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Preferred Business Solutions Releases Upgrade to System 1 and CapitalStream Advantage Lease Origination Software

– Edmonds, WA - Preferred Business Solutions (formerly Preferred Broker Solutions) announces the general release of their Advantage 2.0 program.

For those companies familiar with the System 1 or CapitalStream Advantage programs, Advantage 2.0 utilizes the same look and feel of those popular programs, but extends the functionality to use the latest technologies.

“We've added features to the program that greatly enhance the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses of the previous products”, commented Jim Buckles, President of PBS.  “Our overall goal was to add the functionality to the program that our customers have requested for the past 9 years and to make the transition to the new program both seamless and most importantly, affordable.  Advantage 2.0 is far more Contact Management driven and offers a number of enhancements to the overall automation of the leasing process.  We've integrated the E-Mailing of documents as well as offer a PDF option for the secure delivery of Lease Documents.

“We have had a number of our customers compliment us on the PDF feature, since it not only saves time in document preparation (it's all done on-the-fly within seconds), but has saved them a considerable amount of money in overnight delivery fees, plus eliminated a day in the delivery process.

“We are also on the campaign to automate the major Funding Source's document programs.  We have just finished Marling Leasing's program (which is available for free to all Advantage 2.0 users) and are in pursuit of automating all the major Fundor's document solutions.”

About Preferred Business Solutions

Preferred Business Solutions has been furnishing office automating to the Leasing Industry for the past three years.  The Principal's background has been in office automation since 1982 and specific to the Leasing industry since 1997, with both System1 Software and CapitalStream companies.

PBS also offers a private label, web-based lease calculator, quoting tool and application submission program, titled alaQuote.  alaQuote is the front end application to the Advantage 2.0 program which allows application data to be imported directly into the Advantage database for processing.

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