Centerpoint Financial Services Latest Fax         June 14, 2002


   by Christopher Menkin




“Centerpoint Financial Services, LLC, has been unable to place

backlog.  Please accept our apology for the inconvenience this has caused”


Thank you.

Chuck Brazier


Leasing News complimented the forthright handling by Chuck Brazier.  There

is  criticism and unhappiness with lessees, vendors not paid, and lessor/discounters

and brokers caught in between.


Unfortunately, no one would sign their name as they were hoping their “deal” would

fund and to sign their name would jeopardize the funding of their transaction


Here are some more “calm” ones:


“Praise to CHUCK at Centerpoint ASIDE, the real issue is that CENTERPOINT is

NOT honoring approvals and NOT funding deals that were all set to fund.  As

we all know this can be catastrophic to a leasing broker's existence.

"Nature of the BROKER BEAST" or "Broker Beware" I guess !”


-dedicated reader-


“We placed one and the other was not.   I do not know what we are going to do with
the second deal at this point.    If there is anything you can do, you would save our hides. ..”


 ( name with held )


“Centerpoint wrote checks (*approvals) under an account (line of credit) which had
no funds under the belief that a check would be received (line extended) to cover the
exposure (written approvals). If you did this with your retail bank, you would be kicked out.”


  ( name with held )


 Leasing News interviewed both Gordon Roberts, president, and John Otto, the major
investor behind Centerpoint Financial in March,2002, regarding “rumors” about financial

statements, sales, and other problems, including line of credit for warehousing of
leasing.. Both parties denied any difficulties. It was expressed that John Otto would stand
behind this company. Both he and Gordon Roberts have no comment to make to date.


To the best of our knowledge, Mr. Brazier has been forthright and candid, trying

to help all parties involved.  In the instances of Metrolease, SDI Capital, United Capital,
Unicapital and many others on the Leasing News list, no one warned what was going to happen.


Brazier sent out three faxes to all brokers on the Centerpoint Financial  list, called people,
working with other funding sources ( Leasing News has confirmed this with “several”

funding sources, and tried to be of  assistance in every manner he could, although we
assume his days are numbered at Centerpoint Financial.  He has been up-front,

and should be recognized for this fact.


While no one at Centerpoint will make any comment, Leasing News assumes these faxes
were also “cleared” or “approved” by both Gordon Roberts and John Otto. We also assume
they have been working on “damage control” to the best of their abilities. We can further
assume neither of them are very happy with the circumstances.  While I have

never met the wife of John Otto, if he is married. I do know Pat Roberts very well.

And I am sure she is not very happy about the circumstances.  Most likely this

is Centerpoint’s last day as an “active” company.. Editor)



To all of you that are sending your support to my husband Chuck Brazier

through Kit and phone calls.




Connie J. Brazier


PS   Don't tell Chuck I sent this. 




Add my name to the long list of Chuck Brazier's admirers.  My admiration of
him as a leasing professional is only exceeded by my admiration of him as a
human being.  He is a person of the highest integrity who has devoted his
professional career to injecting that virtue into the industry he serves.


 If everyone in the leasing industry would care and contribute as much as
Chuck has over the years, we would be at the top of the world of finance
right now.  It is not too late!



Paul J. Menzel, CLP

Senior Vice President / General Manager

Leasing Division


P.O. Box 60607

Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0607

1 South Los Carneros Road

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Dir Ph# (805)560-1650





I too, knew Chuck Brazier and worked with him in the old CPL days.  High on

his list of virtues is that he "cares".  We wish him well and offer any help

we might give in this troubled time.


Terry Maher

Commercial Equipment Finance

Albuquerque, New Mexico.







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              Comments = I am pleased that leasing news has chosen to give
positive information about a standout guy in our industry like Chuck Brazier
during difficult times in the industry.


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