Just released—“Power Tools For Small Ticket Leasing 2004


    by Galtelli, Johnson and Marks






The world's ONLY book devoted exclusively to the needs of small ticket lessors and brokers


. A unique book written for small ticket brokers and lessors. Two chapters on distinguishing leases and loans for accounting, tax and legal purposes, and how and why small ticket leasing is unique.


 Five chapters devoted to lease documentation issues--key lease contract provisions, additional lease documents, financial elements in a lease, the lease package and documentation process


. Five chapters focusing on selling leasing--benefits of leasing to lessees, selling leasing in vendor transactions, the customer's view, the vendor's view and key determinants and checklists for leasing or buying.


Four chapters devoted to relationships with vendors and funders-- vendor development, vendor relationships and agreements, funding overview and funder relationships and agreements.


Over 350 review questions to test comprehension. 299 pages. $79.95 plus shipping and handling. Available from www.leasingpress.com


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