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( Part I )

Bank of the West is a member of all the major leasing associations, including AGLF, EAEL, ELA, NAELB, and UAEL and we attend all of the national conferences of each.

From a funding source's perspective, attending association conferences is an efficient way to meet with active and prospective brokers and lessors. Conferences provide a great means to meet other people in our industry and solidify relationships.

I acted as the conference chair for the last UAEL annual conference in Monterey and learned a great deal from the experience. It seems that most of the non-funder attendees fell into three categories. People new to our industry that are looking to make contacts, people that are seasoned in the industry and are there to maintain relationships and learn something new, and finally, people that are there on a boondoggle to play golf or get away with their spouse or significant other. This seems to be pretty common throughout most conferences that I have attended.

Conferences are a valuable means of conducting business within the leasing industry and I encourage everyone to become a member of at least one of the associations and attend their meetings.

Steve Crane
Vice President & Marketing Manager
Bank of the West


I found that there are several levels of attendee interest. Trade shows are what you make of them. You can take them seriously and come home with business, or you can take it easy, play golf, and come home with a tan and a story.

There are those who are on a quest to learn. Those who are religious about attending break out sessions, and the general sessions. There are others who take it a level higher by becoming involved in committees, planning, etc..

Hard workers find others who are trying to grow and improve their businesses.

There's something for everyone @ the convention.
You get out what you put in.

Ed Castagna
Nassau Asset Management


I went to my first leasing industry conference in 1976. It was organized by WAEL (Western Association of Equipment Lessors, now UAEL) and both WAEL and I were new to equipment leasing. Many of the contacts I made in those early years I still have, and the lessons I learned at those conferences, first as a salesman, and later as a manager, were where I really learned the business.

Since then I doubt that I have missed more than five or six UAEL conferences. I also attend NAELB national conferences, as well as local events put on by the various associations.

It doesn't matter whether someone is a beginner or an old-timer, you will come away from an industry conference more knowledgeable than when you went in. If you are a single practitioner you will benefit from face-to-face contact with your peers. If you are part of a large organization you will meet people in other segments of the industry. And if you are the head of your company, well, then you go play golf.

The years of conferences have helped me in my current role as lease trainer. A confirmed packrat, I have workbooks and copies of workshop materials from almost every conference I have ever attended. The information in these materials has been invaluable, and I refer to them often.

I urge everyone who has access to a conference to attend. And, for those who have achieved some success and longevity in the equipment leasing business, I urge them to pay back to the industry through the sharing of knowledge and experience by volunteering to present a workshop or appear on a panel.

Whether as an attendee or a presenter, anyone attending a leasing industry conference will gain immeasurably; in knowledge, in friendships and, ultimately, in their success.

Bob Teichman, CLP
Teichman Financial Training
3030 Bridgeway, Suite 213
Sausalito, CA 94965
Tel: 415-331-6445
Fax: 415-331-6451



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