DVI BK Trustee Seeking “Vendor Payments” 90 Days

“Attached, is a copy of a letter that 1 of my vendors received this week from the Trustee handling the DVI bankruptcy.

Even though DVI is collateralized by a security interest in the leased equipment and by the lease and its stream of lease payments, and is getting paid on the lease, the trustee is looking for $$ wherever he can & is "double-dipping" by dunning the vendor for money that it is already receiving payment on, is patently unfair. 

Further, while the vendor was indeed paid within 90 days of the Petition Date, DVI's PO and the vendor's invoice for payment are beyond the 90-day period, a fact that the Trustee clearly knows (it was confirmed to me in conversation I had with them) but chooses to ignore in pursuing this matter. 

I spoke to the Trustee's office but to no avail.  Thus, my vendor needs to hire the services of an attorney to resolve an issue which the Trustee is aware that has no merit.

“It used to be "let the buyer beware" - now, it is also "let the seller beware"!”

( name with held )

Copy of DVI's Bankruptcy Trustee Vendor Demand:


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