Leasing/Finance/Business Training
to Learn the Industry and Help Place Their Deals

These companies train and instruct on the method, rules,
and sales abilities to both find and close transactions. Several also serve in placing the transaction for the student, who will earn a commission.

All means of learning financing include from business loans, equity loans and equipment and vehicle leasing, as well as finding your niche.

Many will continue with the training approach, learning and placing
transactions, almost like a franchisee. Others will choose to become independent originators, often starting their own super broker company.

Commercial Capital Training Group
Commercial Finance Academy
Global Leasing
Wheeler Leasing School


Commercial Capital Training Group
(January, 2009)

Kris Roglieri
Founder and CEO

Commercial Capital Training is headquartered in Albany, New York. The group also has three offices, in New York City, Rochester, New York and Orlando, Florida, with 30 employees, according to their web site. The company is also proud to have made Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 5000” last year as one of America’s fastest growing companies. 

Founded by Kris Roglieri, CEO, and according to the web site, classes
are taught by him and over 45 participating lenders.  The group has educated  “600 finance entrepreneurs the ability to own and operate their very own commercial finance businesses.” Mr. Roglieri also owns two commercial lending institutions which graduates can work with: Durham Commercial Capital which serves as a direct lender as a non-recourse factoring institution and Prime Commercial Lending, which serves as a direct lender funding merchant cash advances and commercial real estate transactions.

He is also co-founder of the National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers who are holding their 5th annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada October 4-6, 2019. Indications gathering will break their last year 800 attendees in Miami, Florida. www.naclb.org

There are many testimonials on the website. Leasing News contacted
several at random, and here is a typical response received:

"I am a grad and I am a Raving Fan of the team at CCTG. I graduated in December 2013 and they still support me today just as they did when I first went through the training. Our company would not be where we are today if not for the training and support provided from the team at CCTG."
   Terry Luker
   Senior Partner
   Alternative Capital Funding Solutions

Commercial Capital Training Offers Two Programs:

Signature Gold Program - $25,000
“A 7-day Comprehensive Training Held in Our Albany, NY Headquarters Taught by Our Founder and CEO, Kris Roglieri… Our commercial finance training course and finance entrepreneur start-up program has been established in a time when banks are lending less to business owners and alternative funding businesses are emerging to fill the lending gap that exists among businesses of all sizes.

“We also offer entrepreneurs interested in focusing more on their business an elite Platinum Program that includes and expanded marketing package, lead generation for two years, your very own commercial finance product and more.”

Elite Platinum Package - $65,000
“Some of the highlights to this package are real time exclusive leads every month for the first 2 years of your business, marketing for the life of your business and a private label financing product that your company can offer. All of this will be managed and executed by a marketing company that truly knows your business. In fact, it is the world’s only dedicated finance-specific digital marketing agency, The Finance Marketing Group. http://finance http://www.commercialcapitaltraining.com/finance-program/your-investment/platinum-program/marketing.com/

Creating Successful Entrepreneurs in Capital Markets


Commercial Capital Training Websitehttp://www.commercialcapitaltraining.com/
Contact Information:
Mike Geisler | Sr. Vice President Of Enrollment
Commercial Capital Training Group
90 State Street, Suite 1500, Albany, NY 12207
Office: (518) 244-8006 / Fax: (518) 694-0527


Commercial Finance Academy

Jeff Brannon, Joint Venture Partner at SLIM Capital, has formed this academy. "Our Mission is to empower the next wave of financial entrepreneurs to take control of their professional life by creating a path to success and the perfect work/life balance."

He told Leasing News, "We are running a COVID-19 special of $9,995 for the 5-day class. Eventual price will be $14,995.  This will include premium commission opportunities when CFA graduates fund deals through SLIM!!"

Serving as administrator, he said they will be virtual online perhaps until December, and then take it to a physical classroom or a combination of both.

From the academy's website:


  • Be your own boss. Work from anywhere, anytime
  • Graduate with an out-of-box business and action plan
  • Start working immediately and generate income, day one
  • Minimal startup costs. It's ​your​ business!


  • Master class in Sales and Marketing
  • Unique​ Mock Calling Program
  • Credit and Underwriting Instruction
  • Basic Financial Analysis
  • Efficient Deal Packaging
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Proven Closing Techniques
  • Networking with Industry Professionals
  • Legal and Documentation Knowledge
  • Exclusive Industry Insights and Hacks



  • Learn industry secrets from 40+ year veterans
  • Understand how to best package your deal to move to the front of your lender's queue
  • Acquire effective tools to be a one-stop shop for all commercial finance needs
  • Gain access to system and processes that will make you more efficient
  • Post-graduate marketing support with private label material to service your clients
  • Reach your ultimate potential by accessing front of the line processing, funding and transaction preview



Global Financial Training Program
Over 35 Years of Experience Financing Businesses

Program Cost: $19,950.00

Phil Dushey
President & CEO

In 2001, Global Leasing founder Phil Dushey created a new company to train independent entrepreneurs who want to enter the lucrative field of business financing. Global Financial Training Program teaches all aspects of finance including Equipment Leasing, Accounts Receivable Financing, Cash Advance, Commercial Real Estate, SBA Loans and much more. Phil’s students have found great success with his program.

Mr. Dushey is a founding member of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers. He has been a member and speaker at many leasing organizations for several years. He is also a founding member of the leasing news advisory board.

Global Financial Training Program provides students with everything they need to start making money immediately after four days of training. As a full-service finance company you will provide a valuable service for business owners that have difficulty getting financing from their local banks. The banks are turning down over 90% of business loan applications and you can approve at least 50% of the turndowns. After the training at their offices in New York City trainees are instantly approved with over 25 lenders, get a custom designed website, stationery package, 1000 leads and enough marketing to have their phones ringing the first week after the training and much more... It's easier than you think to fulfill your dreams of independence, living the life you deserve and enjoying the prestige of owning your own company.

You don't need prior experience. All you need is the desire to be your own boss, the ability to learn, good people skills, and a passion to succeed and make a lot of money.

How much, is up to you...

Philip Dushey
President & CEO
Global Financial Services
1 State Street, 21st Floor
New York NY 10004
Email phil@gbtsinc.com
Phone: 212-480-4900

The Global Group of independently owned companies are:

Global Financial Services | www.globaleasing.com
We have been actively providing financial services for 35 years

Global Church Financing | www.globalchurchfinancing.com
One of the largest independent companies financing equipment for churches nationwide

Global Financial Training Program | www.globalfinancialtrainingprogram.com
The oldest and most comprehensive training program for people who want to own their own finance company

Mr. Dushay is also on the Leasing News Advisory Board

Own Your Own Finance Company

Moving America Forward is a business television show hosted by William Shatner, anchored by Doug Llewellyn. On this episode we talk to Phil Dushey about his business opportunity and Global.


Wheeler Leasing School

Program Cost: $18,500


Wheeler Business Consulting L.L.C. provides training and continuous support to individuals seeking to enter the leasing/financing industry. The leasing/financing industry provides much needed funds to businesses looking to acquire essential equipment. Entrepreneurs nationwide are originating equipment financing and leasing transactions assisting small, medium and large companies. It is estimated that 80% of all businesses have leased equipment and that nearly one-third of all equipment purchased by corporations is funded by independent finance and leasing agreements.

There are tremendous opportunities to enter the leasing/financing industry. There are few barriers to entry. Individuals who are properly trained, who are networked with local, regional and national funding sources can arrange transactions for their corporate clients in the range of a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollars.

As with most businesses, the establishment of a lease brokering operation is a long term proposition. However, with the proper training, support and encouragement, an individual can start making above average incomes relatively quickly. Within two to five years an individual should expect to generate an income which is well in the six figure range.

With quality training, individuals will be able to offer consistent, high spirited customer service to their commercial clients. Successful lease brokers can build a business from a small home based operation to a full service office in a relatively short period of time.

My goal is to share my thirty plus years of industry experience with others who are serious about learning and succeeding in the leasing/financing industry.

Contact Information:
Wheeler Business Consulting LLC 1314 Marquis Ct.
Fallston, Maryland 21047

Phone: 410-877-0428
Fax: 410-877-8161
email: scott@wheelerbusinessconsulting.com

Website: www.wheelerbusinessconsulting.com

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