Shame on Orix---Another Cry for Help


                           by Kit Menkin


Most of the e-mail we receive from employees are from their home computer, meaning

they are AOL accounts or have other such extensions.  All are signed, and we verify them, although we do with hold their name at their request.


It is a shame when an employee works hard for a company, gives it their all,

and when it comes to the end,  they are treated to ill feelings with poor communications

and fear.  Maybe this direction comes from the top, and maybe it does not,

but the anguish is being communicated to us.


Leasing News has received several e-mails, no just one “mal content” employee,

as middle management may be relaying to their bosses in Japan. This one came direct from our “contact” form on our web site and a telephone number.  He did confirm it, and has sent me a copy of the three page Orix memo from the USA Orix Financial Boss Gary Corr dated January 21, which I cannot convert into a URL at home (I write Leasing News here,) but may have in the next edition.


Corr states in one paragraph:


“There has recently been some disruptive, negative commentary in one of the industry's trade publications that represents itself as being accurate, factual knowledge about OFS's action and plans. While some of the commentary has been accurate, let me assure you that our strategy is as I outlined in this communication.”


Leasing News has basically been quoting what employees have sent us, such as:


“I am an ORIX employee.  I don't wish to be quoted, or my name to be used (lest they hasten my departure). I am only confirming for you the accuracy of your postings regarding the conditions in the Kennesaw office.  It is indeed ugly.  They have taken the aggressive sweatshop mentality of ORIX Capital Markets and applied it towards eliminating the Orix Financial Services business. 


“While they may be doing every thing ever so legally, they definitely are not doing it ethically or with any consideration toward the welfare of the employees.  I believe the real reason for the policy and benefit changes, and for the chilling silence is to get people to leave willingly, therefore saving any severance or unemployment insurance costs.  We would love for the Wall Street Journal or some of the rating agencies that rate ORIX Capital Markets (the leaders of this scourge)to get a line on this management behavior so they are made to pay for their efforts to save money at the cost of hundreds of employees welfare.


“Thank you for staying on this and for keeping the information flowing, because it is true that nothing is coming from management in the way of information.  Luckily our grapevine is strong, unfortunately that is all we have to cling to.



“I wish your organization great success as you try to keep the leasing business respectable.”


(name withheld )


Mr. Corr nor any public relations person or officer has not returned any of our telephone

calls or e-mails. The information we have printed has been ignored since Holmes, Gussoff, and all the shenanigans going on.  So far, Mr. Corr, Leasing News has been accurate, as you yourself admitted in your memo. The choking smoke in the air is from fires started  by Orix management. The memo is not only too late, too long, but

appears insincere to your employees.  Put some money down, instead of words.

Shame on you.


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