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Landmark Finance Ends Broker Program, Speros Semi-Retires


 According to a web site statement, Landmark Financial, Englewood, Colorado will remain the $5,000 to $250,000 marketplace, with the ability to write higher dollar leases, but as the director of the broker division, Mark H. Speros, says, no more broker paper, and he is going to semi-retire.

“As you no doubt know by now, Landmark Financial has ended its broker funding activity, effective March 31st, which will also be my last day at Landmark.

“I have been assured that the approved backlog will be funded in the normal course of business.  If you have any questions regarding a lease transaction, please call Kent Ostedgaard at extension 24 or Elizabeth Thompson at extension 19.

“After more than 37 years in the small ticket lease industry it is my intention to enter at least semi-retirement effective April 1st.  I may do some consulting work on a contract basis, but will explore those opportunities after I have learned to sleep beyond 4:15 in the morning. 

“I have enjoyed my long association with the equipment lease broker community, and wish all of you the very best in your career.

“Those of you who may wish to stay in contact may do so at Msperos39@hotmail.com, or you may call my cell phone at 720-231-2567.”

MARK H. SPEROS, Director
Broker Division

               from January 23,2003 “Pictures from the Past”



Mark Speros, Director of the Broker Division of Landmark Financial Corporation, Englewood, CO, started his checkered career in the equipment leasing industry in 1965 with Portland, OR based Industrial Leasing Corporation, starting as “Administrative Assistant” and rising to the position of Senior Vice President – Operations. 

 Between then and now, Mark has worked, primarily in Operations or Marketing functions, with EF Hutton Credit Corporation, Colonial-Pacific Leasing, Denrich Leasing, a subsidiary of Fleet Bank, Granite Financial Corporation (pre FNF Capital), Centerpoint Financial, and was a partner with the lovely and talented Claude Elmore in Seacoast Capital Corporation, a lease broker company in Portland.

 Two points to ponder based on the above; (1) Speros obviously can't hold a job; and (2) Speros is to leasing what Typhoid Mary was to Public Health.  Note that NONE of his prior employers are still in business.  Landmark, being a “current” employer is still in business and doing very well, thank you.

 Landmark Financial, a 22 year old Denver based self–funded direct lessor, started a broker funding division in January, 2001, and acts as a funding source for a limited number of leasing brokers nationwide.

 When not actively harassing his broker network, Speros and his faithful companion Barney (a Beagle) spend their time girl watching (not touching, just watching), cruising the Rocky Mountains in a Saab convertible (top down at 60° F or above), and doing his Bob Villa impression around the homestead.



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