Confirmed---Saddleback Financial Riding Off into the Sunset Aug 20, 2002

“Precom Technology doesn’t want to fund any more leases, “ Saddleback vice-president of operations Rick Skinner said.” “We are winding down the operation,

myself, and a couple of other ‘ops”, as we want a smooth transition.”


He said all fundings would take place, all salesmen, and all bills paid since

Precom Technology purchased the “assets only” of Saddleback. The company

has gone through five owners, perhaps more, since its inception, including once

being part of Unicapital, who is in bankruptcy.


The “liabilities” from the former corporate structure were not included.  Mr.Skinner said he and his crew were going to join another leasing company

as individuals, not as Precom Technology, but it was premature to make

the announcement.


“ We want to take care of all our responsibilities, keep our good reputation,

clean up a few deals in the works, and you are right, we will then ride off

into the sunset.”


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