Centerpoint Financial, Colorado      June 11, 2002



Leasing News would like to compliment Centerpoint Director of Marketing Chuck Brazier for the two faxes to all Centerpoint Brokers, returning all telephone calls, doing his best as an employee to protect all parties involved.  This has not been the norm recently, and our hat is off to him, even if he won’t give Leasing News a comment.


It is refreshing to see someone who cares, who has integrity, and handles situations

in the “deepest hour” with the concern of helping others.  I hope this appreciation

is viewed favorably by his “customers” and “employer.”


In the years reporting about companies “in trouble,” this is the first situation where help has been asked. Chuck Brazier has our deepest respect as you learn a person’s character

when their back is against the wall. Leasing News hopes Mr. Brazier is

setting an example for others to follow who find themselves in similar

situations. His action is truly one of valor in the business battlefront.  Editor


In addition to CapitalWerks offering to help, as reported yesterday, here are

two other companies who will to come to aid:


In response to the Centerpoint Financial situation, Butler Capital

Corporation stands ready to review all approved backlog at Centerpoint to

provide a funding solution, under the following guidelines:


** Minimum 12.75% Yield to Butler based on transaction credit risk.

** Documented on Butler Capital Corporation documents.

** Broker profit to be determined on a transactional basis.

** Hard Copy of Centerpoint approval and credit package required.

** QuikTrak equipment inspection.

** 1st & last payment in advance.

** Clean D&B.

** Satisfactory CBR.





Mitch Larkin

Butler Capital Corporation

800-928-8537 (phone)

410-771-0295 (fax)




Summit Funding to the Rescue




               Address = 661 E. BURNSVILLE PARKWAY

                  City = BURNSVILLE

                 State = MN

               Zipcode = 55337

                 Phone = 952-890-5092

                   Fax = 952-890-5103

                 Email =

                Source =

Add me to the mailing list =

              Comments = Kit--I was sorry to hear about the Centerpoint situation.  None of us like to hear about another funding source biting the dust.  Resiliency will become a catch phrase to all very soon.  To assist any of the brokers that are having some difficulty getting their deals bought that went to Centerpoint, I would also be willing to assist any of them that need a hoe for their deals under, say, $12,500.  I am an "authorized affiliate" of Leasecomm and they are real good at start-ups, "B" and "C" credits.  They require FMV and have high rates, but, they have a fairly large credit window; Maximum of 8 broker points.  If I can help, I will where I can.


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