Wildwood Financial---$34,950 To Get Into Leasing





Wildwood Financial---$34,950 To Get Into Leasing


Recently Leasing News has received many inquiries on becoming a leasing broker, or

starting a leasing company. Viewers to our website realize that they

can contact “Kit Menkin Live” or ask questions.


There are companies and individuals who provide such services to start

a leasing company or become a “lease salesman.” One that we recommend appears to be the most expensive: $34,950 for training.* ( As a side note, we recommend to all to join a leasing association, and if they want to be serious about their new occupation, to become a Certified Leasing Professional.)


There are three professional sales trainers who serve on the Leasing News

Advisory Board. In addition to Bob Baker, CLP, the other two are Phil Dushay, Global Leasing, who is a “super broker,” plus offers a sales program for $14,995** training session, and Bob Teichman, CLP, Teichman Financial Training, who not only conducts workshops, gives training sessions, but acts as a consultant in the formation of leasing companies.. We have several readers who are also engaged in similar services such as Jeffrey Taylor, who is not only a sales trainer, conductor of workshops, USA and international, but is a published author.




One of the reasons we often recommend Bob is that he is active in leasing

associations, and for a number of years, has been the “winner” of many leasing

association membership contests as he has students join leasing associations.

In 1995, after being in the finance and leasing industry for over 30 years, he formed the Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd. The concept of Wildwood was created by accident. Bob was a frequent speaker conducting seminars and workshops at various leasing association conferences. After a Bob’s sessions at these workshops, several companies approached him to do in-house training. It quickly became apparent that a decision needed to be made to run his leasing company or concentrate on training, so he made the decision to form Wildwood and concentrate 100% of his efforts in the training industry. Bob has done training for the majority of the major leasing companies in the country, as well as conducted training for hundreds of leasing professionals through his continuing workshops and seminars at conferences. Bob was the 33rd person to receive the prestigious CLP (Certified Lease Professional) certification and shortly after, he began Wildwood, and he expanded training to include preparation for the CLP examination.


Bob had a very close relationship with Bill Granieri, who was considered by many, to be the foremost trainer in the leasing industry. Bob sought Bills advice in the expansion of his business.


Bob then made the decision to create a “Business Opportunity” for individuals who wished to enter the equipment leasing industry. He began monthly training in the form of a three-day school in St. Louis where Wildwood is based. The Wildwood business opportunity consists of three days of intensive training, which includes the cost of the hotel rooms and meals, etc. as well as all of the essential tools i.e. books, calculators, software, training manuals etc. Another key to Wildwoods success is that graduates of his program were able to have immediate access to several of the primary funding sources that agreed to waive their time in business requirements. This allowed them to avoid the normal issue of super brokers that a new person entering the leasing industry would encounter. The last component, which Bob considers the most important, is the support that he and his staff supply to his graduates. For 6 months, the support is very pro-active, and Bob or a member of his staff contacts each graduate at least once a week. Support after the 6 months continues at no additional charge whenever a graduate needs guidance or assistance. Wildwood also conducts training for banks, and insurance companies, as well as giving “expert” testimony in litigation related to equipment leasing.


Even though Bob will not disclose the exact number of individuals he has trained, he did state that several hundred have completed the Wildwood training. Bob, without question, has brought more new members to the leasing associations than any other individual or company in the industry. Wildwood wins their membership contest virtually every year.


During his career, Bob Baker has served as a Regional Chair several times for UAEL, has served four years on the Board of Directors for United Association of Equipment Leasing, and is currently serving on the 2002 Board. Bob was also Director of Education for the National Association of Equipment Leaisng Brokers for several years. He has produced a full series of training tapes and a workbook for NAELB, and has served on the Advisory Boards for Colonial Pacific Leasing, Business Credit Leasing (BCL), Denrich Leasing, and The Manifest Group. Bob shared with me, that out of all the awards he has received, the one that he considers the most precious, was being the first recipient awarded the “Bill Granieri Top Gun Memorial Award” in 1998, which was established by the NAELB shortly after Bills death from cancer.


Many of the individuals that Bob has trained at Wildwood have formed extremely successful leasing companies, some have volunteered to be Regional Chairs for the Leasing Associations, and several have earned their CLP certification. Many consider the Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd., to be considered the premier lease training company in the United States today.


If you are interested in learning more about Wildwood, you can visit their website at www.wildwoodfinancial.com, or you can certainly call Bob at Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd. in St. Louis, Missouri at (800)-373-3581 or contact him at baker@wildwoodfinancial.com.


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