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April 1
Marlin Business Services Files Revealing 8-K
   "Operating Under COVID-19 Pandemic”
Restaurant Industry Collapses in Major U.S. Cities
    Year-over-Year on the Open Table Network - Chart
California Restaurants say 30,000 to Close
    Permanently without State aid
How Long Do Americans See Covid-19 Disruption Lasting
    When Will it Start to Improve---Chart
Reset Button
    Sales Makes it Happen by Scott Wheeler, CLFP
Colorado Kickstarts Marijuana Home Deliveries
   For Patients, Now; Recreational January, 2021
New Marriott Data Breach Impacts Up to 5.2 Million Guests
   By Eduard Kovacs,
Mixed Breed
   Blackwood, New Jersey  Adopt-a-Dog
AACFB Webinar Wednesday Today 2:00pm ET
   How to Keep Your Business Moving Forward
Free Webinar
News Briefs--
Cuomo says coronavirus is ‘more dangerous’ than expected
   as New York cases jump 14% overnight to 75,795
Illinois governor says feds sent wrong type
   of protective medical masks
Gavin Newsom on California coronavirus numbers:
  1.6 million File for Unemployment, 657 in ICUs
Hawaii Requiring 14 day Self Quarantine all residents/visitors  
  arriving/returning Traveling Between Islands also
   requires 14 day self-quarantine—see photo Waikiki Beach
Airlines Refused to Collect Passenger Data
   That Could Aid Coronavirus Fight
Report: Atlanta FinTech unicorn furloughs'
 ‘significant number' of employees (500)
Atlanta city leaders grapple with residents
   defying stay-at-home order
Mortgage Company Suspends Lending
    for Two Weeks
How the $2 trillion US stimulus package
     could impact SMBs and alt lenders
These 6 states have no shelter-in-place orders
   Some nonessential businesses have been told to close
U.S. Retail Crisis Deepens as Hundreds of Thousands Lose Work
   Macy's 125,000 workers, Gap 80,000 store employees
Largest US mall owner, Simon Property, furloughs 30% of  
  workforce, adding to avalanche of coronavirus-related retail layoffs
May Have Missed
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
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         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

April 3
New SBA Loan Program – CARES Act
   Help for small businesses during the pandemic
Lendio to Hire 200 Agents to Match Small Businesses
   With CARES Act Loans
ELFA Releases Informational Video on
    COVID-19 Relief for Small Businesses-Cares Act
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
   and Related Industries
Developing Strong Leaders for the Commercial
   Equipment Finance and Leasing Industry
     By Scott Wheeler, CLFP
The Numbers Behind the Hospital Ships
   Patient capacity & crew of a Mercy-class hospital ship
New Warriors Lifting U.S. Flag
Insurance Recovery Fund for Business
   In Active Proposal…
CFPB addresses credit reporting
   in latest policy statement
California Department of Business Oversight
   Sues Student Loan Servicer PHEAA/FedLoan
Five Films turned have confined spaces into art
  Rope/Birdman of Alcatraz/The Collector/10 Cloverfield Lane
    The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant--reviews by Fernando Croce
Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler/Rottweiler (mixed)
   Marina Del Rey, California  Adopt-a-Dog
2020 AACFB Meet the Funder-Associate Webinar Series!
   Register now for any or all of these free webinars
News Briefs---
Coronavirus: San Francisco Bay Area health officials
   now recommend wearing face coverings
Navy removes commander of aircraft carrier hit
  by coronavirus outbreak/ Went Out Chain of Command
Cash App, Venmo, and Zelle are offering to help
    the US government send stimulus payments to consumers
71 infected with coronavirus at Sacramento church
   Congregation tells county ‘leave us alone’
Bankrupt restaurant owner CraftWorks fires
   nearly 18,000 workers
Sysco switches to selling frozen food
    amid hotel, restaurant closings
Boeing offering buyouts
    as it projects recovery will take years
Zoom Issues Apology After Security Lapses
  "Originally build for security reviews and have full IT support"
Tesla: Vehicle deliveries topped 88,000 between
  January and March
Preliminary NA Class 8 net orders
    in March fell to 7,800 units
May Have Missed
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
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          Traffic Live----

April 6
Times Are Tough, But Now is the Time
    to Join a Surviving Company
Top Ten Stories
    March 30 - April 3
Delay in Cares Act Implementation
   Scramble as Predicted Friday Comes True
Leasing Icon Paul J. Menzel, CLFP,
    Takes “Early” Retirement
CLFP Foundation Adds 19 New CLFPs
   Bringing total to 919 Professionals and Associates
Build Your List
   The Ultimate Hire by Ken Lubin, ZRG Partners
Small Four Branch Bank Fails in West Virginia
   Problem Loans Seem to be the Main Reason
Anatolian Shepherd/Retriever, Labrador
   West Des Moines, Iowa   Adopt a Dog
News Briefs---
Big banks may have just killed the government's $349 billion
   relief effort to save America's devastated small businesses
Walsh recommends curfew for Boston,
    asks all to wear masks outside home
Newsom says Stanford test for coronavirus immunity
   in California ‘hours’ from approval --Detects Anti-Bodies
This Big Boeing 737 MAX Order Cancellation
   Could Be Start of a Wave
A fire at a Florida airport destroyed
   more than 3,500 rental cars
May Have Missed
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
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         Weather, USA or specific area
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April 8
Paul Menzel, CLFP, Now Retired
   But Still Wants to Keep Active
Excellent Short Video: Key SVP Shawn Arnone
   shares tips for successful vendor finance relationships (2:07)
How To Reach Customers During a Pandemic Shutdown
   FinTech #102 by Alex Vasilakos
Has the U.S. Closed the Testing Gap for COVID-19?
   Number of Tests Performed per Million of Population
Agencies issue revised interagency statement
   on loan modifications by financial institutions
     working with customers affected by the coronavirus
ELFA Launches Webinar Series on Equipment Finance
   in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic
      Free and Open to All
Chocolate Bunnies for Easter---The New Normal
With Easter Sunday around the Corner: Barabbas
  Cool Hand Luke/Annie Hall/The Last Temptation of Christ
  Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
     Classic Holiday Choices by Leasing News' Fernando Croce
Labrador Retriever
   Jersey City, New Jersey  Adopt a Dog
Portfolio Management and Fraud
   Detection/Prevention in the Midst of COVID-19
Captain Crozier Developments
     The Saga
News Briefs---
'Nightmare': 3 small-business owners describe
   process of applying for PPP coronavirus loans
Verizon customers complain they can’t get help
   with internet service for months
Wow: Southwest Airlines Flew 56 Ghost Flights Last Week
  "non-essential travel is at an absolute minimum"
New Zealand isn’t just flattening the curve.
   It’s squashing it
May Have Missed
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
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         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

April 13
Dr. Anthony S. Fauci
Times Are Tough, But Now is the Time
    to Join a Surviving Company - Question
Top Ten Stories
   April 6 - April 8
The Saga of Furloughs in Our Industry
   With Restaurants, Manufacturing, Copiers, Trucks, Not Selling
Stand Tall, America!  We Will, as Always,
    By Allan Levine, Madison Capital
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
  and Related Industries
  The Ultimate Hire by Ken Lubin, ZRG Partners
Developing New Business Challenges
  in a Pandemic Marketplace
    By Ralph Mango
Wear Your Mask at Home
California Tops Two Million Jobless Claims
  Jobless Claims Eight States (Mar. 21 - Apr. 4)
Addressing COVID-19:  New Implementation
   of Remote Online Notaries (RON)
   West Palm Beach, Florida  Adopt-a-Dog
Webinar "Workout and Bankruptcy Implications
   and Opportunities of COVID-19" April 30  12:00pm ET
News Briefs---
Small Businesses Wait for Cash
  as Disaster Loan Program Unravels
Owner who got Paycheck Protection loan:
  It's an "incredibly bad fit" for what businesses need
Yelp lays off 1,000 workers, furloughs 1,100
  to make ‘severe’ cost reductions/35% of workforce
Disney World Furloughing 43,000 Workers--Closed Mid-March
  Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California
Coronavirus cleanup crews on infected Navy ship
   using T-shirts for masks
Boeing finds two more 737 Max software flaws
   “hypothetical faults” could crash plane
May Have Missed
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
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April 15
Story Credit Lessors - Lenders List for COVID-19
"C" & "D" Lessees, Business Loans, Working Capital
Funders Taking "New" Broker Business List
Three Do Not Require that Brokers Be Licensed
Funders Looking for Broker Business
During COVID-19 Pandemic
The Ultimate Hire by Ken Lubin, ZRG Partners
Bird Perched on Tree is Not Afraid of Falling
Americans Hesitant to Return to Normal
Chart by Statista
Do You Really Want to be a PPP Broker?
   The Requirements Needed for Approval
PPP Loans What the Lender Makes/What the Broker Makes
Study Finds Vaping Related Lung Injuries
 Were Few in States with Legal Marijuana
Shepherd/Anatolian Mix
Austin, Texas   Adopt a Dog
News Briefs---
Trump's May 1 target too optimistic for U.S.
   coronavirus reopening, adviser Fauci says
Exclusive: Emails show U.S. officials brushed off
   state concerns on drive-through virus tests
JPMorgan's profit plummets 69%
    because of coronavirus
Fear of an Impending Car-Price Collapse
   Grips Auto Industry - Major Drop in Auction Sales
Illinois-based Groupon to cut 2,800 employees,
   adopt ‘poison pill’ amid coronavirus economic fallout
Cruise ships crews: Stuck at sea, paydays dwindling
   and searching for a way home
France Reports Heart Incidents Linked
   to Drug Promoted by Trump
The 10 US states developing ‘reopening’ plans
   account for 38% of the US economy
Boeing says dozens more 737 Max orders
    have been canceled
Major airlines to take $25B in aid to meet payroll
  A mix of cash and loans
May Have Missed
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

April 17
Leasing Veteran John Winchester, CLFP, Passed Away

   Died March 15, 2020 at 73 in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
   and Related Industries
Good News Among the Bad
   Might be Sour, but Tangy
What Are You Doing to Stay Afloat?
   Are You Prepared for the Opening of Economy Later?
Industry responds as vehicle negative equity
   hits new records---Walkaway Programs Recommended
Stick Mobility Workout with Dennis Dunphy
    Personal Trainer, Co-Founder Stick Mobility
No U.S. Pro Sports in 2020?
    Public Opinion Chart Professional Sports 2020
Marty/The Umbrellas of Cherbourg/Pulp Fiction
   The Tree of the Wooden Clogs, L'Enfant
    Cannes Film Festival Virtual by Fernando Croce
Cute Mutt
   Nashville, Tennessee   Adopt a Dog
Deferring Customer Payments: A Practical Approach
   Wednesday, April 22 | 12:00 PM CT/ 1:00 PM ET
News Briefs---
The government's small business loan money is gone
   No More Paycheck Protection Program. Now what?
Over 43,000 US millionaires will get
   ‘stimulus’ averaging $1.6 million each
Best Buy to furlough 51,000 store employees,
   cut pay of executives
It Really Is the Perfect Storm
    Coronavirus Comes for Rural America
Unemployment Continues to Rise as 5 Million Claim Benefits
    22 million have applied for unemployment insurance past 4 weeks
Gold's Gym is closing more than 30 locations for good
   as the coronavirus ravages the fitness industry — here's the list
Pierce Bainbridge To Shut Down
    After Mass Resignations
Boeing to Restart Production in Washington State
   With 27,000 Workers
New Delta Air Lines boarding procedures
    aimed at preventing spread of coronavirus
Historic ‘megadrought’ underway in California
American West new study finds
Early peek at data on Gilead coronavirus drug
    suggests patients are responding to treatment
Coronavirus: New saliva test developed at Rutgers
   could be a game-changer nationwide
May Have Missed
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
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April 20
Times Are Tough, But Now is the Time
   to Join a Surviving Company
Top Ten Stories
   April 13 - April 17
Taking about Social Distancing
Top 5 Takeaways: Coronavirus and the U.S. Economy
   April 15 ELFA/Foundation Webinar Draws Large Attendance
Next Stop: Debt Crisis?
   As Percent of GDP Chart
Sales Make it Happen
   --- by Anonymous
No Longer taking Broker/Discounting Business
   plus Leasing Companies Out of Business
Historic U.S. Jobs Losses
   Worst U.S. Job Losses on Record (Four Week Period)
Shepard/Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull
   Beverly Hills, California   Adopt a Dog
Three of Six Original Alternate Finance Associations
   Are No Longer Active
News Briefs---
Labor experts say it may be time for grocery stores
  to ban customers from coming inside
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan slams Trump claim states have
   enough coronavirus testing to reopen as ‘absolutely false’
U.S. sent millions of face masks to China early this year,
   ignoring pandemic warning signs
Big restaurant chains take $30M in coronavirus loans
    meant for small businesses
Airlines withholding $10 Billion in Cash
   from customers, lawmakers say
Car Sales Down 54%, New York City Nears Zero
    Very few dealers cash on their balance sheets to last the year
Neiman Marcus to file for bankruptcy after furloughing
   nearly 14,000 employees/ skipping interest payments worth millions
Bank of America customers sent $27 billion
    through Zelle in Q1
May Have Missed
 Michael Jordan Accepts Failure
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

April 22
Chesswood Update on COVID-19 Activities

   to its Companies/Announces Change in Dividend
First Midwest Equipment Finance Updates
   Funder List/Funder Looking for Broker Business List
Commercial Alternative Finance Company List
   Two Companies Do Not Require Brokers Be Licensed
Some Important Questions to Ask
   By Brian Link
Not Canceled
   The Ultimate Hire by Ken Lubin, ZRG Partners
Frequently Asked Questions: the Paycheck Protection Program
   and Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program Lapse in Appropriations
Northern California Small Business Development Center
   Launches Small Business Hotline and rapid response website
Ascentium Capital LLC Announces First Quarter 2020
   Funding Volume of $366.5 Million
2020 AACFB Annual Conference Moves to September
   (Caesars Palace Not to Re-Open in May)
Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix
   Toronto, Ontario, Canada -- Adopt a Dog
Zuckerberg says most Facebook workers
   will stay home ‘at least’ until end of May
News Briefs---
The Senate just passed a $480 billion “interim” stimulus bill
   to tide over small businesses
Fauci tells protesters no recovery
   if virus not 'under control'
Protesters Pushing to Reopen Economy Are ‘Idiots,’
   Says Top Manufacturing Lobbyist
Michigan ER doctor on coronavirus:
  'I'm extremely concerned' about talk of reopening society
Lendio Facilitated More Than 4%
    of All PPP Transactions
Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Among Banks
   Sued Over SBA Virus Loan Aid
Here are the largest public companies taking payroll loans
   meant for small businesses
Harvard, America's Richest University, Grabs Nearly
  $9 Million in Taxpayer CARES Aid
Paycheck Protection Program Loans
   —The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul and others ask folks
  to hold onto donations until sheltering orders end
Rural hospitals are facing financial ruin and furloughing
    staff during the coronavirus pandemic
America's 120,000 Gas Stations
   and 1 Million Jobs Are Threatened
United Airlines Posts $2.1B Loss,
   Expects Worse Ahead
The US Now Has 3 Companies Worth Over $1 Trillion
   Amazon, Apple, Microsoft
May Have Missed
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

April 24
NewLane Finance Open for Business
   and Committed to Helping Customers Impacted by COVID-19
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
   and Related Industries
ELFA Monthly Leasing/Finance March Index Up 31%
   Up 17% Year-to-Date
Passenger Car Sales Plummet Amid COVID-19 Crisis
   New Passenger car/light vehicle sales March 2019/2020
Tips for Building Your Company's LinkedIn Presence
   FinTech #102 by Alex Vasilakos
CLFP Q1 Circular - Message from the President
   New CLFP's, Academy New Schedules. Spotlight Feature
Malwarebytes Unveils New Privacy VPN Service
   By Kevin Townsend, Security Week
California Competes Tax Credit Looks to Create
   More Than 3,000 Jobs in the State
Night Nurse (1931)/The Great Moment (1944)
  Red Beard(1965)/Never Cry Wolf (1983) /The Martian (2015)
   Oldies But Goodies by Leasing News' Fernando Croce
   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Adopt a Dog
News Briefs---
Banks made $10 billion in fees on coronavirus
   loans despite low risks
How a family-owned Nebraska bank
   became a leader on coronavirus loans
LendingClub Cutting 460 Staff due to Reduced Loan Volume
   Cuts are across every department and include C-suite executives
The Oil Industry’s Glut Has a Bright Spot: Tanker Storage
   can command more than $200,000 a day for a vessel
Movie Theaters Want to Delay Showtime
   worried about coming back too early
Bezos Takes Back the Wheel at Amazon
   closely involved in the company’s response to the pandemic
Industry Chatter Indicates Many Online Lenders are
   Laying Off Employees, Some Fintechs May Never Recover
Not Much Downside In Ford Motor Stock,
  With Government Rescue Likely If Needed
May Have Missed
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

April 27
Times Are Tough But Now is the Time

   to Join a Surviving Company
Top Ten Stories
   April 20 - April 24
This Will Change Things
   The Ultimate Hire by Ken Lubin, ZRG Partners
North Mill Implements Procedural Enhancements in 2020
   By Don Cosenza, Senior Vice President of Marketing
U.S. Travel Industry Set to Lose over $500 Billion in 2020
   Estimated direct losses for the U.S. travel industry due to COVID-19
Henry Schein Enhances Liquidity Position
   With New Credit Facility Totaling $700 Million
Labrador Retriever
   Boston, Massachusetts Adopt a Dog
Starbucks to Begin Re-Opening Select Stores
   Cities with the Largest number of Starbucks in US
News Briefs---
Newsom: To reopen, California must test at least
   60,000 people daily for coronavirus — up from 16,000 today
Study indicates air conditioner in restaurant
   contributed to the circulation of Coronavirus
A Step-by-Step Playbook for Reopening Your Restaurant
   from the National Restaurant Association (quite involved)
COVID-19 has brought havoc to nursing homes
 Will pandemic end ‘warehousing’ the elderly?
USDA let millions of pounds of food rot
  while food-bank demand soared
Branson’s Virgin Group Looking For New Investors
   For Virgin Atlantic, Denies Selling Out Of Airline
The $600 federal boost to unemployment checks that was
   meant to aid struggling families is triggering some confusion
2 million chickens will be killed in Delaware and Maryland
   because of lack of employees at processing plants
Instacart to Add 550,000 Jobs to the Economy
    Shopping and delivery service company
May Have Missed
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

April 29
Pictures from the Past
Bulletin Board Complaints
   By Christopher Menkin, Editor
Developing Strong Leaders for the Commercial
   Equipment Finance and Leasing Industry
    By Scott Wheeler, CLFP
Cash Flow is King
Should the Economy Reopen Now?  Chart
   Opinions in Selected Country about Economy Reopenings
Used Truck Prices Fall
   Some Good Bargains to be Had
Marijuana Edibles Could Become More Popular
   After Coronavirus Outbreak
German Shepherd
   Santa Barbara County, California  Adopt a Dog
Live Free Stick Mobility Workout with Dennis Dunphy
   Bring a Six Foot Thin Pole or Plastic Irrigation Pipe
    (rubber cap on both ends or get Mobility Stick)
News Briefs---
‘I just want to know who made the bad loans’
    Cramer blasts small business loan program
Confirmed coronavirus cases top 1 million in US
   ‘We have to have a breakthrough!’
14,000 Stanford Health Care workers hit
   with furloughs, pay cuts
60% Drop in Doctor Visits Threatens
   Huge Physician Shortage
Ford expects $5 billion loss in current quarter
    due to coronavirus impact
Texas Regional Manufacturing Activity Slides
   Deep Into Recession Territory
TripAdvisor cuts 900 jobs as it reduces
    workforce by 25 percent, closes Boston office
Supreme Court requires government to pay
   health insurers under Affordable Care Act
Trump’s claim the Postal Service loses money
   on every e-commerce package it delivers
Coronavirus Q & A Part 4: Is air-conditioning a risk?
Analysis: These states are risking the most
     by reopening early
May Have Missed
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
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         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

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