-Birthday of tenor sax player Ervin Booker, Denison, TX, Died  August 31, 1970.

        1937 -- Tom Paxton born Chicago, Illinois. Folk singer/songwriter. His songs have been recorded by hundreds of artists as diverse as Pete Seeger, Willie Nelson and Placido Domingo. Ramblin' Boy, The Last Thing On My Mind, Bottle of Wine, Goin' to the Zoo & The Marvelous Toy are just a few of his songs.

“Oh lay me down in Forest Lawn in a silver casket
put golden flowers over my head in a silver basket
While the drum & bugle corps
play taps while cannons roar
while sixteen liveried employees
Sell souvenirs from the funeral store...”

        1939-Birthday of drummer John Guerin, Hawaii

       1941- Although not complete, the Federal Government declared the work

over at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, after 14 years of work. First suggested by Jonah Robinson of the South Dakota State Historical Society, the memorial was dedicated in 1925, and work began in 1927. The memorial contains sculptures of the heads of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. The 60-foot-tall sculptures represent, respectively, the nation’s founding, political philosophy, preservation, expansion and conservation. Actually, the money ran out. Work on the monument had begun August 10, 1927. It was dedicated March 3, 1933 although work continued. Sculptor Gutzon Borglum died in 1941 and his son, Lincoln, continued the project until funds ran out on this day. Since then, no additional carving has been done, nor is any further work (other than maintenance) on the memorial planned.

       1944-Birthday of drummer Sherman Ferguson, Philadelphia,PA,,429902,00.html

        1945-Booker T Washington, educator, inducted into the Hall of Fame for Great Americans

        1947---Top Hits
Near You - The Francis Craig Orchestra (vocal: Bob Lamm)
I Wish I Didn’t Love You So - Vaughn Monroe
I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now - Perry Como
Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) - Tex Williams

       1950- Earl Lloyd became the first black to play in an NBA game when he took the floor for the Wash­ington Capitols in Rochester, NY. Lloyd was actually one of three blacks to become NBA players in the 1950 sea­son, the others being Nat (“Sweetwater”) Clifton, who was signed by the New York Knicks, and Chuck Cooper, who was drafted by the Boston Celtics (and debuted the night after Lloyd).

       1950-Birthday of TV personality Jane Pauley, born Indianapolis, 1950. Yesterday

marked the anniversary of her first appearance  as co-anchor on the Today Show

in 1976.

        1952- the first hydrogen bomb was detonated, designated as “Mike,” part of Operation Ivy. It was a tower shot with a burst of 20 feet at the Elugelab Atoll at the Eniwetok Proving Ground, Marshall Islands.

         1955---Top Hits
Autumn Leaves - Roger Williams
Only You - The Platters
Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford
Love, Love, Love - Webb Pierce

       1963---Top Hits
Sugar Shack - Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs
Be My Baby - The Ronettes
Deep Purple - Nino Tempo & April Stevens
Love’s Gonna Live Here - Buck Owens

       1964 - The Supremes "Baby Love" was the number one single (for four weeks), while Barbra Streisand’s "People" was #1 on U.S. album charts (for five weeks).

        1971---Top Hits
Maggie Mae/Reason to Believe - Rod Stewart
Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves - Cher
Theme from Shaft - Isaac Hayes
How Can I Unlove You - Lynn Anderson

        1972 - Curtis Mayfield received a gold record for "Freddie’s Dead" from the flick, "Superfly".

         1979---Top Hits
Rise - Herb Alpert
Pop Muzik - M
Dim All the Lights - Donna Summer
All the Gold in California - Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers

         1984 - "Caribbean Queen" became a gold record for Billy Ocean. It was Ocean’s second hit song and the only one of his 11 hits to become a million-seller. He would have two other #1 songs and a pair of #2 hits, but none as big as "Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run)". Billy’s from Trinidad, you know. His real name: Leslie Sebastian Charles.

         1986 - For the first time, Universal Studios in Hollywood opened at night -- to give fans a scare. Halloween Horror Night included Dracula, the Mummy, King Kong, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Wolfman, and Rick Dees.

         1987---Top Hits
Bad - Michael Jackson
Causing a Commotion - Madonna
I Think We’re Alone Now - Tiffany
Right from the Start - Earl Thomas Conley

        1987- Chris Antley became the first jockey to win nine races in a single day. He won four races in six tries at Aqueduct in the afternoon and five more in eight races at The Meadowlands at night.

         1987-Running back Eric Dickerson signed a contract with the Indianapolis Colts to complete a complex three team NFL trade.  The Cots got Dickerson from the Las Angeles Rams in exchange for one player and three draft choices. The Rams acquired an additional three draft picks and another player from the Buffalo Bills in exchange for the Colts’ trading the right to linebacker Cornelius Bennett to the Bills.  Thus started the tradition of making “deals” utilizing draft picks.

          1988 - Paul McCartney made musical history by becoming the first Western recording artist to release an album exclusively in the Soviet Union. Titled CHOBA B CCCP ("Back in the USSR"), it comprised the best tracks from his set of live one-take recordings taped the previous year.

         1999 - EgyptAir Flight 990, en route to Cairo from New York, crashed off the coast of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. All 217 people on board died. Some American investigators suspected a relief co-pilot deliberately put the plane into a suicide dive, causing the crash.  It is the belief today that Osma Bin Laden got the idea to use airplanes as bombs from this event.

         2001 -For the first time since Philadelphia A's Mule Haas hit a game-tying two-run homer in Game 5 of the 1929 World Series, a team comes from behind to tie a Fall Classic game in the ninth and goes on to win in extra innings. Tino Martinez sends the game into overtime with a two-out homer off Diamondbacks' closer Byung-Hyun Kim and Derek Jeter, dubbed Mr. November, wins it after the stroke of midnight with a full count two-out round tripper giving the Bronx Bombers a 3-2 victory and knots the series at two games apiece.









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