Bridge Capital Leasing, Mission Viejo, CA-Bulletin Board Complaint

This is the fourth posted complaint and concerns Bridge Capital Leasing, 26691 Plaza Street, Suite 1809, Mission Viejo, California

March 29, 2005
“Name = Ryan Crownholm
Address = PO BOX 4033
City = Walnut Creek
State = CA
Zipcode = 94597
Phone = 925-250-6434
Fax = 925-229-2246

Comments or Questions= I got burned by Bridge Capital Leasing as many others have in this forum. They stole $2298 from me and my company. Do I have any recourse on this company?”

There are copies of confirmation of the money wired to Bridge Capital's bank, signed documents, including a letter dated March 18 th from Paul Behechiti, president:

“Matthew Brown has forward to me your request for a written decline of the equipment-financing request for 1999 Limo bus equipment for your company Escape Crew, Inc. I am unable to provide you with such request at this time as we have this file open and pending. The approval at this time is contingent upon receipt of additional information requested from you on March 15, 2005 via facsimile. Our investor is essentially considering to move forward with this transaction provided that you can produce the above mention documents, namely application on Hauling pro's as well as a list of available and unencumbered collateral valued at half of the requested financing amount. As mentioned in our telephone conversation, I am confident that I can negotiate the removal of the pledging of additional collateral provided all other credit criteria are satisfied.

Please le me office know of your decision in writing.”

A copy of all the documents received, including a “terms and conditions” agreement which does not require an additional guarantor nor pledging of additional collateral, was sent to Mr. Behechiti, asking for a comment.

April 19, 2005:

“Due to the fact that this transaction has not yet been consummated or declined, and pursuant to federal Privacy Laws and the confidential nature of this transaction, Bridge Capital Leasing is unable to disclose privileged borrower information in a public forum.”

The Better Business Bureau has Bridge Capital Leasing listed as a “D”

“We have enough concerns about this company (for example, their offer, customer complaints, advertising, etc.) that we recommend caution in doing business with it.

“3 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
0 Making a partial refund
0 Agreeing to perform according to their contract
0 Refusing to make an adjustment
3 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
0 Unanswered
3 Unassigned

“Complaint Experience

Complainants allege misrepresentation of services, failure to fund leases and difficulty obtaining refunds. Some complainants contend the company solicits them with "pre-approved" lease agreements requiring a deposit of the first and last months rent along with a processing fee. According to most complainants, after submitting the requested documentation, signing paperwork and paying deposits, the company fails to fund leases and make refunds. Another complainant alleges after signing a contract to obtaining leasing at a particular percentage and rate, the company breached the contract by offering two leases at higher terms than contracted. The company responds to some complaints by advising customers they are retaining deposits for future leases. In some cases, the company explained that leases were not funded because the customer failed to provide required documents to continue the process. In another case, the company explained they could not finance inventory or sellable merchandise because their was no collateral in which they could obtain a UCC lien on, but they offered to hold the clients deposit for a future equipment lease. The company responded to other complaints by issuing a refund, or returning documents. In general the company fails to address what services were provided to warrant retaining full deposits when leases are not funded. “

Escape Crew, Inc may take this matter to California Small Claims Court, where they can appear in person, or appoint an officer of the corporation, utilizing such companies as

The company is licensed by the California Department of Corporations:

Active License
Licensed: Jul 17 2002 (Lender/Broker)
6038508 - California Finance Lender
(800) 617-3476

And may be affiliated with Bridge Capital Corporation located in Foothill Ranch, California. E-mails and telephone calls to Mike Ahmari, who on one fax is listed as president and CEO of Bridge Capital Corporation in Foothill Ranch, California, were not returned.
Leasing News, Inc.
Saratoga, California