The Funding Tree Now Located in Nevada


In the last episode, Kendra Bernal had resigned, a new president was named,

and according to the attorney of record, the hearing before the California

Department of Corporations was cancelled.


The corporation did not have a Finance Lender’s License to conduct business,

and further was ordered to desist.  The Funding Tree was appealing, until

Kendra Bernal was arrested for violating parole.


It appears The Funding Tree has moved to the State of Nevada, where a license

is not required. Leasing News has two complaints, one in Maryland, the other

in Kentucky, where advance rentals have been paid, one where the vendor

has not been paid for the limousine, but leasing payments were taken out

of the lessee bank by ACH.


It these two matters are “settled,” they most likely will not appear again in the

Bulletin Board.


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