Sean Wheeler/1Lease/Wet Pet/Deep Blue Marine     June 14, 2002



Leasing News reported that the rumor about Sean Wheeler, formerly of 1Lease,

being back in the equipment leasing business was not true.  His father Ken Wheeler

confirmed it.


Today we received further confirmation, as Sean Wheeler has applied to a leasing
company for $60,000 to $90,000 in water pumps, p.o.s. system, and copier.  Leasing

News was contacted as a reference.  The signed application states
“Deep Blue Spa Marine” is a sole proprietorship, has been in business for four years and
bank account is under the name “Wet Pets.” in Fresno, California.


This also confirms that while he was in the leasing business, attending conferences,
getting his CLP certificate, he was also  in “Wet Pets.”

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