Will the Real Sean Wheeler Please Stand Up?      June 17, 2002


In the year 2000, Sean Wheeler and 1Lease were making the rounds of Leasing

Association Conferences, promoting this "franchise."  Wheeler actually became a "Certified Leasing Professional."  To say the least, he was quite controversial.


Since Leasing News has added over 1,500 readers since then, perhaps many have not heard of him nor understand the significance of his applying for an "application only lease" to what we are assuming is another lease broker


His father Ken Wheeler  is in the leasing business in Fresno, California

June 12,2001 he left it.  He evidently has been in the marine animal business before he went into leasing, as he stated  in a  leasing application Leasing News was asked as a "reference."


Leasing News has also received a report that Mr. Wheeler was on the Fresno TV News about this equipment, which we are investigating. Leasing News is also following up a report  concerning legal action taken by Commercial Equipment Lease in Eugene, Oregon.


To bring all readers up to date on this "Whatever Happened to" story, here are three re-prints from last June's Leasing News in chronological order.:


   Sean Wheeler says, " Bye-Bye, Baby" to Equipment Leasing


           Sean Wheeler Leaves the Leasing Business for "Wet Pets"


Dear Kit:


Steve Ballard who came to us in February of this year has taken over control

of One Lease, and the Franchise Group. Steve spent his last 6 years in the

Operations / Finance department with Michael's Floral the fastest growing

retail store chain in the West. We feel he brings a solid financial

background to the company which One Lease is in need of at this time.


 As One Lease has grown several issues have needed special attention that one leasing professional could not handle. Sean Wheeler felt it was time to turn the company over to a highly qualified individual that truly could propel One  Lease to the next level and beyond. Steve will take a much more active approach to the company staring with a booth and the UAEL annual conference in October.


Steve officially takes over July 1st. Sean Wheeler and his wife will be moving to the East coast in the next few months to expand there 3 store chain of Marine Pet Stores called "Wet Pets."


We wish him all the luck in the future!


Marilyn Delerio

One Lease Corporation

One Lease Franchise Corporation






Dear Kit,


Yes, it is true I am leaving the leasing industry.


Steve Ballard has taken over as CEO of One Lease Corp. This will go into

effect on July 1st. I really think Steve will bring a strong Customer

Service platform back to One Lease.


 I think if One Lease has a knock it's that we can be slow at times. All issues aside we have always taken care of our approved brokers. And we have always been broker driven from the very beginning. many felt we were a super broker of some kind. That is an incorrect statement we are a funder with our own money.


 We are a funding source member of the UAEL(United Association of Equipment Leasing), & EAEL (Eastern Association of Equipment Leasing )and will have a booth at the Annual UAEL  conference in Texas this year. I really think that Steve and his new team with propel One Lease into the future as a major source in the industry.


With funding sources closing at a record pace One Lease has been a

consistence source for the industry.


Thank you


Sean Wheeler, CLP

1 Lease


 ( It is my impression One Lease Consultants sets up individuals in the leasing business, a franchise type operation, with procedures, manuals, and support, and treats the leasing business as a "retail" business or franchise with backing from the franchiser. Their website is "under development" .We hope to get more information about this fascinating approach to leasing. editor )




1Lease ---"Not a Joke," says Sean Wheeler ( and more )




Give me a break! I saw the posting by Izzy Finster and he should leave the house more often. Michael's Floral is a $5 Billion dollar a year company. And Steve Ballards title is one that Mr. Finster I'm sure could not even apply for. Steve has 15 years of corporate finance experience. Joke / not a Joke who cares the reality is that One Lease does have over 240 satisfied brokers if you don't like us go somewhere else. We don't need anyone's business that bad. One Lease increased sales in 2000 by over 136% from 1999. Anyone that would like to compare financial statements for year end 2000 please feel free to call and then we will see who the joker really is. Our statements are audited by the firm of Arthur Anderson.


Sean Wheeler, CLP

1 Lease Corp.





( The e-mail said, "Steve spent his last 6 years in the Operations / Finance department with Michael's Floral the fastest growing retail store chain in the West." The 15 years was not mentioned. I guess you are saying that 240 brokers cannot be wrong. That is quite a following, indeed. I will ask Mr. Finster to respond, and also to let us know what "faygeleh" business means. editor )





Sean Wheeler/1lease National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers


In reading your recent newsletter with the comments from Sean Wheeler About the NAELB, I felt that I must of course set the record straight. By no means do I wish to open up the entire issue, it is an issue that is done. I just want to respond to the comments made by Mr. Wheeler about the process. As to Mr. Wheeler's comments point by point:


1. "One Lease has never been a member of the NAELB." That is correct.


2. "Directional Funding was also never a member." That is incorrect. Directional Funding was a member, submitted under the name of Marilyn Delerio. However, once the EFG issue surfaced, a review of the membership application showed that Directional's membership was paid for with Sean Wheeler's American Express card. That was one of the factors that showed The relationship between EFG and Directional Funding.


3. [The sharing of office space] "is the entire reason for the NAELB thinking there was a connection between the two companies." There were many factors that were brought to my attention that showed similarities and connections between the two companies, not just one. One connection would not raise a suspicion, many connections would.


4. "We had separate phone and fax numbers from EFG throughout this time." This is incorrect, letterhead shows the same phone, fax and address. At One point in time, they may have changed but they were not different "throughout this time."


From the perspective of the NAELB, please be aware that one isolated similarity would not rise to the level warranting action by the NAELB. And in complete hindsight, if there had never been a problem with EFG, then there never would have been any issues with Directional Funding, Direct Funding.Net or One Lease. Also, any action taken is only taken by the full board of directors, not just me.


I am not revisiting this issue, just responding to the points Mr. Wheeler made as it pertains to One Lease.


Joe Bonanno

NAELB Legal Counsel


(781) 391-7800




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