Bill Hanson-Conrad & Associates/CMC Up-Date

E-mail from Ty Hanson:

“Well, I am NOT hiding anywhere!

“Hi Kit, I thought I'd give YOU an update (not for your readers)for the most part, you were always fair with me and allowed me to get in my two cents when I felt Commercial Money Center and Bill Hanson were being attack unfairly!

“I have personally been out of the leasing industry for at least a year to year and a half. We discussed before how I wasn't enjoying it (coming from the nightclub business), so I decided to get out, it devastated Bill, but he realized I wasn't happy.

“Now, as far as Bill scamming millions out of people and living in the lap of luxury? I highly doubt that! To my knowledge, he took on three investors ($50,000 each) at Conrad and Associates. I don't know the exact agreement he had with them, but I know he was paying them a monthly amount for several months before he stopped. No, he's NOT on a yacht with Ron in Florida. He suffered two major heart attacks in the last few weeks and had to go under the knife for a six-time bypass. He just got out of the hospital last week and is living with his family (blood family, NOT the ADOPTED or illegally ADOPTED like me) in Kansas.

“I know his business (Conrad and Associates) was struggling before the medical problems hit. But, he tried his hardest to always make those payments on time and I am sure, if he's physically able to work, he will keep doing so.

“Kit, I asked you one time when we were at CMC, why you were aggressively printing stuff about Bill when he wasn't an owner? Your response was he was a stockholder and officer. Kit, I have NEVER been an officer at CMC and Bill Hanson owned 100% of the stock at Conrad and Associates. I have NEVER talked or met with any of these investors. But, after reading your Leasing News, you would think I was one of the Enron people.

“Oh well, I hope you are doing well.


(The story originated over six months ago, in February, when one of the investors did not receive his payment and was unable to communicate with Bill Hanson, and asked us if we knew where you or he was located so he could follow-up. Another reader said in February and March, he was with the former president of Commercial Money Center. The Nevada Department of Corporations lists Bill Hanson as an officer of Commercial Money Center and several related corporations. Former employees talked about his roll not only in attracting business, but in funding and other operations of the company. If you are in touch with him, please let him know the people Conrad and Associates borrowed money would like to communicate with him. editor.)


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