Alert—Neytronix, Los Angeles, CA--Alert


thank you again for publishing the "alerts".  If you did not publish

our alert on Bridge Transport we would not have had enough information to

pursue with the FBI.  Our case was assigned to our local FBI office in

Buffalo, NY which forwarded all documents to North Carolina.  The NC FBI

call this week to update us as to their investigation and are very

optimistic they will get this guy.


 There is another company Neytronix, Inc. 7907 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90046 posing to sell computer systems to physicians.  We contacted the real doctor on this and he verified it is a fraud company.


 Kit we feel this is an invaluable service you are providing and hope you continue.  I would debate with anyone as to why as an industry we need to share fraud alerts.


John Gallo



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