Reader Finds CMC's Hanson and Fisher

Leasing News had an “alert” and also asked readers
for the address of Bill Hanson, formerly of Commercial Money Center, headed by Ron Fisher, DCC.

“Any info on Ty & Bill Hanson of Conrad & Associates, Carlsbad Ca. 92008. I think my investment of 50k is no more. Got $500 a month or 12% return for 2004. Got January 05, but none for this month. All phones etc off!!! Sold me a Promissory note.

“Can you recommend any authority to call?”

(copy of letter)

Leasing News in February and March asked readers if they knew where they were located so we could hear their side of the story.

We attempted to contact them. We have confirmed the telephone numbers, including Bill Hanson's personal cell telephone, are disconnected or do not answer also. We contacted old associates who knew Bill and his “unofficial adopted” son. One person told us he may have moved back East. He reportedly was last working out of Ty Hanson's apartment, where he was also living.

Many may remember him as vice-president of Commercial Money Center, in charge of sales and broker relationships:

The List published on Friday brought this communication

(and permission was given to print in entirety.)

“Name = Janice Berner
Address = PO Box 46651
City = St. Pete Beach
State = FL
Zipcode = 33741
Phone = 727-244-5316
Fax = 727-865-3643

Comments or Questions= You have had some complaints about \"Conrad & Associates\" scamming people out of 50K investments on leases, and people have not been able to find Mr. Hanson or Mr. Fischer.

FYI, Mr Fisher keeps a condo at the \"Sterling\" on Tierra Verde, Florida (in my neighborhood) and visits here monthly. If anyone would like to look for him, he is very easy to find! He also scammed my father out of 50K so I am happy to help anyone make Ron Fisher held responsible for his debts.

“For anyone who wants to find them, Mr. (NOT Dr - he is a fake) Fisher spends a lot of his time at his Gulf front Condo in Florida, 1100 Pinellas Bayway, #H4, St. Petesburg, FL 33715. He and Mr. Hanson are easily found while they live in luxury, keeping a large yacht while scamming others out of millions. Go find them!”

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Saratoga, California
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