“A Gentleman Drunk” by Jeff Taylor


Jeffrey Taylor, well-known leasing lecturer, author, who's “Leasing Gem's” is a very popular internet newsletter, is not only the web master of Alcohol411, an internet radio show host, but has written an autobiographical story about his life and how his life has changed since he faced the issues of sobriety. 

The book reads like an inside diary: frank, truthful, and “tell all,' from his days in leasing to working for Sudhir Amembal and then going on his own.   

This web site tells more about the book, including containing the first seven chapters: 


I could not put the book down as it explains Jeffrey, the world of equipment leasing, and how he has achieved sobriety.  In fact, I had to re-read many parts as it was a very emotional read.

Kit Menkin

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