Centerpoint Financial, Colorado Still Not Funding All Deals   June 7, 2002


We were told today that Centerpoint is packaging together deals that they

currently have in house (submitted, approved & funding)and are trying to

sell them as a "PORTFOLIO" to Republic in SC.   We were also told that

Centerpoint will not be funding ANY transactions, including ones such as

ours that were ready to fund last Monday.  That sucks!


-dedicated reader-




Centerpoint:     I do not know if you are aware, but they are refusing to fund

deals even if they cannot be re-approved.  We have a deal in funding.  It

was supposed to fund 2 days before they made their 1st announcement.  Now

they are saying they will not.  How could this be for a former UAEL

President.  That is not integrity nor is it legal.  I would expect more from

such exprienced people.  We have vendors whom will sue us now and a customer

who has a enforceable contract


( name with held )


(Gordon Roberts, president of Centerpoint  Financial has not returned telephone calls after two days. Chuck Brazier said he could make not comment, as did

previous COO Randy Schiell.  Major investor John Otto would make

no comment.  Past presidents of the United Association of Equipment Leasing

have had their share of “bad luck,” as well as the rest of the industry. Time

will tell all; sorry, that is all we know. Editor )

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