Commercial Money Center Telephone Numbers

As Leasing News reported, we were not able to reach anyone at the CMC

corporate office in Las Vegas, Nevada; however, an “anonymous” reader sent us this:





( “anonymous” means it came via our website “contact “ that if the person

does not give their name, we have no idea who it is from. editor )


Here is the official address:


Commercial Money Center

101 Convention Center Drive, Suite 1225

Las Vegas, Nevada 702-894-9400


Capital Markets Corporation has the same address

and telephone number.  Commercial Servicing Corporation

is also located at this address ( sorry, telephone number not known ).


Leasing News understands that Conrad Associates is not legally connected with CMC, but there is a relationship as evidenced by this e-mail from Ty Hanson,

son of CMC vice-president and officer Bill Hanson:


I am amazed at all the pot shots, half truths, and assumptions that are being

made at Commercial Money Center.


 I don't mind assumptions or allegations by

people, but if you are going to go out on a limb with YOUR beliefs (NOT

FACTS) than at least have the backbone and sign your name. I was an employee

at Commercial Money Center and by no means does that give me a right to

defend or attack the company!


There are maybe three people at Commercial Money Center that know for sure if their business ethics were flawless. Just like a personal relationship if you don't know what went on behind closed doors, then you shouldn't stand in judgment. But, after reading our processing manager's comments, who wasn't any higher on the corporate ladder than myself, I figured WHY NOT! I am going to address two allegations.


First, that Ron Fisher was sued for malpractice and doesn't hold a medical

license in Florida.


 Two, that Commercial Money Center is being sued for over

6 million dollars by insurance companies for fraudulent deals. Ron had a

chiropractic practice in Florida with several doctors on staff. ONE of the

doctors was sued for malpractice, which caused the whole practice to be in

the suit. Ron was later dropped out of the suit! The only reason he doesn't

have a medical license in Florida is because he stopped practicing and moved

to California and started a leasing company.


Two, Commercial Money Center is being sued by one of our surety companies for over six million dollars. But does anybody talk about the 600 MILLION dollar lawsuit that Commercial Money Center has against the surety company? I don't know for sure what went on with the surety companies, Commercial Money Center, or the investors. But, I do have more facts that most of your readers.


 One, Commercial money Center DID refund over 1.4 million dollars in advance rentals.


Two, Ron made sure  all the employees at Commercial Money Center were paid before he closed the Escondido office.


 Three, Ron is in the process of filing a class action lawsuit for the employees against the surety companies that refused to honor their bond!


 Four, Ron has won an injunction against a former disgruntled business partner who enjoyed sending lies and falsehoods to newspapers, banks, lessees, etc.... about Commercial Money Center without signing his name!


 In closing, I don't know if Commercial Money Center is flawless, but I

like to go with patterns and consistencies. Is it an insurance company that

refused to pay when the claims were made on these tough to do deals, or Ron

Fisher, a man that sent over a million dollars in advance rentals to

insurance companies so deals could be funded.


When these deals did not fund, he paid everybody back with HIS own company bankroll.HMMMMMMMMM Insurance companies that fight and don't pay claims or  Ron Fisher, a man that steps up to the plate and does the right thing! Until Commercial Money Center's 600 million dollar lawsuit is settled, I am standing by Ron Fisher. And by the way, unlike most of your Monday quarterback readers who love to put in

their 2 cents.............I WILL SIGN THIS LETTER! !


Ty Hanson

A man with a backbone

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