Monitor 50 Largest Bank Leasing Companies


The Eighth Annual Ranking of the Top 50 U.S. Bank Leasing Companies


Here is the U-S Banker Magazine Top 100 Printed in June, 2003



The July/August Monitor Daily issue has an eight page special section, starting with the headline: ďTop 50 U.S. Bank affiliates report 12.1% Drop in New Business Activity.Ē


In addition to the charts above, printed in great color and easy to read, are Net Asset size growth forecast, Top 10 Market Share Leaders, Foreign Assets, Foreign Volume, Survey Highlights, Origination Sources, Largest Asset Increase & Decreases, Volume/Employee

Analysis, Largest Volume Increases & Decreases, plus a very interesting Equipment



If you donít subscribe, havenít seen this special insert, plus the main 54 page

magazine, you are certainly missing a great, informative, extremely well-written

and beautifully illustrated edition. It is no wonder they win awards each



Published since 1974, the Monitor reaches over 30,000 professionals throughout

the United States with a broad-based cross section of readership. It is not the

articles and features that attract many readers, but the advertising itself. You

can learn more about the industry, who is doing what, who wants what, what

they have to offer, just by reading the ads in the publication that generally

runs seventy pages, plus this banking special insert.


You can subscribe by calling 610-293-1300 or visiting their website at Monitor subscribers receive discounts, including special pricing on receiving the twelfth annual ranking of the 100 largest equipment finance/leasing companies in the United States. How they rank by asset growth. New Business

Volume and Overall Growth, plus this banking special insert. You may call 610-456-6570. You can also purchase the reports in bulk.


If you are located overseas, this is the main journal that tells you what is happening in the U.S. Leasing Industry. To read the advertisements alone, you will know what is going on. Never a dull edition, and certainly full of current industry information.

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