Oh, No!!! Mr. Bill! Iraqi eMail


The latest, and several dozen readers have sent to me, and I am glad they did:



I am Major General. Ibrahim Musa with the Iraqi forces and also a

business man.AS a matter of fact I am the sole manager of memos

industries limited which comprises of memos steel industries,memos

group of school and memos motors, all in the city of basra in the city

of Iraqi.


I got your contact from a very good and reliable source that is while I

am seeking you as a trust worthy and reliable person when it comes to

business transaction.


I am making this business proposal to you because of the war which

happened in my country with the Americans which has resulted in

damaging of almost all the investment I have made here in my country

Basra. the actualisation of the new government and its new policise had

made it difficult for the past millitary personal to invest in the



That is while I am seeking you as a foreign and trust worthy partner in

helping me receiving some amount of money to the tune of sixty

million five hundred thousand us dollars ($60.5million US Dollars into

your various account pending the time I will come over for investment

plan in your country.


When this fund is being received in your country by you, I should be

coming over to your country immediately with my wife and my children in

order to stay in your country and to have some investment there with

you in your country.


I have mapped out 15% of the total sum for you for your kind assistance

and 5% for expenses incurred on both parties and the remaining for me

and my family and for investment purposes.


If this proposal satisfy you please kindly forward the following

information to the email box of my via email



Your phone and fax number

Your account details and your home and office address

Hoping to hear from you soon

Best regards

Major General. Ibrahim Musa




Had to chuckle at the Nigerian E-Mail conference ad. I get one (or

more) of their e-mails a week. However, I am sending you one below

that showed a little more imagination... Thought you might like to

share it.


W. R. Johnnie Johnson, CLP

Exec. Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

The International Leasing & Investment Co.

P. O. Box 3716, Safat

13038, Kuwait

Phone: 965-244-0368

FAX: 965-246-3190

E-Mail: johnson@ilic.net






>From Mr.Smith kone.

Rue 6 bp cocody Abidjan,

Cote d Ivoire.

00225 07 68 27 28.




Dear Sir,


I am writing this letter out of a genuine desperation to find a reliable

partner in the unfolding transaction. I have been unjustly treated by my

partner in a transaction so,I seek your help, attention and genuine

co-operation to our mutual benefit and 1 believe that you will not let

down the trust and confidence 1 am about to repose on you.


Iam Mr.Smith kone.,from COTE D IVOIRY and for the past ten years, I have

been working in a public Relations firm that pays me about two hundred

dollars each month. On the 30th of June, our company made a Very big

financial breakthrough when we made contact with ALHAJI.C.G MUSTAFAR

and began to supply him his cow vaccine named LIM KXT COW VACCINE.

ALHAJI.C.G MUSTAFAR is THE PRESIDENT OF MUSTAFAR GROUP COMPANY )He is a millionaire farmer with CATTLE FARMS in all part of AFRICA , and a new one located at ZIMBABWE. Moreover, he is the greatest supplier of cattle beef and other dairy products to the whole of West Africa. HE

had informed us about the huge amount of money he spends on the purchase

of a particular but very important cattle medicine. Precisely, he buys

US$ 5,000 per carton. He asked if our organization can source for a

cheaper supplier.


We did market research and discovered that we can buy these vaccines in

Europe for US$2,000 per carton. We moved a proposal to MUSTAFAR GROUP

COMPANY, to supply him at US$4,800 per carton, which they accepted. As

these supplies progressed and our company is doing fine, I requested

to my boss for an increase in our salary. He was so upset that he

wanted to sacked me without benefits and ten years of dedicated



I was so desperate that I went to the MUSTAFAR GROUP COMPANY farms and

informed ALHAJI.C.G MUSTAFAR that I have a foreign contact that will be

willing to supply him this same products at US$4,400. Per carton.

ALHAJI.C.G MUSTAFAR in turn confided to me that he is about to place

order for one thousand cartons following a suspected outbreak of disease

in his farms. I assured ALHAJI.C.G MUSTAFAR that my foreign contact will

be in the position to manufacture and supply to him, infact I convinced

him that my former boss usually buy from my foreign contact and that is

why he sales to him at a higher price. HOWEVER,I INFORMED ALHAJI.C.G

MUSTAFAR THAT HE WILL HAVE TO PAY CASH IN ADVANCE BEFORE MY FORIEGN CONTACT WILL SUPPLY TO HIM. For the moment he has stopped all contact with my boss. Please consider on how to handle this profitable Project and kindly contact me immediately on my number 00225 07 68 27 28 for

details and negotiations as regards my commission. However, I will

insist that my commission will be 20% of the total profit.


Note: We will buy one thousand cartons at US$2,000,000. We sell to them

at US$4,400,000 Dollars; our client pays cash before lifting of the

goods. (They must not know our purchase point in Europe).


Thanks and God bless you.


Mr.Smith kone.






(and from other countries, too)


Name: Khin Myint Lwin

E-Mail: mythlwin@netscape.net

Yangoon (Myanmar)


Dear Sir/Madam,


I apologize for the unexpected nature of this mail. I got your e-mail

address from the Thailand intercontinental peace group.


I am Khin Myint Lwin, 55, Chinese/Burmese, and the leader of the Myanmar

Kyone Yeom Group headquartered in Mong Yawn, Myanmar. We engage in Real

Estate, food processing and the transportation of Chinese, Thai and Burmese

migrant workers to destinations around the globe.


I am writing you from my Yangoon home where I await my appeal case against a

37 years jail sentence I received for alleged human trafficking, illegal

sale of gold and running a prostitution ring. I am currently under house

arrest. My appeal hearing is set for December 2003.


These are all trumped-up charges. One of my boats carrying migrant workers

to Singapore last year was hit by waves and sank killing 87 passengers.


It was an accident but the government used this to arrest me because they

suspected me of funding the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), a rebel

movement fighting for the rights of the Karen ethnic group in Myanmar.


The government has also seized most of my assets valued at nearly one

Billion dollars ($973,000,000.00) in Myanmar, Thailand and



My wife and three daughters (8,12,14) are now staying with my mother in-law

in Mandalay. They now face a severe disruption in their livelihood and the

education of my daughters is in jeopardy. This feels me with so much pain.

My wife and daughters are my main concern right now.


I have a cash account deposit I made in the Netherlands, which the Burmese

government didn't know about. When I liquidated my flower and electronic

companies in the Netherlands in 2002, I deposited the proceeds of Eleven

million dollars ($11,000,000.00) in a securities firm in the Netherlands

while I was negotiating the take-over of a telecom company in Germany.


Right now, I need this money so I could get the best lawyer for my appeal

case coming up in December and most of all get my family out of Myanmar to a

safer country. They face constant harassment from government agents.


I need your assistance to get some of this money through to my wife and

daughters who are in Mandalay, Myanmar. Your responsibility will be to

assume the new ownership of the money. Transfer this money into your own

account for safety first.


You will keep 20% for your efforts. You will then send my share in bits as I

direct you to my mother-in-law or my wife in Myanmar. This will enable my

family to leave Myanmar. I can also get the best lawyer and lobby power and

most possibly be free soonest.


If you decide to help me, what you have to do is send me your full Name,

Address, Date of Birth, and Nationality. Use the e-mail address above.


I will contact the securities company in the Netherlands and have the

ownership changed to yours. I can do this online and via email. Luckily, I

can monitor the status of my deposit via the Internet with my login info.


When all is done, the company will contact you about your new status. They

will tell you what to do. Most of their transactions can also be done

online. After that, you carry out the directives as explained above.


If you do this, I will be personally grateful to you in many ways. Not only

in the 20% of ($11M) reward you will get, but also when I am free, as I know

I will soon, I will show you what it means to do me a favor.


If you can't, or decide not to, I will understand. Thanks for your attention




Khin Myint Lwin







I received three responses even one from a former employee

of Wasco. He gave me the phone number for my lessee to call at Citi to get

his letter of termination in lieu of the UCC-3 filing. Your newsletter

really does have a great following.



Bill Clark


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