Bulletin Board Complaint—Titus Holding, Eureka, Montana


Brett Tate, president of Titus Holding, in his letter of April 9,2002,

said his company was in “its seventh successful year of commercial

equipment acquisitions...We share a direct line of communication with you and your customers ( no sales reps. or brokers). This association affords us the ability to graciously compensate you for your lease finance referrals.  We offer a 10% referral allowance on each individual invoice amount...Our reputation was founded on Integrity, Professionalism, and Commitment to Excellence.”


Bryan L. Brooks of Bryan Brooks & Associates, Fort Collins, Colorado

doesn't think so.  He is owed $8,500.  He provided the customer and

Caterpillar 938F Wheel Loader S/N 1KM01213, which Titus Holdings sold to Tuel Tractor Company.  From here Quail Capital and Santa

Barbara Bank & Trust entertained a transaction that involved the

Caterpillar 938F Wheel Loader S/N 1KMO1213.


According to documents submitted, Santa Barbara Bank & Trust

believes they have title to the equipment, and it appears Mr. Brooks

may have a valid dispute with Titus Holdings.


In a letter dated February 27,2003, Jane Tate, with the title of

office manager, said Titus Holdings, Inc had accepted $60,000“...as payment for the 988F.  The balance of $8,500.00 payable according to the before mentioned date is our offer.”   Titus by the way had sold

the unit to Tuel Tractor for $68,500.


In the start of this complaint, parties in Colorado and Montana were

difficult to reach.  Mr. Tate was allegedly involved in a car accident

and had promised to pay the $8,500.


The telephone does not answer today and all correspondence

comes back. Mr. Brooks is out the $8,500, plus the expenses

of hiring an attorney to try to collect the money owed.


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