Leasing Message Boards


by Kit Menkin


The Eastern Association of Equipment Leasing Message Board is in beta test and should be announced in a day or two. Leasing News has asked its East Coast correspondent Barry Reitman to write a story on it.


The first leasing industry bulletin board was established by The Monitor. After

a controversy and two “illegal” postings, it apparently was decided not to

bring on line again.


Lessors.com was perhaps the next, and it has changed throughout the years

from “members only” to “registration only.” It was not utilized very much.


The National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers converted their excellent

Listserve into a message bulletin system. At last count, only 1/3 of the membership utilize the communication system, and it appears a “dedicated group” has valued its many sections and division. Many NAELB members have told Leasing News it is a cumbersome system, which was relayed to the people in charge at the time. A study was to be made. The early listserve was more popular.


The United Association of Equipment Leasing has four “discussions message boards” for “members only” in four division: Broker, Funder, Lessor, Services.

There were three in the broker section, May to June 8th, being the most current.

The same June 8th also posted in the Funder. The Lessor had a 4/21 single posting,

and the services had none. Meaning it does not appear many UAEL members use the “discussion message boards.”


The Equipment Leasing Association does not have a “message board, “ but

they have two listserves and two news subscriptions: ELALeaseTalk, ELATaxTalk,E-Leasing Newsletter, and Industry News Weekly newsletter.


The listserve appears to be both very popular and useful for members.


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