Alert---From US Postal Inspector J.R. Goodman


This group targeted leasing companies posing as various legitimate



Here is what I would like to say to the leasing community: (also a summary of the case before and after trial is attached along with the list they should check for defaults with their companies)


RE: BUSINESS FRAUD INVESTIGATION - U.S. District Ct. Southern District of NY

U.S. v. Victor Einhorn Et. Al. Docket 01 Cr. 939 (BSJ)


Professional Leasing Community:


In the course of an official investigation, the U.S. Postal Inspection

Service has determined that many companies were defrauded in connection with

one or more equipment leases or credit accounts. Please see the attached

documents and check your default lists vs. the following lists of companies,

addresses, and individuals for further losses.


You may send a restitution request to U.S. Probation Officer Claude J.

Baptiste (212) 805-5187 (secondary: Emily Weinblatt (212) 805-5193) for your

total loss amount (for only the value of the equipment; interest, attorney's

fees and records/copying costs are not included in restitution calculations

under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines) and any supporting documentation

for that loss by 7/7/03 to:


U.S. Probation Department

Attn: Mr. Claude J. Baptiste, U.S. Probation Officer

500 Pearl St., 7th FL North

New York, NY 10007-1316


Kindly cc me. Copies of UCCs, invoices and equipment pictures, lists and

serial numbers would also be very helpful in case your actual equipment is

recovered co-mingled with other similar equipment. Also a list of equipment

subject to the Court's jurisdiction in this case is available. If your

equipment is included on this list please list those items within your

claim. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Very Truly Yours,


J.R. Goodman, Inspector

U.S. Postal Inspection Service

New York Division



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