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Name = Al Cheung
City = Ontario
State = CA
Zipcode = 91761
Phone = 909-390-7799
Fax = 909-390-6777
Email = alanc@poly-pacific.com
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“I am the CFO for Poly-Pacific Technologies Inc., a small plastic manufacturer located in Ontario CA. We were looking for equipment financing and paid a $4,000.00 refundable deposit to Avalon Southwest, located at 3502 McFarlin Blvd, #10, Dallas Texas 75205-1830, Tel: 214-559-9807, for the purpose of securing financing. The Managing Director is Ken Hartley.

“Since we sent the check on June 18, 2003, little was done

and no financing has been secured for us. Many request to return our refund had been ignored. We are quite sure this company is set up to deceive companies desperate for financing and we want companies out there to be aware of this

dishonest company. I also welcome whatever help or advice you can offer.”

Leasing News telephoned, sent faxes, and e-mails to Mr. Ken Hartley at Avalon SouthWest beginning on October 9th when the complaint was made by Mr. Cheung. We did this three days in a row, then every other day for a week,

and then off and on. The other parties also tried to reach him.

On November 12th, Leasing News received this e-mail:

“Sorry about the late reply but have been on vacation. Anyway the subject $400,000 transaction was conditionally approved under two scenarios.

1) A partial letter of credit to offset the move from Canada to US. This was to be reviewed upon first full year in US and the claimed profitability. The level was to be determined on updated statements. This offer was never responded to.

2) An approval based on a asset based line for term debt was offered. Again a response was not forthcoming.

“I do not know if Al turned down the offer or his representative, Dennis advised him. We did not have direct access most of the time due to vacations and his representatives. We would be more than happy to redo the approvals or refund a portion of the deposit less expenses and time.

“Please let me know your thoughts.”

Thank You - Ken Hartley


(The broker involved was Dennis Grant of Premier Leasing Services 9650 Business Center Dr., #126 Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730.

He had been trying to obtain the advance rental back, and had originally wanted the money held in an escrow account, and that was his advice to Mr. Cheung.

(After speaking with Mr. Cheung, he confirmed that Dennis Grant was

trying to help him get the money back and said they both had been trying to obtain his deposit back for almost five months, that he had a small company, and this money meant a lot to him. He also had tried many more times

to reach Mr. Hartley.

Seven business days later, Mr. Hartley responded:

“I maintain that two commitments was forwarded as agreed. The additional collateral was due to the poor performance based on the move. Additionally they wanted financing for 40% costs that included moving and reinstallation.

We will probably agree on a small refund but will not agree with the assessment that a total refund is due. As you will note, their options to take the financing are still open”


Leasing News has not seen a second agreement, and asked him to provide it.

Again, all three of us asked for the money back. Mr. Cheung said this has been going on for six months and in several new e-mails, asked him to return the money and did not want Mr. Hartley to consider trying to place his lease. He sent an e-mail every day with a copy to us.

As of December 1, there has been no response from Mr. Hartley. Maybe he is on vacation again?


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