Up-Roar at MSM Capital Bankruptcy Hearing 9/9/2002


It appears the Thursday September 5th Bankruptcy Chapter 7 hearing was a free-for-all as the ex-employees with over $193,000 in labor dispute awards, who are now creditors, also appeared with allegations of perjury, fraud, and conversion.  Leasing News had been reporting about the “Advance Rental” checks not be returning ( the reason MSM Capital made the bulletin board) and there is an issue over one million dollars in kept deposit checks, which may be liabilities on the balance sheet, but spend by the corporation.  There was a charge that the computer

the former president was using at MSM Capital are now being used

at his new company.



May 23,2002  Bulletin Board Posting

( some advance rental checks went back over a year not being refunded )


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