Orix Motivation Posters---Reaction




The ORIX motivational posters was a classless gesture on the part of Leasing



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(You are entitled to your opinion.  Sometimes humor is to close to fact and

the receiver doesn’t appreciate it.  By the way, who ever said we had “class?”

We’re “street fighters” and proud of it. editor )




What a riot....!!!

I have been laughing all morning.....

Next time maybe they will talk to you!!!!!

Please get me signed up for a paid subscription....


 (name with held on request, a present Orix employee)



I am confused by the critical comment of Eric Gross about your publishing

the "Orix Motivational Posters."  Parody has been a mainstay of American

journalism since our pre-revolutionary days.  Certainly Orix's refusing to

respond to your queries makes them fair game.


Given their capacity to mistreat terminated management employees, your jibe was particularly fitting. 


Thanks for the laugh -- and the message.


Barry Reitman

Keysone Equipment Leasing, Inc.


Winner of the 2002 Jimmy Award for Cub Reporting

(Many of your readers are probably unaware that there even was any reporting

about cubs in 2002.  After all, they weren't Pennant contenders until this

year. )




I have to admit that I laughed out loud at the power point, without really

thinking about Orix until  Mr. Gross made the comment.


I can certainly understand a lack of a sense of humor in situations where

the "joke" is at someone's expense, but really the power point would have

been funny WITHOUT associating it to Orix and current events there.

My impression is that Mr. Gross was addressing the fact that Leasing News

took a shot at Orix by publishing the PPT and "dedicating it" to Orix.


Class would have been: Leasing News not taking the shot.

Class would have been: Orix returning your calls.


Two wrongs don't ever make a right, but two things are true, three that I

stand by.


1) The Power Point was funny.(and I needed the laugh)

2) Orix did not return your calls.

3) Mr. Gross is upset that Leasing News published the PPT


This is a news publication, that has entertained it's readers for some time.

It is regrettable that news and humor can offend but it is the nature of



You can't please everyone.





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"Performance Recruiting Delivers Exceptional Talent"





I just wanted you to know that you are on the right track...


You should do some digging into why Jay was cut loose this way... he didn't get the usual treatment...


The only people that I know, who know what is really going on are managers.


You won't have much luck there because of the threats being made.


This leads me to believe that there is a real story here... more than just the changes in leadership...


Name With Held 

(an “insider” and therefore can’t reveal his name.)




I saw the Monitor story and can sum it up in ONE WORD:




This was written by a recruiting firm, NOT a newsworthy source. The Monitor is just a “bully pulpit” for their clients. I do not consider them a News Source. They repeat information published elsewhere OR they will

make announcements for their clients, spin doctors if you will, for hire.


 (I prefer the Wall Street Journal or better yet www.dowjonesnews.com for real financial news&. and of course Leasing News for leasing information&)


Let's talk about the article. When discussing Jay Holmes departure; if as Mr. Corr stated:


These objectives were achieved, and both the organization and our customers will now benefit from a redesigned structure. We thank Jay for his contribution to ORIX, for the culture he built here, and for the many fine people he brought into the organization." 


'Why didn’t they ask the tough question? Why was Jay let go in the first place? Am I to believe that Jay left BECAUSE he did a good job and he achieved his objectives? AND THE WAY he was let go! Why was it not done as others have been transitioned out? This was abrupt, cold, calculated and in the night&. NOT what we normally see & ORIX does not let managers go in this way, as a normal practice.


They are not talking about WHY Jay is gone. No comment.


No Kit, this was NOT a news story in the Monitor and they certainly didn’t scoop you


This was just marketing. They did NOT ask the tough questions, so there were NO answers& ORIX will not call you back, because YOU ask the tough questions.


Confidentially yours,







I have watched all of the comments about Orix over the past couple of weeks with quite a bit of interest.  We did a fair amount of business with Orix when Steve Geller was running the broker division in Orangeburg.  Steve was always a great guy to work with and always worked hard to put a deal together.  As I recall he always looked out for the company and negotiated hard to get Orix the best rates, terms and risk profile while still giving us what we needed to close the deal.


After Steve left, like most funding sources that decide third party business is no longer viable, we lost all contact with Orix. Not because we wanted to but because they simply did not respond to us after everything moved to Atlanta.  This was despite the fact that we were still owed tens of thousands of dollars in hold backs and commissions that remain unpaid until this day.  We were considering legal action against Orix but, given the recent turn of events, that would probably be an exercise in futility.  In our particular instance their collection procedures were woefully inadequate, they had valuable equipment that was never repossessed and disposed of properly and their own documentation demonstrates that they made modifications to a customer's lease even when it appeared that none were warranted. Someone there acted either out of stupidity or sheer greed.  We never had any such experience when we worked with Steve Geller and his group.


Given Orix's long history of success I chalked it up to a bad break for Steve Geller and LeaseNOW.  From the comments in Leasingnews it appears that many were victimized by the management team and the changes they made at Orix. 


I do have one question that maybe leasingnews readers can answer. If I remember correctly Mr. Holmes has a "hand picked" team that travels with him wherever he goes.  What has become of them?  This is not the first time that Mr. Holmes has gone to a company, "accomplished his objectives" and then left.  As I recall, this is somewhat of a specialty with Mr. Holmes and his team.  Did he not get his start many years ago here in Pittsburgh with Westinghouse Credit?  Is this the same guy or could there be more than one Mr. Holmes that fit that description? 


Bob Rodi, CLP


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