Bulletin Board Complaint

--Lease*Alliance, Bloomfield Hills, MI



Gene Donahue of Source Group, Valrico, Florida brokered a lease

to Lease*Alliance and received a check on July 30th for a medium

4 figure.  It bounced on August 6th.  Leasing News has a copy

of the check with “NSF” stamped on it, plus a statement from

the bank that there was “non-sufficient funds.”  After trying

to re-deposit the check, the bank issued a final notice on August

12th. The check from Lease*Alliance was “no good.”


Alan  G. Thomson the president of Lease*Alliance allegedly told Gene

Donahue he would make the check “good.”  Accordingly, he told

that to him for over a month.  On September 14th, Gene Donahue faxed us a copy of the check, explaining the situation, wanting to post

a complaint: “I just don't want other brokers to be caught by

this guy.”


Leasing News telephoned Alan Thomson who said that “... an attorney garnished my account on July 30th.  I have three or four deals

waiting for commission, and once I get one of them, I will

send him his money back 100%.”


In communicating with the broker, he said he has been told

this for over a month, and doesn't believe it.  We suggested

a compromise, and accordingly, Lease*Alliance would send

out a cashier's check by Federal Express within ten days, or

Leasing News would be post the complaint on its bulletin board.


September 17,2003 Leasing News printed the press release

about the formation of Lease*Alliance  (please note we normally surround all press releases  with ### to note it was not written by us, and comes from the sender, whom we most often note, along with the telephone number:)


“Alan G. Thomson, former Chief Executive Officer of Leaseline Financial, announced the launch of Lease*Alliance LLC, a newly formed Midwest-based financial service company. Lease Alliance will provide credit-risk customers financing for leasing or purchasing of medium-duty commercial vehicles.


“Lease *Alliance will specialize in "blemished credit" leasing for any type of specialty vehicle that is required to generate income for the business owner such as: tow trucks, dump trucks, bucket trucks, cranes and crane- trucks. A key selling point of the company is their combination of leasing intelligence and digital technology, which will enable them to create tailor- made solutions for the medium-duty commercial vehicle leasing market.”





Lease*Alliance web site: http://www.curvedigital.com/la/about.htm


From Gene Donahue on October 1:


“You had a conversation with Alan Thomson re the NSF commission check -- he promised to pay by September 30th via FedEx with a cashier's check -- needless to say Thomson has not paid -- he did call me on Monday, September 27th and started his routine about will have money but not on 30th etc. " Got a deal closing - maybe Thursday - won't have all"  exact routine he used in early Sept and mid August. Equipment Brokers need to be made aware that this guy is out there -- he got me and he has absolutely no qualms about getting others --


“It's time to expose this guy -- time for his "15 minutes of fame” --- you can print my name and my phone # -- I'd be happy to talk to anyone about this outfit .


“Gene Donahue  Source Group Inc -- Valrico , FL   813-643-7768”

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