Sean Wheeler of Fresno, California Stands Up June 18, 2002

“My father (Ken Wheeler, reportedly still active in the leasing industry, faxed this e-mail to me.  I have no idea in what way what I am doing now has to do with the leasing business.


“ I already received the lease funds from the lender several weeks ago.(application was

dated May 31.editor)  You were not a reference I don’t even know you.  I was on the news a month ago due to losing a large amount of livestock and several organizations were concerned (SPCA, Fish and Wildlife  Service) 


“As for Commercial Equipment Lease, I have received nothing to date.


“We, like other companies were very slow over the past year and fell behind on

lease payments.  I also had a falling out with a former partner.  But I am

not in the leasing business this is the main reason why.


 If you look at what is going on in today’s society children are being taken out of there homes in  the middle of the knight, we are at war, Tyco CEO I see him on CNN all of

the time.  These are real issues I am just working hard in Fresno and would like

to be left alone.  I am sure there are more newsworthy stories than me life

after leasing----why not stick to them?


 “The headline ‘Will the real Sean Wheeler please stand up?’ is really sad and just shows that you and several others learned nothing from 9-11-01.


 “I am not hiding from anyone. I have always responded to your questions and concerns.


“Thank you.”


Sean Wheeler






After Leasing News ran the story that you were no longer in the equipment leaisng

business, contrary to rumors, a California leasing company on Thursday, June 13 told me you had applied to them for a lease and asked me for a reference about you, as you were once a public figure and well-known in the leasing industry; what kind of character reference and what else did I know. I asked them to fax me a signed copy of the application, which they did.


Leasing News has had many stories about Sean Wheeler and 1lease.  I think once you are a public figure, even when you retire, you remain so.  We have features, such as

“Whatever Happened to...”, plus alerts and bulletin board complaints.


John Nice, Commercial Equipment Lease in Eugene, Oregon, Credit & Special Assets Mgr, (800) 234-1884.has a representative who has been trying to locate you.  He is

available, if you would like to reach him. He would also like those in the leasing industry, if you have any questions or information, to call him directly.


. Editor




Kenneth Wheeler Takes On NAELB Legal Counsel Joe Bonanno



Fair unbiased news about the leasing industry does not seem to me to include

 the fish industry and then to bring up the history  of someone who is not in the industry any longer makes your news letter like  the National Inquirer.


 You ask me a question  and I gave you a straight answer... then you print this trashy story not based on an interview or a request for info but some third person's information that is not correct. I know where you got the info and you can believe that source is not reliable and is the biggest gossip in this town.


Over half the companies in this industry have  financial problems so stick with them or become the Tropical Fish  Newsletter. I have always thought you were fair and

unbiased until today and I am saddened that you wrote that article about  Sean.


 If he is having financial problems that has nothing to do with your newsletter or your need to report it and I honestly do not know if he is since we do not talk about

such things.


 Please Kit in the future call me if you have any questions and

 I will try to get honest answers for you if it pertains to the leasing industry.




to further reply to your story was the quote from Joseph Bonanno who is a documented liar and cannot be trusted to ever tell the truth and if you want the documentation I will send it to you.


He is the typical attorney that all the jokes are made about. I sent the

documentation to all members of the NAELB (National Association of Equipment Leasing) when he slandered my company.


I had one employee spend two weeks faxing the info. Bonanno represents everything wrong with this business and hides behind a non profit organization so he can operate without liability and you can print this because I have the documentation in writing and he cannot deny it.






(Leasing News confirmed with Mr. Wheeler that his e-mail was for publication. Ironically the new Sean Wheeler story started from a NAELB Listserve by Joseph Bonanno about rumors that Sean Wheeler was back in the equipment leasing business.  Bonanno was doing his job for the association. It was not sent to Leasing News

as “gossip.”


(Here is the reference Ken Wheeler is referring to, and only brought up to clarify today’s news story: editor)


Sean Wheeler/1lease National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers


In reading your recent newsletter with the comments from Sean Wheeler About

the NAELB, I felt that I must of course set the record straight. By no means

do I wish to open up the entire issue, it is an issue that is done. I just

want to respond to the comments made by Mr. Wheeler about the process. As to

Mr. Wheeler's comments point by point:


1. "One Lease has never been a member of the NAELB." That is correct.


2. "Directional Funding was also never a member." That is incorrect.

Directional Funding was a member, submitted under the name of Marilyn

Delerio. However, once the EFG issue surfaced, a review of the membership

application showed that Directional's membership was paid for with Sean

Wheeler's American Express card. That was one of the factors that showed The

relationship between EFG and Directional Funding.


3. [The sharing of office space] "is the entire reason for the NAELB

thinking there was a connection between the two companies." There were many

factors that were brought to my attention that showed similarities and

connections between the two companies, not just one. One connection would

not raise a suspicion, many connections would.


4. "We had separate phone and fax numbers from EFG throughout this time."

This is incorrect, letterhead shows the same phone, fax and address. At One

point in time, they may have changed but they were not different "throughout

this time."


>From the perspective of the NAELB, please be aware that one isolated

similarity would not rise to the level warranting action by the NAELB. And

in complete hindsight, if there had never been a problem with EFG, then

there never would have been any issues with Directional Funding, Direct

Funding.Net or One Lease. Also, any action taken is only taken by the full

board of directors, not just me.


I am not revisiting this issue, just responding to the points Mr. Wheeler

made as it pertains to One Lease.


Joe Bonanno

NAELB Legal Counsel

(781) 391-7800

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