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Whoever said that size matters never spent time with the CEO of one of the nation’s Top 100 Performing Community Banks. To be sure, these small publicly-traded firms are not on the average investor’s radar screen. Still, go a few rounds with these guys and you quickly learn that first-rate management and company performance have been long overshadowed by the P/E multiples of the dot-com gold rush.


Warren Buffett once said that “it’s not until the tide goes out that you see who’s been swimming naked.” This reality check has been good for investors and lesser known companies alike. With as much to gain as lose in the market, community banks are beefing up their services, honing their customer management skills and focusing on performance. In this issue, U.S. Banker presents its annual ranking of the best of the smallest publicly traded banks. Banks are ranked based on average return on equity over a three-year period (1999-2001). Additionally, readers can compare how each bank has fared over this same period in total assets, EPS (diluted) and risk-adjusted capital ratio (These factors are not weighted and do not contribute to the ranking.).


Best in class for 2002: #1-ranked S.Y. Bancorp in Kentucky and #2-ranked Franklin Financial in Tennessee. What follows is the ranking and profiles of S.Y. Bancorp’s David Brooks and Franklin Financial’s Richard Herrington.

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